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I couldn't find any theories/explanations for the individual worlds as such. Numbers World is the oddest/creepiest one and it's the one that most seems to signify something instead of just being lolcrazy or like a real place.

What significance do the numbers have?


maddysuky was raped by numbers


I never understood why everyone thinks the Numbers World is the creepiest place ever.

The only unsettling thing there is the music. And I believe it was originally meant to be a cheery place, like the Neon World, but then Kikiyama changed the BGM, added an entrance to the severed head area, and a creepy random event (which is, to be honest, nearly impossible to find if someone is new to the game). Apart from this, this world is all colorful, with odd, but kind of funny creatures, and a peaceful Toriningen.

If you want a genuinely creepy area, go to the White Desert (which is kind of overlooked by the fans).



I don't think so. I'm pretty sure he was careful in choosing the right BGM for each area.

Random chains of numbers like that are nearly always creepy in a mysterious kind of way and the designs on the wall are unsettling.

I actually think it's meant to represent a hospital. Think of all the beds, the ward-drobes are coloured silver more like medical cabinets, the organic/biomechanical designs on the walls.

Hospitals can be pretty creepy places.

Going to post my wider theory in another thread.


The Zipper to Kyukyukun is probably something phallic. Like a pants zipper.

That's all I got.


And in hospitals you're a series of numbers, not a person. Your blood count, your pressure and all that.


I meant freudian not phallic. Kyukyu is probably phallic though.

Do you guys think that the frog people in the famicom type maze who talk in numbers are related to numbers world?


File: 1334690115340.jpeg (72.84 KB, 349x1160, 5872_eb45.jpeg)

you could interpret it as gibberish, something madotsuki does not comprehend, or perhaps just "lies".

i've read somewhere that madotsuki might just dislike math, hence the bgm.
but that only makes sense if the name "number world" isn't fan-given, but official.

the guillotine room is the creepiest part i would think, i almost froze like a deer in headlights.

i'll have to agree. the music in numbers world is ridiculously disturbing.


File: 1335417261937.png (28.75 KB, 640x480, Untitled.png)

maybe the numbers world is madotsuki's school.
the overlapping background-foreground could mean that she got lost easily there, and the numbers signify that she either really hated or loved math.
the fact that kyukyu-kun and FACE are there might mean her 'traumatic experience' happened at school. and that room packed full of creatures could be like a classroom.


Man fuck all of you the slum is the scariest place in the game

If not the most depressing


I don't think it's the most scary. But it certainly is one of the most depressing and hopeless.
It gives a feeling of "Yep, life sucks, and nothing ever happens here"


I've always thought the Numbers world was a terrible orphanage.

My theory is this: Madotsuki was an orphan for some reason (If you believe she's a foreigner, you can use that here) and had to live in this run down orphanage. The caretakers there (Toriningen) were very cruel to the children and since they had to teach the children as well, they messed around with the children by making them do math, (Perhaps something like "add these large numbers, and if you get it wrong, we punish you"). Meanwhile, the beds there are the sleeping quarters, and the severed head area near the bed could represent Madotsuki being assaulted at that area in the night. I'm going with the Mado was raped theory here, but KyuKyu doesn't necessarily take her virginity.

The caretakers, being the assholes that they are, took it from her, perhaps out of sadism or jealousy. Back in the olden days of English, a maidenhead was a euphemism for virginity. If Japanese is at all like that (And it's always a possibility that Kikiyama isn't Japanese in the first place), then Mado's servered head could be seen as literally a maiden's head. The guillotine obviously is the symbolic taking of the virginity, and the toriningen around the area are the most likely culprits.

Now, the lamppost area nearby could be the surrounding area near the orphanage, which was mostly desolate, and the stream area could be just that. The "A" could be a type of closet or punishment, and the A's are obviously Madotsuki screaming from the punishment.

The area with all of the eye creatures and the strange blue nose thing sticking out in the ground is something I'll need to think about some more. The ways to get into the room could be via Cat effect or knife effect. I think those are the only two ways. My gut wants me to say this also involves something sexual too, but I don't really feel confident (Well at least confident enough given nearly everything in this game is crapshoot) enough to assert that.

The Madotsuki's ghost happens in a closet, in a strange part of the hell maze that is cut off from the rest of the maze. My theory here isn't that the hell maze actually exists (I believe it's purely a dream world area for Mado to travel around a bit easier? Or at least something that connects the worlds together), but that this place is dark area of Mado's mind, perhaps symbolizing some version of herself that feels trapped in the world around her? This might fit well with the witch flight and fantasies of escape, perhaps. This I also feel not too confident about either.

Now, Kyukyu and face could be another rape event, although with my theory above, this event does not necessarily mean her virginity was taken at this point, if we believe the who "She was raped" theory. Some conspicuous things here: First off the door she enters is the same design as the door in the room she currently lives in. If we take the theory that she lived in an orphanage previously, perhaps this event could be done by a person from the orphanage looking to humiliate her for one last time before she moves on in her life, or it could be that she had to walk to her new home and was just simply unlucky to have run into a rapist on her way there. The fact that the knife makes kyukyu rub faster is just something that just makes you go "Oh shit", or at least it does for me. It's such a strange thing to add, given that most people might not even notice it, but he added it anyways. It's probably the only thing in the game to really creep me out, next to not uboa, but the world after uboa.

Now, the way to enter the area requires one to use the knife effect. Many often see this as the taking of virginity, which is a plausible theory too. What I could take it as is perhaps she had to "stab" someone in the metaphorical sense of betray and the likes, in order to get this oppurtunity to go to a new home and get away from the orphanage once and for all.

That's more or less my theory on the numbers world. There are flaws in it, like in every theory. It's one that I quite like, though. In any case, the numbers are just some torture used by the caretakers to mess with the orphan children for their own amusement.


I like that. I haven't really paid much mind into numbers world.

Also the silly faces on the walls could be interpreted as hallways filled with other people, who might look silly and pointless to Madotsuki.

Also the fact the faces are the walls could mean she was constantly trying to navigate through a massive crowd.

Sorry for my english.


madotsuki got lost while trying to give meaning to the numbers


Thanks for posting this.

Do you think Uboa could be related to the guilliotines? He's a disembodied head. Also those dick monsters are beheaded. Inever connected them all together until now…sorry this isn't related to much in this thread.

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