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This is a thread specifically for Monoe theories.


monoe did it

it was her


makes sense


I think Monoe was the popular girl at whatever school Madotsuki went to, but she was one of those stereotypical popular girls that was a huge bitch to everyone that she didn't deem worthy enough of her friendship for whatever reason. She would always make fun of Madotsuki and her friends (Mafurako and Poniko), but would always get away with it whenever her little sister (Monoko) tattled on her. But before she would leave after getting off scott free, she would always sneer at Madotsuki, as if saying "I always have my way".
Another theory to tie in with this: Monoe was always followed by some groupies (the torningen) that made fun of Madotsuki as well in an attempt to get Monoe to think they were 'cool'. They would even go as far as chasing Madotsuki around the school, causing her to hide from them in closed off areas, or the men's restroom if she was especially desperate. Eventually Madotsuki dropped out of school to avoid Monoe tormenting her.


Random ideas:
I think that Manoe and Madotsuki have the same eyes, and are both Japanese.

Manoe and Manoko remind me of Mato and Yomi from Black Rock Shooter, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Longhair effect is possibly from Manoe, but I can't remember where you get the item.

I always found it strange how Monoko, Monoe, Uboa and Masada all have monochrome sprites.


Maybe they were men


Monoe was the popular girl at Madosuki's school. She was always with her little group (the Toriningen) and was never really friends with Madotsuki. Contrary to other theories, she was never really evil or mean to her. She was more just the girl in school that Mado could never become popular enough to hang with. She became jealous of how pretty and popular she was and how she was always smiling and happy. One day, while Madotsuki was wandering the school, she noticed that Monoe was being attacked by the Janitor who had a very large nose. Monoe was eventually raped and taken away and Madotsuki never said a word or did anything as she didn't like her too much. When news travels that she was missing and eventually found dead, everyone became distressed. Monoe's sister, Monoko, became a mental mess and manically depressed, and Modotsuki blamed herself for not doing anything.

Thus in her dreams, she kills Dave Specter (the Janitor with a large nose) to stop this from happening and to make sure Monoe is safe. Even though she saved her, she knows she would never actually be her one true friend and would just fade away.

Maybe >.>


What if it wasn't Monoe who was the popular bitchy girl, but Monoko. Then, her group(Madotsuki was part of her group) killed Monoko by hitting her with a car, and because no one really noticed Madotsuki at school, not even her teachers, they decided to dress her up like Monoko so no one would notice that she died. (Monoe is Madotsuki's attempt at dressing like Monoko) Madotsuki lived alone, but switched over to living with Monoko's parents. Either her parents were blind or she really looked like her. Although, it turned out that Monoko was connected to gangs and crimes, and so that is where all the rape and violence-y stuff comes in.


File: 1333298827320.jpg (211.92 KB, 616x616, 1317967383853.jpg)



File: 1333645304666.jpg (203.99 KB, 710x475, 1274218957959.jpg)

Try to make up your own theory instead of ripping off others, or at least say you agree with someone else whos posted that already in the tread you fucking twats.

At least >>826 tried, unlike the other two retards who blatantly ripped them off.


File: 1333645757292.jpg (3.86 KB, 184x184, ಠ_ಠ.jpg)

>Fags who copy theories in the exact same thread and add stuff onto it in a desperate attempt to seem original


File: 1333645956540.jpg (69.09 KB, 550x438, Reactionimage3.jpg)

Hey, I thought I did pretty good considering that the only Monoe theories I've seen are "Monoe is Madotsukis sister or best friend, that is all"


I wasn't trying to seem original, I was adding onto a theory with a possibility. I've never actually seen anyone say "Monoko is the bitch girl", mainly just "Monoe is the bitch girl". I was just trying to analyze everything, because that's kind of who I am. Someone who over analyzes everything.



>implying any of them was the slightest bit original in any way or form


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>implying any of them was the slightest bit original in any way
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>i before e

and the doubted the return of our prince


Surely Monoe was Madotsuki's sister, no? Perhaps a sister who was never actually born.


Personally, I think Monoko is Monoe after being hit by a car. Hence her reaction to the Stoplight effect.


Monoe is asian


okay so here is a theory, it is just a small part of a much, much larger one I am putting together.
I think that monoe and monoko were both in a car accidents. But while monoko was horribly disfigured (And ultimately probably died) by the car accident, monoe was merely left color blind by the incident. This explains why the white desert is monochromatic.


File: 1337317342275.png (12.16 KB, 500x700, tumblr_m478xh9Vj11qhcn8uo1….png)

I guess that kind of makes sense, I've never heard of color blindness via car accident though.


>Trauma or accidents such as car accidents or strokes which cause swelling of the brain can be a possible cause of color blindness.


File: 1337543490230.jpg (13.16 KB, 259x194, monoko kawaii.jpg)

what if monoe and monoko were just characters from an old tv show that mado used to watch, and maybe it was one of her favorite tv shows? like maybe it was all in black and white and she just had a hard time imagining them in color.


File: 1337573480281.jpg (58 KB, 429x411, 1337572766864.jpg)

What if Monoe and Monoko are both actually Madotsuki? Or perhaps her alter egos? Maybe Mado was in a car crash and ended up looking like Monoko, or maybe Monoko is how she sees herself.


Well, given how everything happens in her dreams, we could say all characters are a part of Madotsuki in some way.


File: 1337654377317.png (19.39 KB, 373x428, tumblr_m456xboHgF1rv8khro2….png)

Well fuck, I stand corrected


File: 1337694202230.png (41.77 KB, 193x241, tumblr_m0yti28fVq1rrk5n2o5….png)

I always thought the white desert was black and white because it's a faint memory. When she was younger, or just somewhere she had never been before, she had a strong experience that made her remember these two girls and their faces.

I've always assumed that Monoe is a bit of a princess (from her zoom in) and Monoko is her annoying little sister. Matsudoki was out in public and saw this flash of an incident and held on to it. If she killed her or just just hurt her in some way, who knows, but Matsudoki represents it in her dream as Monoko's disfigurement


File: 1337846544495.gif (1.57 MB, 330x186, 1330771977317.gif)



>At least it wasn't Nikki.


File: 1339336894875.png (4.39 KB, 302x330, Madotsudoku.png)



File: 1340219505050.png (11.55 KB, 315x345, mado.PNG)

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