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Happy Holidays!
Uboachan Dream World MUD is back up. The issue stems from DennisMUD not being able to update its SSL cert without being restarted manually. A fix will be investigated, see GitHub Issue #115.

File: 1454650968562.png (38.32 KB, 600x468, e75_1.png)


Original Thread: >>2690
(Please read the original thread first.)

Based on feedback in the first thread, here is the second draft for the board restructuring. At the conclusion of this thread, we will begin implementing changes.

Yume Nikki:
/yn/ - YN General
/c/ - Characters
/fg/ - Fangames
/yume/ - Dreams

Arts & Entertainment:
/o/ - Oekaki / Art
/co/ - Comics / Cartoons / Anime
/cos/ - Cosplay / Conventions
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I've begun by consolidating navigation. See the "Annex" link in the top sidebar category.


File: 1454876053868.jpg (11.92 KB, 302x202, restructuring.jpg)

As stated above, /h/ will be completely annihilated. I will also be cleaning out some hidden boards you've never heard of that existed at various times for long-past purposes, because having less boards speeds up some functions of the software and makes the moderation interface way less messy for the staff. Don't worry, most of the for-fun hidden boards will stay where they are.

A full site backup was made yesterday, so if anyone wants a copy of something after I've deleted it they can email me. The board restructuring will begin in just a few hours now. If you have any game-changing suggestions make them quick.


It's done. Little details will be smoothed out over the next few days.


File: 1454891737580.jpg (23.68 KB, 301x267, anime thumbs up.jpg)

File: 1454209697457.png (33.45 KB, 256x256, compression.png)


I said in the news post that we're going to be merging and restructuring boards, and that we'd be getting user input during this process.

Here is a first draft plan for the new board list. Please read and comment. (We will also have a process for moving threads from annexed boards to the relevant new boards.)

First Category:
/yn/ - yn general
/c/ - characters
/fg/ - fangames
/cos/ - cosplay/conventions
/yume/ - dreams

Second Category:
/o/ - oekaki/art
/co/ - comics/cartoons
/lit/ - lit
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That could work.


Merging all the characters’ boards to /c/ might be for the best. I never understood why those characters had each their own board, it was probably just a matter of time till they had to be merged. Though I like /2kki/ and /flow/, merging them with /fg/ might be for the better also. Don’t know how that will go. /2/ and /comp/ were cool, sad to see them go. Won’t miss /h/, it was only good for laughs and cringes. Sadly /t/ had lost its path a long time ago. /n/ was a literal neoplasm to uboachan these past years, varying a lot between malignant and benign, and it had the annoying habit of having a ton of threads more fitting in other boards posted there under the pretext that op being a neet made them belong in /n/, and so aiding to the more fitting boards’ slow deaths. It was like ubo’s own neet cage. Maybe changing it into the new /hikki/ might turn it into something better. /uboa/ doesn’t appear on that list, I assume it will merge with /c/ too. Will /2/’s content now be posted in /co/?

Overall, I think I agree with these changes. Touching /2kki/, /flow/, /2/, and /comp/ leave me a bit restless, but ubo does need some change so I won’t mind as much sacrificing these boards for the good of the site.

>For example, it may be possible to merge /co/, /lit/, and /media/ into one board called something like /entertainment/ or /media/. Maybe original stories could become part of /o/.
I’m not sure if that would be a good idea. It would probably create such a huge mess of different unrelated content.


We're mostly already in agreement here, though merging /2/ and /co/ instead of letting /2/ just die is actually a great idea and might reinvigorate the board by combining these concepts.


Other than in comparison and contrast, do fans of Western animation/comics and Eastern animation/comics mix? Maybe an artist would say so, but how often do you hear of the two being blended other than "Let's force an anime style into this show because it's trendy" or "Yeah I liked that cartoon but they did it better in this anime".


Neither of the boards have much activity on their own, so it could be worth a shot. But I'm about to make the second draft thread, so we can continue discussion there.

File: 1454620127436.jpg (14.09 KB, 480x480, 1452085691921.jpg)



i posted a on /hikki/ and it was valid discussion but it was removed my? i used very civil language to address a point that had to be raised because of a misleading advertisement by malicious individuals but no! the mod deletes MY POST? not theirs? well good luck to whomever ventures over to that particular voip server of theirs because they will make fun of you!!!

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File: 1454623988399.gif (355.74 KB, 262x179, LOL.gif)

>mfw the site burns


File: 1454627087045.jpeg (8.04 KB, 239x244, 1450449848092.jpeg)

I love how even the board name is a typo.


File: 1454627308134.gif (404.49 KB, 342x342, 1390671497154.gif)

Make it snappy and while youre at it QUIT being a mod because you are bad at it. there have been few occasions during my life where the incompetence of another person have managed to raise my temper to such heights i just cannot believe this site is being administrated by idiots.

something must be done to curb this trend of belated cranial activity among the moderation team you dont understand and cant understand that there is a problem because of your incapable of thingking you poor sod


Sushi > Lain > SHIT > SHIIIIIIT > Ubuu

This is an objective fact, get over it.


We looked into the post, and then took into account your posts in this thread. Here's your answer.

File: 1452989065689.jpg (222.9 KB, 1024x768, happynewyearpicturescelebr….jpg)


Happy belated New Year Uboachan! And also, happy belated Birthday!

It may not look like much yet, but the staff have been busy devising new ways to make Uboachan great again this year. This has included subtle changes to the board rules, and reenvisioning of the policies by which the moderation staff operate. And behind the scenes, we've been working on bugfixes and new software to help us battle the rising tides of CP spam. Some shitty pedo won't be the death of us, and neither will negativity or bad vibes. We're stepping up our game in the background to clean this place up.

First off, the wordings of the rules have been altered to reflect a major change in the goals of the moderation staff. We're going to be tougher on shitposting this year. Let this be a warning: destructive posters and poisonous sentiments will be leeched from Uboachan like venom from a wound. If you are a total dickwad, you will first be warned generously to clean up your act, and then you will be banned. Let's all take this opportunity to be awesome and helpful people – the kind of people who build up a community rather than tearing it down. We could use some community-building right about now.

The CP spam remains a problem this year, but we've got people working behind the scenes to make the spammer's job harder. Every new countermeasure we develop incites an almost immediate change in the way the bot operates to nullify that countermeasure. We are being watched, so we're going to watch right back. Please welcome Jove, our new Janitor and Countermeasures Developer, who has been writing us software to help the board and the staff do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. Among these new developments is a bot that notifies the staff of new posts and suspected floods. We'll also be hiring additional Janitors to help us out! If you'd like to help us keep Uboachan clean of spam, shoot me an email at seisatsu@uboachan.net and tell me why you would be a valuable addition to the team.

And last on the docket, we've got way too many boards! It's not my fault, I didn't do it, it was like this when I got here. :(

We're finally going to be working on merging and restructuring boards. Don't worry, the staff will be accepting requests to move threads from retired boards to their new and consolidated replacements so that good content isn't buried and lost. And of course, we will be relying on input from the userbase during this process to ensure that ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1454209724534.jpg (466.67 KB, 1280x800, reality.jpg)

Things change. We hope you enjoy your stay.


Okay, that makes sense. Thank you.

(oops, i need a new tripcode.)


File: 1454347079422.jpg (45.64 KB, 374x374, venezuelan ubuu2.jpg)

Dude what the fuck. I thought mods said "if you want to post anything /n/-related go to /ot/", so I made a thread IN /ot/, the so-called "shitposting" land, labeled as such by even the mods, where "shitposting" IS allowed, as claimed again and again, yet it got deleted. What's it to be, then?
This is absolute bullshit. And then you guys say that venezuela jokes are stupid.


You can remake that thread. I didn't notice it was in /ot/. Absolutely my bad.


File: 1454233370369.jpg (136.75 KB, 600x600, 7f39cf926304d79a8ce204193d….jpg)


THIS 2016
Standards for for /n/ are raised. Only tru hikkis allowed in here. Absolutely no NEETfags who still go around outside.
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So this place is like a reverse /pol/ now?


best suicide methods, anyone?(USER WAS BANNED FROM /hkki/ FOR THIS POST)


File: 1454470837936.jpg (28.69 KB, 647x451, How to improve your life.jpg)



isn't that just tumblr


File: 1454474867736.png (1.46 MB, 1018x728, iggy summoning his persona.png)

I thought I'd post this since it looks pretty funny

File: 1453001425184.jpg (344.11 KB, 1000x800, 53018760_p1_master1200.jpg)


this might be a dumb question, but

say i want to make a post about a game in, i don't know, /fg/ or something.

- the game already has a thread
- no one has replied to the thread in over a year

do i put my post on the already-existing-but-inactive thread, or do i make a new thread?
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> Garry
Wrong, that's Yomika from Yume Graffiti.
The rest of those are all from other YN fangames, too lazy to actually list them.


File: 1453013623575.gif (3.23 MB, 445x247, 1448249843180.gif)

Holy shit, we just found another recolor.


It is interesting to point out that Ib was first released two years after that fangame though.


File: 1453013987795.png (134.4 KB, 540x454, used dildoes.png)

That only proves that a base character already existed when the recolor appeared.


Moved to >>>/og/4247.

File: 1447545010664.gif (768.22 KB, 480x271, worksei.gif)


JESUS CHRIST SEISATSU, work, your solutions are not enough because we're a bunch of whinny babies and we're always complaining and requesting new features even if this is just an imageboard because you're the admin so you're our slave forever and you have to solve our requests and make us happy for no reason!
Captcha? How dare you, WRONG, work! I want to post smart comments without touching my keyboard and I want to get money for posting and I want maidnaut to read the threads for me and make me a sandwich, I also want preasul back as admin even though I wanted him gone before.
The themes won't be 100% pleasurable for my eyes, I want the themes to look good on my shitty monitor, FRAMES HURR DURR THEY OPRESS ME.
Wrong! You're always wrong no matter what you do!
How does it feel to be an admin?
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File: 1447569020341.gif (238.66 KB, 480x271, Jesus Christ Seisatsu.gif)

Sei I want an edit button, I also want you to twerk around the image thingy that won't let you post the same image twice so it fetches the one that was posted first and uses it in all the other posts trying to link the same image
oh also make me a coffee and please unban my brony friend.


Is there something preventing or discouraging you from switching to new board software?


Yeah, last time I did it we lost the majority of the userbase overnight.

Also as far as I know there is currently no other board software which comes close to providing Vichan's breadth of features.

Also I'd have to rewrite like, all of the frontend and style code.

And we probably wouldn't be able to migrate the posts, which would mean having TWO board archives. What a mess.

Maybe some day it'll be worth it, but not right now.


File: 1451387123960.jpg (17.2 KB, 467x332, 1441774014043.jpg)

Seisatsu! You can call off your army of catamites and lolis, I'm not your enemy, when will you realize our real enema? This is one of the many last calls, Seisatsu. Drop the barriers, drop the guns, drop the bans and show the buns! You must understand, this whole thing is way bigger than anyone could understand!


File: 1451388502091.jpg (223.93 KB, 540x808, 1451364331307.jpg)

To show my good intentions accept the most recent rare memes from our tribe

File: 1449845100249.png (468.87 KB, 1026x1278, CatChan3.png)


Hello, I'm author of CatChan, which is a script which can generate cross board/domain catalog with tag filter. Do you operator or administrators want uboachan to be supported by this script?
You can download it from here. It works in lainchan, 4chan, 8chan or KC.

You'll get:
Cross board/domain catalog with tag.
Other basic features, such as favicon or notifications.

Also refer these:

You can ignore my proposal. Stating stance of power users may invoke conflicts sometimes.


OK, if you want NOT to be supported, tell it within a month.

File: 1450321392584.png (607.2 KB, 2592x2592, Heart-Eyes.png)



Thank you based Seisatsu for once again saving the day and making the website a better place.


Too early to thank me, I won't know if people got the hint until I unlock the thread.

File: 1449727842696.png (66.29 KB, 677x541, error.PNG)


>be me
>discover uboachan
>amazed by how so many boards revolve around one game
>download game because it sounds interesting
>start playing game, getting excited
>enter dream world
>go to a door in the nexus
>game crashes with this error
>install applocale
>run game again, go to open a door in the nexus
>game crashes still with this error
Could anyone tell me how to fix this? sorry I'm really not the best at getting my hands dirty with computers.


Hello. Welcome.
First, this isn't the board to ask for help with the game, but a meta board for the site itself. The thread you're looking for is >>>/yn/513
But I'll answer your questions anyway.

You aren't supposed to just install Applocale, but also to run it (and YN through it). If the game still crashes, we can check what went wrong again, once it's all done. How do I know you aren't running Applocale? The error should be in japanese instead of showing mojibake.
Even so, I can predict what the error is saying already. Your YN installation is missing a file; I can't remember if it's a background or a system file, or the title. But it's one of those anyway.
Did you download the game from this site? If I recall correctly, our version should be translated and it was free of these missing files.


>be me
I want you dead.


thanks anon, I'll try to post on the right board next time

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