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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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Rule 1: You must not be under 18 years of age, reveal your age, or ask someone else's age.

Rule 1 was set up basically to cover my ass since this is an nsfw site. I ban people who reveal themselves to be underage so that I am not knowingly allowing minors to possibly view nsfw content, but also ask that people just not talk about it.

Do you think there are any problems with the way this rule is written or has been implemented? I cannot unfortunately remove the 18+ requirement itself, but some people are unhappy with not being able to talk about age-related subjects currently.
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It could make someone feel uncomfortable or intimidated to reveal their age if they're under 18. I know uboanchan is not the sort of website where intimidation is commonplace, but I agree with the rule for forbidding asking.

If they're under 18, they shouldn't be using the site, but still.


I didn't know this was a safe space where everybody was entitled to being comfortable. My bad. Maybe profane language should also be banned. That could make somebody uncomfortable too, right?


I will not have this discussion unless you will be logical and rational


>logical and rational
>but still
You expect me to be rational when you tried to use, "but still", in your reasoning? "But still", is the exactly opposite of logical.


Discussion of age in the general is probably ok, specifically asking people their ages maybe not so much. Need to be 18+ to use the site in the first place, and there's not much use in getting people's actual ages. I vote keep as-is.

File: 1493216372446.png (102.46 KB, 420x248, marisa.png)


Okay ubuutts, ITT we suggest Sei words to filter and replace with other words so we can be comfy.
I'll start with two.

"Undertale" for Meme game

"Discord" for Cancer or Circlejerk
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>Madostuki > Frisk
You motherfucker


This. This right here is beautiful.


God, that's perfect.


I dont think word filters are horrible as long as their is some graphical distinction so people immediately know the word had been filtered. In the ~2011 era of 4chan filtered words were colored differently.


Test -> Ban me

File: 1319335516433.gif (4.59 KB, 650x450, ps1325_2.gif)


Don't know who will see this, but the download link for Yume Nikki on the site FAQ doesn't work.
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omg the server error page is adorable


those links don't work


File: 1496953072073.png (495.23 KB, 698x882, 58117e6559fdc52169d7b73c87….png)

Is this some kind of abstract humor?

File: 1496654567287.gif (1.92 MB, 700x1050, tumblr_o24qitktjM1sqqsygo1….gif)


photography gif


Moved to >>>/ot/17590.

File: 1464436860774.png (51.28 KB, 678x296, suggpossiblewayback.PNG)


Thanks to a suggestion on https://uboachan.net/ot/res/15010.html#q15030 I thought we could do our own wayback for research.
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File: 1481978358406.png (68.83 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-12-17-12-0….png)

I found captures of a thread that was deleted due to thread limit:




File: 1482063953339.png (232.26 KB, 480x437, Screenshot_2016-12-18-12-2….png)

>'… they were the funniest ones.'
I don't belive that the thread was funny in anyway. This is a research into wayback, non-derail.
>'… at the end.'
>'why are my posts in that thread deleted?'
The thread was deleted due to what I believe was a 'thread limit' of sorts. I was also asking this question too, anon-san.
Have you looked at the Wayback Machine for other funny posts? I think I have jumped on the bandwagon, learning from past mistakes.


File: 1487365720394.png (148.28 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-02-17-20-5….png)

I believe that RTs Vol. IV is going soon. Vol. III made my heart shocked when I checked the /ot/ board because of thread limits.

I'm not sure on the first two Volumes or where they are (deleted?)


File: 1467750192092.png (4.91 KB, 299x276, Fsjal_No_picture_availble2….png)


I've seen the suggestion tossed around in various places on the site that forced anon should be enabled on certain boards. Is this a good or bad idea and why, and for what boards? I may try this out only if there is an overwhelmingly positive response, since it's a fairly big change that could potentially upset a number of users.

Post your arguments here.
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testing undertale


So, why are you guys so anti-memegame?
Just testing…


Nice try, everybody knows that sei will never filter memegame.

File: 1486245652645.gif (608.68 KB, 250x250, slowclap.gif)


Congratulations for this short period of time without incidents and/or drama.
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Corey was the best thing that ever happened to this site.
And yeah, of course there hasn't been drama, maid's abandoned the boards lmao


File: 1487812334892.png (60.49 KB, 400x400, melon joe.png)



Oh, I know. Good old times.But found it ironic that in less than a month since this thread was created, another thread got shit and someone got banned.

Weren't the rules changed about a year ago and Corey became allowed outside of /melon/ ?


No one actually got banned
Those were joke 1 second bans.


I could remember that Preasul posted a sticky on Off-Topic about the Corey board before you said that you didn't need it anymore, let alone Moog experimentation.

File: 1483392352392.png (52.98 KB, 1203x422, ticker.PNG)


I use the recent posts section of the main page to view updates to threads I had recently participated in.
It can be difficult though because it doesn't mention what thread the post is from, only the board.

Currently it's structured like this


What ends out happening is I have to click on all the links to find which one I had posted in because there is not indication which posts belong to what thread.

I think the recent posts section should be

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How's that? Each row has a link to the thread and a link to the individual post, and the thread link when moused over gives the full name of the board.

Working in the name of the thread is possible but more difficult because of how the software is written.


Not trying to force you to implement this or anything (I'm just asking because I think this would be something nice to have), but is it possible to make the front page redirect you to the [last 50 posts] of a thread if the post counter is =<50? That'd speed things up with loading long threads.


The last 50 posts feature isn't working at all for me currently so this will require some digging if I do it.


Thank you very much.
Just the numbers is fine. Just seeing what posts belong to the same threads is more than enough.
This makes it much easier to quickly drop into the site. Thanks.


Maybe a structure like this:


It's just an idea.

File: 1484218625310.png (15.33 KB, 190x162, image.png)


So,I was talking with my girlfriend about Yume Nikki and we started mention theories. I'm not sure if someone has already came up with this. But we think it's possible that Monoko could possibly be raped and her hands resemble the rapists hands. Someone maybe grabbed her head and they could have pulled her arms back so she won't be able to move, maybe even broke her arms. we had an idea that Masada was madotsuki/monoko/monoe and the other's teacher, and he took great care of them. He might have died and that the spaceship could be something to take him to the after life. The reason why Monoe is smiling all the time could be because she is depressed or trying to hide some sort of pain, as "smile the pain away". Maybe she saw Monoko (and possibly Madotsuki as well) being rapped and was forced to watch and smile.


Also, what if Madotsuki was kidnapped along with monoko and monoe? That could explain why Madotsuki jumps off the balcony, not knowing it would end her life. She is just a child and didn't have a choose but to jump to avoid getting further tortured.


Wrong board mate, here we make theories about Sei and his clones.
Rape theories have been discussed a lot, I'm not sure about the arms part though.


Moved to >>>/yn/6183.

File: 1482467205378.jpg (42.91 KB, 749x650, 1465043735395.jpg)


The Characters board looks dead, and its activity could probably be merged into Yume Nikki General. Are there any boards it might be a good idea to bring back from the annex, like the .Flow or 2kki boards for example? Why?

Picture Unrelated.


I think those are both fine merged with fangames. There aren't too many active fangames anymore, so it's not like things are flooded. I think general character discussion is fine in YN general, and we've already got an art board for art. Would be interesting to set up a booru for YN & fangames at some point, but that's prolly beyond the scope of ubuu.


File: 1482470341721.jpg (23.1 KB, 578x365, 1466519885984.jpg)

>Would be interesting to set up a booru for YN & fangames at some point, but that's prolly beyond the scope of ubuu.


Yes for the merge, no one posts.

No for permadead board revival, because they were keked for a reason, no one posted, and if there are posts about .edge or 2kki to make, these can be made in /fg/, these things don't have enough activity for an independent board in this site.

It'd end dead and abandoned in two weeks just like the last one.


Maybe I should put that back in the navbar somewhere.


Revive my booru please.

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