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A server move will likely be done in the near future to provide upgraded hardware. This could cause a few hours to a couple days of downtime.

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Well, we're still here.

Many people have told me over these past five years that the site is already dead, or that the users here are only shitposters, or that this place just isn't worth running anymore. But the Recent Posts bar continues crawling forward without fail, and it's not just full of bullshit, and it makes me feel like I'm still making a worthwhile use of my time and effort in despite of our detractors. I think that, even though Uboachan has changed so much, and many things have ended forever, there is even now still quality content and discussion to be appreciated.

That's not to say that everything has been great. The CP spam was unbearable for a while and we took too long to come up with a good solution. Questionable or, yeah, even bad decisions have been made in the running of this community. I've felt so uncertain sometimes and wondered if I was making the right choices, or if I was betraying my values or the values of this site in the name of peaceful conduct in times of trouble. There have been ugly and destructive public arguments between staff and users, and the staff have been divided in opinion on important issues and come to uneasy compromises.

Our two most involved moderators left a few weeks ago, and the staff room is very quiet now. But, maybe it's for the best if I run most of this show on my own from now on. The other staff members will continue to support my efforts to keep the wheels turning.

And I'm really still trying, you know, because I still love Uboachan! I hope that this can keep being a place that other people can love as well. You may not believe it, but without Uboachan I would not even have half of the IRL friends I have now, I would not be living with these cool roommates, I would never have met my previous or current girlfriend, and I may have never even moved out of my Mom's house, or gone on a real adventure in my entire life. The power of the Internet to connect people together is deeper than I can fathom. This place is so special to me, so I'm going to keep loving it and running it for as long as I can.

Let's see for a while longer where Uboachan can go from here.
- Seisatsu

(Wow, is that too mushy?)


>told me over these past five years that the site is already dead
Isn't that more or less the time chesir and seagal have been here?


File: 1469030514862.jpg (46.61 KB, 635x423, keepgoing.jpg)

Ubuu died many times, but it's been peaceful lately.
Personally, I think that the site is much better when you take desicions 100% on your own.

Mods in this site have always been problem magnets anyway, and I don't see 8ch or tumblr around that much anymore.

The whole YN&fangames thing is also changing its fanbase, what was the last time an outstanding fangame appeared? I mean one that was worth discussion, last one I remember was Elysium City, and it's been a while.

I'd say we could keep the spirit high by trying a small event, or a contest to try and revive the thing, but I doubt anyone would participate, modern ubuu has no devs and the very reduced few we have(maybe 3…4?) are busy with their projects…

Most of modern YN fanbase is in tumblr, and they are faggots who get offended by the word faggot.

How will this end? We don't know, maybe good, maybe bad, maybe with some lulz…
Let's just chill and see where things go.


File: 1469037549433.png (10.53 KB, 640x300, Sei medidating on freedom.png)

"Uboachan" as we knew it has certainly died, but not the site. But we can strive to work on something out of it or not, if people is willing to contribute.

I think one of the major problems we're facing right now is that the Yume Nikki trend (because it was, sadly, a trend for most) is fading away, which leaves us with a really small number of people genuinely interested in the game, but who can't discuss anything because no new content is being generated + the content that was already there has been exhaustively covered.
As you can see, this means that boards like /yn/ are (virtually) dead. This is a really hard blow, because one of the things that characterized our site throughout the whole run and made us different from any other imageboard was "A community united through Yume Nikki". The only thing I can think of for improving this is to start looking for YN doujins (like that saddharma/dharma one) and other untranslated material and post those things here. Basically, monopolize the translations of anything related to Yume Nikki. That'd boost our activity and make us a place "worth of checking" once in a while to see if anything new happened, essentially making uboachan some sort of western point of interest for YN fans.

This, of course, would bring new problems:
1- Newfags, and I don't mean the normal-type, but tumblr-tier faggots.
2- You'd need an army of translators. Currently, I believe I'm the only person here capable of translating anything from Japanese who's willing to take a part on that [Although maybe (hopefully) there's more people].

Finally, I think we should at least add some policies to non-/ot/ boards regarding quality posting. Of course, I don't mean going to the extreme of saying "Shitposting is forbidden", but rather something like "It's discouraged." You can post some fun, just don't make the whole board a "fun"-posting place. If you wanna post about "muh freedoms" and how much you hate niggers, you have many other chans to do so. This isn't one of those.
If people see that the place has actually some discussion going on instead of being reddit 2.0, they will be more willing to stay.


This site is a relic of the past. It's not gonna have a flood of new people unless Kikiyama comes back from the dead and makes another update. But even when it dies, I hope it's kept running for nostalgia's sake.


If you have anything short and non-lewd, I could try my hand at it.


Ubuu Forever m8

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