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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1437571497713.jpg (202.04 KB, 500x500, 1405583014285.jpg)


Someone needs to do something about this ad spam thing.


All we can do is ban them and delete their posts. The filter would inhibit the normal users too much to implement a stricter one. In the past we have polled for the implementation of captchas during the huge CP spam sessions. The community decided that they didn't want captchas.


I'm considering hiring new Janitors if this wave of spam doesn't pass soon. I'd like for us to be catching it faster.

We already have anti-spam measures in place that keep out most bots, but I think some bots nowadays specifically know how Tinyboard/Vichan works, and a few of those float our way sometimes.


I think it would be better to strength those spam measures.


This post will be a bit in length.

Our anti-proxy measures are at very full throttle, such that if we turned them up any more there would be risk of blocking legitimate users by mistake. One or two might be blocked once in a while already. These measures block known proxies and bots and "naughty" IP ranges by querying several public real-time intelligence databases that keep track of these things through a number of techniques.

In addition, our new post / new thread forms have several invisible countermeasures designed to trick common and less common bots into revealing themselves and block them from posting. These include extra fields that normal web browsers know to ignore while rendering the page, which look to a bot like they should be filled out and if tripped will block the post, as well as hidden fields with randomized access keys pre-generated into them that will trip the system if they are altered or omitted. Most generalized bots, even many finer-tuned ones, fall prey to these automated defenses, and there are several more active and automated defenses embedded in the Vichan software.

Furthermore the mods rove when they have time and ban bots which I believe have been designed with the specific capabilities to outsmart Vichan's particular automated security measures. These we can do nothing about except to deeply alter the code or to enable captchas, which most people don't have time for or don't want respectively.

The last measure would be to hire Janitors. Unfortunately I have been busy lately, but I am planning and considering a new application process to be started soon if this wave of spam doesn't end, which I don't really expect it to, but I can hope. I'll get around to it when I can. Until then, I trust my staff to keep a watchful eye for the bots that have been bothering us lately.

TL;DR We have been and will continue to be working on it, far beyond what most of the users and the bots are aware of.

File: 1433697334407.png (3.03 KB, 351x79, 2015-06-07-131316_351x79_s….png)


I know how to fix the small thing in the post form that's been bugging me, the unalignment in the forms. In the 'input[type="text"], textarea, select' form, add: "margin-top: 5px !important;"

This is something that probably doesn't matter to you guys, but still going to post


Sorry for late reply. The form spacing you show there is actually a lot different from what I see on my browser. That's really weird. It must vary based on the browser configuration. Mine are actually pretty neatly lined up.

File: 1419269814044.jpg (19.12 KB, 448x458, 1227752514366.jpg)


Should /mono/ and /seccom/ be moved to the Annex? Considering there have been no posts in almost a year and there's only two pages worth of posts each in there, I'm not sure if it still needed to be up there.
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Wow, last time I ask you assholes for help. :)


File: 1423390555784.png (394.47 KB, 800x642, misaka aprikoi.png)

I think having a single board for all the characters could be good. The reason this place seems so slow (other than, well, being slow) is because there are so many boards that are barely used and posts are distributed between them. But it could be kinda sad to see them go for some, so why not create a new character board that combines all threads from individual character boards while keeping all the old boards intact? I've seen that kind of boards elsewhere so it should be possible. If people like it then you could delete the old ones. Or maybe that's too much work? Then you could just create a regular new board for characters and keep the old ones, and see if people start to use it. No need to be hasty.


File: 1423415843560.png (18.12 KB, 640x480, f166d73a51fbc5f093931aa8a9….png)

>while keeping all the old boards intact? I've seen that kind of boards elsewhere so it should be possible.

We already have those, they're on the annex:
>>>/warc/ (Not technically a board for posting)
>>>/comp/ (RIP)
>>>/tori/ (RIP)

That's why I said here >>2182
>TL;DR I don't mind annexing the board even if it is kind of sad, though I don't see how this would fix anything.
It isn't a drastic change where everything would be lost.

>No need to be hasty.

Agreed, we can try anything and if the change proved to be not useful, it can be reverted.


Is there still any interest in the computers and technology board?


In my case, yes; it was pretty cool even with the inactivity.

File: 1333869277361.jpg (77.06 KB, 589x938, 525956_332111610185520_279….jpg)

 No.815[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

There should be a thread on here about what next weeks WILD will be.

I vote for the redoing of /DROAB/
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What? I'm not presul.


shut up praesul


File: 1404959211316.jpg (175.32 KB, 1500x844, fc4c21d4b0476f8d2bee17c199….jpg)


For pictures of scenery, landscapes, cityscapes, etc.


Yes, because it's beautiful, thanks for suggesting it in.


File: 1428452602607.jpg (348.14 KB, 808x900, 03_1.jpg)


We just performed a software upgrade, and we now have the ability to enable multiple images per post.

Should we enable this, or not, and if so, how many images should be allowed per post, and should this be different on specific boards?

Thanks for your input. (Picture unrelated.)
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File: 1428811948250.webm (1.36 MB, 480x360, dragon twister.webm)

Don't worry, I've got this covered


I think URL images aren't necessary. If anybody wants to post a pic they can just download it and post the classical way. We've been doing for years, I don't think anybody would really complain at this point.
If anything, it makes it easier for spammers to post their CP.


It's new untested imagebread technology, it hasn't been done on 4chan even so who knows if spambots will pick up on it or not.

It also takes out that unnecessary step of downloading it to repost it because the server handles it for you, so tbh I think it's useful for the convenience.


Well, I think that the best we can do for now is just test and see what happens. If it doesn't bring any problem I think it's alright for it to stay.

By the way, unrelated question for this thread, but, is it really necessary to wait 5 seconds to delete your posts or this is just some default pre-built feature of the software?


I don't know vichan that well, but as far as I know it's a flood prevention measure so the server isn't hit with too many things a second. Most large scale sites have something like that, like twitter won't let you post another tweet until a couple seconds have passed but most people don't run into it because of how long it takes to type.

File: 1424590598185.jpg (69.3 KB, 570x960, 1423613337437.jpg)


He's unable to make a thread right now, so I'm making one for him.

Pretzel is leaving the vomitvile shithole and would not like to be associated with these people [if they could even be called that] anymore.
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I still lurk here and I have been visiting at least 2x a week since 2011. I just don't post!

Don't feel so alone!



I thought that you left, Mishka! How has development been going?

I-It's nice to know you're still here ;_;.



It's been going pretty well! It's fun working. This month I have two visual novels to write music for (in addition to some other games which don't have a solid deadline looming)

But yup, I never really left! The whole section of the board I frequent has just become relatively inactive and a lot of "old blood" has either gotten busy or left.



Oh that's cool! I really like your chiptune stuff, as well as the more natural sounding stuff from the earlier Hell Diary and also, I believe it was Amihailu? Your compositions are always nice.


Well if you enjoyed the games anon, Amihailu will be updating before long and I've got ideas for a sim/adventure that builds on the stuff I've done in previous projects and snippets and adds much more. I also wrote some scripts that I can use for them too—but time will tell as I have been very busy with outside work (and Cities: Skylines!)

File: 1420597685911.png (84.53 KB, 480x640, 835290c039d00e9023b56c0984….png)


So, I need a little help. There was a particular thread on /fg/ a while ago about listing games in tiers and your opinions on them. I can't find it anymore; I believe is has been deleted?

What I'm after is a certain picture of cake effect Urotsuki that was posted in that thread. (Pic somewhat related: this was one of the few Urotsuki pictures posted in that thread.) Unfortunately, my internet sleuthing skills suck and I haven't been able to find it, so this is my last resort.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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File: 1425492784563.png (157.88 KB, 600x570, 12538055_p7.png)

is this it?


File: 1425492828953.png (136.02 KB, 480x640, 1321848382713.png)

or this


File: 1425495255394.jpg (232.93 KB, 439x600, 25096057_m.jpg)

I found this one from a thread that also had the image you posted, if I’m not mistaken.


Ah, yes, that one's it! Thanks very much!


File: 1425853827946.png (393.19 KB, 680x798, 12538055_p4.png)

np, I'd appreciate it if anyone can figure out which artist drew it (saucenao and google reverse image search don't give any leads on the artist), it's a nice drawing

File: 1425077326064.gif (155.96 KB, 260x187, 31d.gif)


Whenever I try to play certain sound effects or music in RPG Maker 2000 (the translation by Don Miguel), it will crash on occasion. This is not a thing that happens sometimes with all files, but all times with some files. In Yume 2kki, trying to play bgm055 will play nothing, while sound effects such as chandler9 (I think) will cause a slew of error messages, eventually leading to the system almost hanging, requiring me to hard reboot. I was unable to get a screen capture, as this was slowing my computer down to the point of not being able to do anything, but the error said something along the lines of
>DirectSound Error
I do not know of any sort of special properties on the files.
Is there a fix to this? Is there a download to another translation?
Any help would be great.
(I'm not sure if this would be the right board for this, but it made sense to me because the error is unrelated to fangames or otherwise)
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The thing is, I thought those threads only applied to the games shown while this would be unrelated, so yeah, sorry for the mistake.


File: 1425086146954.jpg (442.99 KB, 750x1000, Touhou_reisen00.jpg)

How can help threads be unrelated to problems with any engine/game and the meta board for the whole webpage be more related to the problem?


>It wasn't for Yume Nikki
>It wasn't for Yume 2kki
>It wasn't for any fangame
>I made a mistake and didn't look at the actual threads
I get it, I was dumb, okay?


lol why so defensive man?


Well, it was less defense and more apologizing to keep the thread from derailing any further, but that's a bit too late now :V

File: 1420488164157.png (96.16 KB, 1277x761, 1428981234.PNG)


So I was going to tkki and then this strange problem happened. Can you tell me about this?
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Seis, it's still happening.
Can you please fix this?


I'm able to access it through the mod panel, but not through the home page… hmmmmmm


File: 1421088715651.jpg (382.69 KB, 1298x1887, Lotus_Sutra_written_by_Pri….jpg)

Let's all pray for Sei LVII's safe arrival.


Fixed by rebuilding the board. The cached page data was corrupted from the drive running out of space.


Thank you very much, Seis and team for this. ;)

File: 1420414413977.png (6.73 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Seisatsu, I came to contact you because I'm resolving my ban before Xmas 2014. I was taken aback at the change, probably as you may know people can now appeal bans for longer than 6 hours.

Please can you explain what was the cause of the ban in /ot/? I will acknowledge your answer.


File: 1420418155124.png (569.61 KB, 948x535, 1359070705808.png)

Because you were somehow spamming an off-topic thread with unwanted garbage posts (amazing how you even pull that off) and you apparently don't understand how imageboards work, as evidenced by the crap you've posted in ot, the tech board, and handful of other places. Nevermind that you've also called for bans or deletions of other people's posts that you have no right to.

Every time you make a mistake and get banned, you come to sugg after it's expired (or have returned before the expiry to whine, which is also against the rules) and spout nonsense about about it. You are aware there are ban messages attached to your ban, explaining what you did wrong? Are you incapable of reading small sentences?

There is nothing to resolve. The ban expired. Stop doing the things that have gotten you banned, or will. Read the rules to avoid doing things that will get you banned. It's simple.

If you can't understand rules or apply an iota of common sense to your behavior, don't post. This is like, your fourth or fifth ban. Your next is probably not going to have an expiration.


File: 1420429455266.jpg (2.34 MB, 2250x2760, Seagal05.jpg)

>only fourth or fifth ban
Bitch please


>Because of somehow spamming an off-topic thread with unwanted garbage posts.
I understand rules or apply an iota of common sense behaviour-wise, like asking questions here.

>Every time you make a mistake and get banned, you come to sugg after it's expired (or have returned before the expiry to whine, which is also against the rules) and spout nonsense about it

I came to ask Seis about my ban, actually. But since you read the rulebook and say that I was breaking the rules, I wasn't. Secondly, I don't spout out nonsense when posting things.

> fourth or fifth ban

Actually, it was my third ban so as not to disturb your time.

>Your next is probably not going to have an expiration

That part I cannot acknowledge as I don't want to argue or run the risk of being banned without any expiration date.


I just double checked and you have two bans for evading a ban in the past and then two more bans recently, between two different addresses. So yes, five bans. It's not even worth trying to pretend they weren't you, because you post the same pictures, with the same form of posting.

Clearly what you just said is false, you do lack common sense or the ability to read and apply rules to your posting. We've told you in those bans messages that to appeal a ban, use the appeal form, shoot us an email, or contact us on IRC. Not post in /sugg/. This board isn't for talking about bans before or after they've expired regarding why you were banned when they were 1) clearly outlined in the ban message 2) outlined in the rules page.

I would suggest not responding to this post and just rereading it until it finally sinks in.


File: 1420547443466.jpg (45.47 KB, 800x374, _-Viva-Pinata-Pocket-Parad….jpg)

>I just double checked and you have two bans for evading a ban in the past and then two more bans recently, between two different addresses
I thought I had three of those two different IPs. But anyhow, I managed to see if you responded.
>until it finally sinks in
>to appeal a ban, use the appeal form, shoot us an email, or contact us on IRC
Thank you very much for that, Writer. Sorry to bother you if you're posting on this here board but hopefully I will try to follow the rules when the server gets fixed (see >>2166).

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