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File: 1457037799205.jpg (286.54 KB, 1756x2200, 1456298085885.jpg)


Should we just delete the Wildcard board? Seems like nobody cares anymore. Nobody posts, nobody suggests any topics, and nobody talks about it.

Edit: /co/ discussion near bottom of thread.


File: 1457041729498.gif (890.96 KB, 325x252, burnit.gif)

Yes, it's pointless, what do we have 10 active users per day with 4 or 5 posters? Next week we decide the topic is dragon dildos, sadly, there is only one or two of these users who likes dragon dildos.
The time I've been here, I posted there twice, first time was to make fun of the topic /molluscs/, second time was the 90s.
If anyone else wants to discuss dragon dildos, we have /ot/ anyway.
If you don't delete it I suggest dragon dildos for next week.


File: 1457054460394.jpg (202.03 KB, 1024x1365, COME ON TOHO.jpg)

I already suggested it.
I mean, come on, we deleted /comp/, it's the same thing. Plus we have /ot/, as >>2873 said.


I personally like the wildcard board, though it doesn't meet its potential because the site isn't popular enough atm. Could replace it with a sticky'd wildcard thread in /ot/


That's an interesting idea I hadn't considered. Something like that may be more appropriate at the moment.


File: 1457132088556.png (93.02 KB, 320x364, 1449351087001-int.png)

>That's an interesting idea I hadn't considered.
Niggah, that's exactly what I suggested in the board cleaning thread, and nazi-chan was all like "NO, throwing it into autism contaiment board ain't okay".


File: 1457145023310.jpg (48.6 KB, 449x642, 1453124825944.jpg)

Huh, I guess I forgot. I'll run it by the mods.


Hmm… We could have it be a movie night/Game night of sorts…


That sounds kinda fun.


I never liked the wildcard board


File: 1458845944737.jpg (37.11 KB, 468x371, fox-chicken.jpg)

HEY SEISATSU I saw your thing where you want rad ideas from cool people and it turns out I am a cool person so here we go!!!:

rarely give users a message! it say: "i love you!"

have a secret board that randomly appears at the top with the other boards! but users have to notice when it is there and they might not notice every time! if they go to the board they get a chance to hang out at the super secret spot!

every so often the site changes to PARTY MODE and when this happens all the colors become like way brighter like all neon and shit also hearts could fly around the screen or something badass like that

have polls! like who is the most awesome jelly or peanut butter. or who is your favorite brand of shoe

have a board where users can vote on the topic with the fourth finger of their right hand

dude i will let you know if i come with any other RAD IDEAS

i like your jacket.


My case against is that I check the board, and I feel like I could contribute to /wild/, change topics weekly, etc.

If it gets deleted, what's going to happen with /warc/?


/warc/ would stay around in the Annex.

A secret board feature like this could be fun.


>have a secret board that randomly appears at the top with the other boards
So Kibbles, we have two secret boards, Test and Corey.
Party mode would be fun, too.


File: 1460832808003.gif (663.63 KB, 383x359, 1458673460044.gif)

>So Kibbles, we have two secret boards
Hehehhehehe, of course, just two. Hehehhe.


File: 1460833009440.png (9.09 KB, 910x68, bestadmin.png)

tfw no one remembers DD's board


Teehee, just like old times-
wait, wut
Maybe as kibs said different rare messages from time to time?


Has anyone noticed that /wild/'s present in /sugg/, but not the other boards?


Delete /co/ instead.






File: 1464451508952.jpg (326.76 KB, 707x1000, tks24.jpg)

Please sei, do this.


File: 1467244122074.gif (1019.63 KB, 500x375, KILL.gif)



File: 1467346604803.jpg (15.37 KB, 184x184, no.jpg)

I vote for the Yes Kill /co/.

We know it's not active and anyone suddenly wanting to post comics can do it in /ot/.

We deleted .flow, which was more important for the site's culture for the same reason.

Less boards=less dead looking site.


/co/ is kill

sad day but such is fate



I'll take /co/, I'd hate to see it go to waste


File: 1467474811745.jpg (70.17 KB, 459x575, smug_fox.jpg)

I'll take over /co/ for you Sei.


Nah, boards aren't for sale lol. And it doesn't matter who runs it since it has no users. A moderation change won't fix that. Uboachanners just don't want to talk about comics or animation anymore for some reason.


>he responds to me like I am serious
DAAAAAAMMMMMMMMmnnnn i have way better chances than i thought! this at least puts me in "we dont want you at all but we'll be professional anyway" tier!!

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