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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

File: 1468998328666.png (43.33 KB, 512x512, irc-chat.png)


So, lately the IRC has been largely abandoned. There's like, 11-15 people generally and a fair number of those are staff members, and discussion rarely happens. It's been going this way for a while, but lately the chat has been smaller than I've seen it for a very long time. New users actually enter sometimes but I think many of them get turned off of it quickly by the utter lack of activity.

Meanwhile users have been flocking in droves for ages to unofficial Uboachan group chats and other communities' group chats for some time now, hosted on services like Skype and Discord. The IRC channel shows no signs of growing.

One thing that may be especially daunting for users of IRC is that when you log in old activity isn't shown to you. So if nobody's talking at the time it just looks like an empty dead chat forever. Using a different kind of chat service might alleviate appearances.

So what should we do? Is there a problem that needs to be fixed? Should we feature the IRC chat more prominently on the site, or make an official Discord perhaps if that's what's cool nowadays, or should we just resign to let it die?


> "flocking in droves … Skype"

Yeah, I'm sorry to inform you, but the Skype chat is all but dead, I don't think anyone has posted anything in it in over a month.

As for the others I have no idea how well used they are, but it's quite possible that are more external chat systems than people actually using them.

Although having one centralized external chat system that everyone agreed on would probably help. This is why diplomacy in ARK resulted in me having Skype, Steam Chat, Discord, Mumble, and Team Speak (nobody wanted to use IRC though). It seems however that Mumble and TS are being phased out for Discord though.


Yeah I'm a little behind the times, I don't keep up with the other chats.


Does it cost anything to maintain the IRC? I'm not knowledgeable about these things.

It's doubtful you're gonna get any new blood that's gonna stay. YN hasn't been the flavor of the month for awhile now.


No, it costs nothing because I don't run the network. Maybe I spoke too soon though, or just at the right time, because now a few of the more active users have started talking in the IRC again. Maybe it'll last.

The biggest problem with the IRC is that new users pop in constantly, get bored after no one talks for like, 2 minutes, and immediately leave without even trying to say anything. This happens several times a day. That's not how IRC works, and if new users would actually try to start a discussion and then wait around for a while the regular users will notice and respond to them. Usually by the time we notice a new user was there they've already left.

People these days just have no attention span.


>People these days just have no attention span.

Know these feels. I run a convention and we have an IRC channel that I mod. Way too often I'll glance over, realize someone showed up, asked a question, didn't get an answer instantaneously, and vanished. Like, leave your client open for a while, sheesh.

A discord chat isn't a bad idea tho. It shows the backlog, has rather powerful administrative and moderation abilities, and features voice chat. It's got the vast majority of the features I liked from IRC, Skype, and Steam chat while taking out most of the things I disliked. I wouldn't fully swap to it for staff type discussions tho since you already have a place for that.


Alright Sei, sell me on Vector. From what I'm reading, it's literally exactly Discord except with zero userbase.



It is kind of like Discord, but:
* The whole thing is open source.
* I run the server myself, instead of the server being owned by a third party.
* It supports webcam chat.
* It doesn't do video game overlays.

Vector uses Matrix as a backend: https://matrix.org/

We aren't hooked into the global network of servers advertised on Matrix's site though; this is a private server. You may have thought it was hosted somewhere else because our Vector link redirects to matrix.datnode.net, but Datnode.net is actually attached to our server and is where I host the IRC network me and my friends use. Uboachan's IRC was actually hosted there a long time ago but we left for IRCHighway. (It's possible that the IRC could return there though.)

By having our own official in-house chat room with possibly better suited features than Discord or IRC for our userbase, I hope that we can entice a lot of the users that are choosing other services over our IRC channel. Like Discord, it's also possible for users to make their own rooms, control permissions, and invite other users. So basically we have our own chat network running with Discord-like features.

If nobody wants to use this after a while I may just fall back to Discord anyway. Someone else suggested I try setting up a Matrix chat a while back for unrelated reasons, so I made it my project for a day, and then I later got the idea to invite Uboachan to use it.


That didn't work out.


File: 1472435560809.jpg (30.8 KB, 410x432, Farewell.jpg)

RIP IRC, you will be missed.

What's even the point of using discord anyway? IRC is the same shit but with less bloat.


File: 1472435805170.png (406.07 KB, 1600x900, sad_pikachu.png)

I completely agree, but apparently this is what people want. I really wish we could go back to IRC. IRC and imageboards have gone hand in hand since time immemorial. I don't know whether it's a lack of attention span, or a want of features, or just an aversion to the IRC community of old that's driving people to use Discord instead, but I want to understand.

If there's some way we can make IRC great again, or if there's no way we can make IRC great again, let me know here.


I like Discord just because I can close it, come back, and not miss anything. It feels like less of a commitment than IRC for me, for some reason.


Personal opinion: backlog. I hate leaving IRC running all the time, and I hate seeing the people on shoddy connections constantly connect and disconnect ad infinitum because they have it set to auto reconnect so that they'll have a backlog.

General net users opinion: voice chat. For some reason people *really* like to babble. While playing a multiplayer game together, this makes a bit of sense to me, yet most multiplayer games have that functionality built in anyway. Otherwise, vc requires you to be on at the same time and completely focused, and idk I like to actually *work* on the computer, not hang out on the party line.

Also generally IRC scares a lot of new users because, like, there are multiple clients and you have to set things up and "where's my shiny connect link i dun understand?!?". Because people are lazy and like things handed to them on a silver platter at the expense of functionality.


Would people start using IRC again if I added backlog support through a bot?


>>3056 …maybe? I'd have to get an irc client, because I don't have one anymore. I have discord though.

It should be noted that discord can have multiple text rooms and voice rooms for our one server, (if we make one) and none of us have to be in the voice chat to use text, unlike something like, say, mumble.


Is the web client linked in the sidebar troublesome to use?


if people here hung out on discord, i would hang there. i go on discord to hook up with peeps for melty blood fights, and its just smooth and clean for chatting. i guess bots are pretty easy to throw in there, too. its all the rage these days, in any case

id probably use it a lot to motivate myself to complain about the development process of my fangame


For what it's worth, I personally like Skype because it archives all of your chat history locally in addition to giving you backlog. You can then export those messages to text files using tools like these http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/skype_log_view.html


Would people use discord voice chat to talk?


Lol Sei, why does no one have any permissions on the discord? I hope you didn't goof and make it under a temp account~

Also discord is just objectively better at everything and it's quickly taking over as the service of choice for group chats. They're quickly adding new features and listening very closely to user feedback more than any other company of this caliber does. IRC is dead and has been for a while, Skype was never an option, no one uses steam groups and every other discord-like service (tox) is ignored. Discord is really the best choice if you want to switch from IRC.

Sei, if you want me to help manage the server I can. I already have my own server setup with a fair amount of activity with some Ubuu people that don't know that your server exists, I can link that here if anyone wants me to. I don't want to just drop an unwarranted advertisement in a discussion thread.


examples plz



like how it's "objectively better" than anything else out there


It's more stable, has a robust feature list, the devs are actively listening to the community and implementing their ideas, has a much more stable userbase than skype or anything else that isn't steam/irc and it looks pretty.

It's basically IRC with memes.


Also the mobile app is pretty solid, built in backlogs, voice chat as an *option* and better bots that can do more.


I'm considering it. I'll get back to this in a few days.


File: 1472593242640.png (55.88 KB, 372x358, ww.png)

Day of shame


i'm all in favor of irc with memes




Invader pls


what's an invader i've been here for years


Nice community hijack faggots.


You know, there's the IRC, and there's maidnaut's discord, and people can use whatever they want.


Build a wall to divide discordfags from IRC users.


File: 1472606927617.jpg (32.99 KB, 350x240, fire.jpg)

Board war now


You're not the boss of me


File: 1472607717501.gif (459.22 KB, 328x233, gg.gif)

Well played, simply wonderful. Bravo, applause, nice, 10/10 would replay.


File: 1472607982073.png (3.17 KB, 500x76, auto.png)

I leave for 4 months and everyone forgot about me?? ;;


ITT: Divide and conquer/power gain.
Don't you love it when someone prepares the bed for you and you sleep on it?


We know who you are, some ex mod now admin of uboachan's most relevant chat room.


I don't like how things turned out but, are we going to get divided every time the site has a change? Chill.


Fuck off with your passive agressive shit


Is this for real?? lol


Like 20 people who used to frequent IRC are in Maidnaut's Discord, since weeks or months before it was even suggested it become Uboachan's Discord. All our old users just quietly went there without me knowing about it until now. If I make yet another Discord it just divides the community even further than it has been already by people deciding to use Discord instead of IRC.

I would have preferred to run a dedicated Discord for Uboachan only, but I don't think almost anyone would join since they're already comfy on Maidnaut's server.

So, that's the situation the chat community has put itself in. Other suggestions welcome. I could still make us a dedicated Discord but it would be tiny and as dead as IRC most likely.


Yeah, it's not like this was an intentional takeover. All the active users on uboachan from the IRC are my friends and they just followed me there. This was a natural thing that just kind of happened, and then I offered it to Sei as an alternative to irc.

Everybody chill out, I'm not the wicked witch.


So you tell me that if I gathered all the users in a serveer I'd own Uboachan's most relevant chat room? Do you realize that sounds like a hijack?

I didn't see the events happening so this is shady as fuck to me.

It's very common to be in multiple servers there, they wouldn't mind joining your discord server, Maidnaut happened to have all the cards so it's the same as if you gave them admin powers on your discord.

Nothing makes sense.


You're an idiot. Everyone on that server joined because they were my friend and followed me. Read my previous post.


Well played, gg


Calling someone an idiot for having a different opinion on something that no one connected to the chats today saw makes you look like the wicked witch.


They could easily be in BOTH servers, everyone does that, everyone knows that, and it's not annoying either. You are PLAYING him for the admin spot in uboachan's chat.


Wasn't discord almighty and "better than IRC"?
Can't you fuckers just be in both servers? It's adding a new tab to your fucking buffers, you retards.


>already in the irc and both discord servers
>like the fact that maidnaut's actually has conversation for once
>still will lurk the others because there's no reason not to

i fail to see the issue here


Maid's discord has already been renamed to Uboachan v2, and Sei is already an admin

If the creation of these two discords had happened in reverse order Maid would have just brought everyone onto the already existing one, the end result is the same, only difference is that we live in the parallel universe where a whole bunch of drama is caused by this and maid gets admin

we stepped into a shitty situation but this wasn't anyone's intention


i'll use maidnaut's server because it's active

if there are other servers there definitely isn't a reason to avoid them. more emoji for everyone


File: 1472617776067.jpg (153 KB, 599x810, FwnVqcr.jpg)


Hey so, I was waiting for Sei to stop being MIA like he usually is, but I figured I'd link this here since he's got it linked in the irc.



>Sei doesn't talk to me
>He's MIA


My co-owner privileges have been removed, so this is no longer the "official" Uboachan Discord.

Use this link for my Uboachan server, which apparently collected some users when I wasn't looking. https://discord.gg/JzuTbJe

Slightly confused but whatever, it's better for us to have a dedicated server.

Still some neat channels and fun people on Maidnaut's server but I'll be putting my own in the navbar.

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