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File: 1329616115789.jpg (91.73 KB, 640x480, HNI_0081_MPO.JPG)


suggestion: custom figures
reason: why is there no yume nikki custom toys i mean theres not alot plus they should be appropriate.
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i got it what about custom figures,clay figures or plushes or nice decorations


Tell you what. If I get $20,000 in donations, I'll buy a 3D printer, and hire someone to design some printable, professional PVC figurine models.


but wouldn't it be called /shop/


I admire your patience Sei


I really wish there were more Yume Nikki related toy and figure and plush products. So far, the only things that exist that are even somewhat close to a figure or doll is those horribly rare keychains. :C But, still, I don't think that people are doing customs all the time, so, it would probably be a pretty inactive thread.

File: 1329358834134.jpg (22.12 KB, 250x322, sadadmin.jpg)


There's a lot of unhappy users lately, and I want to know why they're unhappy, and if their problems can actually be fixed.

Ask a question, make a complaint, give a suggestion. Get a paragraph.
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File: 1329459821308.jpg (109.28 KB, 600x642, 600px-fuck_the_police_frog….jpg)

Thank you for your opinions. The discussion in this thread seems to be dwindling and/or hitting upon the same subjects now, so I've unstickied it.

As always, please continue to post any comments, complaints, concerns, or questions on this board in a dignified manner.



Well ok then. Wasn't aware Snow was behind the latest deletions as well


Hey, Seisatsu, before you even think about adding post editing, can you make absolutely certain that it displays whether the post was edited by the user or a mod, and at what time? I don't want mods dicking around with posts without us being aware of it.


The mod edit feature is disabled in the configuration. Even administrators can't edit posts. I plan to keep it this way since I see no good reason for mods to be able to dick around with posts.


Normally I'd troll a thread like this, but actually…? This is a good thread. Hopefully this will be a step in getting the site and community back on track. Good work, Seisatsu.

File: 1328499508350.jpg (14.88 KB, 400x240, HNI_0069_JPG.JPG)


Suggestion: Toriningen Board

Reason: I'm so tired of searching the /c/ board for Toriningen pictures and/or looking for APPROPRIATE content. (See below)

Suggestion: Suggestive/Porn Board

Reason: I know EVERYBODY's tired of that type of stuff on their board… And I need cute, APPROPRIATE pictures to take on the go (on my 3DS)

Suggestion: Shitai Board

Reason: You should know just by just replacing "Toriningen" with "Shitai" on the top suggestion.

Suggestion: Cute Board

Reason: "And I need cute, APPROPRIATE things to take on the go."
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File: 1328756036245.jpg (134.18 KB, 877x620, HNI_0064_JPG.JPG)




is this sort of thing still funny because



That's funny. I could have sworn I posted a response to something here a little while ago.

That's funny. I could have sworn there was something to respond to here a little while ago.

File: 1328689121758.jpg (71.83 KB, 475x268, woo.jpg)


Rename this site to 2kkichan or .flowchan. Nobody talks about YN anymore.
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File: 1328838689394.jpg (12.51 KB, 210x240, HSITLSTIS.jpg)

New rule: anyone that stirs shit up is on the shit list.



I'll be sure to stir up as much shit as possible then for your pleasure and convenience.


People do still talk about Yume Nikki somewhat. Although, a lot has already been said about Yume Nikki, so this is more of a hang out for Yume Nikki fans than a website for exclusively Yume Nikki discussion. And while they are less active, the Yume Nikki boards still do get posts.


File: 1329078485835.gif (144.95 KB, 116x106, 1325006771310.gif)


File: 1329186061421.png (64.21 KB, 116x233, mercutio.png)

File: 1328291139766.jpg (32.47 KB, 390x400, wowfixed.jpg)


I love Uboachan, but I feel like people insult people on here too much for no reason.
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I might see later if I can whip up a userscript extension to do this.



Would it be possible to just implement an option that would allow users to show spoilered images like all other images? One that would persist through visits, like the page style option. That would probably solve a good part of this problem


Oh right, I'd have to rewrite the software to do either of these, because thumbnails aren't generated for spoilered images. :<

I could make it do fake thumbnails, but they'd take just as long to load as the full image, so it wouldn't help at all for slower connections.

I'll try to write a userscript anyway, since it's a better solution than none. I won't build any sort of persistent setting into the software itself, because that would require a bunch of modifications.


A userscript isn't going to do anything for android users or users whose browsers don't support greasemonkey.

File: 1328662520349.jpg (175.93 KB, 1071x683, yourmotherhomeedition.jpg)


I think the mods should just prohibit posting in /sugg/. People seem to be wasting more time arguing here than anything else. Maybe if this distraction/sideshow disappeared people might actually think about doing other things on ubuu.
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Or even better, let's just delete all of the posts on the entire site, drop anonymous posting altogether, and make the site entirely mod-driven.


How about we all hang ourselves, shit.


Fuckin' ass and blatt blatt.


I think everyone missed my point, and this thread is a perfect example of why I made such a suggestion. Shit like this crops up and it winds up creating more problems than it solves. I'm not saying it should be an indefinite solution, I'm saying that it needs to be controlled because of shitheads like >>462 and >>478.

>If they weren't arguing here, they'd be arguing on the other boards.
Then that's the community's problem, and apparently no one can address it without everybody flinging shit at one another. The argument thread is rendered superfluous by the fact that this board is nothing BUT arguments. They may as well rename it to /bitchfit/ at this rate. That's why it needs to be controlled. This should be less of a suggestion board and more of a poll board.


In case you haven't noticed, OP, Uboachan is going through some dramas right now. Luckily there's a community metadiscussion board like this one where it can all be directed to. If this board gets locked up, the drama isn't going to just disappear, it's going to spread throughout the entire forum, and we'll have you to thank for singlehandedly making the suggestion that ruined Uboachan.

Just let people continue to vent here and let the staff process it and try to find solutions to the community's problems with Uboachan, it won't last forever and it'll be so much better for the board if the staff doesn't try a quick fix that'll entice people to spread drama over the entire forum.


File: 1328738338852.png (13.67 KB, 679x427, 1326364439072.png)

>we'll have you to thank for singlehandedly making the suggestion that ruined Uboachan.

This is too much drama for a tiny little site like this. Do the mods even know what they're doing?

File: 1328633256329.jpg (35.2 KB, 484x453, FUCKYOU.jpg)


>Moga's gone
Alright. I'm done. I've been patient with you, Uboachan, damn patient, as patient as patient can be, I've put up with this endless onslaught of bullshit ever since we went through the switch, but if Moga won't even stay, I see no reason to. Thanks again, Seisatsu, this was a great site before you fucked everything up, hope you're enjoying sucking those mods' cocks while they jizz all over the rest of the community. Yama was right to move Dream vs. Dream off of here, and Snow was right to fuck everything up just to demonstrate the shithole this site would turn into. Goodbye Uboachan. Enjoy your spoiler images and modfaggotry and all of that shit. Wish me luck in finding Moga, though I doubt I will since he probably wants to detach himself from this shithole as much as he possibly can.
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Tsuki doesn't have the full story and has even less of it than the rest of the staff does, she's not here as often and isn't as involved.

Both Snow and Moga are not gone. They only had a short vacation and they came back a long time ago. The deletions have been looked into and we know what the deal is, and it's up to us to deal with it now and we're doing our best.

Do not feed this thread anymore, this is the best explanation you're going to get.


I never mentioned dial-up. 3g. Loads pages at lighting speed. Full-size images are a different story.


>Snow ragequit and never posted again afterwards.
>Both Snow and Moga are not gone. They only had a short vacation and they came back a long time ago.
Could you elaborate on that a bit? Yeah, I know, all of the posts got deleted because of a rogue mod, but I've never seen Snow post after the ragequit.



Oops koko, just a second to clarify this: Moga did leave the boards permanently, I get the bad case of the lonelies sometimes and lurk around and post here and there as an anon (cut me some slack here I've been visiting the boards since 2010 or so)
However we are cutting ties with the ubuuchun community or at least trying to

Now for those who still want their fix of Mogativity, you can find his tumblr on http://moga.tumblr.com/

ps. I'm not really a bad person, I just have low self-confidence
pps. me and moga traded names so don't get confused c:


Thank you, Snow, thankyouthankyou THANK YOU!

Whoever thought it was a good idea to autosage this thread needs to bump it this instant so people can see this.

File: 1322086110925.gif (9.68 KB, 183x163, 1207369754511.gif)


I've been wondering what our members think about the NSFW content on our boards. recently i've noticed an influx of more graphic material. Would our members prefer to have the more graphic material put in a spoiler image with a warning instead of openly posted?

please post your input here.
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File: 1328439071467.jpg (80.29 KB, 428x499, Favim.com-22135.jpg)


What are you talking about this is all my fault. inb4 death threats


also following staff trend and doing stupid mugshot picture


I know not everyone is gonna like it, but at least we have concrete rules now (as far as I can see).


And there we go. Brace yourselves, in a few months you won't be allowed to say big boy words without spoilering them, either.

Mods and their illogical rules ruined another website with potential.

Just another day on the internet


oh no you have to click on images to view them now fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


File: 1328464289014.jpg (45.31 KB, 720x540, 1322773567207.JPG)

Addendum: aaaaaaa the mods are dump aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAあああああああああああああああああああ

File: 1320715810853.jpg (70.22 KB, 532x800, 1318916785683.jpg)


It was fine before. And get that IRC shit out of the rules.
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here's this anon's heartfelt wishes towards a fast recovery from the massive amount of ass damage you suffered


And here's me not caring, because I'm not saying that out of butthurt, I'm saying it because it's laughably true.

Furthermore, you may also suck my nuts.



Sorry for posting such long words, I'll be sure to dumb things down for you from now on, because you matter


Please see

You're practically biting yourself in the arse at this point.

File: 1325324261392.jpg (79.31 KB, 500x334, FUCK_YOU_GRASS_Img01.jpg)


This thread should be a rule discussion thread. I've seen a lot of arguments around about the rules, and how they're to be interpreted [mostly the Gore/Guro rule].
So instead of spamming peoples posts with arguments, just bring them here, and things will all be better.
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This was actually pointed out in the argument

Apparently the posters refused to acknowledge the picture was NSFW or something


or you could go read the thing instead of saying dumb stuff


He wasn't being attacked for being unoriginal, he was being attacked for his laziness and his blatant lack of creativity, there is a world of difference. All he gave us to start with was a sprite, a name, and an empty promise that he might consider making a game out of it. What did he expect in return?

"Ooh, nice… sprite!"

"Awesome! I can't wait to see more of that single sprite!"

"Well then, here's a ZOOMED IN version of my sprite! Sha-shaaa!"


Now, if he had needed help or something, like if he came in like, "Hi guys, I'm working on a Yume Nikki fangame, I've got a lot of ideas but I want to keep them quiet for the time being. I was wondering if any of you knew how to do this and that and this, here's the character from my game, btw, his name is Saul." He might have gotten a bit more encouragement and assistance, but as far as we knew, he had no trouble with game development whatsoever. If he had a demo ready, or at the very least started with some concept art or screenshots apart from one single measly sprite, he might have deserved more than he got, but the fact remains that he had nothing to show us, and most likely expected us to do all of the imagining for him.

What I'm trying to say is, there's nothing wrong with encouraging amateur fangame makers who display effort and creativity, Moga is the prime example of that, he's not the best programmer or bug tester out there but he's certainly passionate about his work, and he shows it, long before May got it's first release Moga was sharing ideas and concept art with us like crazy and even making little games on the side. Mick is nothing like that, all of his behavior can be summed up as, "Here's a sprite, what do you make of it? His name's Saul and he's going to be my character or something, I dunno, I might make a game out of this… if I feel like it. Yeah, okay, uh, he's a kid in high school, like me, yeah, and uh, he's single, like me, and, uh, he's a nerd… like m- OH, oh, I paid some guy to do concept art of him for me, what do you think of THIS? Am I cool yet, Uboachan? Do you love me yet? Do you want to make my glorious creation famous yet?"


and then i point out again that "creativity" doesn't make a good game, the ability to put it in a way that's enjoyable makes a good game. see Legend of Zelda and Mario for examples.

if the person wants to post a thread about a game they may not even finish in /fg/, hey, cool. maybe posting in the board would help give them incentive to finish it anyway, since they're publishing it somewhere. if they have a game they want to make, then they post it in /fg/. there are no skill or "creativity" requirements for posting in /fg/.


popular =/= good

Fyi, we weren't discussing whether lazy people like Mick should be allowed to post their fangames in /fg/, by all means they should be allowed, it's an open imageboard after all, they should be allowed to post it just as much as we should be allowed to post our honest opinions regarding it.

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