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If I were to shelve the current /cos/ and make a new board, what should I do differently so it doesn't turn out the same way?
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I agree with highlighting cosplay events and conventions.

File: 1498531683088.jpg (9.52 KB, 237x212, smug.jpg)


What a slow, sad, image board. why do you even go here?
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Well, besides us there is a small spanish community, and the faggots in tumblr.
But yeah numbers have dropped a lot if we compare it to a few years ago.



And what makes me even sadder?
Years ago I.ve seen Yune Nikki v. 0.09 when searched "yume nikki" at Filegoogle.com and didn't bother to download it. And then Filegoogle died. I am the person who made things worse.


nostalgia tbh.
I remember going on this board during highschool at the local library when I was skipping or whatever.

I didn't really make any memories during highschool, but I'm glad that this board could be a part of it.


>tfw wandering lurker
>tfw never found a place to settle down where I wasn't late to the party in some way
>not stupid enough to ignore the history of the websites I visit and the uniqueness of the userbase who made them what they are
>not intelligent enough to make those sorts of contributions on my own

Feels abstract, man. That's cool this small corner of the internet is someplace you can call your own, because it's deep in your memories. I'm an outsider looking in, and I must say it looks comfy.

File: 1510415364569.png (860.6 KB, 1079x821, yn.png)


Does anyone have an archive of the banners seen on this site without the UC watermark? Specifically on the News page? Some of them are quite nice, I'd love to download some of them.

File: 1504144491840.png (102.21 KB, 500x429, 1499544725280.png)


Our news page is fucked.
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That's actually an old news page from a very long time ago. The current one is news.html, not news.php.


It seems that the default timestamp has been shifted from "date posted" to "relative time". Was this intentional? I don't use cookies so it bugges me to change it every time.


No, this was not intentional. They must have changed the defaults. I'll see if I can switch it back.


I don't feel like making a new thread to report this.
Is there some kind of limit to filesize on /media/? Tried uploading a file that was slightly below 5mb, and while the post went alright, the file wasn't uploaded.
Here's a small test I did >>>/media/1424 got the same results.


This is most likely a misconfiguration resulting from upgrading PHP on the server a while ago. I'll look into it.

Edit: I found the configuration setting limiting uploads to 2MB and maxed it to 10MB instead. Things should work now.

File: 1507486441339.png (352.58 KB, 1550x838, Screenshot_2017-10-09_04-4….png)


When using https, the css for frames in the archive does not load. Please fix.


Lol, http hardlinks. I'll try to track them all down.

File: 1498246893322.jpg (92.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Good evening my friends. I am here today because I consider it my duty, for the betterment of this community to bring to your attention a matter of unprecedented import which should by no means be overlooked by any member of the moderation team here at uboachan. Unfortunately, I have come to know through events which I will go into later, that one of the moderators whom you have put great trust into is currently abusing their privileges for personal gain. It is now my burden to inform you of this gross miscarriage of justice. You see, today I have been banned for posting the image file which I have attached to my post. As you can clearly see, this is a rare specimen of the animal kingdom, an atretochoana, which I wanted to share with other users for the purposes of zoological speculation. It is unbelievably crass to deny the pursuit of biological study through censorship, particularly in this case wherein nothing of a potentially offensive nature is involved. As I am sure you will understand, I am utterly sickened and confused by this decision. I hope this notice finds a person of sound mind, and I urge you to reconsider your decision.

Sincere Regards,
Anonymous animal biologist.
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File: 1499018781426.gif (Spoiler Image, 612.54 KB, 799x600, thecageisopen3.gif)


File: 1499019536172.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.73 MB, 944x934, itstoolate5.gif)





File: 1499035881517.png (508.48 KB, 592x800, megashrug.png)


File: 1500522373392.webm (3.4 MB, 1920x1080, sei.webm)


This is a good thread

File: 1499568993079.png (254.92 KB, 504x634, What does the fox say.png)


So is most of /hikki/ just gone then? Were the posts actually deleted out of the database, or can they be recovered?
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Mostly just single word posts with pictures of stale memes. Some of them advertised a raid forum. One was just heh with a picture of the Egyptian god and a description of the perfect shit poster. Another had the spider woman blow job. Very boring stuff.


Yeah, looks like 86 threads are gone
Why did that happen?


Can you do a select on the backed up table where the post id is not equal to the current post ids on /hikki/, or by last bump time (i'm guessing this is stored somewhere due to the current thread ordering), or something?

of course it's possible that it could be a lot harder than that based on the table structure and how data is stored on the server, so i could be totally wrong


Atleast my thread is still alive.


>Yeah, looks like 86 threads are gone
>In /hikki/

File: 1497681811203.jpg (27.34 KB, 372x280, 6389d1339166295-children_f….jpg)


Rule 1: You must not be under 18 years of age, reveal your age, or ask someone else's age.

Rule 1 was set up basically to cover my ass since this is an nsfw site. I ban people who reveal themselves to be underage so that I am not knowingly allowing minors to possibly view nsfw content, but also ask that people just not talk about it.

Do you think there are any problems with the way this rule is written or has been implemented? I cannot unfortunately remove the 18+ requirement itself, but some people are unhappy with not being able to talk about age-related subjects currently.
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It could make someone feel uncomfortable or intimidated to reveal their age if they're under 18. I know uboanchan is not the sort of website where intimidation is commonplace, but I agree with the rule for forbidding asking.

If they're under 18, they shouldn't be using the site, but still.


I didn't know this was a safe space where everybody was entitled to being comfortable. My bad. Maybe profane language should also be banned. That could make somebody uncomfortable too, right?


I will not have this discussion unless you will be logical and rational


>logical and rational
>but still
You expect me to be rational when you tried to use, "but still", in your reasoning? "But still", is the exactly opposite of logical.


Discussion of age in the general is probably ok, specifically asking people their ages maybe not so much. Need to be 18+ to use the site in the first place, and there's not much use in getting people's actual ages. I vote keep as-is.

File: 1493216372446.png (102.46 KB, 420x248, marisa.png)


Okay ubuutts, ITT we suggest Sei words to filter and replace with other words so we can be comfy.
I'll start with two.

"Undertale" for Meme game

"Discord" for Cancer or Circlejerk
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>Madostuki > Frisk
You motherfucker


This. This right here is beautiful.


God, that's perfect.


I dont think word filters are horrible as long as their is some graphical distinction so people immediately know the word had been filtered. In the ~2011 era of 4chan filtered words were colored differently.


Test -> Ban me

File: 1319335516433.gif (4.59 KB, 650x450, ps1325_2.gif)


Don't know who will see this, but the download link for Yume Nikki on the site FAQ doesn't work.
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omg the server error page is adorable


those links don't work


File: 1496953072073.png (495.23 KB, 698x882, 58117e6559fdc52169d7b73c87….png)

Is this some kind of abstract humor?

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