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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1515957440642.jpg (64.78 KB, 986x646, Downfall.JPG)


Be honest, is this how it all ends?


File: 1515958023457.png (73.7 KB, 377x376, 1444411610746.png)



Post the link anon. I need to see the. urrent situation and whether it can be salvaged. Maybe telling them about how much of a vomitive shit hole ubuu is will deter them?


Tell them we post gore and CP.


Can we do it KC style and take the website off for a few days?


Please no gate keeping


File: 1515962720114.png (154.26 KB, 240x270, 8baec1cb8fc454a6486245d110….png)

Yeah, that won't attract aaaaanyone. Why don't we just tell them that the big scary girls that lurk here are going to give them big kissus.

Most of it's alright to be honest, there are a few cool looking people, its just that I'm worried the 'Will this be the next Undertale' types will just increase with time. Communities I liked have been destroyed by this kind of exposiure before, so I'm a bit paranoid.

That wont work, because the rate at which people discover this will actually increase for a while, this isn't just some spike at the time of release. Anyway, we just got back! I was sad wthout Ubuu!


Please no


I hate all the Undertale comparisons (theyre not even similar) and the fact that everyone thinks its new and the "New Undertale"

It came out in 2004 twats

Get ready for the invasion


Sei where is the self destruct button


god dammit


File: 1515963830777.jpg (41.13 KB, 300x239, searching-for-lost-things.jpg)

It's like dragonballs, it scattered across the universe after the hosting provider pressed it last weekend.


"Make an account"


File: 1515963952943.jpg (722.29 KB, 1200x902, cb9.jpg)


File: 1515963976815-0.png (70.38 KB, 666x662, ohfuck.png)

File: 1515963976815-1.png (56.47 KB, 658x458, ohfuck2.png)

File: 1515963976815-2.png (76.7 KB, 654x588, ohfuck3.png)

File: 1515963976815-3.png (109.01 KB, 658x744, ohfuck4.png)



File: 1515964011650-0.png (31.84 KB, 658x296, ohfuck5.png)

File: 1515964011650-1.png (64.45 KB, 670x710, ohfuck6.png)

File: 1515964011650-2.png (99.6 KB, 664x660, ohfuck7.png)



Most of these is just /v/ shitposting.


hi guys I'm new here haha


It's an /v/ discord clique trolling the threads and the steam forums, since they don't have anything better to do.


File: 1515972522022.jpg (21.67 KB, 320x480, FUCKFUCKFUCK.jpg)



Hello new friend!
I can't wait to discuss yummy nicky with you all!


File: 1515980732161.png (242.53 KB, 471x266, babbies.png)


File: 1516032659783-0.jpg (44.25 KB, 988x330, luser0.JPG)

File: 1516032659783-1.jpg (44.47 KB, 980x323, marioisacommunist.JPG)

I don't think thats true, I checked the post history of some of the worse ones and they didn't seem particularly trollish. It would be cool if you could post screenshots if you see them planning anything though.


Where is this gender confusion coming from? Is it just carried over from the fucking abomination that is the undertale fandom, or is that just the precendent now? By the way, has kikiyama ever referred to Mado as female in Japanese?


File: 1516036205850.jpg (18.63 KB, 235x264, DTdXOs6VAAA_mO_.jpg)

I don't think any of these posts are serious (except the "they" post)
You guys should see /r/YumeNikki as an example (which has a fair bit of overlap with ubuu), they're not in a bad spot either in terms of cancer
but ubuu is an anonymous imageboard so i think we might be getting some unsavoury bits. Still, i don't think it's gonna blow wide open. Unless LP'ers and GayminTheorists make videos, that's when we get penetrated deep


I don't understand the association people make between Yume Nikki and Undertale. Haven't these people ever played another game besides those two in their entire lives? I think the only people that truly believe they are similar are young kids. The rest are just people making fun of this.
That review can only be a joke.


File: 1516038135293.png (139.66 KB, 512x512, 12252678_p0.png)

Back some years ago when people were still interested in making theories, a trans user posted a theory that basically said that mado was trans, based in the whole phallic imagery and that she can use get into privies regardless of the sex in the door. It makes sense because we in Occident are aware of LGTB movements and there's the whole tumblr shitty movement of "pls use hir hex them i have autism and need special treatment" bullshit, but what everybody fails to see here is that these problems aren't common in Japan, and no japanese ever thinks of that as a viable theory because it isn't common in their culture or even a cultural problem strong enough to be easily recognized as such, even less back in 2004. In other words, the hikikomori theory (a fairly common phenomena in Japan) has actually more ground than anything else, or even rape, or simply some mental illness that makes Mado become isolated. Hell, she could be locked up in her room by abusive parents. But this gender bullshit? No. Blame undertale. Absolute all depictions of Mado from orient are female, and only her age varies.

As for how Kiki refers to Mado, he calls her "The Protagonist", and I read somewhere he was reluctant to give her a name and decided for Madotsuki based on her clothe pattern, but I have no grounds to back up this so take it with a grain of salt.


Indeed it is. The author only makes shitty joke reviews.


It's just tumblrina SJWs trying to find reasons for everything to be trans/PoC/PoS etc even when it doesn't make sense.


It doesn't work unless you use a name and email.


File: 1516069450656.jpg (40.3 KB, 418x420, 1371476773432.jpg)

You know, that scene in Matrix, where Cypher goes around the ship unplugging the Matrix crew and killing them one by one?

It's like that.


File: 1516219929055.jpg (219.54 KB, 600x600, happiest madotsuki.jpg)

Also, about the bathroom crisis:
Mado's fucking dreaming, it's all in his head, not the real world. The urinal cake is a lie


File: 1517508657581.gif (523.98 KB, 400x266, purge.gif)

Can we disable /yndd/ from being displayed in the newest post table? The amount of cancer and community bitching there is insufferable and fucks over the activity of other boards, plus I think people are smart enough to use /recent/ to know if any thread they're interested for has been bumped. If they're not then this isn't their place either.


Why not just browse boards like a normal person? This chan is so slow, I can check up on all my posts across all boards within five minutes.


Exactly because it's a slow imageboard is why I'm suggesting this in the first place. Why not browse only /yndd/ if you don't have anything to do with the rest of the site, instead of drowning all the interesting/real activity on the front? It's a containment board anyway so I don't see why adding an extra layer of insulation could be a bad thing. Plus, you can check all your posts within 5 minutes on /recent/, including /yndd/ and others.


Make a new thread in /sugg/


Why? We're already in /sugg/ and this thread has to do with how we deal with the horde of new people coming here. I'm fully on-topic.


Sei's more likely to pay attention to it and your point wont be drowned out by other posts.


File: 1517593267480.gif (2.42 MB, 630x469, MMYES.gif)

I think the amount of bitching there is justified, considering how the game looks unsatisfactory to most people. I do agree that some shitposting has taken root and that shit should be taken care of but I think people have the right to say the game looks like shit.

Especially since this all looks like a cheap cash-grab. Just because you think it doesn't look bad doesn't mean you should just censor others with different opinions.


File: 1517593932946.jpg (9.17 KB, 225x225, おk.jpg)

>Just because you think it doesn't look bad doesn't mean you should just censor others with different opinions.
When and where did I say I like this new game? I too think it's shit, but at any rate I know the difference between useless shitposting/starting shitstorms to play "le troll" and legit complaining. I'm not saying people shouldn't say the game is shit; hell, I'm not even talking about the game bitching, but how people shit on our community, among other things. The amount of shitposting that comes along with it and newfaggotry is chocking, to say the least.


I always found the guy in your pic so attractive but I never could find his name. Years of pining after that beautiful spaghetti femboi, to no avail.

I want him to rub ragu on my titties so bad.


After researching the cause of the cancer, i've went ahead and gone on a /v/ archive, and holy moly, people are mentioning YN like every hour or so. I've also searched for ubuu and they linked to /yndd/ threads as well in late January (a week ago).
Well, at least we know the type of people we're dealing with.


How'd they find this place and would anybody care enough link it on a video game board? If it was any of our regulars, they should drink bleach.


ubuu is on overchan, bro. Any idiot who has been in the chanosphere for at least 5 years can find this place.

I think we're mentioned on some ED-style wikis' pages on Uboa, too


>Any idiot who has been in the chanosphere for at least 5 years can find this place
Get your head out of your ass, any page that mentions Yume Nikki links to us. Until recently if you wanted to download Yume Nikki in english you would follow a link on the wiki that says 'provided by uboachan', which is right next to a large button saying 'UBOACHAN'. We're not as obscure as you think, you're not special for knowing ths place exists.


Christ almighty, you are stupid. Once again you have failed to understand the point that you are trying to take your frustrations out on. You have learned nothing from the last few times I put you in your place.
Maybe you should go get your mom to tie your shoes for you, so you can play outside for a while and get some of this angst out of your system.


I was on ubuu a lot like 3 or 4 years ago but largely stopped after a certain point. I recently ran into the uboachan discord server. Then I come back here and find this. Christ the new game gave this community way too much attention from cancerous faggots.

Also, maidnaut and distortion, please finally kill yourself.


Hi OP.
I'm HostilCobalt, please just kill yourself,like right now, seriously do it.
I was like you before , an elitist fan who wanted this game to remain secret forever, hating the undertards to the bone ,in fear of them ruining the fandom, but now I understand why being like this is really bad, your post is just…
I can't even put into words how stupid is your post I know this game far before undertale was even a thing , and btw I was asking this question on steam not because I discovered uboachan (I always know what uboachan its just I feel I didn't have the feel to join it, excuse me if that expose "muh secret hiding") but BECAUSE I heard uboachan was the reason of "undertale is a yume nikki's knock off copypasta" you were the reason of the downfall of YN because of undertale shit.
Enough with gatekeeping , I'm agree we must do everything to not turning this fandom into a cringy one but this is definetely not the right.
a last thing, why didn't you censor my name ? pretty sure its forbidden.


>please just kill yourself,like right now, seriously do it

You seem like a reasonable person worth having a discussion with.


I must admit that it kinda escalated quickly , but making me looking like a cancerous fan is definetely not cool ,and it really made you a faggot (I think what I say here and your not a person who worth having a discussion too).

you didn't answer my question braindead why didn't you censor my name ? are you that stupid ?


I'm not OP and I don't think you're "cancerous" for your post, being honest I think lots and lots of people here are grossly irrational too and can't realize it, but seriously you can't just say "please kill yourself" and then expect that we all come to an understanding and have a nice discussion about where we all went wrong. Like I'm genuinely sorry about some of the people here, this place really can be awful. I'd recommend you just go and I don't say that to be rude or that I hate you, you're probably going to get way worse responses than what I gave and if you don't want to see that right now well the choice is yours. Good luck friend.


Nobody really cares. If you're acting out all you're gonna get is spoopy and bad responses.
As to your question (not who you're replying to), nobody really fucking cares about who you are and there's no rule whatsoever stating one needs to censor names or fields.
You should just leave before you make yourself even more of a fool.



Oh ,believe its the 1st and last time I come here. I was just curious about what is uboachan EXACTLY (I already know what was it since the Nevada tan theory) and now I got my answer , its just a yume nikki's version of 4chan,nothing less,nothing more, I didn't say stuff like "is Madotsuki Frisk" why Gaster is here ? and yet you people say "Close the gates !" oh no another underfag ! they discovered muh secretz clubz GTFO !
while I know this game since a very long time and probably even before some of you here.

People from here are the one responsible of all those shitposting from what I saw on r/yumenikki and so you are indeed the cancerous part of this fandom, and probably the one who made the trolls review on the steam page to "scarring" away some "newfag"
If people want to give "worse" response to my previous comments then go for it I'm here ! heck you even know my steam account feel free to insult me.
but if you do it you prove my point of view, we are already a cancerous fandom (without help of MatFag or pewdieshit keep that way guys).



File: 1526051579350.jpg (123.1 KB, 750x1000, 1525374448544.jpg)

I don't think you really are the guy at OP but whatever,let's pretend you are.

The fact you think the whole thread is actually addressed at you, that you don't understand it's a generalization on how annoying newfags can be, and just how it basically is a joke to keep them away because some people genuinely believe it's a copy of undertale, is too sad. It just shows you don't understand our website at all and you only come here to stir shit up and prove your little point that "we're just 4chan hurr".

We made fun of people who made really stupid comments in the same way other people laugh of stupid youtube/tumblr/american/etc comments. You only complain because your nick is there. That's hypocritical.

If you don't like us just leave, nobody is forcing you to stay.


File: 1526054576544.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

So you're a fucking newfag who came to our board, tell people to kill themselves and police how the community should behave.

You talk about elitism while being elitist yourself by policing the community and labeling people who don't think like you, hypocrite.

You're cancer, and just prove OP's point.


File: 1526056873674.png (276.04 KB, 446x397, eloy.png)

>its just a yume nikki's version of 4chan,nothing less,nothing more

Wrong, very wrong, please read everything in this post to understand what is wrong with your posts, and it's pretty much the first assumption every newfag makes.

Posting here is very different from 4chan and the cultures behind it are different as well.

Modern 4chan is nothing else but an edgy anonymous facebook, if you take a look at the posting guideliness you'll see there are lots of things that aren't allowed here,

Posting here as if this was 4chan and acting like a 4chan user will get you two things:

>You will be publicly shamed and told to fuck off to 4chan

>You will probably be banned or get a warning depending on your level of autism

This happens and has happened before, I have been here for over 7 years and I have seen it many times.

Is OP being exaggerated? Yes, and no, you see, newfags are perfectly fine as long as they do this:

>Lurk, learn the dos and don'ts of this place before posting.

You may be thinking this is still elitist, but it's not, see, if you lurked long enough, your posts would simply be taken as if you were a regular user, even a lot of newfags announce their posts like "newfag here, been lurking for a while and decided to post about X topic", thus, making the userbase know they should have that in consideration, in case they repeat a topic, necrobump or make any big mistake.

Both the newfag that stays anon and the newfag that is openly a newfag are fine, because both keep the boards in order.

Oh, also yeah, lurking also tells them this isn't the place for "le random meme xD".

So, you're wrong about thinking this is pointless elitism, if we were fine with every newfag that comes to our site, do you know what this would be? Just a yume nikki's version of 4chan, nothing less, nothing more.


File: 1526057719739.gif (373.41 KB, 220x220, snow.gif)


File: 1526066728266.jpg (247.19 KB, 400x640, 75adb07bdd4f591ae861589e2a….jpg)

Let me lay a few things down for you. Judging by what you wrote so far, you perfectly prove op's point. First of all, you project. Just because you didn't want too many people knowing about YN before, that does not make you like the users here. You are a textbook faggot, you are overly sensitive, and you are entitled. People are allowed to be elitist when it comes to things they know a lot about. Only people who are too stupid to get in the know and expect to be accepted by a community just because they claim to have a shared interest, have a problem with protectionism. Op's concern probably has to do with this forum rather than the wider, "YN community". Uboachan has been developing its own feel and customs for many years now. It is perfectly reasonable to be worried about an infiltration of people who do not know about or care about this board's culture. It is evident that you do not. You do not value any of those things. When you were afraid of a lot of people learning about YN, you were just mimicking people who do actually care about preserving a community isolated from social media culture, mainstream sensibilities, and idiots. You just happened to slip through the cracks. At some point though, you became self-aware of your own faggotry, possibly sub-consciously, and began putting yourself in the shoes of and identifying with other faggots. Now, "elitism", is a bad thing to you. Nobody cares about you, you are an attention whore, you are cancer.

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