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There is too much images in YN that resemble art from the Paracas culture, a people who lived in the territory of modern day Peru up to 100 BC.
Somehow, the soul of a woman from the Paracas culture possessed the body of Mado before the game, her dreams are in fact the reflection of her inability to understand the world around her, for she lived in a stone age society and suddenly found herself in a high-tech industrial society.
Think, she does not speak because nobody understands her language and she does not understand Japanese, the people in her dreams look deformed because this is the way she sees Japanese people, they look too different from the people she originally grew up with, the most bizarre beings are the way she sees anime and movie characters, they look nothing like anything she's ever seen, so she believes they are evil spirits.
Mado was locked in her house because nobody understands her bizarre behavior and speech and why she has panic attacks when she see's around technological devices or when she watches movies or games.
Her parents took her to psychiatrists, but nobody understood her odd behavior that only gets worse over time, then she was locked in her room because she was embarrasing her family.
I know this is too random, but I think it' a little interesting and never suggested before. Deal with it.


Nobody liked my theory? ;_;


I thought it was pretty neat, never seen it in that perspective. Maybe her inner self is a 'window' to the cries of a nation, a culture, long ago. They achieved rebirth, but did not expect it to be like this. The spirit lives on. Until it hit the pavement.
The music in the spiked area in the forest world is pretty authentic to that too, shamanistic, reminiscent, and eternal.


I'm 99% sure I have read this before.


Kinda, I think. I've read a theory where Madotsuki was obsessed with Peruvian culture or something. Shit I don't know.


The reason Mado sees so many sexual imagery is because she is frustrated for not being able to get any because she is not an adult anymore. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?


Not quite the same as this, but I thought of something related…


During the early 20th century, Peru accepted large numbers of Japanese foreign workers, and today there is still a large Peruvian population of Japanese descent. In the 1980s, as Peru suffered from hyperinflation while the Japanese economy soared, many Japanese-Peruvians returned to Japan, often bringing with them non-Japanese members of family.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I think of mixed Peruvian Amerindian and Japanese descent, which is reflected in the various Mesoamerican motifs combined with references to Japanese culture and folklore, such as the Tengu (Toriningen).

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