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The Theories board has become a little stagnant lately, hasn't it? Yume Nikki is just one game, after all. You can only examine it from so many angles.

The staff have decided to open this board for theories regarding all Yume Nikki fangames. Hopefully this will give /t/ new life. Tell us your suspicions about Yume 2kki, .flow, or your favorite fangame. You can even discuss theories about fangames from our own /fg/.

To this effect, the Theories board has also been moved from the Yume Nikki board category to the Meta board category.

Post away!

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Global rule 4 will be enforced more strictly from now on.

Please try to contain your shitposting to /ot/.


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No, but really.

This board is intended to have decent quality posts of a serious-minded nature. Intentionally stupid theories, forced memes and the like will be deleted and rewarded with bans of increasing volume. This includes "ironic" shitposting in response to shitposting in response to moderating a board to improve it. Report it, ignore it, move on, discuss something else.

Having to moderate is not an inconvenience to me; moderating is a way I'm able to improve the community and give back to it. Lately I've been noticing people actually trying to discuss and would prefer they don't feel discouraged by the generally wasteful posts that have gone on for so long.

File: 1328243187742.jpg (24.18 KB, 480x640, masada for collauge.jpg)


So… theory time. This one is based around the "Sexual relationship" of Masada and Mado.

Madotsuki is actually a really strange girl. SHe finds things that are creepy to others normal and she is confused with normal things. This cause her to only have one friend, her music instructor Masada (please note Mado is in early elementary).

Madotsuki's father was abusive, so she often found Masada to be a fatherly figure and Masada saw her as his daughter. Madotsuki spent and awful long time with him, causing him to spend less time with a certain person, Monoe.

Monoe was in love with Masada, and became angry with Madotsuki, and even Masada. Feeling envious, she wanted to do something horrible.

After a beating from her father, Madotsuki took refuge at Masada's. She sat there and cried and Masada couldn't do a thing about it. Giving up, he decided to take a nap.

Madotsuki soon becomes lonely, and being a small child, crawls in bed with him. Monoe finds this the perfect time to act and calls the police and accuses Masada of "a sexual relationship with a minor."

The cops arrived, and with Madotsuki sleeping beside Masada, and dried tears on her face, provided all of the evidence they needed. Masada was taken away (the sirens as the ship crashes) . Monoe was happy that this happened and finally felt like she could give up on this whole thing (her smile).

With Mado being accused by the court as autistic, they found that no matter what happened, she could not prove Masada innocent. Masada was then taken to jail, where he was harrased and beat up, for he would not fight back do to his sweet nature (the eyes meaning all the times he was beat up). Masada was then stuck in a room and was gassed for his execution (the fact you land on Mars… no oxegen) and was constantly trying to ask him to say goodbye to Madotsuki for them through the coughs and suffocation (his voice). Eventually, he died and Madotsuki was very upset at his funeral and cried for hours on end (Mars-san). This is about the time when Madotsuki didn't come out of her room at all and lost all hope in humanity.
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File: 1340181474226.png (5.84 KB, 300x300, 6e82e7d5c9b602f976f5d9d055….png)

Pretty awesome theory, I like it.


I have an edition to this theory.
You can't kill Mars-san because her mourning over his death never went away, and since when you stab Mars-san he turns red, that could mean that everything got worse, and her eyes turned bloodshot from her tears shed over him.


Wow am i dyslexic today


this is so necro but I have to say this is the best theory on here and I don't know why it never got any attention. like do theories only get bumps on here if they say mado was raped? so stupid

anyway, again, OP, great work


There is really nothing amazing about it. The idea that Mado and Masada had or were believed to be in a sexual relationship leading to his arrest is not unique to this post, and everything else is extraneous detail. Nor is any evidence provided for Monoe's connection to Masada or Mado's father being abusive. It's not so much a theory as it is the synopsis to some fanfiction.

File: 1400630443019.jpg (Spoiler Image, 255.11 KB, 1160x616, Untitled-4.jpg)


Here’s hoping that I convince people that this game does, in fact, have carefully planned-out imagery in order to communicate broader themes or reinforce the feelings of dread throughout the game.
In order to fully understand Yume Nikki, we should only look at the game itself, concentrating on the game’s most prevalent themes. Here’s the most obvious motif of the game—isolation. I’ll tie it all in to the dramatic conclusion of the game, so be warned… SPOILERS AHEAD.
Isolation, claustrophobia and hopelessness are the biggest aspects of the game communicates its themes through use of motifs and subliminal in a way that culminates with Madotsuki’s suicide at the end of the game. So, here’s some of the clever ways that these feelings are projected onto the player through the environments and characters.

We know Madotsuki can't leave her room. Her only escape from her repressive, inescapable, tiny room is her dreams. To emphasize that sleep is the only worthwhile aspect of her life, a game console is placed in her room while she’s awake. The game is incredibly tedious and boring, the imagery and music are incredibly dull. This game serves as a stark contrast between her waking limitations and her open possibilities of her dreams.
And so, as it would seem to a new player of Yume Nikki, her dreams serve as a quite literal doorway to another world in which she can do things she couldn’t do while awake (walking through her door is the most obvious example, and through this she is seemingly empowered because she can now make the decision to roam around where she wants). The dark twist is, her dreams are yet another closed-off trap like her bedroom is. We know this because, ultimately, all paths in the dream world lead to nowhere. All paths circle back on one another and many of those paths lead to areas where monsters such as the Toriningen or Uboa can take her away to a tiny place that she can’t escape… unless she wakes up again, bringing herself back to her prison bedroom. Seeing the pattern yet? To back this up, there is a place in the game in which Madotsuki comes across a cabinet. She opens the cabinet and sees herself crouched inside, not moving. This is the game’s way of telling the player that even Madotsuki sees herself as totally alone and trapped. It is symbolic of reality filtering into her dreams and making them seem far more ominous. More on that later.

Moving on to the suicide at the end.
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Well, considering there have been some decent posts on this thread in the last little while, I still think it's salvageable despite the trolls. :)


"mado was raped" meme
Wait, is that not a serious theory? Sorry, newfag here.


no its a meme


Some people take it as a legit theory, but it is mostly a meme.


Good observations! Especially about the game system serving as a contrast.

File: 1445413772242.jpg (463.7 KB, 822x1000, 9cd3737f98584f2486bc3385eb….jpg)


Theory: Magic mushrooms were to KIKIYAMA what alcohol was to ZUN.

I understand why this seems like such a wild theory to most people. I think I downloaded it back in 2006 or 2007 to see what the Uboa stuff was about, but I put it aside until recently at least, when I got into psychedelic drugs beyond just pot. If you haven't tried the stronger psychedelics (mushrooms, LSD primarily), then there is probably not going to be any way you will have any insight into this. I am glad Madotsuki-chan stayed a fixture on /jp/ through the reactionfaces, or else I might not have been reminded of the game.

I should preface this by saying I'm a responsible drug user, and it's about intellectual and personal pursuits for me. We are talking, like, Aldous Huxley drug use, not Charlie Sheen drug use. When I started using psilocybin, more commonly known as magic mushrooms, it very immediately became clear to me that this game was inspired by drugs. Not only that, but the biggest shocker I've discovered yet is that the game seems to be intuitive while under the influence of strong psychedelic drugs in a way that it is not when played in an ordinary state of consciousness. By intuitive, I mean, I seem to be able to figure out where to go and how to interact with the game world with the same sort of reasoning process that the game's creator had, or at least the process that he expected players to have. When I played the game without drugs circa 2007, I had no idea where to go and generally felt completely lost in the game world, and often bored. Now I feel very differently.

It seems clear to me that KIKIYAMA was influenced by either psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD, or both, and possibly other psychedelics as well. The kind of primal, archaic art style found in much of the game, is one that is commonly associated with the psychedelic experience.

Now, it's easy to just write the theory off, especially if you have never done drugs. But if you have done them, you may agree with me that the imagery in the game is so strongly representative of the kind of primal, archaic sights of the psychedelic experience that there is no question that this was their inspiration.

Magic mushrooms were not always illegal in Japan. They were only criminalized in 2002 due to the World Cup 2002 (soccer) being held in Japan that year [1]. They were common enough that you could buy them from vending machines near love hotels, and they were extremely cheap. ApparentPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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OP here. Nobody else interested in going beneath the surface here for Yume Nikki?


Not trying to discourage you or anything, but stuff has been discussed here for years and years, so a lot of people already have a favorite theory and aren't willing to engage in stuff that deviates too much from what they believe about the game.
That, and /t/ is dead as fuck.


>so a lot of people already have a favorite theory and aren't willing to engage in stuff that deviates too much from what they believe

Damn. Uboachan is just like the rest of society.


I never took shrooms, so i wouldnt know.
Its an interesting theory, but i dont know what to add.


File: 1451987124069.jpg (35.9 KB, 500x334, 2012-08-29 08.04.00.jpg)

let me start this off by saying i'm glad you've had an enjoyable experience with drugs, and i'm glad you're finding parallels between your experiences, and others'.

in terms of a theory, though, it just seems like a tired suggestion to me. i rarely bat an eyelash at people seeing something surreal and saying "i wonder what kind of drugs they had to be on to make this!" while i'm sure it's a common thing for people who have used psychedelics to create surreal things like yume nikki i just personally find it too boring of a theory. too easy, and too boring. sorry, man

File: 1353711728243.png (250.46 KB, 400x500, 1318893906468.png)


Before the comment, sorry about my poor english.

My theory about this chracter is:

As you surely know, to get to Mars-san place you must sleep three times in three different beds. We're gonna think of each bed as one different depth level of Madotsuki's subconscious.

As you might know, the level subconscious of the mind is that level where we "save" the different meanings that the things can recall to us (For example, blood could mean death or disease to Western people), and that influences in, for example, our dreams. Normally, these meanings are transmitted by the society which is around us.

Well, if we think of each bed as a different level of Madotsuki's subconscious, you will agree with me that we literally are going four levels down. So we are getting into a very, VERY deep part of Madotsuki's dream, and mind.

When we arrive to Mars, you can think we can't go deeper. But you're wrong. We can access to the Mars core to arrive Mars-san place.?

Then, the idea is simple. We are in the deepest dream we can reach, and that's why this level isn't a dream, or, at least, in my opinion, it doesn't work as a dream. It's a "message".

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I believe the subconscious is regarded as a single level of the mind because it is really hard to explore. The sky was also once thought to be a single 'sky', but now we know the layers of atmosphere and can tell stars and galaxies apart. I believe the subconscious is layered in the same way, but we are far from knowing of those layers.


I think everything in this universe can be divided in different levels, that's why I proposed a theory like this :)


It is actually possible to sleep in a bed and go to another dream depth without waking up for an arbitrary amount of times


I don't think it actually does anything at all though.


I like this quite a bit, actually. Good work, Chainsaw. Fits nicely.

File: 1366217007124.png (1.04 MB, 977x723, go-anti-green-easy-bake-ov….png)


What if Mado is just Urotsuki? Think about it? How can there be a sequel if she just dies?

So I believe that Mado is in a dream inside of a dream. and when she dreams, it's a dream in a dream in a dream! and when she suicides, Urotsuki skips her first dream-self and just wakes up!

>Pic is somewhat related


File: 1366220121416.jpg (43.43 KB, 480x480, nomnomnom.jpg)

This is not funny anymore

Pic is somewhat related


File: 1367505125679.gif (424.96 KB, 500x375, Geddan.gif)

Pic is not in anyway related.

File: 1437782158903.jpg (28.11 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)


What does this represent?
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That makes n a lot of sense actually.


File: 1444053876035.png (370.12 KB, 845x825, 1442872293428.png)

Wanting to get to know someone, yet not being able to even if there is extreme closure. The woman sleeping and Madotsuki observing her shows that it's one-sided.

I just made this shit up. See, it's easy.


Why would this be mado?
Notice the girls hair is darker, not to mention its not a twin pigtail.


File: 1444057873408.jpg (26.47 KB, 180x265, kikiyama.jpg)

Sometimes an environment represents nothing and things are just things


Wiki has a page about this.

File: 1336792070865.png (133.4 KB, 256x256, LSD_Coverart.png)


ITT: Things you think Kikiyama may have been inspired by when he made Yume Nikki.

1. Mother/EarthBound - The FC World is an obvious tribute.

2. LSD: Dream Emulator

3. Angel's Egg - Experimental 1985 anime film about a nameless little girl wandering a surreal dreamscape.
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File: 1443231084469.png (63.7 KB, 320x240, Moonpsx_dragonsroom.png)

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (1997)
A Love-De-Lic game on PS1 that featured exploration in a weird game world

You start from a retro game in game (Nasu)
the protagonist is a hollow man with clothes (Mafurako)
catch the weird creature's ghost to gain money and heart (kill the weird creature to gain money and buy drink for heart)
the goal is to ride a spaceship to the moon (Spaceship to the Mars)
finding the truth of the game: the dragon on the moon (Mars-san)
should the protagonist open the "door" and leave his room to the real life at the end (Madotsuki didn't want to open the door in the real life)


There is a Moonside in .flow.
Witch outfit from .flow is definitely based on that.

Sorry for bringing up .flow here, but while I can't see none of these in YN, I can easily find these in .flow.


Even if you're sorry. I will never forgive you.


File: 1444015682664.jpg (29.69 KB, 420x315, s3576277.jpg)

Гипнеротомахия (1992)

A Russian animation related with abstract dreams
there had some elements really similar to the White Desert


I love how, even after all the years we've been discussing YN here, somebody always founds something new out there.
Спасибо, Анон.

File: 1331953731152.jpg (759.6 KB, 1024x768, Penguins.jpg)


what if monoe and monoko were the same person


I'm not sure if they're the same height or not. Plus since you see Monoko at first she appears normal. I always thought of her as Monoe's younger sister. It could make sense though.


what if they were all penguins?


Madotsuki, the NPCs, the worlds, the music, the effects WERE ALL PENGUINS.


penguin music

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