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File: 1336792070865.png (133.4 KB, 256x256, LSD_Coverart.png)


ITT: Things you think Kikiyama may have been inspired by when he made Yume Nikki.

1. Mother/EarthBound - The FC World is an obvious tribute.

2. LSD: Dream Emulator

3. Angel's Egg - Experimental 1985 anime film about a nameless little girl wandering a surreal dreamscape.


I think Kikiyama was influenced by drugs.

Lots and lots and lots of drugs.


this thread needs more posts that aren't >>981

I remember people saying that Masada seemed like he was influenced by Ryuichi Sakamoto for some reason but I forget why.

Also part of Masada's full name is "Sakamoto".

and yes I know it's a fan given name.



>1. Mother/EarthBound - The FC World is an obvious tribute.

I think the world in Mother 1 is suppose dto make you feel like you can explore every area and that it's a huge place. It' sthe opposite in Yume Nikki. FC World makes me feel really claustrophobic and I end up just wandering inside.

Magicant from Mother 1 probably inspired the pink beach area you find before Poniko's house.

I think Mother 2 probably inspired Yume Nikki aswell.
Magican't from Mother 2 could have inspired some of the level's that are just floating platforms. Also that part of the game is surreal as hell.
Also the Bicycle.
Isn't there a Moonside like area or was that one of the fangames?
The 16 bit sprites seem like it could fit in with Mother.



Keep in mind, this was made in Japan. I don't know any specifics, but drug laws there are extremely harsh; also, since Japan is an island nation, sneaking anything in is near-impossible, and whatever makes it to market is very expensive.

However, someone on here once suggested that one thing could've had an influence on YN: cough syurp, specifically any containing diphenhydramine (DPH) or doxylamine. Compared to other drugs in Japan, these are very easy to obtain (the person who oriinally posited this idea said that ODing on cough syrup was not wholly uncommon for Japanese youth). When taken in larger-than-recommended doses, they can cause hallucinations and psychosis. To keep people from taking advantage of this, cough syrups usually contain ingredients that will cause nausea if too much is ingested (they taste absolutely disgusting for a reason). Thus, a cough syrup OD experience could explain much of the bizarre imagery in the game and the vomit imagery in particular.


I think depression and loneliness might have been influences.

Also one thing I like about Yume Nikki is that it isn't really like anything except itself. And Earthbound.

It has a very original "feel" to it.



I dunno. I've personally tripped on diphenhydramine (easy to get as allergy/sleeping pills) and known several people who also have. Mostly all you get is paranoia and very mild hallucinations, but never anything "trippy", just hellish.



I took 80 DXM pills once and tripped balls. I've never tripped on DPH, though. I've heard it's terrifying and extremely unpleasant, like all deliriant drugs are.


I doubt kikiyama uses recreational drugs or is seriously mentally ill, not every creative person is crazy, sick, or deep into substances. he probably just has an imagination and chose some themes that could lend interest to an adventure.

at best he drinks and smokes like ZUN


sounds like my daily life


I disagree. It's pretty obvious that he has at least some familiarity with the dark themes and visuals that are present in the game. He at the very least has a lot of insight into it. Most of the level design is very claustrophobic. The Mother worlds are the opposite of the actual Mother worlds and works perfectally with the games themes.

Despite drugs having harsh laws in Japan, that never really stops anyone. I mean, We <3 Katmari Damacy gives you hints on what the best Mushrooms are to pick… It's not even trying to be subtle.

Not sure about Yume Nikki and drugs though.

Maybe he's some sort of artist?


Eastern Mind may have influenced the creator, too. It's a FUNFUNFUNFUNFUN game made by the same people who made LSD.


The Worlds 3D chat program, definitely. It was around before he made Yume Nikki, and is still around if you want to pop in and check it out. There are a lot of relevant things there (like a crashed space ship in a desert)


The Sandman?

Especially some of Delirium's bits.


Solipsism (the world literally ends with the main character)
NES/SNES/floppy disk games, or just "old games" in general
City life
Minimalist art and design
Reproduction and fertilization.
Severe congenital defects
Psychosis in schizophrenia
Horror stories and urban legends
Folklore about mythical creatures
Meso-American culture (eg the Paracas thread)
Lucid dreaming (of course)


I'm not trying to argue, but a crashed ship in the desert could have been influenced from the Roswell/Area 51 thing. The space ship in the desert is a common motif in pop culture that comes from the roswell incident or whatever it's called.


File: 1362605149835.jpg (75.29 KB, 400x279, kiki.jpg)

Another anime from 1989. Majo no takkyuubin/Kiki's delivery service. The blue robes, even the black cat Jiji is there. =P


File: 1362776492919.png (2.55 MB, 1280x694, shot0001.png)

Sprited Away (2001)
The Lamp effect, the Train.


File: 1362787074306.jpg (212.1 KB, 900x1249, angel__s_egg_by_maidenover….jpg)

I watched Angel's Egg a few days ago, that sure was interesting! I can see a few similarities between it and Yume Nikki, what with the eggs and the young mysterious girl who barely talks and the vague depressing ending. It's perfect for a Yume Nikki fan. Plus I'm a sucker for obscure 80's anime and Amano's artwork


oh ya, it reminds me the authours said that it was nonsense movie, they really didn't mean something special…
but it was awesome


File: 1362982929511.jpg (11.21 KB, 306x165, head.jpg)

Pom Poko (1994)
it feels like the head in eyeball world


File: 1363019831644.jpg (135.5 KB, 640x480, dafuq.jpg)

I've played LSD. Nice game, it's even more surrealistic than Yume Nikki. It could have been on better engine, though.


File: 1377317338069.jpg (19.07 KB, 256x310, Sanitarium_Coverart.jpg)

Sanitarium i guess


Man, I wish someone remade LSD on a more modern engine.


>Minimalist art and design
Drone music while you are at it.


No one is bringing up serial experiments lain? It's definitely got the trippy/weird enveironments down. I could see how he could take some inspiration from there.


Isn't there a character that looks like a middle-aged Monoe?


yeah, the girl who kills herself at the beginning looks kinda similar. I didn't even think about that


File: 1389628389555.png (607.23 KB, 608x448, tumblr_mzcg80ACU31riwr5vo2….png)

Do you think Kihachiro Kawamoto's work could have influenced Kikiyama? His work 'The Trip' involves silently travelling through a surreal landscape, much like Angel's Egg too:




Doubt it - Kawamoto's work has a hoarding aesthetics, semblances of plot and action, and an interest in high art and Western art and music that YN never even hints at. Too many differences and too little similarities imo.


Those are very good points.

I suppose I wanted an excuse to share the guy here.



Kawamoto's good, no argument about that. Prefer Amano and Oshii's Angel's Egg tho.


File: 1391133363560.png (210.32 KB, 300x377, American_McGee_Alice_cover.png)

Maybe not, because it is western, but it could be a possibility considering how similar the theme is.


the fc house music always reminded me of pachelbel's canon



The ending of Extreme Ghostbusters

the parallax background of windmill world reminds me this creepy ending


I'm wondering when was the year this flash came out?
If it came out before Yume Nikki it will have reference for the Nexus and the Red King


This PV reminds me Monoe and a little bit of Monochrome World
it also mention about train

Yes, it was confirmed that it came out before 2004.


File: 1398654327325.jpg (59.73 KB, 610x320, Monsters-Inc.-Door-Chase.jpg)

Monsters Inc. (2001)
The doors that connect to another places without wall


It had a Japanese version released in Japan in 2001
So I think it was possible that this game inspired Kikiyama for the knife effect


File: 1412302043129.png (148.46 KB, 371x544, Boo.png)

what if mado is this girl



File: 1413514671007.png (158.11 KB, 458x383, img_4.png)

3 kids witnessed the UFO on the sky like sky garden edge
from an old PS game called "Yuuyami Doori Tankentai" (夕闇通り探検隊) released in Japan 1999



oh wow

That's pretty fucking obscure, but it resembles the UFO area really closely. I wonder if it really did inspire that area?



Amazing how, after all these years, we still manage to find out stuff like this.


Madotsuki was the dog.



This looks pretty awesome, I hope it works out


I'm prone to shy away from Angel's Egg when it comes to identifying inspirational sources because it seems closer to that video where Madotsuki's world was being taken over by an alien infection. However, Angel's Egg could have caused Kikiyama to have a dream which inspired Yume Nikki. Being able to materialise effects into eggs could easily be a dream's digested version of the girl carrying her egg around, especially since effects are so valuable. I just feel like there would be globe bottles, more machinery and a much darker atmosphere at all times if Kikiyama loved the movie enough to directly use inspiration.


I think some of the music in the game could've been inspired by early industrial music such as Nurse With Wound or NON


File: 1443231084469.png (63.7 KB, 320x240, Moonpsx_dragonsroom.png)

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (1997)
A Love-De-Lic game on PS1 that featured exploration in a weird game world

You start from a retro game in game (Nasu)
the protagonist is a hollow man with clothes (Mafurako)
catch the weird creature's ghost to gain money and heart (kill the weird creature to gain money and buy drink for heart)
the goal is to ride a spaceship to the moon (Spaceship to the Mars)
finding the truth of the game: the dragon on the moon (Mars-san)
should the protagonist open the "door" and leave his room to the real life at the end (Madotsuki didn't want to open the door in the real life)


There is a Moonside in .flow.
Witch outfit from .flow is definitely based on that.

Sorry for bringing up .flow here, but while I can't see none of these in YN, I can easily find these in .flow.


Even if you're sorry. I will never forgive you.


File: 1444015682664.jpg (29.69 KB, 420x315, s3576277.jpg)

Гипнеротомахия (1992)

A Russian animation related with abstract dreams
there had some elements really similar to the White Desert


I love how, even after all the years we've been discussing YN here, somebody always founds something new out there.
Спасибо, Анон.

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