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So… theory time. This one is based around the "Sexual relationship" of Masada and Mado.

Madotsuki is actually a really strange girl. SHe finds things that are creepy to others normal and she is confused with normal things. This cause her to only have one friend, her music instructor Masada (please note Mado is in early elementary).

Madotsuki's father was abusive, so she often found Masada to be a fatherly figure and Masada saw her as his daughter. Madotsuki spent and awful long time with him, causing him to spend less time with a certain person, Monoe.

Monoe was in love with Masada, and became angry with Madotsuki, and even Masada. Feeling envious, she wanted to do something horrible.

After a beating from her father, Madotsuki took refuge at Masada's. She sat there and cried and Masada couldn't do a thing about it. Giving up, he decided to take a nap.

Madotsuki soon becomes lonely, and being a small child, crawls in bed with him. Monoe finds this the perfect time to act and calls the police and accuses Masada of "a sexual relationship with a minor."

The cops arrived, and with Madotsuki sleeping beside Masada, and dried tears on her face, provided all of the evidence they needed. Masada was taken away (the sirens as the ship crashes) . Monoe was happy that this happened and finally felt like she could give up on this whole thing (her smile).

With Mado being accused by the court as autistic, they found that no matter what happened, she could not prove Masada innocent. Masada was then taken to jail, where he was harrased and beat up, for he would not fight back do to his sweet nature (the eyes meaning all the times he was beat up). Masada was then stuck in a room and was gassed for his execution (the fact you land on Mars… no oxegen) and was constantly trying to ask him to say goodbye to Madotsuki for them through the coughs and suffocation (his voice). Eventually, he died and Madotsuki was very upset at his funeral and cried for hours on end (Mars-san). This is about the time when Madotsuki didn't come out of her room at all and lost all hope in humanity.


why doesn't this have any replies? this is an amazing theory. it also fits perfectly with monoe's smirk when you encounter her.


File: 1340181474226.png (5.84 KB, 300x300, 6e82e7d5c9b602f976f5d9d055….png)

Pretty awesome theory, I like it.


I have an edition to this theory.
You can't kill Mars-san because her mourning over his death never went away, and since when you stab Mars-san he turns red, that could mean that everything got worse, and her eyes turned bloodshot from her tears shed over him.


Wow am i dyslexic today


this is so necro but I have to say this is the best theory on here and I don't know why it never got any attention. like do theories only get bumps on here if they say mado was raped? so stupid

anyway, again, OP, great work


There is really nothing amazing about it. The idea that Mado and Masada had or were believed to be in a sexual relationship leading to his arrest is not unique to this post, and everything else is extraneous detail. Nor is any evidence provided for Monoe's connection to Masada or Mado's father being abusive. It's not so much a theory as it is the synopsis to some fanfiction.

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