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my face when


File: 1329725032740.png (134.18 KB, 550x660, 1328129904836.png)


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All of my hate. AND it's sticked




This thread is more inspiring than BrokeNCYD lyrics. Which is pretty inspiring.

''Get nasty girl get nasty
Get nasty girl get nasty
Get nasty girl get nasty
And shake it like some chocolate milk''




Maybe Mado wasn't raped, but she was about to, by Shitai-san, so she stabbed him in the dick, and that's why he's in a pool of blood.


The flying wombs in the subconsious, a knife (PAYBAX KILLING), Uboa looking a bit like a dude in a hoodie… The druglike hallucinations… Wow.


This theory and observation is originality at it's best!


It's a better theory because Jack Nicholson


File: 1332886206754.png (44.2 KB, 656x519, Untitled.png)

I think we can all agree that those are testicles.


Masada's testicles.
And they are full of sperm.
And when he raped Mado, she got pregnant.
And had an abortion.


No they're ovaries, everything's ovaries.


File: 1332920883485.png (57.88 KB, 656x519, penis.png)

whoa whoa whoa
>pic related
what in the actual fuck


Ovaries are just inside testicles, and testicles are just outside ovaries.


Kind of like how a penis is just a big clitoris?



But anyways, so what do you guys think FACE looks like?


FACE looks like Cameron Diaz.


Someone needs to find the "my god what have I done" FACE thread from the archives because I can't because shitty cellphone.


File: 1335498365223.jpg (76.16 KB, 500x310, tumblr_lcfcvgO80i1qc6lt4o1….jpg)

I think Uboa is a guy in a hoodie who raped her, hence the eyes all over the room and the ocean of white fluid he transports her too.


The multiple eyes typically represent madness, not rape. You can't rape someone with your eyes, only metaphorically undress them with them and make them feel incredibly uncomfortable.



Exactly. Being raped = being intruded, hence the metaphorical eyes prying into Madotsuki. It could certainly represent how a rape victim might feel embarrassed and like everyone was watching them.


Or it could just represent the chaos of the moment since everything just fucking snaps when you turn the lights off one too many times.

I'm just poking at the fact that the multiple eyes aren't related to rape. Those are associated with madness.



Eyes are all over the game, which gives Madotsuki the feeling of being watched. Hands are all over the game too. Remind you of anything?


It reminds me of the fact that eyes are associated with madness and hands are associated with fear. En mass, anyway.

You could argue the relation to sex this has all day long, as well as everything else in this game. Anything is possible when you adhere to Freudian teachings because that guy was a nut job. I'm just pointing out that most people associate them with madness and fear, not rape.



Freud was 100% right. The thing is he happened to perform his tests on sexually frustrated people, since that was the problem affecting the overwhelming majority of his patients. This led to findings which don't translate into the truth for us average human beings

And really, I can accept that you'd think most people believe that eyes signify madness, but hands signifying fear? Just no

Also, as much as I dislike rape theories, his hypothesis is based on much more solid points than yours. Rape victims will often perceive themselves as guilty of what happened, and thus feel dirty/ostracized (thus the eyes). As far as the hands go I don't think it really needs explaining, with all the holding down/groping involved


File: 1335506673890.jpg (16.39 KB, 467x349, 1334287726148.jpg)

>Freud was 100% Right

>Penis Envy
>Oedipus complex
>Tried to disprove the Westermarck Argument by arguing that he wanted to bang his mom when he had a wet nurse in place of his mother
>Believed that Cocaine would cure multitudes of diseases
>Came up with most of his ideas while under the influence of Cocaine

I'm not one to dismiss his theories outright but when someone says he was 100% right I just snap


Also I'll take the hands part. I've just know people to associate innumerable hands with mobs of people which induces fear.


File: 1335510336939.jpg (78.16 KB, 400x484, No_float.jpg)


You can snap all you want. The man was a genius and was one of the very first who ventured unto psychology, which was at that time new and unexplored territory. His finds were groundbreaking. And as I said, even if they didn't actually apply to everyone bu a long shot, you can be damned sure his conclusions applied to the people he studied

Would people laugh if someone arrived at those conclusions nowadays? Of course they would, everyone knows better at this point. But only because people like Freud discovered the basics for us

So in the end, what are you condemning him for? Not having access to more studies and information than he could ever handle, like we do nowadays? Being incapable of comparing his finds, because there simply weren't enough studies at the time? Using and supporting the use of cocaine, a drug which was widely accepted by medicine practitioners at the time as a stimulant/painkiller/cure-all?

And you absolutely have got to show me where's the proof for your last statement, because what I've studied was that some of his early theoretical work *may or may not* have been influenced by cocaine



I can criticize him for his overly pessimistic and cynical view on humanity. For his attempt to merge Nietzche and Hubert Spencer's philosophical idea of human beings with science. Unintentionally leading to what would eventually become the eugenics schools of thought in Evolutionary Psychology.

But yeah, Freud did help establish the fundamentals of psychodynamics and really psychology in general. Thats the positive side of it all.


>Unintentionally leading to what would eventually become the eugenics schools of thought in Evolutionary Psychology.
I wouldn't say Freud led to that. More like USA's "disregard others, reach the very top" mentality ("land of the opportunities" my ass) and various forms of Social Darwinism and elitism, looking for justification in Evolutionary Psychology, Differential Psychology and Psicometrics.


File: 1335555824946.jpg (30.4 KB, 260x157, Mado.jpg)

Look at these pictures on the wall. A crying figure with a phallic object shoved into its mouth? Do I even need to elaborate?


What the fuck are you talking about? He's clearly just vomiting JIZZ.





Yeah, with that I can agree, for the most part

What I meant was criticizing his finds makes no sense at all, especially considering the incredibly limited resources which were available at the time

Which is why it bothers me so much to see him as a sort of laughing stock to those who can't understand that. As far as his conclusions go, the only thing I can admit he truly failed on was not realizing the metaphorical glass of water (Vienna) he derived his conclusions from wouldn't necessarily be an accurate representation of the sea (rest of the world)

He might have been stubborn as a mule, but he was a damned visionary


Nah, I'm not buying it. He was about as much of a genius as Edison (heyguiseitsalreadyatrollthreadwhydontweturtheheatupwithmorecontroversyguiseheyguise) was.

Freud fell into the textbook 'bad scientist' pitfall of interpreting his evidence to fit his theory, rather than the other way around. It's also the fact that his findings weren't in any way empirical and mostly just anecdotal. He *popularised* psychology, sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was good at it. I mean it's because of him that people are still flinging around discredited theories that 'everything longer than it is wide represents a penis', so people don't really take the field seriously.

And like you said about the glass of water and ocean and whatever. That's a pretty fundamental error, don't you think? Interpreting the exception as the rule and insisting it is the case until you die?
Compared to Jung, all of Freud's theories seem overly simplistic and reductionist as well.

It's just that he didn't really do anything right, and made a ton of gaffes that are pretty hard to defend.


File: 1340220834786.jpg (21.47 KB, 475x346, 9gag_4479162-1.jpg)



Guys, I have a confession to make.

Mado WAS raped… by me.

I raped Madotsuki, guys, I'm sorry.

(FYI it was in the butt.)


Sorry, I raped Mado first.


what if madotsuki ate mars-san for breakfast and became a dog


what if madotsuki ate you for breakfast, like, seductively, without chewing, and then you raped her stomach, and then she closed her curtains, installed electronic security, a phone tracing system, and bought a dog?


I was… what?

I don't know what you people are talking about, but you sound like a bunch of weird perverts. And this is coming from a girl who dreams about rainbow-colored cocks with faces.


File: 1343444195779.gif (1.36 MB, 400x295, raptor1.gif)

>roleplaying as madotsuki


I don't think that post was made with any form of seriousness. This is coming from a guy who pretends to be a lemur.


What if it was srs, and everything about this thread was well

serious. AIDS serious


Then I am indeed a lemur with a PhD in cigar-smokin'.



well shit


File: 1355134790957.jpg (128.53 KB, 1280x720, 11111.jpg)

Mado is assassin.
Bed is animus.
last scene is a failed leap of faith.


*True story*


File: 1356981288931.png (489.13 KB, 800x1219, ifuckinghategrapes.png)

What if Madotsuki was graped? Like, someone forced her to eat grapes against her will, but she really fucking hates grapes, or is possibly allergic to them, and so she went into a coma? And the trauma of being forced to eat grapes traumatized her, and maybe face and uboa represent the violent fruit afficionado who assaulted her?

And maybe she has a speech impediment that makes her have trouble saying the letter 'g'. So when she told someone about it, they thought she said she was 'raped', and THAT'S where the theory comes from.

>pic related, see filename. It's canon because Kikiyama gave me that picture himself. He said the game is actually a metaphor for his hatred of fruit.



she just is constipated


Honestly, I don't think so. She's like… 10!




One girl gave birth at 5 and a half, and her son lived to be like 40. Extremely rare, but unfortunately not unheard of.


Maybe mado is like the chick from firefly (the prostitue, not the psychic autist or the mechanic or the other redhead whose name I can't remember) and she has a thing that kills people who rape her.

And maybe all the characters (possibly including the slime things that you get the hair effects from) raped mado and then they all died from her rape poison and now they're all dead, and now they're haunting her dreams as ghosts?


File: 1366961317349.png (326.61 KB, 614x351, kakie_vashi_dokazatelstva.png)




File: 1367784149199.jpg (15.92 KB, 250x179, 001.jpg)



File: 1368779264743.png (5 KB, 327x368, Waluigi.png)

what if madowasnerd and everyone bash her and she lock away because she nerd

and then she got raped by another nerd

pic 0.1% rlatded

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