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File: 1364662787102.png (33.96 KB, 640x478, stairway to the sky.png)


This is rather long, but please bear with me and tell me what you think! This was kind of hard to put into words.

First there are the purple pylons. And there is something amazing about them. Pylons are used to mark something “large” approaching, such as an entrance or a large, grand monument. YN’s purple pylons are deserted — there’s no one around them, yet they stand very tall, and to me this means two things: 1) something lovely is ahead, something very grand and tall 2) They have not fallen into disrepair despite standing alone so long: they are meant only for Madotsuki; no monsters, NPCs, or unwelcome guests. No need for panic. It seems that they are saying “Relief is ahead.”

Then there is the stairway itself. I can’t really say anything about it that hasn’t already been said. It’s long, tall, and even with the bicycle effect equipped, it takes forever to get up there. The sky is an acidic green descending into blue, marking a significant change in altitude. The desert is below, the desert containing the toriningen and pirori people, and you are getting farther and faaaaaarther away - no troubles ahead - it is a welcoming stairway into the sky.


File: 1364662825945.png (19.31 KB, 640x478, sky garden.png)

The sky garden’s music is so, so appropriate. It feels chilly, and I don’t mean to take away from this very serious post, but to me it feels chilly because it kind of quavers and reminds me of a refrigerator humming, or a banister rattling in the wind on a rooftop. It also feels rather hopeful. It is not malevolent, lonely, or resigned — it is the polar opposite of the music of the docks. It makes me think of an airport, or of the hour in between deep night and early morning.

The grass to me seems more like a carpet than cold, wet grass or insect-filled grass. The garden itself feels like a comfortable room. The soft, unassuming lights and tidy little clusters of trees, all situated within a forest. It is just so utterly peaceful, and for Madotsuki it’s almost unbelievable that something this pleasant can be.


File: 1364662848291.png (7.58 KB, 640x478, lilies.png)

The building - I feel this is the climax. Inside it is black asides from the very beautiful lilies being shaken by the breeze. The tone of the bells they ring when touched have no particular tag to them, they are neither dark nor light. Touch them an odd amount of times and you end up in the most horrid place of Yume Nikki; the dark, laborious Ghost World, where the ghosts are no longer ghosts but beings warped by time and longing for nonexistance, the buildings have no characteristics to them but grayness, and the exit is impossible to find once you stray too far from it. Touch them an even amount of times and you can return to the Sky Garden and admire the view for as long as you wish. And this is where Madotsuki decides what she wants to do, dwell in her past and be trapped there, or realize that the world has its beauty and just a simple glimpse or even memory of this beauty is enough to keep oneself alive. We do not see what goes on in her head during this decision. It is a very personal, secretive decision.


File: 1364662901586.png (27.3 KB, 640x478, the view.png)

Yet if she chooses to come back outside to the Sky Garden, she will go see the view. Dark green forest with city lights, life in the distance. And the people that watch, the NPCs, are the same people that she’s lumped together for all of this time as all being the same, all being cruel and mindless and dumb. But they stand there for hours, and admire the view. They do just as her, and they chose, just as her, to see the beauty that exists, and with this, Madotsuki realizes that she is not alone.


This is probably my all-time favorite part of the game asides from the Docks, Masada's ship and Number World.


Just wanted to say I loved this theory. Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places, but I don't really see much theorized about the Sky Garden or the lilies really. So this was definitely a nice treat (especially since it's one of my favorite places in the game).

Since you mentioned a contrast between them, do you have any ideas about the docks? I'm kind of curious what you have to say.


File: 1371252931868.gif (25.61 KB, 464x337, 256075_screenshot.gif)


Hi. I'm very glad you liked it.

The Docks are probably one of my favorite places, maybe the 2nd favorite after Sky Garden.

I don't think I have anything too unique to say about it, except that the Docks aren't as abysmal as everyone would call them.

To quote Philip Joseph Holdsworth, the feeling of being "blurred with tears and suffering beyond hope" would leave one in a somewhat comfortable state. Devoid of hope, we have no expectations or passions, and sometimes people feel comfortable within their own depression.

I can relate, perhaps so can many others. Depression has caused me in the past to stay within my room and go about my mundane activities, and it was very comfortable for me. Very hopeless but very comfortable. And when I slept, I was in a dark, lonely place.

The Docks are very beautiful, I think. The lanterns and fishermen are a calming site, and the atmosphere and music is not unnerving (like in Number World.)

To make it short, The Docks, to me, capture Madotsuki's feelings of resignation, and the acceptance that her resignation can be comfortable. This of course leaves her in a hopeless, solutionless place.



I know this is a subjective opinion about that area in the game so I'm not trying to invalidate your thoughts, but to me it looks like the top of a building with a bunch of kids standing ready to jump off and kill themselves. The giant stairway makes it seem like it's supposed to be the top of a tall building too.

I appreciate your posts. I love hearing how people articulate things on an artistic subjective level. I am sort of too blunt to do it myself and I don't see people write enough about Yume Nikki like this. I wish more people interpreted it like a dream rather than make theories or whatever.


I suffer from insomnia and enjoy late late night walks by myself to calm my nerves and get me sleepy. The apartment walls/sewer area and the docks are really pleasant. They remind me of wandering around outside while the rest of the world sleeps.

I always thought the field of lilies was like Hades of Greek myth. Filled with drowsy flowers, lulling one into uncaring and eternal wandering. It's more like the Christian vision of purgatory than Hell.

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