6667-I found it back in 2008 when it had the attention of 4chan.-1500094723
It's worth noting that most people on most websites (including tvtropes AND uboachan) are regular people but that websites and online communities often encourage a certain standard of behavior among their users. New users will usually look at what sort of content is well received and at least subconsciously tailor their responses to match it. This is why most online communities receive a reputation for being a "hive mind." Furthermore, most people being different personalities to different situations, so it's hard to accurately classify a person as being a certain way, even though people make this unfair snap judgment all the time. I personally like to take this a step further and play with people's expectations by not consistently behaving in the same way in a given location to see how people will react.-1500094500
It's less about the website itself, and more to do with the type of people who generally use it. I wouldn't dislike somebody just because they use Bing, but there's a good chance that I wont like a troper. My comment was mostly a joke anyway.-1500091942
>not being friends with someone because they use a website
Gosh you're all so horribly young-1500091402
He was and I assume is still is a heavy TV Tropes user, he found out many amazing games that would play to completion and love a lot, although he would never play more than 30 mins of the games he discovered through that website. Personally never understood it and I can see why people hate it per that thread you linked
As for the last question, he is my brother and I love him, needless to say we are polar opposites when it comes to politics.-1500089329
So he found it from tv tropes, huh?
Did he just happen to stumble across the article, or is he a regular user. If it's the latter, are you still friends with them?-1500087726
6659-Around 5 years ago, my brother downloaded the game where he presumably heard it from TV Tropes, he played it for around 10 minutes before never touching it again.

He told me the game was pretty scary so I gave it a go, it wasn't shit your pants scary, but I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere and exploration. It was truly a unique experience. Though I did have a lot of trouble navigating, I managed to get 21 effects before stopping.

Then 3 days ago someone just mentions the game during a private discussion I had with him in Discord, and I was like "Oh right I still have that game, I wonder if the save file is there". Sure enough, it was there, surprised by how far I was in the game I decided to finish what I started. I beat the game today

What was interesting about it was that I wasn't really lost, I kinda knew where to go somehow and a lot of parts during the run felt familiar to me, especially the music, I could just feel which parts I explored before and which parts I didn't. Sure enough, I was able to find 2 new effects during the new playthrough. Interesting to note was that the last two parts where I just couldn't find and had to use a walkthrough for, fat and triangle kerchief were already in areas I explored before, so I just assumed nothing more was there. It was almost like I never left the game, can anyone relate?

Sorry for the long post that went kinda off topic at the end but I just beat the game today and wanted to share the experience I had coming back to it, and this thread seemed the best one.-1500082477
6658->grab the green balloon-1499634926
6656-Yume Nikki is just a great experience in general, sometimes i download the game to feel this experience again and again, the soundtrack and the events are probably the best part of it. I think Yume Nikki is mysterious and emotional.

Even if have a decent life right now, Yume Nikki is my place to escape from real life sometimes. This game got me interested into dreaming and writing my own dream dairy, it's a really interesting experience.

This game also had one of the best and most dedicated communities in gaming.-1499304900
Probably a false positive, since only two antiviruses no one's ever heard of detected it.-1499287565
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