That would be Earthbound, but yeah, Nikki followed its footsteps to an extent.-1506350036
6847-Ages ago I think I saw a video on youtube about weird shit in video games, and Uboa was on the list. I heard the game was free, so I became interested. So I Downloaded it and played it and loved it.-1506347589
Not even close lol-1506280002
6845-So is yume snickers one of the most influential games of all time or what-1506218773
6843-I was browsing Youtube and found a video that briefly discussed Uboa. Then years later one of my friends told me about the game, soon after I played it and loved it.-1505739053
6842-I was looking up something about number stations, and in the search there was a Youtube video with Uboa in the thumbnail. Then, of course, I looked up Uboa and the rest is history. Probably not the best way to ?nd a game through a big spoiler like that, but I guess it was kind of unavoidable.-1505676695
>reading the page for W.D Gaster on the Undertale wiki
So anon, which game do you like better?-1505613224
6840-I was reading the page for W.D Gaster on the Undertale wiki. I saw on the trivia how Gaster resembels Uboa. Later I learned more about the game and decided to download and play it! Been a huge fan since I've played.-1505594880
Pretty sure they where joking.-1505409529
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Happy belated New Year Uboachan! And also, happy belated Birthday!

It may not look like much yet, but the staff have been busy devising new ways to make Uboachan great again this year. This has included subtle changes to the board rules, and reenvisioning of the policies by which the moderation staff operate. And behind the scenes, we've been working on bugfixes and new software to help us battle the rising tides of CP spam. Some shitty pedo won't be the death of us, and neither will negativity or bad vibes. We're stepping up our game in the background to clean this place up.

First off, the wordings of the rules have been altered to reflect a major change in the goals of the moderation staff. We're going to be tougher on shitposting this year. Let this be a warning: destructive posters and poisonous sentiments will be leeched from Uboachan like venom from a wound. If you are a total dickwad, you will first be warned generously to clean up your act, and then you will be banned. Let's all take this opportunity to be awesome and helpful people – the kind of people who build up a community rather than tearing it down. We could use some community-building right about now.

The CP spam remains a problem this year, but we've got people working behind the scenes to make the spammer's job harder. Every new countermeasure we develop incites an almost immediate change in the way the bot operates to nullify that countermeasure. We are being watched, so we're going to watch right back. Please welcome Jove, our new Janitor and Countermeasures Developer, who has been writing us software to help the board and the staff do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. Among these new developments is a bot that notifies the staff of new posts and suspected floods. We'll also be hiring additional Janitors to help us out! If you'd like to help us keep Uboachan clean of spam, shoot me an email at seisatsu@uboachan.net and tell me why you would be a valuable addition to the team.

And last on the docket, we've got way too many boards! It's not my fault, I didn't do it, it was like this when I got here. :(

We're finally going to be working on merging and restructuring boards. Don't worry, the staff will be accepting requests to move threads from retired boards to their new and consolidated replacements so that good content isn't buried and lost. And of course, we will be relying on input from the userbase during this process to ensure that existing board communities are preserved throughout these changes. This is going to include a major change to /n/, which will be revealed shortly.

Stay tuned, play nice, and have fun. I love you guys.
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