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File: 1463494602701.jpg (51.27 KB, 636x310, nhkgamedev.jpg)


It's cool, we all know how to make a game but…
How do you share your games to the world? Do you have anything planned?

inb4 no




I fucking give up.


File: 1463537556121.jpg (468.25 KB, 1280x720, wizard1.jpg)

The best you can do is to post in sharing sites and make people interested in your game, showing the best qualities of it through videos, images, and generally being active on the development and SHOWING THAT SHIT to people (Because, you know, if they believe your project is abandoned they won't bother in checking it). Now, the problem is that the western indie world is terribly ruthless, specially for those who use RPGmaker. Unless your game fits the trend of the month, it will hardly be noticed, regardless of the quality and category. I've seen this many times, even with people with mad skills like the dev of Gnosis.

Now, actual advice from what I've seen: if you manage to catch some attention, you have to be quick with that an realize what did actually make those people follow your progress and exploit it to its fullest. Do you draw nice pictures? People liked them? POST MORE. People like your music? POST MORE. People like your mapping? Make some nice maps and show them. You have to make the player feel like they want to play your game. It's the most basic rule of marketing. This activity akin to fanservice is what ultimately catches attention and makes people get interested in your game.
And here's where the shitty part gets in: even if you actually do this things, the final factor interfering in the equation and deciding if you're going to be successful is nothing more than luck. If you aren't working on a game that is some clichéd trend likely to drag tons of attention just for it, that's it.

If you do this, maybe you won't be able to get big, but at the very least you will manage to catch some fans/people honestly interested in your work, which in my opinion is better.


File: 1465143367502.png (45.81 KB, 960x720, MESSENGERS.PNG)

I planned to come back to uboachan and post the link to my demo.

Today is the day, anons! I had to take a 3 year break from this fucking game.

This is my story of being NEET since 2007:


Put me out of my misery; I can't look at this thing a moment longer.

File: 1457036862032.png (144.55 KB, 900x188, program-logo-rpg-maker-xp.png)


As per the suggestion in https://uboachan.net/sugg/res/2834.html#2842 we're going to try splitting Fangame discussion and RPGMaker help / indie game development discussion into separate boards and see what happens. If there's not much activity this board will be annexed and we'll accept requests to move its threads into /fg/.
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File: 1460681896187.png (368.4 KB, 1038x370, 1458500979276.png)

>what's next, Chesir?
Actually, I posted a pic of something I made 2 years ago, and I was thinking about starting to work on it again and make a thread boost the activity.
Now you just have to wait until the furry makes a post too. As for me, I hope the annoying brony joins the party as well.


File: 1462757132971.png (52.83 KB, 1280x960, 1462446772001.png)



File: 1462757320145.jpg (507.27 KB, 600x800, Hecatia.Lapislazuli.full.1….jpg)



Good job.


File: 1464103827492.png (364.55 KB, 599x600, CIRNOGET99.png)

BOOM shakalaka

File: 1463319254095.jpg (151 KB, 574x809, 40713794_p48_master1200.jpg)


Hey i was wondering how to make effects like Yume nikki? i wanted to ask this awhile ago. but how?


File: 1463325277046.png (246.35 KB, 727x296, template.png)

Since you said "like YN" I'm assuming you're using RPG Maker 2003, but depends on what kind of effect you want, I'd like you to be more specific, I can't tell if you're asking for something easy or complicated…
Common events are your friends, there are tutorials everywhere, this thread has a few examples on different kinds:

Since this was already discussed a hundred times here, I wondered for a second if there was documentation or tutorials explaining how to do this and similar stuff, it was a short second.

I had the courage to google it, and Bleetsy made a very friendly resume on how to make a cosmetic effect:



Just wanted to share my soundtrack so far that i've made, along with some pics. I'm not so experienced in sprite making or FL studio but I'm trying lol
Just want to know your thoughts
im not sure whether i was supposed to post it here or the fg thread but idk im new here


File: 1459209011605.png (560.67 KB, 660x1090, warofexistencegame0.png)


Hello Uboachan, I'm Bal, also known as "Seagal" here, I finished working on my game.
You can download it here:
It's an action/psychological game, it's been a long time, and I worked very hard on this.
It's a full game, functional and it has the best of me, made in RPG Maker VX Ace.
The game features a real time action battle system, fast moving scenarios and a lot of illustrations.

I recommend you to check the README before playing, it contains hints and a walkthrough.

Thanks for your time, I'll appreciate feedback, I hope you like it.

War of Existence is set in a post apocalyptic scenario, a Divine Entity judged humans as an evil race and the extintion seems to be the only destiny for it.
The story follows a mysterious girl and a swordsman in the struggle for survival.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1462838480979-0.png (88.92 KB, 680x527, dochijack.png)

File: 1462838480979-1.png (110.12 KB, 680x527, linohijack.png)

File: 1462838480979-2.png (94.71 KB, 680x527, samhijack.png)


Why do you socialize with tumblr trash?


Don't be too harsh only like 98% of Tumblr is trash.


File: 1462899538152.webm (146.27 KB, 640x480, knockknock.webm)


File: 1462908790036.png (21.85 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

File: 1459236162961.jpg (102.52 KB, 736x736, 1a9990968c30cc8b99be446019….jpg)


I kind of have an idea for a topic but idk if it's been a topic before. What are your favorite parts of a game and what's overused in your own opinion? Everyone has a differing opinion about what's good and what's bad in a game, so what's yours?
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File: 1461041674195.png (79.49 KB, 250x238, what did I just fucking re….png)

Man, he gave you an example to illustrate what is a "poorly done" excuse for a game plot that focused on "my diversity ideals" idea. It was meant to be bad example, the fact that you twisted it completely on a wall of text to circlejerk and bringing "white supremacy" tier stuff in while disregarding the main point of discussion is just… I don't even know how to qualify it aside from dense.
Do you want to be the one holding the absolute truth all the time that badly?


File: 1461043006657.gif (1.55 MB, 250x197, horror_niggah.gif)

No mate, no… look, let's do it with letters, it will be easier to understand.
He said 'A' is a good idea (Regardless of what A may or may not be, and if anybody likes it or not).
'B' isn't. (Regardless of what B may or may not be, and if anybody likes it or not).
Based on this, he can say that 'A' plots are better than 'B'.
You replied with a post saying "OH, but 'B' may be actually my favorite color, therefore it's not bad!". Valid, it could be, but it's not the point that was being discussed And also, it could be a dead child for all we know, in the same way I can argue that it sure won't something you may like.
If you fail to understand this then there's no point in discussing at all because you will try to find rebuttals for whatever anyone says just like a 13 years old regardless of how good their points may or may not be.

Also, if you reread his post, you will notice that anon later adds that diversity is okay if well applied (A detail that you skillfully and completely ignored in your post but made a giant wall of anyway) right here:
>I don't think I can complain about Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy, or Street Fighter, they have very well placed diverse casts.
>SNK also makes some well executed characters from diverse regions
>I think indivisible is awesome, a great example of a game with diverse cast, which is not ridiculous, they had a problem before because they seemed to be adding them arbitrarily, but it was solved with good character development
>There is a LOT of AWESOME diversity in videogames ALREADY, hell, female characters kick ass nowdays.

The point isn't whatever you are trying to drive the topic to. Hell, we all have stated already what we think about this. It's okay if it isn't fucking retarded, but putting a nig-nog, a chinese, a fat white faggot and a trans midget on an adventure to find the mystic dildo isn't a good plot if you plan to illustrate what "Muh so pure socially diverse casting" and all the game is about is circlejerk about muh oppression, triggers and why white male alpha is bad instead of whatever you can think of to make it better.


File: 1461043632401.jpg (24.28 KB, 312x187, me right now.jpg)

Non-sarcastically saying, yeah, I misread. I'm so sorry. I'm used to dealing with more brusque people who are totally against any of this at all so I projected that onto you guys. We actually agree. Jesus.
I got swept up; some of what you guys said resembles what I've seen a bajillion times, so I completely fucked it. It's been a stressful past few days with little sleep, and then I decided to come here and stomp around being stupid. I can't even explain how I fucked up.

Sorry, anon. That was a lot of trouble for nothing. Thanks for being patient and not writing me off with a meme pic and a parting jab.


File: 1461044372457.jpg (69.21 KB, 400x400, Corpse Party am I kawaii.jpg)

>Thanks for being patient and not writing me off with a meme pic and a parting jab.
I was actually very tempted to do this but I don't want this board to die on cancer and pointless drama so soon.
It's okay, I actually wish more people backed off a discussion when they realize they weren't completely right on this or that.
Have a nice night.


File: 1461078615795.gif (3.2 MB, 694x386, takingnotes.gif)

>a nig-nog, a chinese, a fat white faggot and a trans midget on an adventure to find the mystic dildo
GOTY here I go

File: 1459771545547.gif (1.86 MB, 376x280, tumblr_nnpoxiKU9g1tpj4iso1….gif)


What bad game ideas have you had? Why did you think it was just better not to work on them?
Don’t be shy and tell us what terrible ideas turmoil in your mind.
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is pic related what you worked on?


Then how about getting gud, practice and then working on it again? Just that room looks better than most modern rpgmaker shis


Discarded ideas are fine to post too. Forgot to include them in the op.
For the story, if you can’t come up with anything satisfying, you could always recreate an already existing mystery story and adapt it to your game’s gameplay. You could pick up a story from a book, or even mix many different ones, or use one as a base and add on it other things that you want.
For the music, I don’t know how to help as I’m also having some problems with that, but there are tons of cool music free to use if you opt for not creating your own. As for the art, I don’t see any problem with it, that map in your image looks pretty good.

That’s one of my bad ideas too. I bet almost half of uboachan could say the same.

The gif is tiny but from it and the description your idea looks more fun to play than most “rpgmaker horror” games.


>I bet almost half of uboachan could say the same.
>only half
You are being generous.


File: 1460005625842.gif (253.35 KB, 259x194, boats.gif)

Yes. I was testing perspective and sizes to learn what felt more natural, so some colors/shadings are bleeding a bit and it things look wonky here and there.

>Then how about getting gud, practice and then working on it again?
Well, first of all, I don't have enough time to put into anything related to the project itself as of late, or to practice and improve. The second problem is motivation, I already lost most of it.
As I said, at the very least I don't have plans on working on it soon, but there are chances that I will change my opinion in the future. I honestly don't want to lie and say that if I will work on it or not because not even I am sure about it, plus this whole "hey, I may or not may work on it!" thing makes me feel like an attention whore.

>Just that room looks better than most modern rpgmaker shis

I'm glad you liked it, even when it's a rough sketch full of dicks.

>For the story, if you can’t come up with anything satisfying, you could always recreate an already existing mystery story and adapt it to your game’s gameplay. You could pick up a story from a book, or even mix many different ones, or use one as a base and add on it other things that you want.
I thought about doing this too, but things didn't blend exactly as I wanted. My major fear was basically that the game may not have sounded bad but the development of the story was going to feel completely uninteresting, since I couldn't connect the dots between the scenes. You know, like, there are games that sound pretty good and the mechanics look nice, but when you play them you realize that the story lacks a lot of stuff or that it wasn't well planned, so it just doesn't work. And that's exactly what I was feeling when I was planning the story. No matter what I tried, I felt I was lacking something, or the pieces would simply not fit together, or it felt highly unnatural.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1459399259815.jpg (67.56 KB, 500x604, tumblr_n7iymuX5gJ1qkdofgo1….jpg)


So, I'm currently using VX Ace to make a fan game but I'm struggling to find as many resources and tutorials as I can find for 2k3. Should I switch? Would it be easier or not worth it? What are some pros and cons?

P.s. I'm not far in my game so I wouldn't lose much progress, I'd be willing to switch if it's easier to use or to find help with


This might not be what you're looking for, but I really think that you as the game developer should choose the tool. VX Ace is a tool, 2k3 is a tool, Game Maker is a tool, programming languages are tools. They all have different things they are good at and different weaknesses, so most of the decision is influenced by what type of game you want to make and how you want it to play. This is similar to drawing supplies: tablets are tools, pencils are tools, pens are tools, markers are tools.


From my experience all these enterbrain things are pretty much the same in tools and difficultly, except for the built-in scripts editor in Ace, which gives space to some imagination, from editing the menus to changing some in-game mechanics, and some minor stuff.

I learned to use it without touching tutorials, by making a test game and exploring all the features, that's just easier to me.


File: 1459453769242.png (362.12 KB, 481x461, cat-wtf-face-confused-reac….png)

True! I've talked to a few ynfg devs and since most of them have used 2k3 I figure it may be easier to find help for this specific project. I do like VX Ace, though.

The main concern of mine would be tileset creation. I don't understand the tileset creation process and layout for VX Ace and I've heard 2k3's tilesets are easier to understand. Is this true? I've been looking into it and it seems to be that way.


RPG Maker XP for life! It's not lo-fi like 2k3, and it's mapping system isn't constrained like VX Ace. It's the best of both worlds.

FYI the eventing system is nearly the same, so any tutorials you find about that can carry over. Are you looking for Yume Nikki tutorials only? Because VX Ace is/was way more popular that 2k3 ever was, if only because it never had an official translation until last year.

But VXA's tile stuff should be easy enough to learn if you read tutorials (like http://blog.rpgmakerweb.com/category/tutorials/ ) and read the help manual.


File: 1459484475348.png (60.79 KB, 250x250, tumblr_static_thing.png)

Dude you may have just solved my problems with the tutorials. I'll also look into XP though, I'm open to staying with or leaving my current program!

File: 1457118751214.png (59.61 KB, 200x307, Ren’Py_Logo_6-13-6_200x307….png)


Probably the easiest tool I've found for making a simple visual novel. It seems to literally be just a python scripting engine, so I feel like there's potential to make it do far, far more than it seems at the surface. What are your thoughts on it?


UAB was great

File: 1457041070868.jpg (115.17 KB, 1093x1002, Leslie-Withers-the-evil-wi….jpg)


Soooo I'm super new to using RPG Maker (I own VX Ace) and there are a lot of things I am having trouble figuring out. If any more come up I will ask on this thread.

1- how do you create animations for characters for VX Ace? (I'm not using the default sprite so any advice would be much appreciated)
2- how do you get a character to put on/take off an effect? And how do you add an animation?
3- how do you make it so you can't use effects while the character is awake?

Thanks in advance! :)
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File: 1457052335709-0.png (30.25 KB, 665x560, Example 5.PNG)

File: 1457052335709-1.png (29.41 KB, 654x564, Example 6.PNG)

3- Now this one will require yet another common event, switches that should tell us whether the Character has gotten the effect or not and some patience.

First off, whenever an effect giver gives an effect, turn on a switch associated to the effect (We'll call it "Effect 1" for ease of association.)

Moving onto the common events, you will do two. One for taking/changing effects to their non-functional counterparts, and another to give the effects back.

All of those function the same way: The switch "Effect 1" will give/take away the corresponding effect, pictures related.

Where to put, is basically this: The "Take" event will be called whenever you wake up from dreaming/ come back to your room from whatever is going on. The "Receive" event is called whenever you start dreaming/hallucinating/you get the drill.


File: 1457052470657.png (484 B, 64x96, template autotile vx.PNG)

Also here is a base template for an autotile in VX Ace. Useful even to make animated autotiles such as water/lava/blood/slime.


File: 1457052913266.jpg (168.59 KB, 676x1000, tumblr_na284wKmYW1tj4rn6o1….jpg)

This is all so helpful!! Thank you so much! I'm going to test all of this out soon.

I'm such a noob haha


You're welcome. We all had to start somewhere.


If I have any more questions I'll be sure to ask again, this was very helpful (I'm sure I'll have more questions very soon cause it's all so new to me)

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