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File: 1345586386192.jpg (15.48 KB, 275x275, 60s-spider-man.jpg)


game works
everything is yay
no 2kki icon.
can anyone give me the 2kki icon? i hate being stuck with the rpgmaker one :/


This thread also has a download for the other 2kki icons (recycle bin, file folder, etc.)

File: 1344615095990.png (29.61 KB, 641x481, updownup.png)


Download link:

Changelog (Google translated and lightly interpreted):
★Conditions for getting the ↑v↑ have been changed
★ Finished remaking ↑v↑
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File: 1344641994928.png (271.74 KB, 370x600, 25299607_m.png)

download, played it nothing was translated, bummer.


Regarding the main game itself:

There seems to be a new, empty room for the hospital area in the game's files, but that's been there since .97h

so yes, old areas which aren't connected to much are being worked on, which is good considering all the half-finished everything lying around


Has ↑v↑ been explained before? I'm playing it right now and all I've managed to do is get a key. I don't quite understand the plot or what the objective is.


File: 1344927325764.png (177.73 KB, 340x447, 27162080_p4.png)

.098 has been released in 4-part files, along with a patch.



Haven't found much new yet, beside new sounds (some of them really loud / grating / out of context).

File: 1344099764755.png (16.02 KB, 640x480, www31.atwiki.jp.png)


Download Link:

Changelog (Google translated and lightly interpreted):
★Changed the terms and conditions of acquiring wallpaper patterns(?)
★Added feature to change PC BGM
★Two new wallpapers. Current total is now 148
★Random playback functions such as adding sound room (?)
★Bug fixes become inoperable and press X when you are diving into the tube (?)
★I Iha same narrow housing, or ー Oh, add events Chara playground (?)


File: 1344121737694.png (Spoiler Image, 21.07 KB, 640x480, 2kki52.png)

…I think they're onto people peering into the game's files…


File: 1344216389721.png (Spoiler Image, 67.89 KB, 640x1920, yume2kkiplaces.png)

I have no idea if these have been found before (I don't think so?), but I found these three places. Basic route: Red Streetlight World, find the lamp with the four lights on the left side, go to that Gray Street World and wander around until you find these guard rails (pictured). Walk through them and, for the sake of not spoiling anything, you're on the path to all these places.


I really enjoy watching shit flip out to the Marginal effect. the little blue sunny side up egg guy in the dream house goes nuts.

File: 1341763013597.jpg (43.38 KB, 400x400, 1334802066202.jpg)


Not that anyone who wants it doesn't already have it, but here's Ver0.97g with patch and patch02 applied.

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File: 1343950671823.png (45.39 KB, 250x188, desudesurostsuki.png)

thanks for uploading this. It's a shame that the chase minigame is not available anymore.

Also, >>1224
How did you get there? i mean, i know it's in the lego world and all that, but i only get ther ebeing all small.


File: 1344100781506.jpg (42.05 KB, 409x438, hmmm.jpg)

Hm… I vaguely recall getting there via the retro maze… Try climbing to the roof of the lego world starting point and jumping off it?



I tried, i interacted with the wall Urostuski won't jump i seems…


File: 1344113567611.jpg (47.22 KB, 640x480, Jump.jpg)

Just to be clear, is this the spot you are trying to jump at? Standing on the mark and pressing 'x' should allow you to jump off.


File: 1344122266746.gif (488.85 KB, 285x170, tumblr_m198mr2Jdl1qfi5kb.gif)

>>1235 thanks

File: 1327605327366.jpg (5.26 KB, 259x194, download (1).jpg)


So recently I downloaded a single file download of yume 2kki from a wonderful anon. <3 But I can't find most of the effects. Anyone know how to obtain the fairy effect?


Onyx tile world -> take the taxi to the highway world -> find the small house around the lower-right corner of the area (there's a robot guard next to it). The fairy is inside the house.


Thank you very much. You saved me a ton. c:


wow, even eating black pdidung for me is a barrier at the moment, however, at the end of the month I am going on a butchery course, and I cannot wait. There is 1 element of the course I am not looking forward to, Mostly because of squeamishness, and therefore I have little patience with myself, and really Nicola, get over it, which is offal. I love liver, but will not touch the rest. One of the things we are going to make are faggots, chock full of heart, kidneys, lungs, leftovers, and if I am lucky, liver. Bit I am making them, and dammit I shall be eating them.


Never saw that street sign before…


The signs were present in an older version of 2kki and have since been removed.

File: 1342518395326.png (5.28 KB, 640x480, 120717_capture001.png)


What the hell, this game is pretty hard.


I managed to get past the (currently only) level available.

It's hard but I enjoy it.

File: 1342525892450.png (5.07 KB, 640x480, g4306h6f1qzr7.png)


Is there any place at all to find older versions of 2kki now that loda has kicked the bucket?


There was a thread on the archive that had pretty much all of the old versions.
It even has the old English translation that everyone asks about.


File: 1342701420044.png (1.9 KB, 218x318, egd7h9r8jt5y6.png)


I forgot about this old thread, thanks a bunch.

File: 1342403987373.png (7.86 KB, 320x240, uro.PNG)


I made a midi for the Yume 2kki
opening theme. I just want to know what you all think about it and if it'd be useful at all.
Here is link to it:

I don't own the original song.
Also, this took forever to make by ear so… do not complain that there is no super reverse piano and all that. Those things don't come with midi packs. No, I didn't ask for permission to make this since it is all by ear.


This is basically the theme for the credits. Did you find it in the Yume 2kki files.


To be honest, it's kind of mediocre. Besides it does really sound like you just plucked it out of the music files.


I didn't pluck it from the music files. I made it from scratch in FL Studio 10. It took me a whole day to make. I swear I made I made it by ear. ) : Atleast, I tried to show fandom… I can take it down if you think I stole it…


Well basically just make an original and technically it's stolen so it's best to do that. I'd like to hear one of your midis when you make one.

File: 1342244323521.png (65.18 KB, 656x520, fff.png)


How do you get rid of the UFO? Literally, every time I try to go to the Apartments, I am always confronted with the UFO.

I'm actually trying to get to the docks so I can go to the Ocean Floor. Is there any other way to it aside from the portal in that section where the UFO is?


File: 1342296118959.gif (470.21 KB, 500x375, xetryui89h.gif)

I'm pretty sure there's a portal in Teddy Bear Land, though with recent versions that portal is a little hard to get to.
But I don't remember there ever being a UFO that blocks your way to the Apartments. Did this change at all recently? Forgive me for being a little lost, I've been saving up for a nicer laptop but until then I can't play 2kki or any of its new versions on this computer.


You can get to The Docks through Realistic Beach, where you can find a ferryman, who transports you there. Realistic Beach is accessible from Pastel Blue House, which isn't very far away from Apartments.
Fairy effect is required to get to the ferryman.

Aside from that, UFO shouldn't be appearing each time you access Apartments. Have you tried going there through Elvis Masada's place?

UFO blocks access to the smaller building, where the portal to The Docks is located.


I've used the entrance of Elvis every single time so maybe I should try a new one. But thank you very much! c:

File: 1335587630425.png (14.79 KB, 640x480, Soldiers.png)


Has anyone been in this area?
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The fairy tale world is where you get the Little Red Riding Hood effect.

As for the creatures in the hut, they can be alive (although they do nothing), but since they are hanged from the ceiling, it's obvious that they have been captured, so there's indeed some kind of conflict.

As for making sense, well, it's not supposed to make sense, it's a dream, after all. Neither of the YN fangames, nor YN, makes sense. And that's why we love them.


Well the fairy tale world is the area that you access by going into the UFO from the Broken Faces area and interacting with the apple in the UFO.


I've been there, once. They have a star, if I recall right, that makes a SMB mushroom sound.


There IS a way across the river now. Use the Teru Teru Bozu effect to make it rain, and then the Rainbow effect to make a rainbow bridge across.


Well I guess now I know how to get that wallpaper.

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