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At last


File: 1369461965342.png (53.81 KB, 450x450, 1317163411251.png)


File: 1367479978961.bmp (52.53 KB, 177x101, maya.bmp)


Hey guys, can you tell me: what is the farthest location in the game?
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i myself fucking despise monochrome feudal japan world, but its probably not the farthest

and when you say farthest, do you mean the biggest map? god, 2kki has so many…


no, I mean, the place with the longest route to


File: 1368226580074.jpg (25.45 KB, 360x479, das it man.jpg)

"Long" is kind of relative in a game like Yume 2kki. There's some routes with lots of worlds you have to pass through, but it doesn't take much time to get through each. Then there are some that only have like two areas you have to pass through, but they're both fucking massive.
Though, now that I think about it, the child effect route takes the cake in both of those categories. Christ almighty, I hope I never lose that effect to a glitch.


Oh yeah, way to Child effect is goddamn long, bet there are ways to go after Hourglass Desert


You can't get to the room where the Child effect is actually at though. You can only one-way teleport from that room to the maze under the hourglass desert

File: 1339609041699.jpg (20.2 KB, 320x240, pkasjpdoiasjd.jpg)


I can't understand….

Everytime I go somewhere specific I got the message error {it's written: Only Link can defeat Ganon /lie}
i searched in everywhere a solution, and NOTHING! D:

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File: 1339715914648.png (63.45 KB, 640x480, 夜空1.png)

If it's Tapir-san's Place or Forest Carnival use this file [included] for both

Name one of them: 夜空1
and the other one: 宇宙

I've come to find out it doesn't really matter what file you use as long as it has the name. Put those in the Panorama folder and you're good to go!


It actually says "File 空1 can't be opened."



It's really fixed almost everything! ^-^

But the minigames when Urotsuki waked still breakin' the game…but its fine, thx |D~


holy! THANKS ive been trying to fix this forever!


The minigames break my Yume 2kki as well. I just make it a habit to save often.

File: 1322601253850.png (9.71 KB, 640x480, Untit2led.png)


In 2kki, there is this secret area. It's basically a sketch of Madotsuki's room, and the track that plays in this area is more or less based on the NASU gameplay music.

What do you think, what could this symbolize?
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Okay, I was able to trigger it without money again, so it doesn't seems to depend on money, but then I don't know why the window was empty for >>409.

Could it be linket to another event, or some kind of switch somewhere else in the game?


I like to think that Mado and Uro are related, and one of the books Uro puts away in one of the endings is Mado's dream diary.


File: 1364323533138.png (121.34 KB, 425x425, ExplainthisSoldier[1].png)

I assume you forgot to use the spoiler tag.
Not to start a shit-storm or anything, but you know…



Anyone also notices a similarity between the rug design and one of those SIM chips?


[spoiler]didn't know if that worked[/spoiler]

File: 1326085496532.png (14.43 KB, 628x467, Capture.PNG)


I dont know what this is, but i'm adopting it.
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They make cute baby noises, I love them so much. Anybody who says their ugly can go… do stuff.


Awww, somebody give him a donut…



Lol, I love the toddler ones. I memmorized how to get there just so I can see them. (: And well, even if they were hers, their mine now.


lol I never thought they were ugly, they just sort of creeped me out. There is something about them I like though. I know I could never kill them in the game. I JUST CAN'T DO IT, THEY'RE STILL BABIES, even if they ARE made of meat!


File: 1363307032944.gif (443.55 KB, 795x718, awesomepopcornfaster[1].gif)

I eat your Meat Toddlers

File: 1362670166252.png (17.5 KB, 447x385, wolftsuki wants the d.png)


hey there yiffing little yiffers


File: 1362781280770.png (66.42 KB, 431x174, wont let you.png)



Who are you and how did you get past our sentry nest?

File: 1361471530776.jpg (44.49 KB, 703x680, 1335444705893.jpg)


/mado/ is a dead zone so I make request here.
Can u give me some pictures in this style?


No need to double post, uboachan is a little slow moving site, last I checked, there are lot's of images like that one in /mado/


You do realize that is a typical, extremely generic animu style and could easily be found in the majority of fanart, right?


File: 1361841303596.png (253.13 KB, 500x424, me.png)

That artist's work is literally posted all over Uboachan. Besides, this is /tkki/ not /r/, you dingaling.


File: 1361841716884.jpg (219.54 KB, 600x600, 1336363211116.jpg)

Use google, man. It is a matter of time before you find out about Aozora.


File: 1343713713787.jpg (2.36 MB, 2000x2000, urotsuki - rainbow and cha….jpg)


Is there an english version of this game out yet? Just curious, it'd be nice to be able to read the text and effect names.
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Actually, I know Japanese but I'd want an English translation.

The translation of .flow was compatible with Mac with WineBottler while the untranslated version does not. This occurs because said service lacks the ability to change to Japanese locale, and is also incompatible with RPGMaker 2000. While there is a solution listed for macs, it uses CrossOver, which isn't free software, costing around $60.


File: 1349130845273.jpg (38.34 KB, 500x667, r u frikken kidding me.jpg)

A lot of the people on this site use computers that have difficulty with switching to Japanese locale or running them even with Japanese locale installed. Even if it does mostly run smoothly, there are bound to be errors that pop up simply because most of the machines used are primarily built for English-speaking users in English-speaking countries, and vice versa in Japan, so it's not just for comprehension purposes. You also have to take into consideration that they just wanna play the damn game without having to learn an entirely different language with multiple writing systems in order to fully enjoy it. inb4 SPEAK AMERICAN YOU DAMN DOGEATERS


I suppose the locale argument is a good one but if it's just for the effects, it'd be memorizing a few simple words, not learning the entire language. Knowing kana is a good thing anyway.


This is true. I don't really know a lick of Japanese but I do have the effects memorized based off of the shapes of the characters and the order, but it'd probably help to not get them mixed up. But if you wanted to make a full English translation you'd still have to include the translated effect names and such in order for it to work.


File: 1361358345340.png (68.28 KB, 500x500, 5643109.png)

I know Japanese but still its nice to have a patch with my native language. I like to play games to relax and having to remember what everything means, especially in the library, isn't very relaxing.

File: 1357491152434.jpg (111.66 KB, 575x600, Yume.2kki.600.848152.jpg)


Yume Twokki art-thread
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File: 1357846409511.jpg (1.12 MB, 1000x1000, 32177249.jpg)


File: 1357851946448.jpg (283.63 KB, 756x1051, 27811064.jpg)

as promised.


File: 1357867228514.png (433.42 KB, 1000x1000, 27485820.png)

Probably my favorite 2kki piece

Box-chan is a cutie patootie
abloobloobloo <333

then again I like the artist's stuff in general


Well, there's way more art for Madotsuki than for Urotsuki. Assuming Sturgeon's Law there you have your answer.


File: 1360488053770.png (215.42 KB, 500x445, tumblr_m5ubyaYlTr1qf88i1o1….png)

File: 1344623926180.jpg (20.32 KB, 638x479, hanged.jpg)


This Room Just Scarred The Crap Out Of ME!


File: 1344871059984.png (121.86 KB, 640x480, uro`.png)

Oh wow, i was shocked, nothing more.
You are faint-hearted, dont ya?


File: 1359901825069.jpg (60.63 KB, 448x450, QFktDTYnSbU.jpg)

How did you get there?


Red Streetlight world, look for the one that teleports you to a fogged street.

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