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File: 1339259668540.png (305.17 KB, 600x1091, Urotsuki.png)


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Since I can't make a new thread for 0.097g because my "request looks automated", here's the single-file download for 0.097g:

Make sure you unzip the single-file archive using 7-zip in Japanese locale.



Fantastic. Downloading now.



There's lots of new sounds… But I haven't found anything new area wise.


There's no RPG_RT file in the 0.097g…
I can just copy and paste the file from any previous version of Yume 2kki, right?


Yes, a RPG_RT.exe file from an older version of 2kki would work perfectly fine. If you need me to, I can upload one.

File: 1339443916002.png (334.41 KB, 1160x1200, kyubey-contract.png)


will the team of the character that have been removed come back in future updates becasue i really miss deus-chan and her sister despite them still being in the files


I'm sure those two will be relocated to the currently blocked off area at the easternmost part of the highway.



There appears to be an unfinished area with them in it in the game's files… Might just be an old area but I doubt it.

File: 1339459497103.jpg (21.31 KB, 640x482, urotsuki wtf.jpg)


Saw this
Never saw this on the wiki or Ubuu
what the fuck


That painting is there since that room has been added to the game…


I never knew it was there XD

File: 1334847743010.png (531.67 KB, 1600x1200, pc-yumegamen_5.png)


Soo, guys, what do we know about Uro?
that's wha I'm thinkin about:
1) she had several chainsaw kills
3) he had some allergic choke by mushrooms (that fucking creepy world pattern, and black-white-red version reminds me of kinda choke
4)she is Japanese (lol yeah)
go on
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and she can have twintails, which are adorable too ^_^


Maybe she was often hit by someone (Child effect)


Maybe she was raped.
Oh wait.


she wasn't


She was abused as a child, the puppet show… the underwater carnival event etc.

File: 1337378114076.jpg (42.54 KB, 600x547, yume2kkifeature.jpg)


Hey there, I've been a fan of this site for a while; I'm also a big fan of LSD, Yume Nikki and Yume 2kki. I just got an article published that explains a little bit about what I really love about these games:


I hope you enjoy it.
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Not just the endings, many things have been finished, just not accessible/visible yet.


File: 1339526611089.jpg (15.67 KB, 603x393, 129908327108-jc_denton.jpg)

What a shame


File: 1339529176388.jpg (132.08 KB, 450x281, Well....jpg)

I never asked for this
Pic is me waiting for Yume 2kki 1.0


Everyone knows the final version of a YN-like (what's the name of this genre?) is always version .10


Fuck me, that's what I get for posting at midnight.

File: 1332376234828.jpg (478.19 KB, 600x600, 13246600.jpg)


So it turns out that 0.096d… and wait what 0.096e have been released, but I don't see any threads about them. So here I go. I hope this thread might be able to help people download things from the new servers as well, since loda.jp is about to die. ;_;

Official site (has links to some uploaders, with raw materials and such, but isn't that important):
Official wiki (seems to be updated pretty often, check here to know when new versions come out):
Main uploader (if you hate the above link):

How to download the game: (in next post)
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why is this website so slow, goddamn


Sooo… how do you access the purple maze… the cones are in the way and I thought this patch would fix that. Also highway is blocked. Each patch doesnt seem to do much.


Welcome to 2kki.


Patches usually only fix some bugs that would otherwise make the game more frustrating to run than it already is. Only when they release a new version in 4 or 5-part files do you actually have any hope of previously blocked off areas being opened up.
As previously said, welcome to Yume 2kki, enjoy your stay and pointless bugfix updates.


Here's a single-file download of 0.097c with the most recent patch applied:

If all of the Japanese characters in the filenames turn into garbage characters whenever you try to extract the game, try running 7-Zip under a Japanese locale and using that to extract the game.

File: 1335752385473.jpg (55.93 KB, 250x188, oh.jpg)


Illustrations from a 1975 Japanese children’s book depicting an assortment of extraterrestrials.


File: 1335758491662.jpg (16.42 KB, 400x317, Mothman-04.jpg)

Oh, isn't that Mothman?


File: 1335762293947.jpg (29.59 KB, 297x300, 563736.jpg)

Sure looks like it


Wow, nice find! That's really cool.

File: 1335428597490.jpg (129.19 KB, 752x1063, urotsuki_by_krodierk-d4gb5….jpg)


So, I really wanna give 2kki a try, but I don't wanna play a game that's constantly being updated and isn't even remotely finished. How long will it be before a semi-finished version of the game is released? (And will it be translated into English?)


I will personally see it to translation if no one else is up for it, but we will never know how long it takes for it to be finished until it's done.
I suggest waiting in anticipation and checking here every now and then for newer versions and the updates within them. That's what I'm doing, anyway.

File: 1330559560092.png (34.42 KB, 320x240, Pc_yumegamen_03-99.png)


Do you guys know if there are any Yume 2kki ask tumblrs?
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also this
Marginal Vivid Worker



Wow, that ask Uro REALLY sucks, and the Tako one is so pro…
Also, don't post ones that haven't answered anything. They might not go through with it.


HEEYYYY My ask sweetsmusume is on uboachan! Btw dude, I was gonna answer questions, but my scanner broke. :L


>not drawing digitally
But yeah stuff are much better if you draw digitally. Scans are cool and all but unless they're reworked a ton it looks bad.

File: 1318753136962.png (16.42 KB, 641x481, library.PNG)


Something like this was started on the old board, and I think it would be useful if we knew what the hell the books say.
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Thank you.

(And now it's obvious why it didn't make sense to me: I forgot to read it from right to left. :F)


so, can anyone tell me what does scrolling text while new game means?


Mostly a bunch of disclaimers and explanation of the project, and contact info.


still, can you give me the text?


I actually don't have it, I had a Japanese friend of mine read through some of it and he got bored of it.
That was about a year ago, and it didn't change much.

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