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Alright guys. I've never posted here before but I'm an avid reader of just about every single thread. I have tried just about every single download link to get Yume 2kki and .flow, but nothing works. I've tried doing the thing to make my computer recognize Asian language, and that still won't work. I've downloaded the RPG Maker 2000, it still didn't work. All I want is to quietly play those two games for the rest of my life is that too much to ask for. But seriously, if you have any direct links to yume 2kki/.flow it would be greatly appreciated. [also not sure if this is where I need to post this. Sorry. Also pic unrelated]

File: 1321248775462.png (22.74 KB, 632x476, WHAAAAAAA.PNG)


Not sure what I'm doing wrong!! I followed the instructions to download it and then the game's in gibberish and the wake up and effects buttons don't appear! What do I do??


Either using Applocale or setting your system's non-Unicode whatever to Japanese, that's what.
some other kind soul will explain how to do it or you could just check the archive as well


That's weird, I tried doing that, it didn't work… :cc


probably a corrupt file. What version are you using? if you have the orignal zips/rar's re install it, it should fix it's self.



I'm using version 94. I'm not sure what counts as the original files. *stupid*

File: 1321304557906.jpg (38.19 KB, 711x531, fucking error how do i fix.JPG)


Every time I try to open the game, I get this. Anyone know how I can fix this?
It's really frustrating.


File: 1321153038200.png (214.52 KB, 1599x899, Screenshot_3.png)


Could someone translate this or tell me what this means?

thanks in advance




Hey there!


Check out this thread, it might have answered your question already. Also, please post any further questions in that thread! Thanks a lot!

File: 1320625975911.png (82.65 KB, 640x480, wut2kki.png)


So I went and finally got the Child effect, completing all 27 effects in my game. When I accessed my computer in the awake world, I got my little pop-up telling me there were new wallpapers I unlocked, and then I got this prompt.

Not sure what it means, but I guess it's like telling me there's no ending yet?
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The Boy effect can be found in Geometry World. Have another look at the Yume 2kki Effects page.


It means the dream pile doesn't stop getting taller.


I'll guess it means "ohey bro we're still working on it, expect moar" stuff?


If you don't believe me, then, once you've gotten all 27 effects, put them all in the effect trophy room (in Urotsuki's Dream Apartment), exit the dream, then pinch your cheek while awake.


you don't need any effects to get that ending. However, there is a ending that you can reach by depositing your effects.

[spoiler]Shhh… seeecret[/spoiler]

File: 1320638557191.png (564.29 KB, 800x800, _bane_jack_by_ashlegs-d46d….png)


is it possible to get old versions of 2kki
and when i say old i mean ancient
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File: 1320641825452.png (94.28 KB, 250x293, tumblr_lu79sk57kJ1qef6hf.png)

Here's the most ancient loda.jp page for 2kki I can find. By the looks of it, you're gonna have to dig through quite a lot of shit to get to the ancient files, because back in the day they seemed to use their loda pages as a part 2kki, part random bullshit uploader.

I can't believe it's been like 2 years or so since this game first came out. Makes me feel old.



File: 1320649481656.png (6.91 KB, 320x240, old_2kki.png)

oldest version on there is v.0.066. It's… it's pretty damn old. (there's a whopping 5 effects in it: Boy, Telephone, Chainsaw, Lantern and Fairy) Have fun seeing all weird unused/beta stuff.


I've found two different uploaders where the developers have stored their files to share with each other. I'm not certain if either of these uploaders contain anything that's not present in any of the versions or not. (I don't have the time to check at the moment.) The first uploader seems older.



File: 1320266079592.jpg (60.99 KB, 200x285, jacket_opx5.jpg)


(pic unrelated)
They're pushing these out the door quite fast again~
I'm just leaving so someone else please tell me what's new.

Also tripcode finally.
(insert "ecchi" joke here)


Apparently it's a lot of stuff that might not be reachable yet, like new maps related to endings.

Anyone else think they're trying to finish the game?


Reaching an ending might not mean not continue the game afterwards, remember that.



Good point. I'm hoping they're going to come up with the endings, etc, and then keep patching in new stuff, kinda like .flow did.

When you really sit down and look at it, this game is huge.

File: 1319314989169.jpg (5.27 KB, 200x157, 1278933455603s.jpg)


95f is out.
Someone find what's new etc, I'm just about to head to bed.
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Ah. I forgot to mention this earlier, but if I'm interpreting the maps correctly, there seems to be seven endings currently available. One of them definitely is a work-in-progress.




Doesn't work for 095h or do I do something wrong? it didn't work actually


You're absolutely right. I doesn't work at all in .095h (might be one of the reasons for the fast update). Though, interestingly enough, you can port you game clear over from .095g and view it in the Data folder on the pc with the bottom option.


Maybe it wasn't meant to be there. They must be getting the endings done, but they're not meant to be accessed yet?
Is the debug room reachable in .95h?

File: 1319567825829.jpg (26.85 KB, 641x482, Toy_World_Red_Eye.jpg)



Apparently, Toy World is now located inside of the Red Eye painting (the one with the tic-tac-toe game that's accessible from the Art Gallery).
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The keyhole in the back of the room is programmed to take you to a new map for the apartments. This map seems incomplete.


well I do approve! I always pictured Uro as the oldest of all the dreamers. (not to mention cutest!)


This is stupid ol' 162. The map I was talking about is one of the endings… or at least something related to the endings. It's still not complete in 0.95h


Somebody mentioned something about multiple available endings in 0.95h. ANYBODY KNOW ANYTHING? D:


Hey, where did the robot from the theater world disappear?

File: 1316826008789.jpg (484.84 KB, 750x750, eb4860e3a28a439208c07664b73…)


New feedback thread =)Original thread started by Aomizuchi! This might just be a temporary thread seeing as there might be a way to merge the old threads from the old forums, but we might have to wait a bit. For now, let's just use this.


Well, it looks like かめりあ(Camellia) wants our feedback on the game, since she'll be able to talk directly to the people in charge of it.So I thought it would be nice to have a thread about this; if you want to leave your feedback or report bugs, do it here. Also your general thoughts about the game.


Why is it taking so long for the new version come out?


Is there any due date for 2kki to be released?


File: 1319915810733.png (138.42 KB, 1600x1200, pc-yumegamen-03-13.png)

…lol. I just realized that Camellia might not even know about this thread/new board yet. Can anyone direct her to this? And could I possibly get this stickied for future reference please?

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