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File: 1353734859263.png (Spoiler Image, 5.75 KB, 640x480, kao.png)


let's get real

who else in here pronounces it in their head as "yume two-kki"
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I call it "Dream Duory".


File: 1357440887565.png (55.54 KB, 1600x1200, 1296600256422.png)

I just read it as Yume Nikki but if I ever had to say it out loud to someone I'd distinguish it as Yume Nikki 2 or something. "Twokki" sounds ridic IRL.


File: 1357614341155.jpg (16.03 KB, 327x460, tense.jpg)

i say yume doskki :T

because dos is two in spanish… sometimes yume tsukki


Whenever I say "Yume Two-kki" my Mom always laughs. So, yeah, I guess it does sound ridiculous in real life! I'm still going to say it that way, though! LOL


Yume Kikki it is. I'm not a native english speaker, so two-kki doesn't sound natural. I don't know why I prefer kikki, though.

File: 1357589264259.gif (2.37 KB, 135x175, Urotsuki.gif)


Yume 2kki has been in development for a long time, as far as I know. And -still-, to even start up the game, it's necessary to download several other programs and change computer settings.. Bleh. Too much work; are the developers done yet? Have they translated it? Is it possible to translate the game any faster? So many questions! How long have the developers been working on this game, even?


It's at version 0.99f at the moment, so the 1.0 version should be out in a few months.
This doesn't necessarily mean that the game will be completely finished, though, and it still needs to be completely translated too, so you'll either have to be patient or just play the untranslated version with an English locale.


Oh well.. Does that have any significance? My only problem with the whole thing is how -difficult- it is to download. There's simply too much you need download; I can easily play the game in Japanese, but I can't seem to download pApplocale; and that other program… I followed the directions but I came up with an error. Sigh..

I just want it to be done so I can play it! It looks pretty fun..

Also; I don't know how to reply to certain people.. Ahem.. This is my first post on any -chan-.


I use Windows 7 and found it easiest to just change the system locale to Japanese.




The Yume 2kki wiki is very indirect with instructions, if you're having trouble, try this out. This is very clean-cut.


Type >>[post number here] in your post to reply to people. Alternatively, you can click the post number and it will automatically put it into the post.
Those are still a little outdated, because it's not necessary to install pApplocale if you have Windows Vista/7 because of the ability to change the computer's locale.

File: 1357113652357.png (198.67 KB, 418x307, WHOS THIS GUY.png)


who is this dude?


(op here)
he's got one eye and a tail and he walks pretty retardedly. i dub him VINCENT


You are very, very new


"Very, very new" is an understatement.

That dude is officially known by Tako Otoko, or Octopus Guy. You can call him Vincent, but nobody is going to know whom you're referencing.


File: 1357371451916.jpg (24.56 KB, 325x325, RageFaceLaugh.jpg)

I know a Vincent and this is hilarious.

File: 1350547120867.jpg (1.71 MB, 3156x2134, yume2kki.jpg)


I've drawn the chart by checking wiki's names, in ver0.098a. There still have a lot of mistake in the chart because the world is HUGE & maybe there is some way that I haven't found or it's in different version.

So I hope someone could correct the chart, or upload a better version (Japanese is ok although I don't actually know it)for somebody who needed.
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File: 1351576985260.png (71.87 KB, 1737x800, yume2kki_map_ver0098e.png)

OK here is the flowchart in ver0.098e that uploaded at yume 2kki japaness wiki side
seem like there still have a lot of map and event to explore


can anyone translate this?
it made me confuse


File: 1354969531107.png (91 KB, 1848x936, yume2kki_map_ver0098i.png)

Now is ver0.098i


Can someone translate plz?



I'm in the gradual process of doing so, but this map gets updated every time a new version comes out, so it'll take a long time. I'm going to post it of the Yume 2kki Wiki when I'm done.

File: 1326939781778.jpg (48.41 KB, 236x315, 110453.jpg)



I was playing a recentish version of 2kki and noticed the new maze resembles this. Probably intentional.


Lots of 80's RPG's had first person mazes like that. The first thing it makes me think of is Ultima.

File: 1332533414552.png (1.12 KB, 96x96, Marginal.png)


I've been wondering for a while…
… what exactly is a Marginal Vivid Worker? the wiki says it has to do with one of the books in the library, and that it's a meme on Pivix. Anyone care to enlighten me?
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I just wanna know why her eyes are bleeding and why her legs are spread like that.


She used the wrong kind of tampon and the the period blood came out the wrong way.


File: 1355353620761.jpg (26.38 KB, 300x300, 1354680293649.jpg)

inb4 the tampon is the rapist


Ran-sama "Chen, we need talk."


File: 1355446756047.png (141.01 KB, 800x600, mvw.png)

Then again, sabamiso worked in 2kki, so…
Also have a sketch of an humanized MVW.

File: 1320357559445.png (51.27 KB, 320x240, pc yumegamen 03-14.png)


Anybody got an updated effects guide? The wiki is ooooooooooold. The hand hub has been completely changed, and I can't get the invisible effect, among other.
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you can only enter the pit from the bottom. there's a small gap between the traffic cones and the trees, if i remember correctly.


File: 1339095916688.jpg (114.11 KB, 640x960, 1048257820315.jpg)

Hey, I'm playing 0.96 ver of Yume 2kki and it was difficult to find the boy effect here. But I finally found it, so here are some directions:

Enter the geometry world and find a turquoise, rather big rectangle with a door. This place will lead you to the yellow maze. You should take care to the white oval monster here (it takes you back to the geometry world). Find somewhere within the maze (which's first section is not that big as it seems to be) a black door with yellow frame. Enter it and go ahead - you'll be taken to the second section. And here you should find a place which looks exactly as in the 2nd screen. Enter here and interact with a thing in the end (1st screen). Then you should leave that place, enter again and repeat that action a few times. The circle on that thing will brighten every time. After five try, returning to the maze, you'll encounter a character as in the 2nd screen. Interact with it and - voila, you got it! I wish you good luck, because it's not very easy.

If you want to help other gamers too and publish the boy effect's new location on the YN2 Wiki, feel free use my description! (I hope it's understandable.)


First, note that the effect's location was changed a couple times in the last few versions so there's no knowing how temporary this is atm (since they reverted changes).
Second, "find" as in "find the big rectangle" is too laconic to actually act as a guide. A guide should have a direction, a waypoint, and some more directions.

Also the wiki, as every wiki on this planet, should be editable by everyone. If you really, REALLY want to make it the description, you can do it yourself.
Also, at the part with the strange light(bulb+blob=blub) you do not have to "repeat the action", as in leaving and coming back in, you just have to mash the button until it turns bright yellow and the sound effect of it changes.
I can also nitpick the grammar but there's no point to that. This isn't a real, important wiki after all.


File: 1340140007550.png (4.04 KB, 192x192, syujinkou2.png)

Does anyone know the directions to get the Invisible effect for the newest verison? The wiki confuses me a bit. And any YouTube videos I could find were outdated. I need this effect to get past that stupid Robot Gaurd to get the fairy effect so I can go into that hole in Atlantis to see the Octopus guy as well as anything else that may be in there.


I just downloaded 0.97g, the wiki worked just fine when it came to finding the invisible effect.

File: 1349486455143.png (33.76 KB, 300x224, 2092839-urotsukis_room_lar….png)


Urotsuki's computer has a file called 'data' on it, that when opened displays a bunch of percentages… I can't read Japanese, does anyone have any idea what this actually is for?
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That was my guess, actually, thank you for verifying it. I'm just not sure which percentage corresponds to what…


Perhaps the percentage corresponds to the amount of effects and wallpapers you have. Maybe the amount of places you visit adding to the music tracklist also makes the percentage higher.


File: 1350782257310.png (7.57 KB, 640x480, 2kkitranslation.png)


Oh, and if you're wondering what the "puzzle pieces" are, they're the puzzles that are unlocked in the puzzle minigame.


Is there someone who beated this game without proper understanding of Japanese? Actually I can read some simple words, like *"baiku"* or *"otokonoko"*, but can't read full sentences.

File: 1348536398896.jpg (172.43 KB, 758x1524, 1322103943623.jpg)


I'm sorry if I'm being a dipshit, but I was wondering if there was any way to make yumme 2kki open up not full screen. Could anyone help?


No, I believe. But you can switch to windowed mode (alt+enter) as soon as the Enterbrain logo shows up.


yup. you open yume 2kki with rpg maker 2k3 and then you deselect "open in full screen" in the toolbar. it works for me. or else, just press F4 in game.


File: 1348554046314.png (187.79 KB, 317x238, im.png)

1. Create shortcut for the RPG_RT.exe
2. Right click and open "Properties"
3. Click on Shortcut tab
4. In the Target section, right after the quotation mark that comes after the RPG_RT.exe, type some random shit in two pairs of quotation marks with spaces in between them (like this: "sdfkkd" "sdfksd"). These nonsense words won't affect the game but they do make sure the parameters are in order.
5. After the two words, type "Window". The whole target string should look something like this: "C:\Users\[whatever the rest of your target string looks like]\ゆめ2っき_Ver0.098\RPG_RT.exe" "sifjds" "fkdfld" "Window"

Double click on the shortcut after you're done and it should start in windowed mode. Sorry about my shit explanation.


Thanks! This worked perfectly.


Don't the newest updates have an icon that opens the game already windowed?

File: 1343056636449.png (12.24 KB, 640x480, Eyesladder.png)


Most 2kki screenshots look good for desktop images, I only realized this like a day ago, I'm gonna look for more.

Also, I kinda wonder how a game with way more areas/characters and possible symbolism doesn't get as many theories as YN, makes me a bit sad. How do you feel about this /tkki/?
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Yume2kki is a multiple creator clusterfuck, it's full of conflicting ideas, so there's no real coherent "themes" to base theories off of.


How did you make these?


I took a screenshot of the area, then resized it to fit my screen resolution. Then I just added on to the sky horizontally in MS Paint with the color of the sky so it fit it more width-wise because I have a big ass screen. It helps to use really simple areas like the Day/Night Towers.
Sorry I'm really bad at explanations.


I see what you mean
I really dont want to be that guy, but how did you scale the image without quality loss? Fraps captures my images at 640x480 and i get real shoddy results when i try to edit them


save as png or gif

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