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File: 1318371339861.jpg (219.33 KB, 900x620, 1318294462985.jpg)


There will never be a new update
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oh god i had no idea this existed

there goes my plans for doing anything remotely productive today


File: 1318542552385.jpg (51.38 KB, 407x355, 232.jpg)

>>107 Wtf? You were on the forums so long and never saw this!?


Don't worry, a new version will come out as soon as you try playing 0.095e again.



File: 1438234160280.png (43.72 KB, 640x480, gaping butthole.png)


confirmed: marginal urotsuki has a gaping anus


File: 1438236040345.jpg (118.76 KB, 600x600, 1434509711755.jpg)

Now the golden question, ubuu.
Would you?


looks more like where the appendages bend


File: 1438284356727.jpg (11.24 KB, 204x204, 1427386059250.jpg)

>dunno what you're talkin' about that looks li-
>oh god no



I'd fuck that waifu.

File: 1443181441381.png (3.2 KB, 277x156, yume.png)


every time i try to download yume 2kki nomater what kind, this always pops up after i try to install the game, does anyone know what to do?



File: 1435615368803.png (55.95 KB, 640x480, Playtime as of Jun 29th..png)


Alright people. let's compare playtimes and Stats (If you want) with each other!


File: 1435618883806.jpg (271.22 KB, 641x960, 2kki.jpg)

Here's mine.

The first line on the second window is number of steps taken I believe. Don't know the second.


Days of sleep: 402 (I had trouble translating this)
Play Time: 57 Hours, 17 minutes, 5 seconds.

Number of Steps: 0610639 Steps
Kills: 1040 Times

I think.


I started playing maybe around ver 0.96, but every time I download an update, I start a new game. I usually wait a few months or for a major update because they like to be very active with minor updates.
Because of this, i've only seen one ending tbh.

File: 1438131864188.png (23.58 KB, 640x480, if i sit she changes back.png)


found a rather amusing glitch in v 0.103f

in the hot spring, if i equip an effect and then unequip it, urotsuki changes into her regular outfit. she changes back into the swimsuit if she sits down.

i guess it messed something up because afterward every time i made urotsuki sit on the ground she'd change into her swimsuit, regardless of location, even outside of the dream world.

it's easily fixed by reentering the hot spring and leaving again, but not being one to waste an opportunity, i took some screenshots first.
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File: 1438132462342.png (27.44 KB, 640x480, i wouldn't swim in there.png)

"i don't wanna swim in this pool it looks gross and smells like dead things"


File: 1438132617233.png (19.13 KB, 640x480, yay sprinklers.png)

playing in the fountains


File: 1438132717574.png (9.36 KB, 640x480, this pool is cold.png)

"i may be freezing my ass off but at least i'm cute"


File: 1438133304152.png (13.69 KB, 640x480, they appear to be fascinat….png)

"hey guys now that you can see how hot i am can you let me go?


why do my feminine wiles never work?"


oh cool neat find

File: 1436197044563.png (3.82 KB, 96x96, Wolf Child Effect.png)


Stick two Effects together to make a new one.
Here's Child/Wolf.
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File: 1438333854721.png (4.03 KB, 96x96, Effect_wolf.png)

Red Riding Wolf


Almost. Just merge these two and we'll have little red riding wolf.


File: 1438342007257.png (1.3 KB, 96x96, 1436197044563.png)

Little Red Riding Wolf, just for you.


Your contribution is highly appreciated.
Now if only this makes it officially.


File: 1438348736543.jpg (171.37 KB, 1024x760, if_only__if_only_by_wahyaw….jpg)

If only, if only…

File: 1336112131216.png (16.34 KB, 640x480, New NPC.png)


This should be a thread for new things found in future versions of Yume 2kki I found this NPC with white clothes in Madotsuki's Dream Apartments in v0.097. Also Wave Up the minigame is back with a menu but is currently unplayable.
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Statue is Owl


File: 1363307281555.png (147.73 KB, 566x478, IlikewherethisisgoingMedic….png)

>open Yume 2kki
>unzip your pants
>whip out your dick



Based on that, the fact dedp also worked on an ED, and that he made much of the dark museum, I can assure myself he has developed a liking for the odd and macabre. Either that, or went insane helping this game.


I have no idea how this works, but this is the first thing I've ever posted on a chan site. Anyways, do you know what all the switches in the debug menu (F9) do? I can't really read japanese and I finally figured out how to do it (I Wish I saw your post earlier btw) In particular, I am interested in finding the switches for activating unused effects (I.E. Idol effect, Priestess effect, etc.) If possible. Though a full list would really be appreciated, I know it's a lot so I'm not even expecting someone to translate them all. Also which ones should not be turned off?


File: 1437185689166.png (175.2 KB, 624x310, Cariglino and K-on.png)


Late as fuck but let me give it a try.

>あの日 あのとき みたゆめの

>ちいさな部屋の ちいさな世界

And that should translate as something like this:

>The dream I saw on that day, on that time

>Has captured me in a peaceful mood
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File: 1427551071576.png (2.05 KB, 160x80, Yeris_System_Rainbow.png)


Does anyone know how to get the new menu type in this version?


Sorry the wiki's out of shape still since the new update. We're working on it.

First thing's first:


>Red Streetlight World
>Grass World
>Neon Green World
>Construction Area
>Cog Maze
>Red Nail Passage

Make sure you get to the 'outside' of the Red Nail Passage.
Look for a nail that has a paper pinned down on it. This leads you to the world you need to be in.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



I did not know this was a thing! Much thanks to you.

File: 1407675500699.gif (2 MB, 500x460, jdshfkjsdjfsdnkjfsn kd.gif)


Hello gentlemen, ladies, I tried reaching the planetarium but unfortunately I only got to this pretty little area. I still want to see the actual planetarium. Got any tips?
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Really is a beautiful place. Too bad its hard too reach.


actually i'm having trouble finding this place too what areas do i pass through?


nvm i found it


Really looks amazing…time to get back to the videogame


just found it… took me like 30 mins wow
but its so pretty, it was 100% worth it, i think its my fave area now.

File: 1427118047816.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x480, Spellingredone.jpg)


Sooo, does anyone have a save file with full effects they'd be willing to post? freash reinstall and i would really help me out.


Made the same mistake. Shoulda backed up nigga.


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