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95f is out.
Someone find what's new etc, I'm just about to head to bed.


File: 1319342321681.jpg (95.29 KB, 598x508, 1317331189755.jpg)

>My whereupon when


File: 1319348697610.png (113.12 KB, 1200x1196, 1318666994554.png)

>My whereupon when discovering nothing new


Really? There's NOTHING new in 95f?

Nothing added to the highway world? No road cones removed? No new effects…?


None that I've come across unfortunately


The creator of the Famicom world was the one who had updated. (I can't remember the creator's name off-hand—kuraud?) From what I gathered from notes translated Google Translate, another ending was added. From what I saw in RPG Maker, a few inaccessible rooms had some content changed, too. I didn't see anything else. Pretty nerve-wracking, huh?


File: 1319527020939.jpg (25.23 KB, 468x357, 1280590809537.jpg)

Wait, wait, hold the phone. Why am I seeing "Yume2kki ver0.095g part 5/5" on loda? And why are there two of these and no other parts?



Now I'm excited. I understand that life gets in the way of projects sometimes, but I really hope we're going to get a big expansion this time.

They must be somewhat close to ending it, right?


I dunno… there seem to be quite a few places that some sort of "roadblock," and some of these areas haven't been updated for months.


>>163 Yes, there are TONS of roadblocks, some of which seem to hype up to a rather large area.
The areas that haven't been updated could be abandoned eventually, or are just done either way.


I get the feeling that a bunch of areas will be abandoned. Some of them seem to function well enough as-is.


File: 1319769667771.jpg (183.96 KB, 930x772, mindfullofcat.jpg)

I was playing 0.095g today and got Ending No. 1. Are you telling me there's now another ending?

Something to do with that Mado-themed door in the parallel apartment I bet.


Already got endings? I have the 28 effects, but the game just ignores it and keeps showing that I have 26 of them. How mdo you get "ending no.1"?


where'd they move the boy effect? it's not on the wiki



Added some info to the wiki that should help you out a little.


Actually, you don't even need any effects to unlock the ending (or to even sleep for that matter). Simply try waking up twice while awake.

Also, is anyone else getting this bug which allows you to save anywhere using the empty slot in the menu? I figure it's an RPGmaker thing but thought I should ask.


Ah…scratch that. Seems to have just been a few bugs I encountered by going from .095a to .095g. I transfered the same save to .095d and then to .095g and things were back to normal (ending and the bug, sorry).


Ah. I forgot to mention this earlier, but if I'm interpreting the maps correctly, there seems to be seven endings currently available. One of them definitely is a work-in-progress.




Doesn't work for 095h or do I do something wrong? it didn't work actually


You're absolutely right. I doesn't work at all in .095h (might be one of the reasons for the fast update). Though, interestingly enough, you can port you game clear over from .095g and view it in the Data folder on the pc with the bottom option.


Maybe it wasn't meant to be there. They must be getting the endings done, but they're not meant to be accessed yet?
Is the debug room reachable in .95h?

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