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New board for the 2018 game.
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Happy Holidays!
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File: 1516930875737.png (131.08 KB, 270x340, spill_270.png)


I'll start off with their twitter account:
They made it @k_yumenikki
But then they realized that idiots would think K stood for Kikiyama not Kadokawa so they made it @Y_DREAMDIARY
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File: 1517101907964.png (380.05 KB, 902x502, agm.PNG)

Followed the wrong AGM. The Art Gallery of Mississauga instead of Activate Game Media.


What the fuck? How do you mess up that bad?


Is this even run by a human?


Most likely not, or they just love to retweet their own shit all the time


That's a common tactic done by companies and artists looking for people to promote their shit.

File: 1516984745790-0.jpg (57.85 KB, 1200x673, d0BPv2S.jpg)

File: 1516984745791-1.jpg (416.16 KB, 2048x1536, DUc.jpg)

File: 1516984745791-2.jpg (52.01 KB, 1200x673, FPomXMI.jpg)

File: 1516984745791-3.jpg (67.95 KB, 848x1200, iCSjdUC.jpg)


New Screenshots from the Yume Nikki Twitter
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Just fuck off.


Just look at your hands. The answer is right there.


There are so many other important things to be worried about, why waste your time worrying about the trans movement?


I think he's just fucking around


shhh I want to see just how gullible these newfags are.

File: 1516877670884-0.jpg (77.72 KB, 1192x261, JUST BURN IT ALL.JPG)

File: 1516877670884-1.png (29.96 KB, 255x255, 1495785221615.png)


This is now confirmed to be the new undertale.
Are they expecting me to pay for what essentially is a fan sequel? (even though they already exist! AND ARE FREE!!!)

I'm sorry but I can't defend this. It's just shamelessly capitalizing on the fan-base at this point. wew to believe i wasted two weeks for this
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You're placing the value of Yume Nikki too high. This isn't calculated risk. It could ruin them. You don't know how hard scandals impact Japanese companies.


Applying Western logic to an Eastern company. This is your first mistake.


We know for a fact there's new stuff in so you're already wrong there.


How does that disprove anything I said? Whatever they put, it will not be as enjoyable to me due to its art direction. Art direction is 90% of yn for me.


>new undertale
this undertale u gay, it's not fan gayme or just shit
La money for developed gayme (with help of made who made the gayme)

File: 1517349950476.jpg (118.23 KB, 809x959, DUX7EONV4AEaY7_.jpg)


Ignoring the part where they said the game will be inspired by recent Indies, I wonder what (If any) new effects we can look forward to?


So far it looks like the slime of all things has some sort of role. Also, perhaps, not all of the original effects will make it in. I'm curious about the fat effect


the fat effect fends of Masada and his rape

File: 1516892678039.jpg (614.54 KB, 1920x1080, block6_new_bg.jpg)

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^ Sourced from Dream Diary Episode 6 Podcast, but I think these details may be appreciated by others on their own.

-So this first point most already know, but the game is being developed primarily by Active Gaming Media Inc. with heavy supervision and support by Kikiyama. They're mostly a translation studio who's translated everything from No More Heroes to Soul Caliber to Little King's Story to Heavest Moon to La-Maluna. They started game development more recently to help indie studios bring games to life, IE they helped develope the recent remake of Suda51's The Silver Case, and apparently have several titles their helping develop right now. Amusingly as the site hasn't updated since Yume Nikki's announcement, but of their "Unannounced" titles it's obvious which one is Yume Nikki in retrospect. This would be their second major project that's not porting or localization after The Silver Case, though.

-The choice of art style is partially down to wanting to bring Yume Nikki to a modern audience. They knew the look of the game would be divisive to fans of the original, but they tried to respect the world of the original while doing their own take.

-The art director of the project nearly had a heart attack when he learned their next project was going to be Yume Nikki, he's a huge fan of the original.

-The game apparently has not been in development for very long, only around 8-9 months. The game started with about 4 people in-house working on it (plus Kikiyama out of house), but has since expanded to around 9-10 people. They've been crunching it a lot and been focusing to make it quality, but with their resources and many on the team being familiar with the source material and having a direct line with the creator it hasn't actually been that hard to develop. They hope to surprise a lot of people with it.

-Everyone working on the team before they started working on the project were given the task to play (or replay) Yume Nikki from start to finish before they began work on it.

-It's a sort of reboot or re-imagining of the original game. There will be more news for the game on January 31st.
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Thanks a lot lewis, looking forward the next podcast


my main issue with the project so far is everything in-game looks too plain and on-the-nose for yume nikki. nothing aside from the characters stand out; the environments all just seem like normal places. also dont like how this seems to be a 2d sidescrolling game, since that drastically limits the wide exploration the original and even the fangames had. however, i feel the claims about everyone working on the project being passionate about this game are true. its hard to trust statements like that in game development, but despite my gripes with it so far, the game still feels genuine to me which makes it very difficult to guess how the final product will turn out. im hoping those screenshots are from the calmer atmospheres of the game as to keep the others a surprise

this is a good post- while the promotional art looks like it fits the original tone of yume nikki, the few actual screenshots fit an entirely different style. its honestly just too early to decide how to feel


File: 1517204731157.jpg (101.85 KB, 1280x720, Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- e….jpg)

You've been in a coma for quite some time.Yes yes,I know,You'd like to know how long.I'm afraid it's been… 14 years


This thread is reason why Kiki killed himself.


> Would it be appropriate to call it more of a re-imagining than a remake

Which is exactly what the latest promo did

File: 1517071249763.gif (234.69 KB, 650x560, vomit.gif)


>everything about this shit
I just wanted 1.00


File: 1517085901141.png (10.01 KB, 500x500, annoyed.png)

We actually had more chances of getting an update instead of a controversial 3D remake/spinoff


I so used to this that it seems normal to me, but you're right.


Chances are an update would have caused controversy too.
But hell if it wouldn't have been nice to actually see new content in that format.


k, you're still gay.

File: 1516862464583.jpg (15.46 KB, 255x255, 1452538172990.jpg)


Guys, what the fuck happened? How could Kadokawa fuck up this badly?
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It looks like it's trying way too hard to be spoopy.


it was the best thing we could get, i hope it plays nice though because 3d games are usually really wonky


I'm going to Yume you in the Nikki.


>YN isn't known for it's visuals
That's one of the biggest reasons people like it wtf


>How could Kadokawa fuck up this badly?
It's Kadokawa. How could they not fuck anything up?

File: 1516929762814.png (7.17 KB, 226x51, new-logo.png)


Has anyone realized that this may be the debut of a brand new, 3D game making kit in the spirit of RPG Maker? Discuss your thoughts and opinions on this.


File: 1516933017843.png (21.4 KB, 834x546, _id1480586062_343178_1.png)

yeah, it's called unity and 5 hours of youtube tutorials.

i'm not totally opposed to something that would make the development process go faster for newfags, but something about the 'quantity over quality' that results from this does not set well with me.

anyone can make a game these days. i believe 'the fantabulous game' was made just to prove this point to vinesauce and vinesauce's audience?

i guess it has more to do with games not being able to reach their potential because they get lost in the sea of other, equally hopeful creations: non-traditionally developed games by people trying to draw in their audiences.

i'm pretty sure indies of this ilk are more or less solely what letsplayers make/made their livings on for a long time, though. FPS (first person spooker) hobby/portfolio games.

i think the stand-outs do eventually rise to the top, it's just that it takes them longer.

steam may not be the best example of personal projects-per-year since it includes AAA.. and a lot of indies are too modest to expose their proof-of-concepts on the greenlight.


also worth noting, unity prefabs are just as drag n' drop as rpgmaker is when it comes down to it.

with both of them, if you want anything more than the games default program, you're gonna have to mess around with ruby/unityscript/c#


Yes, but Kadokawa would have the audacity to make their own.

File: 1515886939432.jpg (29.87 KB, 554x311, yndd.jpg)

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Hey, it's kinda strange there's no thread for the NEW YUME NIKKI GAME?! (or the Steam release of the original)

Here's a link to the countdown site for the new project:

I wonder if that's when the new game release? Or will we just get teased with another trailer or something? Also the name game is being published by Playism, cool! I hope the creator can make some money.

And here is the extended trailer for the new project! Crazy looking stuff, very excited. We're very lucky to get another game after so many years… hopefully this site can continue to live too.

I guess the new project is called "Yume Nikki: Dream Diary" which is obviously interesting because the subtitle is just the English title. I guess this could be in part to recognize the game's fan-base in English speaking countries, and makes it clear the new title will be marketed to us too.
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The power to timetravel to when the picture was taken.


The photo looks like a girl(that looks like a hair, an ear, and a hand to me) in some building ,like a school or hospital or some shit like that.


Younger Madotsuki?


That's a fucking sick, twisted reference, but I won't pretend I didn't get it.


not gonna lie, i thought the same thing when i saw it…

File: 1516853920853.jpg (111.72 KB, 1440x767, IMG_20180124_231011.jpg)


1 more hour left. Fuck homework fuck work fuck anything your doing the countdown is almost over!!!!!


Its around 2 hours left not 1, im retarded


I was so confused because my countown still said 3 hours. Turns out it has a tiny bit of lag that builds up if you leave the page open for a long time.


Wondering if there will be a demo like that post mentioned here


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