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New board for the 2018 game.
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^ Sourced from Dream Diary Episode 6 Podcast, but I think these details may be appreciated by others on their own.

-So this first point most already know, but the game is being developed primarily by Active Gaming Media Inc. with heavy supervision and support by Kikiyama. They're mostly a translation studio who's translated everything from No More Heroes to Soul Caliber to Little King's Story to Heavest Moon to La-Maluna. They started game development more recently to help indie studios bring games to life, IE they helped develope the recent remake of Suda51's The Silver Case, and apparently have several titles their helping develop right now. Amusingly as the site hasn't updated since Yume Nikki's announcement, but of their "Unannounced" titles it's obvious which one is Yume Nikki in retrospect. This would be their second major project that's not porting or localization after The Silver Case, though.

-The choice of art style is partially down to wanting to bring Yume Nikki to a modern audience. They knew the look of the game would be divisive to fans of the original, but they tried to respect the world of the original while doing their own take.

-The art director of the project nearly had a heart attack when he learned their next project was going to be Yume Nikki, he's a huge fan of the original.

-The game apparently has not been in development for very long, only around 8-9 months. The game started with about 4 people in-house working on it (plus Kikiyama out of house), but has since expanded to around 9-10 people. They've been crunching it a lot and been focusing to make it quality, but with their resources and many on the team being familiar with the source material and having a direct line with the creator it hasn't actually been that hard to develop. They hope to surprise a lot of people with it.

-Everyone working on the team before they started working on the project were given the task to play (or replay) Yume Nikki from start to finish before they began work on it.

-It's a sort of reboot or re-imagining of the original game. There will be more news for the game on January 31st.

-Kikiyama is properly on board with the project, he worked as a designer on the project and personally signed off on everything he chose for them to move forward with on the project and contributed ideas and scrapped ideas for the original for things to be added to it. Everything has gone through and been approved by Kikiyama for this project.

-Apparently how Kikiyama got involved was not that extravagant. They used the public email on Kikiyama's site and got into contact with them. Kikiyama has received a LOT of emails over the years and is not very happy about it, they asked only for people to email them about project relevant stuff. Kikiyama will not be doing interviews or popping up online anytime soon though, they aren't getting involved with the public.

-The team doesn't know exactly what's next for Yume Nikki after this, they'll see how people receive this game first. The door is open for more Yume Nikki in the future, but that's not set in stone either.

Just some tidbits, but all very interesting.


Thanks for making this!

The most interesting thing for me in the podcast was his involvement with the devs and marketing manager. He sounds completely convinced kikiyama is involved in the project, but he also lurks here and acknowledges the skepticism. He's the best opportunity we have to really get our hands on information to analyse.

He should tell someone who knows kikiyama to do something with the website and mention it on episode 7, since the kiki from that other thread was a fraud.


That's nice and all, but that information didn't come out straight from Kikiyama's mouth (at least on a verifiable way, like their website) so it doesn't count.


Also, it's interesting how they say they want to show their own personal take on it, while having completely new people on board. Is it good? Is it bad? Will they not get it and try to make things too obvious? Or will they end up capturing the feeling of playing it for the first time?


Guess we'll just have to wait and see if kikiyama was really on board


So is this a purely western production with supervision by Kikiyama, or is it a joint production between this western studio and Kadokawa alongside Kikiyama? The latter seems a bit better, but if Kiki's really involved then it's still worth a look.


For the record, Active Gaming Media is not a Western studio. They're settled and work from Osaka, Japan. The full details we'll hopefully hear though.


I feel way better about this then


This post relieves me so much. This might actually be decent. The description makes Kikiyama seem like an asshole though.


Yeah, it was a little rough how it took such a turn.

But hey… it's just a theory


>The description makes Kikiyama seem like an asshole though.

Did you SEE what just happened in that thread with the fake Kikiyama? I can't imagine the emails they've gotten.


>Still no real evidence of connections between Kikiyama and these sharks


I mean…. There's a commercial being sold Yume Nikki game? That does actually mean they worked it out with Kikiyama as he holds the copyright for Yume Nikki, the studio in question has worked with a TON of other big name studios in the past for ports/localizations and previously did actual development on The Silver Case remake (another big cult classic working with the original creator) so they do have a reputation, and I doubt Kikiyama would be for them saying untrue things. You can go whatever level of conspiracy theorist you want, but the letters are pretty plain on the wall here.


not everything gotta be a fraud




the art style is so bad for this game its sad


I wanna see how the game looks in motion before I pass too much judgment. The screenshots make it look Silent Hill-ish. Hopefully the chasers aren't too obnoxious.


I'm just excited that this is official. It's basically Yume Nikki remastered.


This is some neat info, but it sucks to learn that Kikiyama sounds like a cunt tbh.
>lol my game got famous, fuck these people that like my work, I'm cutting off connection


Not everyone has to be an in-your-face social butterfly anon


Posts like these come from the same people who asked the fake Kiki in that thread if they had boobs or if they could play their shitty fangame.


Hi folks. Lewis here from Dream Diary. Just wanted to clarify a couple of points:

1) I don't mean to suggest that Kikiyama is FURIOUS at the fact that people have emailed the address they made publicly available. More just that, like, they get a lot of emails, and that genuinely is the address they use. It was a Playism senior manager that told the team to ease off emailing Kikiyama, not Kikiyama themselves.

2) To be completely transparent and clear about what I know of Kikiyama's involvement, here's a direct quote from the developers: "Kikiyama was involved in the design and in decisions pertaining to the game's development, and nothing is being done without their approval."

3) As someone's mentioned already, Playism is a Japanese company, based in Osaka. Meghan, who I spoke to for the podcast and who sorted/translated the devs' interview for me, happens to be English but lives and works out in Osaka too. One of Playism's goals is to unearth interesting Japanese games and bring them to a global audience.

4) I don't have any reason not to believe Meghan or the development team about Kikiyama's involvement. Main reason: As a big corporate entity, AGM are *very* unlikely to have a legal department that would be happy for their marketing department to lie about a person's involvement in the game, regardless of that person's status. It just really isn't very smart, and carries far more risk than it'd be worth. So yeah, I'm pretty convinced. I think it's an Occam's razor situation here. The simplest explanation is: Kikiyama generally keeps quiet and doesn't respond to stuff, but they're open to a chat if the right offer ends up in their inbox (see also: Project Yume Nikki, all the merch, the OST being available on Spotify and Deezer as of 2014, etc), which, y'know, fair enough!

5) I think my chances of getting an audience with Kikiyama are next to zero. I've emailed them. I've asked Kadokawa if they can set me up an interview. I've asked Playism if they can set me up an interview. Everyone's said no. I asked Meghan if an interview with Kikiyama popping up elsewhere is something I should be concerned about - whether there was a plan for them to "go public" for the first time since 2007 - and she flat-out said no, don't worry, that isn't going to happen. Meghan's been a legend, really honest and up-front with me in all our discussions, so I have no reason not to believe her on this point. When I emailed Playism the link to the person claiming to be Kikiyama, they got back to me and said they have "confirmed" that this was a hoax.

6) I'm surprised at people feeling Kikiyama comes across badly, and this wasn't my intention in the podcast at all. Honestly, my belief is there's this guy sat in Japan somewhere being a bit like "wtf has happened for the past 10 years? I'm staying WELL clear of this" - but ultimately, if someone approached you and said, "look, we're big fans, you get absolute sign-off on everything we do, but here's a big bag with a dollar sign on it - you game?" …would you say no?

Happy to answer any more questions!


Thanks for this, and I wouldn't worry about a lot of the userbase here, there's a lot of entitlement.


From what you've seen thus far what do you personally think of this new project? How do you feel it might shake up things for YN's online presence?



So, I haven't really seen any more than you. The only thing I've been privy to that perhaps others haven't so far is a press kit… which really is just a pretty PDF outlining all the stuff that's been reported. So all I can comment on is the screenshots.

I get the impression it's a real passion project for those involved. Like, it's work, but the people working on it are genuinely delighted to be doing so. I wasn't so sure about the art style at first, but I think I need to see the game in motion before passing judgement.

It's both exciting and weird that Yume Nikki is back. I remember when I first started telling a small handful of people about the podcast back in October-or-so last year, having to set the scene even with passionate gamers of "so in 2004 there was this game released…" and then to suddenly see it all over the news is odd.

The interesting thing for me will be whether the game gets updated in a less graphical sense. The thing that struck me going back to play Yume Nikki last year, for the first time in almost a decade, was… wow, this is really slow. Games, generally, have become faster and faster. That isn't necessarily a criticism or indictment. But it does make me wonder how this new version's mileage will go.


Good info, thank you for your time.


File: 1516993556672.png (1.19 MB, 709x1022, 7293926.png)

So it's a glorified fan-remake?
Also I don't know how high their budget is but good god put some effort into your assets.


>look at me I'm Diogenes.


The slow paced nature is what I love most about these Yume Nikki and it's (good) fangames so I hope the new game at least considers keeping that. Mostly I'm worried it'll be linear and small.


Why should I believe you Lewis? Why should I believe that you even are Lewis? There was literally just a thread where a guy pretended to be kikiyama. I'm not falling for it so easy this time.
>they asked only for people to email them about project relevant stuff
This sentence is vague. If this is referring to now, it could easily be a ruse to explain why kikiyama is suddenly getting involved with stuff, but hasn't responded to any emails in years. If it is referring to way back when, I don't believe that kikyama would be delusional enough to think that there would be any project related stuff when he just made some rpg maker game. There was no fan base way back then and the only reason why Yume Nikki is still relevant now are the fans. Why would he provide his email for that specific purpose when he had very little reason to believe that any big company would be interested?
>I'm surprised at people feeling Kikiyama comes across badly, and this wasn't my intention in the podcast at all. Honestly, my belief is there's this guy sat in Japan somewhere being a bit like "wtf has happened for the past 10 years? I'm staying WELL clear of this"
How hard is it to update their site with literally anything? If they were still, "active", in the way you are suggesting, plodding through emails for, "project related stuff", why couldn't they take two seconds to confirm that they are alive?
>"look, we're big fans, you get absolute sign-off on everything we do, but here's a big bag with a dollar sign on it - you game?"
Your story has literally zero evidence backing it up, so I don't buy it. Why would you even bother with a site this small anyway, "Lewis"?


Personally I think only Madotsuki's model needs serious rework. Enviroments are nice. Also, it needs better lighting and some kind of filter. Edges look too rough, materials look too woody, which I think it's the cause for it looking like Unity assets


To be honest, I don't trust the whole thing, but getting something new is nice, so I'll treat it like a 3D, above average (compared to fangames) budget fangame


Well sure, it's nice. I'm glad too.


This skepticism is getting out of hand.


kill yourself


It's really not. This gullibility is what's getting out of hand. People weren't this dumb before. By the way, has Lewis ever mentioned ubuu on the podcast? That would give this whole situation a shred of extra credibility.


God you faggots don't deserve a new game. This whiny NEET wasteland should have stayed dead.


Both you and
are obvious newfags. This level of cancer is caused solely by the people flooding in now. I can't wait for it to subside.


All of this was stuff he mentioned on the podcast. Uboachan was mentioned too at some point - Episode 5, I think?


Hmmmm. Well, if ALL of it was mentioned, somebody could have still easily restated it in this thread. If not, it's still easy to make stuff up. Until Lewis says, "I went onto Uboachan and posted there", I wont believe that this guy is really Lewis. I also still have no concrete reason to believe the actual Lewis.


Also, you'd think that if Kikiyama was really so interested in, "project related stuff", they'd either have completed Yume Nikki to version 1.0 or stated that development was over. That seems like it would be in their best interest if their eyes were really set on, "project related stuff", when sharing their email.


You people are some of the most paranoid motherfuckers ever, god damn.
And over a video game too.
One we might not even know if it's good yet. I feel like you guys are either newfags that started taking the Fraud meme too seriously or you let it seep into your heads and make you extra paranoid over nothing. The fact that you're screaming at a chill dude from an honestly neat podcast to kill himself is fucking horrendous.
Worse than most /v/ posting.


File: 1517007012731.jpg (161.49 KB, 768x768, 118b0dd445bda76ae800bc8bbc….jpg)

"You people"? Can we even be called that?
The faggots you're mentioned are just a bunch of newfags, why do you even associate us like that?


I don't buy this "those are just newfags" things anymore because the site as a whole has slowly become increasingly like this since the Merch 'fraud' shit.
It sure as hell doesn't feel like it's just newfags anymore.


We seriously don't know if the Lewis in this thread is real or not. Is it really paranoid to not immediately take somebody's word for something? It is unbelievably easy to prove that you are who you say you are. On the part of Lewis, he should understand why people would be skeptical and not try to deny that skepticism with more things that cannot be verified. I'm glad that something new is being made, but I refuse to believe something without proof and I resent claims that are made without that proof. People shouldn't take this, "don't deserve a new game", meme too seriously either.


It's just the kind of omnihating, permacynic /v/ posters that plague imageboards these years.

I give it 2 years before we achieve negativity singularity


Somebody who knows Japanese well should make a fake, believable company and email Kikiyama about selling merchandise. Right now this is the best way to test this, "project related stuff", idea.


File: 1517008101017.png (27.25 KB, 196x225, 1450837562435.png)

For all I know 98% of the people here are newfags from my perspective, since I doubt there's much users from 2010/2011.
I'll give you a little hint here: Do you like yume nikki? I suppose so, you're here. Then wait for the game. Discuss the pictures. Wonder what will come out of it. Stop bitching about people bitching, it's equally worthless and actually worse because you feed the toxic discussion.
People don't like the game shots? Well, they have an opinion, stop sperging about it. If they think it's shit then there's nothing you can say to make them think otherwise.
Do you think Kikiyama is really behind this? Then smile, because he's actually alive and well for all you know, and most importantly, active. Why get sour over the fact people don't trust some shady movement? It's shady, you can't deny it. If you can't deny it, you're on the same ground as them. The arguing is pointless, and the only reason people do it is to boost their ego or pass the time.
But if you think you're any better than them, then you're equally stupid.

Also, this podcast guy hasn't really done a good work talking about our community, he mostly mentioned the fucking discord, which is a containment chat made, what, last year? That's really, really unfair. Then complains we're *chan cultured (calling each other fags, sharing pr0ns and guro, etc) and basically demonizing us like we're the cancer of the community centered in YN.
Lewis, if it's really you, then let me tell you something: you don't know or even understand our community, so don't go about talking shit about us.


File: 1517008392785.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)

>he mostly mentioned the fucking discord
>Then complains we're *chan cultured (calling each other fags, sharing pr0ns and guro, etc) and basically demonizing us like we're the cancer of the community centered in YN.
Wait seriously? I don't have the patience for podcasts. Regardless of whether all of this is real or not, Lewis can go fuck himself.


File: 1517008909113.jpg (348.33 KB, 827x746, d27453501e000e4ac41d0a4ff7….jpg)

Podcast number 5, around minue 18 or so. I don't know exactly what he tried to say about us but that's basically the idea I've got out of it. And even so, to ignore 10 years of history is still a bit insulting.

Maybe our kiki can do it.


Now that's a good idea.


File: 1517017244538.png (4.2 KB, 200x200, 114472-200.png)


I did mention the Discord. I also stressed - and this is a quote from the script - "The vast majority of people I've spoken to, on Reddit and on Uboachan, have been awesome." Elsewhere I talk about the community being made up of "really interesting, really cool people." I also mentioned Uboachan in literally every other episode. There's about two minutes of digging into negative stuff, in podcast content totalling more than two-and-a-half hours.

But yeah, I'm not comfortable with homophobic or racial slurs, regardless of whether or not they're a part of 'chan culture. That's not a thing you're gonna get an apology for, I'm afraid.

If anyone wants to verify my identity, feel free to email yumenikkipodcast@gmail.com (which if you have a google you'll see is the address I've been using to gather info for the show since last year), or tweet me @gameifyouare



File: 1517040966750.jpg (55.57 KB, 528x552, 1516479588672.jpg)

you're either with us or against us

you baka


Well, this is imageboard culture. Unless even more newfags come and change it into a completely different culture (reddit: anoynymous edition) it won't change. It's older than the modern fad of being politically correct, and it wont give a shit about it. Of course, you are free to like it or dislike it.



No intention of trying to change it, just reporting on what I find.


We don't need your approval or judgment and we don't care you're triggered by the word niggerfaggot, silly normie, get the fuck out.


read >>569

He just doesn't like it. It's fine. It's the people forcing to mold everything they find into their own personal likings or actual trends what is the real problem. (aka your average normalfag)


He is not being honest, read >>559
>I'm not comfortable with homophobic or racial slurs, regardless of whether or not they're a part of 'chan culture. That's not a thing you're gonna get an apology for, I'm afraid.
As if we needed such a thing.

Our posting guideliness, which I doubt he knows about, says:
>(Seriously please don't:)Get upset at "bad" words or a little rude language, you silly faggot. Speech is free and our userbase has a dark sense of humor. Deal w/it.

This hypocrite dares to judge us by just looking at the discord chat, which:
>Is not even a year old.
>Is a containment chamber.
>Is overpopulated by newfags and outsiders.

Not that his opinion would change by lurking, but as someone else said, it's insulting and lazy to ignore a decade of events in this site and focus on that.
A lot of great things for the YN community existed because Uboachan exists, what has he done for the community? Being a self absorbed critic who feels morally superrior?


Again: I pointed out that the Discord is separate from the rest of Uboachan, stressed that it isn't representative of the vast majority of the community, and spent a total of two minutes talking about it in a 28-minute episode about the Yume Nikki community and fan base.

I'm not trying to police anyone's behaviour, or ask anyone to agree with me. But it's disingenuous to say I'm ignoring a decade of events or ignorant to how things have played out. The podcast is the result of six months of research (including both lurking on, and interviewing active users of, Uboachan), having known of Yume Nikki for a decade, and having been one of the first Western journalists to cover the game and make a wider audience aware of it.

This doesn't make me feel morally superior. But it does make me feel like I've put in the appropriate effort and care in reporting the story. If there are any specific inaccuracies or things you'd like to raise, then please do let me know - as anyone who's listened through the podcast will know, I'm more than happy to correct and clarify in a future episode if I haven't got something entirely right.

Ultimately, it's worth baring in mind that this isn't a podcast for Uboachan users or even the Yume Nikki community more broadly. It's a story told to a wider audience. Sometimes when doing that you have to simplify things, or make the decision to skip over others. Hopefully that makes some sense.

Anyway - I just popped on here because I spotted the post and wanted to clarify a couple of points from Ep6 that seemed to have been misinterpreted. I've probably said all I can on that so, once again, thanks to those who've listened to the podcast, and be sure to drop me an email if there's anything specific you'd like to discuss.


You dare? I think you misunderstood what I said, it's probably my fault because I was kind of vague, here is the whole picture:

It obviously is not a podcast about Uboachan but you mentioned it and when you mention something in such a casual and practical way, your first look on Uboachan(because that is what it was) makes a lot of people assume that is what Uboachan is as a whole.

In no way I am wanting you to say we are nice, this is not about how polite or rude Uboachan users are, but what the community is.

>Nevermind the commmunity tech service for all the fans in tumblr

>Nevermind hosting the english version most people know about
>Nevermind the costs in money people like Sei have to deal with to keep this rolling
>Nevermind inspiring other people to build their own communities about YN
>Nevermind in being the first to inform about news like old versions being sold or things like that
>Nevermind being the most chill and newfag friendly(even in times like these) imageboard in existence
>Nevermind the endless list of games, cosplay, art and music users from this site produced.
>Nevermind the translations

"Gee I was in the discord server most are nice but they say mean words sorry not sorry :>"


File: 1517075490920.png (9.79 KB, 400x400, 1462463757001.png)

I only heard episode 5 because >>503 mentions ubuu was in it. I didn't listen to all the other podcasts since I don't like or have the patience to sit through a 30-min dialogue.
Still, in that episode you talk about "the communities of Yume Nikki" and then you mention "the very first fansite about yume nikki from 2008". Uboachan was created in late 2008/early 2009 and has been active since then. A great number of the most influential/important fangames were posted here, we've hosted the english fan translation for longer than any other place, and we've constructed a cultured whose roots have been dealing with Yume Nikki or its themes for way longer than any other active community. When knowing this, to only talk about the discord and making such emphasis on otaku or imageboard culture in such a negative light for a "wider" audience isn't really fair, that's all I'm saying. To make an analogy, you're judging evangelion as if 3.33 was all there's to it. Misinterpreting local language for actual homophobic/racist conduct, or at least making it sound like that, and making it look like all that happens in ubuu is racism, guro and porn, only because the discord is shit, is extremely misleading.
We've dealt with this crap way too many times already, with bleet and other devs making it look like we're /b/ullies or something like that just because people can't take sugarcoated criticism, or because they get insulted by a bunch of newfags who don't even know anything about us.


Fwiw at least some of those points are covered in Ep7, so watch this space I guess!


>We've dealt with this crap way too many times already
Maybe that is why I am so pissed, it's not like Lewis called us names or attacked the site's image like bleet or others did(I actually think the discord server is full of faggots), but it happened so many times that anything similar makes me want to puke blood.


File: 1517078708631.jpg (498.54 KB, 844x1200, __hakurei_reimu_izayoi_sak….jpg)

>cover the game and make a wider audience aware of it
See, that was your first mistake. In today's world, information is widely available enough for everybody to find out any information they want if they put in the effort to look for it. Journalists are obolete. The only purpose they serve now is to form opinions for the masses of cattle. Anybody who wouldn't be able to find Yume Nikki by them selves without some, "informer", directly telling them about it, isn't somebody who I want to know about it. Call that elitist, but I think i'm justified in feeling that way considering the type of people who generally find out about things through some third party. I don't respect your profession Lewis. It stands for everything I am against. You don't make information easier to find, you tell your garbled interpretation of it like a game of telephone.


File: 1517079551163.png (242.16 KB, 414x594, 00.png)


God fucking dammit, this is one of the most retarded things I've ever read, and my job consist of reading retarded shit.

Did you magically learn about Yume Nikki? No, you were told by someone about it, read a little about it somewhere, saw someone discussing it, saw an image somewhere, heard some music, saw a video,… basically, you heard about it from a third party.

You sound like one of those "adults" that hate how kids behave, thinking that they were never like that. Well, sorry to break it for you, you were like that. You were one of those that didn't know about it. And someone did something that called you into this. Like every single one of us.

Yes, some people will be annoying (and really vocal), but most will be all right. That's how things have always been. You were also a newfag at some point. And when you came here for the first time, there were already people that thought of you like a bother, as someone they didn't want into this community.

I'll tell you something, though. As far as I'm concerned, and with that attitude you have of entitlement, I still don't want you into this community.


File: 1517082418936.png (150.31 KB, 359x414, 1513425360947.png)

Based Niggerfaggot


I don't think you've actually read my post.
>Did you magically learn about Yume Nikki? No, you were told by someone about it, read a little about it somewhere, saw someone discussing it, saw an image somewhere, heard some music, saw a video
Yeah, and do you know how I did that? Lurking and sifting through information on my own time. Random bits of discussion and images aren't the same as a journalist and let's players. That's what I meant by a third party. I don't think people need somebody to specifically go out of their way to inform, "a wider audience". Read more carefully faggot. Talking about stuff and posting pictures and actually generating something original is making information easier to find. Going out of your way to let everybody know that something exists because they're too stupid to look for stuff on their own, isn't.


People in these kind of subcultures are touchy whith these kind of things, because "appeal to a wider audience" is a keyphrase that 9 out of every 10 times means the original work is going to get raped into some kind of bland mess for the ADHD ridden youtube audience. It's corporate talk for "make this shit more accessible and simple so we get more customers and more money".

I'd think twice before using such a phrase, if there is geniune intention to make a good game.

Anyways this is getting too autistic, let's all hope the game is good, and wait


Forgot to say, don't interpret this as NEET hostility. We love the game, we are aware it's niche, and we've seen many other niches get overrun and turned into a mangled corpse of what they were (/v/ threads about Undertale demo way before it released come to mind)


>People in these kind of subcultures are touchy whith these kind of things, because "appeal to a wider audience" is a keyphrase that 9 out of every 10 times means the original work is going to get raped into some kind of bland mess for the ADHD ridden youtube audience.
Okay, well, I still hate journalists and let's players for being unnecessary, playing a part in drawing in the ADHD ridden Youtube audience and misrepresenting things they aren't a part because of ideological biases. Lewis hasn't contributed anything meaningful to the community centered around Yume Nikki, yet he felt entitled to shit-talk something that has. I hope the game will be good too.


You realise that what Lewis is doing is just gathering information in a single place, right? Like the wiki does, or even we do in this very same page, even if it is in a less ordered way.

He didn't buy an add in the superbowl break to talk about YN. He made a simple podcast with all the information he could find. It's not gonna break into the news, it's not gonna make thousands of people come into this web, or anything like that. It's just one of those places where you can find information if you lurk enough. Most people won't find the podcast if you don't look for it.

Just because you find no use for it doesn't mean it won't have any.

What you are saying is that no one should put effort into gathering information, since it's out there somewhere. That it's a waste of their time because people will find it out there if they are interested enough. But just like some of us stumbled into YN by seeing people talk about it (I found about it in /a/, iirc, for example), but others will find because they'll stumble into that podcast. And that is fine.

The moment when no one does anything about the game (talk, write, post here, or whatever), then we are as good as dead as a fanbase.


I already said that actually talking about it is a good thing. Talking is different from reporting. I actually don't know anything about Lewis or his podcast, i'm going off of what he said in
>having been one of the first Western journalists to cover the game and make a wider audience aware of it
>But it does make me feel like I've put in the appropriate effort and care in reporting the story.
>It's a story told to a wider audience
What I got from that is that Lewis did other stuff besides the podcast to further his goal of, "bringing YN to wider audience", and that he thinks that that in itself is a service to the community, when it's not. Generating content and discussion is a service. Making information easily available is a service. Telling people who you found yourself who you think would really appreciate the game about it is a service. When Lewis said all that it felt like he was saying that he is entitled to say whatever he wants to about ubuu because he contributed so much too. If I misinterpreted him and he only did the podcasts, he's delusional if he thinks that's anything worth feeling accomplished about.


Yeah, we are attacking him, and he got defensive.

Look for Lewys Denby Yume Nikki on google, and see the first result. April 2009.

Now, I'm not saying that means anything, but there's a chance a lot of us are here because of him. He is indeed one of the first people in the west to write about it, and while I heard about it elsewhere, who am I to know if one of the anons I read talking about it didn't hear about it thanks to Lewis? Hell if I remember how long ago I learned about Yume Nikki, so it may as well be possible.

The guy has been doing this all his life (not talk about YN, but reporting on things), he wanted to talk about Yume Nikki, and we are attacking him for it because he said something mean about the discord for 2 minutes in hours of recordings. We are not making constructive criticism, but attacking him directly (not even his work) because we don't like one thing he said.

Read what he said again. He's not saying he's right because he was here first. He said that he feels like he put the right amount of effort, but that he may still be wrong, and asked for our corrections.

I think that we are too eager to jump the gun. He came here to clarify something he said, after he went and gathered information that wasn't available for us, like his talks with this projects PR. So what the fuck are we even doing?



File: 1517090883707.jpg (36.68 KB, 394x253, smiling-bin-laden.jpg)

>All this shill
>there's a chance a lot of us are here because of him.
Wohohohoho now you are not just sucking his dick but not making sense at all.
We had a thread about this, if you knew anything about us you'd know this, go there and see where most of us came from, you make no sense and I didn't need to read more.

I wouldn't be surprised if you're just Lewis samefagging with such gigantic nonsensical shill.

Also I have some shocking news for you, imageboards knew about this, and many other niche subjects before journalists, and this guy here, Lewis' reach was not even local newspaper tier back then.


>there's a chance a lot of us are here because of him
Yeah no, and don't you dare to make this a competition about who did more for the Yume Nikki community because your precious Lewis would lose, it's like comparing an elephant to an ant.


>who am I to know if one of the anons I read talking about it didn't hear about it thanks to Lewis?
He is not Robert Fisk you know, the chances of this happening to any of us are next to zero.


Imageboards were one of the first places that Yume Nikki was picked up and image boards are what made it well-known. This spider-web theory doesn't make sense because lots of stuff was popularized by image board alone, without the help of Journalists, "bringing it to the states", like it's still the fucking 80's or something, so some fag that nobody has heard about before is very unlikely to have had a large impact on YN's popularity. Why would YN be different? By fucking 2009 the seeds were not only already planted, but they were already a tree that branched out in many directions. Journalists are worthless, obnoxious, wastes of space in today's world. Literally anybody with a blog can call himself a, "journalist". That's how low the standards have fallen.


I never said the chances were big. I said they exist. And I think you are underestimating how far one little thing can reach. I mean, hell, did you see Kikiyama's site? His reach was almost 0 when he started. But we are all here because of him. Because someone heard about it, told someone else, and eventually, this all happened.

Again, I don't know where the information I first got about the game originated from, or what path it took to reach me. And since I don't know, I'm not denying a possibility. Because these things do happen. And even if his post didn't have any influence on how I got here, can you say the same for everyone here? I doubt so. And are those people less than anyone else just because their information happened to come from a specific source (even if it went through a few steps in the middle)?

Anyway, you guys are nitpicking my whole post. Why does it matter why any of us are here? The facts remain that we are attacking someone for no fucking reason. You want to criticize his work? Go ahead. I'm only saying he deserves a fair judgment. Again, he got some info we didn't have, shared it with everyone, came here to clarify it, and we jumped on him for some shitty comment that some of you didn't even heard. I'm amazed at all the people spouting fraud, but not going and listening about this guy's actual words that are publicly available.

I don't think I said otherwise. Of course everything started at the chans. But that's one thing, and denying completely the influence one person may have had is a different one. Again, I don't know how big or small it was, but I do believe that it's impossible for not a single one of us to be here thanks to him. Hell, I'm sure some of us are here because of me, and others because of you. This is how we got here. Everyone is part of the spiderweb, as you put it. Was there someone ever that read what you posted? You are part of it.

I don't believe Lewis is better than us. But I don't believe he's worse either. That's all I'm saying.


File: 1517094568244.jpg (32.5 KB, 640x360, niggerfaggot.jpg)

Nigga, by your theory we could easily state that most people on the internet know about Yume Nikki because of Uboachan, or that I am a community hero because I reviewed Ib when it came out.

Going by your false equivalences I am possibly a hero because I reblogged a photo of a puppy andd it was found, it had a million notes, but maybe it was me!

I gotta tell you, I want to believe that you are just terribly wrong here, but you are not making this easy with all that bias, a step further and he would be Kikiyama in disguise(After Ubuu's fraudulent Kikiyama I don't know anymore)

>Why does it matter why any of us are here?

Oh it's suddenly not important anymore! You started it lmao

>I don't believe Lewis is better than us.

False, after all the bragging of his work, and also saying we're probably here because of him, as in, Uboachan, is BEYOND arrogant.

If you are a troll and want to make Lewis look bad, though, you are a genius.


File: 1517095627326.jpg (71.72 KB, 594x641, DGLI3SXUIAAtb4B.jpg)

what are you, some kind of lewis fanboy?


Christ what a shitshow.


Are you even reading what I'm saying? No, seriously. I never said all of us are here because of him. Not even most, or that we are "probably here because of him", as you said. I said some of us may be (I actually said "a lot", which I regret now. I didn't think you would be so annoying about something I said without much thought just to make an argument, without thinking about actual numbers).

And yes, of course a lot of people on the internet know about YN because of Uboachan. If Uboachan wasn't there (and nothing similar appeared to fill the gap), things would be pretty different now.

And obviously you must have made someone interested in Ib. Why did you even write your review if you didn't want that to happen?

Now, your pets example does not fit. If you were part of a web that dedicated their time to post about missing pets, and you posted actively about some of them to try and help find them, then of course I would say that you probably helped save some of them. That's the point I'm trying to make. Your influence in me being here is probably 0. But the chances that you didn't influence anyone at all if this is not your first post are also probably 0. Because I'm not the only fan. I'm not the only pet that was saved. I'm one of many. And there's no time constraint either. Someone will read eventually what you posted today. And that too will have an effect, no matter how small. Keep posting, and eventually, something will make a difference for someone. You are interacting with other people, anon.

>Oh it's suddenly not important anymore! You started it lmao

Again, read what I said. The point I was trying to make is that he's not lying about this, and that, again as I'm tired of repeating by now, like everyone who ever wrote about YN, even in chans, it probably had an influence in some of us. He's not new to the game. He didn't discover it yesterday. That was the point. You are the ones that blew it our of proportion.

But, seriously, you are all telling me about how this started in the chans, where every single post has almost no influence (or at least, one would expect so, while I disagree as I said), but someone writing a blog has no influence at all. What makes it different? Posts in chans made a difference. Blog posts made a difference. Fanart, videos, fangames, twitter posts, facebook pages, let's plays, reddit posts, and every single one of those things that you probably hate made a difference. And you hate a lot of the people that it brought us. Of course you do. I do too. But some others are all right. And I woudln't change even one single bit of it.

Well, at least I have fun writing these. But I'm one of those weird people that enjoy arguments, so whatever.


File: 1517097846712.jpg (20.81 KB, 441x401, kool aid guy.jpg)

>racial or homophobic slurs.
now i understand why you had a tranny in the first few episodes.
sorry we aren't the undertale fandom.
we didn't ask for one, or ask you to make a vapid podcast on it.
fuck you and your pseudo-smug aura. go back to tumblr and repost dying syrians and beg for money to pay for your "passion" of being boring and uninteresting"


File: 1517097897233.jpg (19.07 KB, 326x452, 246735734574.jpg)



>Not even most
Not even a small minority and possibly not even one.

>And obviously you must have made someone interested in Ib.
Then I am like the Lewis of Ib Right? I got ten likes.

>All that butterfly effect physics

Lewis.had.zero.influence, he is not influential, he never was, modern user pinkuboa in tumblr moved more Yume Nikki grounds than Lewis a hundred times, that is all.

This imageboard is bigger and more important than Lewis for the Yume Nikki community as much as you hate it.

Also all your butterfly effect rant also means that all and every single one of us is as good as Lewis because someone may have been interested in Yume Nikki because of us.


>Why did you even write your review if you didn't want that to happen?
Sometimes people just write down their opinions on stuff to try to understand exactly what they liked and disliked about something.


File: 1517098771009.jpg (104.31 KB, 865x505, explosions-header-865x505.jpg)


While I understand the rage generated after the misleading information said about this site, I would like to see what else they have to offer about Yume Nikki things, maybe they can somehow get closer to Kikiyama than the rest, I mean, contacting the devs and all that.

>offended by slurs
Hitler did nothing wrong.


EPISODE 7: How Problematic Fandoms Establish


>Then I am like the Lewis of Ib Right? I got ten likes.
Congratulations on your ten likes, anon. But remember, not everyone that read it clicked on like. I'm sure more people read it, and I'm sure that someone that didn't know about the game learned about it. Who knows, maybe they even talked to someone else about it, or they wrote another review that got more likes. Hell, maybe they even got a lot of people into the game. Or maybe nothing like that happened. But I'm not the one denying you and your work. You are doing it yourself. Hell, post your review here, and I'll send it to some people that may be interested in the game (I know you won't because you probably fear vandalizing, but I'm serious).

>Also all your butterfly effect rant also means that all and every single one of us is as good as Lewis because someone may have been interested in Yume Nikki because of us.

Ok, so you really didn't read me. I'll refresh your mind.
>I don't believe Lewis is better than us. But I don't believe he's worse either. That's all I'm saying.

>This imageboard is bigger and more important than Lewis for the Yume Nikki community as much as you hate it.

Again, I said this same thing:
>And yes, of course a lot of people on the internet know about YN because of Uboachan. If Uboachan wasn't there (and nothing similar appeared to fill the gap), things would be pretty different now.

>Lewis.had.zero.influence, he is not influential, he never was, modern user pinkuboa in tumblr moved more Yume Nikki grounds than Lewis a hundred times, that is all.

I never said he was bigger than anyone. I'm only recognizing that he was there in 2009. The argument was never about numbers.

You are writing as if I said Lewis is some kind of god. I didn't. Lewis is a normal guy that wrote something back in the day, and is writing something now. He had some conversations with the PR team, which is cool, but that's it.

Hell, Uboachan has more influence. Someone influenced Lewis to try the game. It may have even been you for all I know. But I insist. I'm not denying anyone's part in the chain.

If you publish your writing on the internet, then you want someone to read it. Otherwise, you keep it for yourself. Even if you don't hope it happens, at least you think it may happen, so you put the effort to write it where it may be read, and to make it readable (as opposed to writing personal notes that only you can understand)


File: 1517099756838.gif (389.5 KB, 260x317, b653f682eae817d27776421d27….gif)

>pretending to enjoy this because hes losing


hi nigga. im not in this argument. im just a bystander shitposting to my content


sorry, guess i misclicked


who the fuck is this lewis guy and why does he think he is important enough to have an audience with kikiyama? fuck off and leave them alone. in the eyes of this fandom you are a cockroach.


It's almost like slurs being thrown around as the punchline of every joke makes a community look like shit to outsiders or something! But you know, gotta stick to muh chan culture.


Wouldn't it be great if being labeled racists kept the normies out?


"Keeping the normies out" is such a stupid fucking concept. This is how communities stagnate and die, although I suppose people like you would prefer that.


Lewis badmouthed ubuu on his dumb podcast and when we called him out on that, he said he was justified in doing so be becuase he's super special and contributed to the community. Lewis however objectively contributed far less than Ubuu, if anything at all. His influence is also smaller than individuals on ubuu becuase ubuu as a platform has a much larger influence than him alone, and we fuel ubuu. You cannot deny this. Lewis is a faggot and he was not in the right when badmouthing ubuu. He is completely insignificant compared to an average person and does not deserve special treatment. The remote possibility of him playing a part in introducing people to YN does not abstain him and does not make him immune to our just brutalization.


t. normie
4chan stagnated and died because it let the normies in


If you weren't a newfag, you would realize that that is an insignificant part of ubuu as a whole. It is allowed and that is good.The self-righteous a poison to a community. Quality over quantity. I don't want easily offended people like lewisin here.


If you don't like it in here you can get the fuck out, faggot, since you obviously don't belong in here.
I don't know why you even post.


File: 1517103140487.jpg (38.49 KB, 500x268, virtual.jpg)

Communities 'stagnate and die' when the existing community becomes overshadowed by meddlesome tools like you. How would 1000 more of you help us? If you think you're going to save us from ourselves, you are wrong.


File: 1517103423123.gif (5.16 MB, 400x266, trainpost.gif)

Let's dial it back a notch guys, this is getting out of hand.


I work at CS. I've seen the worst of people. And I learned to navigate through a lot of shit. So let me tell you something.

When you read things, you are always centering more on the negatives than in the positives. Try to do the opposite and think: "What is the best thing this person could mean". More often than not, that's closer to the truth, and it never hurts to do so.

Now, let me ask you a question. Did you hear Lewis podcast? Because if you did, you would know that what he said about us was out of context as it was presented here.

>he said he was justified in doing so be becuase he's super special and contributed to the community

He didn't say this. He said that he feels he put enough effort into his work. He may be wrong, and maybe it wasn't enough. But it's not fair to say he didn't with something that was gotten out of context (and probably rightly misunderstood). He's not immune to criticism, but everyone, including us, should be treated fairly.
I was gonna write more, but I guess I'll stop here if you think we are getting too out of hand. Sorry for that.


File: 1517103997674.jpg (122.49 KB, 898x852, stop.jpg)

As much as I enjoy this if admin says peace then we should chill a bit from both sides.


File: 1517104369499.png (52.02 KB, 190x134, fine.png)


Ok, since I kind of derailded the thread, let me make amends.

While I think that some of the info that's coming out is cool, and the artwork looks even gorgeous, I am really worried about the fact that one of the promotional items is a knife cutout? I understand that the knife effect may have made an impact on a lot of people, but I wouldn't like it if they made it central to the image of Mado or Yume Nikki.

What do you guys think?



Been here since like 2011 actually, back around the time when Dream Vs. Dream was still looking like it was gonna be a thing. There's plenty of cool people and this is kinda the biggest YN community around. Yume Nikki was/is really important to me and this place played a major role in that. With that in mind, I just get a little frustrated sometimes seeing the kind of image this place gives off from the outside - because there *is* more to it than that…

In any case I guess I just let myself get too emotional there, so I'm sorry for that.


>This doesn't make me feel morally superior. But it does make me feel like I've put in the appropriate effort and care in reporting the story.
I don't know how you interpret this, but to me it seems like he's saying that because he was one of the first western journalists to talk abou yn, he's credible enough to have definitely not misrepresented ubuu and therefore should not apologize or take back what he said. Him being one of the first westerners to report on yn is a meaningless achievement that means nothing and gives him absolutely no more credibility or immunity to accountability. That is all.


Too late. That association is already too strong. Nothing new. Let's hope that the new game is only played by people who already know about yn. New peoples' impression of yn should come soley from the original.


You can hold hope hope if you want, but you already know that's not what's going to happen.


I know it's not new, but with Kikiyama's supposedly involved, I was expecting otherwise. I hope it's just a PR thing, and not a core element of the game or anything. So far, I'm glad it's not showing in any other promotional image.


This will be 2018 Undertale/DDLC and you know it.


That one image of Mado standing on a street with a bunch of traffic cones also has her holding a bloody knife.
Can't say I like the whole Madostabby deal but I'm not surprised either that's the angle they decided to go with.


File: 1517152378618.png (97.42 KB, 1024x730, gordon.png)

This is one of the most fucking disgusting threads I've read on any imageboard in fucking years.
You people are so delusional, insecure, and attached to a fictional property that the second any single piece of that little world you live in is challenged, or even a slight attempt is made to change it at all, you go fucking nuclear and shit your pants and scream and cry and claim that the bad men are hurting you and that you're the innocent little one trying to keep the peace.
But no, you guys fucking aren't.
I guarantee 90% of you are newfags, but the fucking fact is that this website has been infected with them ever since the Merch "FRAUD" meme, and they started latching onto a meme and turning it into a real Alex Jones conspiracy theory.
You people are either just insufferable or for the past several years you've slowly been becoming more and more paranoid about a fucking game.
And before you dare shit on me saying "I just don't care", I do.
You people couldn't separate reasonable concern and paranoia if your lives depended on it.
It's perfectly fucking reasonable to just question "Is Kikiyama really involved?"
But no, you have to scream and shout and unload you fucking thesis essays on why he's a fraud, and in all honesty I think you shit-heads like the drama now, because I only see you set impossible standards to be met to prove that Kikiyama is really involved.
He's fucking never going to update his website, e-mailing him will do nothing, nothing will happen.
You can either trust the fucking people who would probably get in a shitstorm of trouble for stealing his name, and have no good reason to, or you should shut the fuck up.
There's nothing wrong with not believing, but there is something wrong with spending all day screeching about it like a fucking child.
You people will never be pleased with any outcome you ever get and will always want more and more because you're either insatiable or you just fucking love the drama and shitstorms that ensue now, because no matter what you say, no, the things you do don't help this board.
No level of what you claim to do, your "duties" to keep out normies and newfags, fucking work. In fact it's probably drawing in more of the /v/ crowd because honestly the posting here in the past month alone has gotten worse than almost anything I see there.
You're a bunch of whiny fucking man children who can't accept when their little happy place is challenged in the slightest, even most menial ways, and will switch sides and back-pedal like I've seen at least three times each fucking thread just to always be on the "winning" side of an argument.


Just like I said before, I hope people like Matpat get ahold of the game and a bunch of "normies" pour in because it would ruin your little world. The Yume Nikki community has to evolve, even if that includes exposing it to the entire world.


Lewis was never losing. He was just failing to win over a toxic community.


>This is one of the most fucking disgusting threads I've read on any imageboard in fucking years.
>unload you fucking thesis essays
How else would you expect peopleto react when the person who seems to have been dead for ten years allegedly is now working on something new, but is unwilling to confirm themself that they are alive?Call that, "writing thesis essays", but if you expected us to smile and not question anything, you're the delusional on. If i'm suspicious of something, obviously i'll say why i'm suspicious.
>He's fucking never going to update his website
Why? How hard would it really be?
>impossible standards
A site update, impossible?
>You can either trust the fucking people who would probably get in a shitstorm of trouble for stealing his name
Would they though? What would you even consider to be a good reason?
What exactly do you think we feel entitled to? We're already satisfied with the game we have. There's really no point of a remake, but if they're going to make one, we'll obviously compare it to the original. 99% on the thread is just shitting on Lewis and from what I've seen of him, I don't think that's such a bad thing. I hopethe game will begood and if Kikiyama is. working on it that would be great. I don't anybody onthissite would deny those two things.


you just don't care


File: 1517157861632.png (1.26 MB, 1070x672, what the fuck.png)

This is one of the most fucking pointless threads I've read on any imageboard in fucking years.
You had no need to bring up an already discussed topic when the posts were already chiller and when Sei told us to tone it down. The tone of your post reeks of flamebait, you judged ubuu (and by proxy the western YN fandom over at reddit and other websites) because of 2 or so newfriends overreacting. Who cares if MatPat makes a video? As long as we keep a calm head and shoot down the autism i think we're going to be fine. Are we going to be vastly outnumbered? Yes, but with some care and time the undesirables will flock to another place.
About the KIKI thing, i do have a conspiracy theorist inside me but i don't think we're going to get an end result to the tragic tale of looking for a person who has disappeared off the wire unless we get some media coverage regarding his involvement with the project.

But to be fair uboachan always had it's snippets of the /v/ virus (mostly due to being an imageboard) there and there, except people actually argue instead of endlessly greentexting and ironically posting stuff to piss people off (except in /ot/)


File: 1517163881908.jpg (8.32 KB, 289x174, getout.jpg)

It is obvious you don't care, because Sei clearly said chill.

Don't start shit, it's over and this thread is about the postcast, so unless you have something to say about it, shut it.


File: 1517164974071.jpg (82.57 KB, 261x225, cancertacos.jpg)

I know the false Kikiyama attracted a lot of outsiders, and a few ITT are only complaining about how awful Uboachan is.

If you fuckers don't like the site, then leave, what you are doing here is deliberately derailing a thread when the admin of the site asked us to tone it down and being disruptive on purpose, you are not better than us with such dishonest intentions.

Stop derailing and discuss the postcast, if you have any complaints about our community, you are free to start a thread about your preferred pronouns in /sugg/ or /ot/.


File: 1517167837862.gif (994.34 KB, 246x180, Dancing_Ice_Cube.gif)

Sssshhhh. We're almost there guys. Here's a dancing Ice Cube to help you chill.

Rules will be enforced below this post.


File: 1517170485569.jpg (43.53 KB, 521x850, b653f682eae817d27776421d27….jpg)

YN:DD isn't a bad thing, I just think it would've been better off as its own IP. It wouldn't garner as much attention this way though, huh? Would it be appropriate to call it more of a re-imagining than a remake, based on what we've seen so far?

I'm having a hard time judging it based on the screenshots. I… can't seem bring myself to, when a few seconds of gameplay might prove that it's not as stiff as looks. They've still got a month to polish this game.

I want more than their word for it that 'Kikiyama is helping with this game,' but it seems as though that's impossible. We may very well never get solid proof. Playism has a pretty strong track record though, as far as I know? I'm going to bite my tongue and run with it for now.


Based on the screenshots, it looks like there could be some .flow inspiration.


Thanks a lot lewis, looking forward the next podcast


my main issue with the project so far is everything in-game looks too plain and on-the-nose for yume nikki. nothing aside from the characters stand out; the environments all just seem like normal places. also dont like how this seems to be a 2d sidescrolling game, since that drastically limits the wide exploration the original and even the fangames had. however, i feel the claims about everyone working on the project being passionate about this game are true. its hard to trust statements like that in game development, but despite my gripes with it so far, the game still feels genuine to me which makes it very difficult to guess how the final product will turn out. im hoping those screenshots are from the calmer atmospheres of the game as to keep the others a surprise

this is a good post- while the promotional art looks like it fits the original tone of yume nikki, the few actual screenshots fit an entirely different style. its honestly just too early to decide how to feel


File: 1517204731157.jpg (101.85 KB, 1280x720, Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- e….jpg)

You've been in a coma for quite some time.Yes yes,I know,You'd like to know how long.I'm afraid it's been… 14 years


This thread is reason why Kiki killed himself.


> Would it be appropriate to call it more of a re-imagining than a remake

Which is exactly what the latest promo did

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