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New board for the 2018 game.

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What about that Masada pic?
Why does it turn into an item?
I went and visited everyone i could think of but no one accepts it


I have a feeling that won't work, since it's marked as a Red item, which means it's sold out anyway. The 100 yen drink becomes red after buying it, too. (unless it's red unless you have enough to pay for it, I suppose)


I can think of three reasons why the Masada picture is in the game. Obviously, it's anyone's guess as to why it's in the game, but this is just what I think.

1. It's there to tease some kind of upcoming DLC.

2. It was originally meant to be used for something, but the developers didn't have enough time to add what they wanted to add.

3. It's there for bragging rights.

I mean there wont be any harm in trying, right? I'd say it's at least worth a quick investigation.


It was red until I had enough. I was unlucky enough to have to hunt for the last coin.


Sounds legit.

File: 1516942088546.png (552.05 KB, 1280x937, 5e8.png)


What are your favorite Yume Nikki theories /yndd/?
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>Pink (blood) Sea
>You travel around in "balloons" (condoms)
>Seminal release at the end
>And inside the "castle" (womb) it's Poniko

Madotsuki raped Monoe with her Kyuucock-kun, left her pregnant and Poniko is their daughter WHERE IS MATPAT



Also, why would there be so much emphasis on venus symbols unless it meant something important to her? It's her gender she identifies as but not her birth gender.


Matpat was executed as a deserter of the Night's Watch back in the first book, just after the prologue. Sad stuff.

That's why Monoe was crying. Well, that and because she was raped and has a penis.


The desert villager asking for the kalimba raped Matpat.

File: 1519652678268.jpg (67.43 KB, 1920x1080, 20180223181220_1.jpg)


Better than the original in every way. Filled with nuance, substance, mechanical depth, atmosphere and incredible music. Truly a masterpiece.

SUPER NASU is the game of the century, and I look forward to seeing what crazy tech the boys cook up. Good job Kadokawa lads, give yourselves a pat on the back and a slap on the ass.
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If I piss you off more, will you make more oc?


It's not like it's in my top reasons that DD is bad (saying it's "the dumbest shit" is obviously hyperbole). However, I do feel that Super Nasu is a clear indication that the DD devs had no appreciation for the subtleties of YN, and it's the first thing after the prologue that let me know that. So I do kinda resent it.
>It being deliberaty dull probably isn't a design decision though, you are probably embracing your head canon a bit too much here. It's just a little minigame. Do mind the game was made in 2004.
I'm inclined to disagree and say that it's too little a thing with too much work put in for it not to have been included for a decent purpose. At the same time, I know you're probably right. We all give Kikiyama way too much credit. But because the original YN means so much to me, and because that meaning is so specific, I knew I was gonna have these kinds of nitpicks regardless of the quality of the end product. I was really dreading this release.


File: 1519803067990.jpg (111.21 KB, 660x496, o.jpg)

eh, I'm not pissed off, cuz these days I'm kinda not capable of feeling much anymore in the first place. if my shitposts are appreciated for some reason I can keep doing em though


I feel this entire comment so much it's a little scary.


I'm enjoying this quite a bit. And now I want to have a George Costanza shirt. I'm thinking silk screen, buttonless T.

File: 1519400856791.webm (Spoiler Image, 866.99 KB, 900x506, 1519395118094.webm)


The Uboa scene.
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Yes, they change according to lights on/off, like in the original



yes, but we can't see if other than the poster and the carpet change.

Since everything is so damn dark.


What… the fuck? They turned Uboa into a fucking jumpscare?

What a good waste of potential… Not like this game had much, to begin with.


man this game is just bad


File: 1519828343963.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, Disgusting.jpg)

I was kind of hyped on how 3D Uboa would look like, but they managed to fuck it up

File: 1519745365835.png (32.73 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


>In its original form, RPG Maker darling YUME NIKKI was a divisively controversial work among fans.

>By contrast, YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- is a collaborative show of the utmost respect for auteur Kikiyama’s seminal release.

>not mutually loved and appreciated
>not divisive and controversial
shiggy diggy
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It's almost like they barely know English.


It's almost like a massive company should be able to find somebody fluent.


It's almost like they had literal translators working in the project


It's almost like that was a stupid decision.


game is gay and homosexual

File: 1519676025819.png (367.68 KB, 393x900, yume nikki madotsuki.png)


Can somebody help post all of the promotional art and concept art that had been released through the countdown site, teasers, etc?
Asking because there were larger, hi-res, transparent versions of several characters art released on the desktop version of the countdown site that was only available in a few places, and in general a lot of the art is scattered around different places.
I'd like to get one resource going for all the high quality promo and concept art so far, as it's probably one of the best things to come out of the game.
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File: 1519779283759.jpg (336.8 KB, 1920x1080, yumenikki5.jpg)


File: 1519779359509-0.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x945, 47f8.jpg)

File: 1519779359509-1.jpg (550.69 KB, 1920x1080, 8366.jpg)


Wait that's the train dude but he isnt a cyclops here what. Why make completely wrong art? Seems the development was a mess too.


File: 1519786147146-0.png (9.37 KB, 660x523, 1.png)

File: 1519786147146-1.png (9.51 KB, 660x523, 2.png)

The appearance of that NPC changes on response to Madotsuki using the cat effect.


Yes, in the original.
But here is always a cyclops and there is no cat effect, so what's the point

File: 1519616309076.png (505.23 KB, 588x783, f692bad7e67520ec2b60700f86….png)


Like the other 60% who seems to like it, I don't care that Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- is mediocre. Overpriced? Yes. Unfaithful? Kinda. Playable? Pretty much. It's interesting to see another's take on the universe. Like the light novel and manga, it isn't a carbon copy, but another take. They never claimed it to be a faithful copy of the original. Those who like it will keep playing, and those who dislike it will eventually get bored crying over it and go away.
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I disagree.
With the manga I can say "oh, this is just a person's interpretation, at least the art's okay"
but DD is just a steaming pile of garbage with no redeeming factors


>Just saying that somebody lost the argument is a retarded tactic.
Where did they say you lost the argument? Wait, do you not know how greentext works?


Where did this 60% shit come from? Just because the Discord likes it doesn't mean the rest of Uboachan does.


Steam reviews most likely


I never said that the other person lost the argument, but
green texted that. Green text can be used in more ways than just quoting somebody.

File: 1519685431267.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, yume nikki stuck.png)


so im stuck from advancing on this puzzle. i assumed that i have drop this block unto here but now its stuck and i can not advance. I have close and reloaded the game to see if the puzzle would refresh, similar to how the docks world puzzle resets, however the block is now stuck.

Am i stuck here and messed up the puzzle or am i missing something?? Im sure i have to knock down the wall of desks but i dont seem to know how.


go back outside and use the umbrella to get back to the valve. make another ball and push it, it'll knock down the chairs so that you can advance ^^

File: 1519617510118.jpg (80.3 KB, 889x500, 1486461000472.jpg)


I need help trying to get passed a certain level on yume Nikki D.D. I cant for the life of me find the last piece of the torn picture.


Throw the thing blocking the path in the 3rd level through the stairs onto the second level, the last piece is hanging above a door and you need that thing to get it.


Thank you so much!

File: 1518464065298.jpg (80.65 KB, 1200x1040, ColinCakes.jpg)


Having a thread to contain some of the negativity might do us all some good, so I'll start:

Don't want to be an alarmist, and I'm someone looking forward to this new game so far, but chances MIGHT be high that the bicycle effect is gone. The shift to 3D could mean 'shorter' areas, more complications with physics, so if they up Madotsuki's speed or even add in a running option then bicycle would be unnecessary and that headache would be gone. Another thing I noticed is that the 'chicken embryo' from the world you find the Bicycle in has been moved to the Mural World. Possibly because that world is gone now?

I don't want to believe it but it's a possibility. Just keep this in mind.
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File: 1518982416355.jpg (72.64 KB, 1024x768, DV-5C7_U0AAxiO-.jpg)

I don't think the game needs a plot but if they try to develop one, i will want a refund.


"Random = Funny" I see


You wander around, exploring and finding shit, then killing people with said shit.

If we're going to be serious for a bit, maybe this is pop was ripping off Yume Nikki a little with Viva Caligula. Just focusing on the violent aspect, which was minimal in YN. In case you were not aware.



>implying random is bad

Everything can be good if its well done. Even random humor.


My biggest fear was already confirmed.uboa was reduced to be just a jumpscare

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