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File: 1376634852523.jpeg (610.77 KB, 1740x2376, little-nemo-19051015-l.jpeg)


On october 5, 2012 I tried to kill myself. I would collect and stashpile cocktails of drugs for this very moment. I took 250mg of hydrocodone, 1080mg of carisoprodol, 200mg Valium, 10mg Xanax, and that was enough to kill me. In case it wasn't, I had about twice that amount stashed anyway.

I ate them all and used takka to chase it. Then just put some iced tea into a cup, and was stipping iced tea by the computerside writing my note. It started kicking in and i dont think i even started writing. However, I DID try to lock my door, but the door is wierd so you have to lift it with about two tonnes of force to get the lock to click, and so i fucked that up.

About two hours later, i woke up in the ER die. All i remember was tunnel vision and a few things being passed around me. "We got him" "Should have left him dead [in clearly my stepdads voice] crying and i bent over to the doctor and muttered "naloxone"?

Now imagine a blink of a second.

I was now in my moms room, thirteen people surrounding me, my arms folded as I laid there, totally fucked up. They were all there to see if I was alive. Wbich I was. But Im so sure I died.


Even though it probably was a really weird thing to experience unless you've been out cold for a long period of time b4 it will sorta feel like you died. The time skip is really disorienting but gives you a sort of post modernist perspective on life


Several times. Once from drug overdose and once when I was a child from an deadly illness where I laid unconscious in a fridge and my heartbeat was a straight line for a short time. I have no memory of it at all as I was too young but I heard many stories about how there was a great storm and when it stopped a rainbow appeared and everyone prayed and at that moment I healed from the brink of death, some would say this makes me a shaman in some cultures.

The one from drug overdose I remember vividly. August 2012. It began when I took too much 2c-t-7 and after intense psychedelic colorful patterns took over my field of vision delirium set in, imaginary flies everywhere around me. I believed I was dead already and a ghost. In the ER I battled imaginary demons and spoke in tongues repeating letters and digits, saw a demon with the head of a man, a cat, and a frog. Sounds began to echo loudly and darkness took over as I went through a tunnel seeing past lives and traumas all come together as one. I saw the other side, brighter than anything I have ever seen, beneath the sky a cat like being looking down at me with love. Suddenly I got pulled back in to my old body and found myself being injected with stuff. I recall wishing I had stayed there.


I haven't, but that page from Nemo (which is fantastic btw) reminds me of HP Lovecraft's Dreamquest to Unknown Kadath, which is a must-read for anyone into mystic stuff. It's honestly far better than his cthulu mythos, it's just not as memeable.

File: 1349117412136.png (166.42 KB, 450x340, Conspicuous broad-brimmed ….png)


Post real experiences (if possible, personal stories; Though "Friend-of-a-friend" creepy stories would be fine if they are pretty good). Everything is allowed:

-Bad dream experiences (Such as Night terrors, Sleep paralysis or OBEs),
-Haunted Places
-Other creepy stuff.


So, let me start with something that have happened to me last night.
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>Talking with a girl who claims to house a demon within her body.
>Demon gives me it's sigil for protection (since we become pretty close).
>Instructed to hang it above my bed as I sleep.
>Do so and one night I wake up to it violently swinging back and forth (no wind in the room)
>It falls to the bed as if it was slapped down
>Sit in ring of salt for like 2 hours because I'm frightened


The Grey Sheepherder sounds better.

>Sit in ring of salt for like 2 hours because I'm frightened
2 hours? I wouldn't have slept in the room, maybe even the house, for the next week.


File: 1492914629030.jpg (598.26 KB, 1536x2048, where's the cat....jpg)

It has been a long time but I’ll leave some more stories here that I can manage to remember, at least the ones that feel more fitting. Sorry for the long delay in posting them.

The event in this story didn’t happen to me, but instead to my mom. She told me this one together with some others one late night when we were talking about weird dreams. I’ll try to write it as better as I can remember it.

One time, when she was a teen, she went to a friend’s house to pass the night. That night it would be with them a cousin of her friend that my mother didn’t knew very well. They had to sleep in the same bedroom, a room in the house that had two beds. My mother stayed in the single bed, while her friend and her cousin shared the double bed. Nothing unusual happened and the three fell asleep without any problem, till, already late at night, my mother woke up.

It was sudden. Even though she is a light sleeper, didn’t seem to be any reason for this early awakening. Not a noise, or light, or anything, her mind just unreasonably thought a good idea to be alert instead of resting. The room was dark, she could barely see anything. Feeling tired, she turned in bed to try falling back to sleep, and was now facing the other girls’ bed. It was so dim she could barely see them besides their shapes, so she didn’t notice right away something off with them. There were three people on the bed instead of two now. There was a dark figure at their bed’s farther side, leaning over her friend’s cousin.

My mother immediately froze, unable to think about anything else, and of even taking her eyes off the figure. She felt right away the scene seemed upsetting, unnatural. Once her eyes got used to the lack of light, she noticed it was an old woman, dressed in all black as a widow, with an arm stretched to the girl’s head. Her hand was laid on her face, gently stroking it in a loving manner, motherly-like. The woman’s expression seemed heartwarming, slightly smiling, but something about her gave the idea of the moment being drown in melancholy. Then, in a very nonchalant way, the old woman raised her head and turned to face my mother. She just stayed immobile under the covers as the woman now lift her hand and stood the index finger in front of her lips, as a shush sign to tell my mother to be quiet. Then, again in a calm manner, the old lady went back to carinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Went to the Roswell Pence Rally and saw a bunch of weird critters
>On a single 50 mile stretch we saw a ton of stuff. We saw a coyote, nearly hit an owl in flight, endless bugs.
>Imagine being on a deserted road, nothing but pic related lighting the dark sky against the black desert, no other cars on what passes for a highway, gas station is 30 miles behind us. Just me and my stepdad and pupper
>only thing to keep you awake is almost hitting a deer in the desert. We saw like 20 of them, and nearly hit 5, all down the road from one another.
>We also nearly hit a herd of pecaries, desert boars. I was worried that if we hit one, would the tusk pop the tire. I didn't want to be stuck in New Mexico while besiged by pigs.
>There was enough space to drive around them though.
>We also saw a bunch of white dogs in the streets of Palo Pinto. They were in heat. Being a /ptg/ TrumpGenfag, i saw this and immediately thought that Awoo might want my cock and my life had become a meme
>Thankfully i wasn't raped by ghost doggers and we made it back home to Fort Worth safely.
Pls r8 10/10 tru story\



Nah, I'm fairly used to creepy paranormal shit so two hours in the salt ring was fine. When i was younger there was a brief period where whatever spirit in my house was becoming very restless and 14yr old me took it upon himself to try and combat it.

This of course worsened things as I really didn't know what the hell I was doing. During this period I would have doors open own their own, covers pulled off me, hear footsteps all the time, and have horrible dreams. So some flapping paper while scary doesn't really seem so bad.

File: 1492637534367.jpg (627.47 KB, 1536x1024, o-TAX-BILL-GRAVE-FRANCE-fa….jpg)


Anyone actually practice the Occult or work with energy? I've done a bit of lightwork but thats not the path for me. I'm currently reading Liber Null and Psychonaut, and practicing tarot heavy (just because tarot is an easy way to get money off people). I also communicate with various spirit guides.
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I'm his succumbis, he wrecks my pussy every day with his 10 inch cock


File: 1492909722698.png (688.19 KB, 864x1008, NAWTMILLA_succumbis.png)


I thought I'd never see this image again


File: 1492921189596.png (469.05 KB, 876x622, piggu.png)

Can you even take pictures of spirits? Also even if I could I'm not gonna post pictures of myself sucking off my spirit entity bf.


File: 1492921346053.jpg (181.26 KB, 774x450, 2015y06m03d_133634488.jpg)

Never underestimate ubuuanon, for he does not forget. He never forgets.

File: 1488332847574.gif (1.95 MB, 263x205, hurrdurr.gif)


I know this is really cliche, but what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the internet? I once found a site with an interview of some guy who snuck into a morgue and ate some dead people. Barely got away with it. There was also the videos made by that hurr durr guy who was obsessed with Bjork.


File: 1488362375713.jpg (112.09 KB, 640x1136, nc4XD8w.jpg)

a guy who cut his peepee off because a girl online said so


File: 1490737331146.jpg (91.93 KB, 415x1250, 1490482604853.jpg)

uhhhh came across some child bsdm sites on tor awwile ago. i think the most gruesome one i saw was a child around the age of 2 being hung by his feet upside down naked and beaten with various things. Im pretty sure by the end the kid was dead cuz he stopped crying and just sorta went limp. Pretty brutal.



That was interesting. Thanks for sharing.

File: 1386607046550.jpg (253.25 KB, 948x843, image.jpg)


So after hanging around the Internet and Creepypasta, I came across Snuff Films. I watched a few and found them rather entertaining. I watched multiple documentaries about them too. Any of you enjoy Snuff films?

>pic not related
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Spoken like a true ideologue. Guess what? Things aren't black and white and and everything should be judged on a case by case basis. You're using the false equivalency fallacy.
>Violence on the streets would be extremely unsanitary and having someone clean up after it all the time would be massively impractical.
Did I say it wouldn't be?
>Watching violent depictions is also quite unhealthy and can cause a lot of diseases.
No it doesn't it. Watching people die doesn't spread disease. Having shit all over the place does.
>People are actually programmed to be disgusted by violence/abuse and for good reason.
No, they're not. If people eat shit they get sick and die. That's we're programmed to be disgusted by it. That's what evolution is. Not only that, but what people find gross about snuff films is less about their content and more about the fact that anybody would dare, "disrespect the dead", in such a way. Most people in America don't have a problem with people dying in movies, but they wouldn't want to see people eating shit even if it is fake. That applies to most places in the world too.
>Perversion and depravity are addictions and are actually harmful to people's minds and standard of living.
Watching people die isn't perverse or depraved. Perversion is the sexual attraction to abnormal things. Depravity comes when perversion starts to directly affect your and the people around you's quality of life. Being able to shit all over the streets would do that. Watching someone die on your computer doesn't. It starts with shitting on the streets and it escalates further and further until society crumbles. Public decency is purely reliant on people's actions, not their conversations or interests.


Also, forgot to say this, but if you like watching scat films and want to talk about them, then I don't see a problem with that. Even if it arouses you, as long as other people aren't inconvenienced by it there's no problem.


I don't know the word for this concept, but I've had this weird surreal feeling interacting with people whenever I come into it with the attitude that my morals and ideas aren't better or more just. There's almost this feeling of respect towards them. It's weird because it's not like I actively disrespected people or anything.

But, the thing I got out of this thread is to not shame people into a set of morals or shame them out of their morals (or opinions for that matter) but to merely share your ideas and express why you think that way.

The best example is the sex toy comments, I think.

>Personally, I think sex toys are for depraved people who can't just make do with their hand and have to go as far as to buy things for masturbation.

If I responded in a way that shames you like calling you a prude (much like how some people here were shaming snuff film watchers) then I'm just trying to enforce my beliefs by shaming.

However, giving reasons why someone might buy sex toys goes further. Like, I disagree with your statement, some people might have hand injuries that might make masturbating harder or even painful. Others might have difficulties with getting an orgasm. Or many other medical issues that might make masturbating or even regular sex hard to impossible. I do not think that these people are depraved. I'm just a guy who avoids the hookup culture and thought sex toys would prevent me from getting with the wrong woman. Plus, it's fun.

But I see what you mean, the amount of ideologues is staggering. People are becoming more and more divisive over their morals. And I was noticing this before this discussion, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Watching people die isn't perverse or depraved. Perversion is the sexual attraction to abnormal things.
By that logic, dead/dying people are indeed a sexual thing since necrophiliacs and gurofags exist though.


Getting aroused by death is perverse, but it isn't harmful if in moderation. As long as you don't go crazy and start killing people yourself or start spending hours jacking off to it, it's fine.

File: 1491211296399.jpeg (860.21 KB, 3000x2250, 7b28f666671b870c6ba53b3a0….jpeg)


Just found out there's a board on here for paranormal stuff. Feels good. I've been a regular on 4chan's /x/ board for a long time and others as well. I figured I'd give you guys some of the benefit of all my years of weird encounters and miscelenia. The problem is where to start…


File: 1491249919636.png (315.43 KB, 500x835, kkk.png)

KKK. When a message like this is posted it's always annoying when no actual story is included. Don't be a tease.


what do you expect from namefags?

File: 1489810189130.png (780.25 KB, 1000x982, 16 seconds of 19 minutes o….png)


Paranormal, religious texts, and philosophies are records/influences of humans with technology to live eternal life interacting with humans who were other than possessing technology to live eternal life.

People who didn't have technology to live eternal life have explained their experiences with humans who have technology to live eternal life as psi, parapsychology, paranormal, religion, and philosophy.

What I'm saying is texts of religions, histories, and philosophies are records or influenced of interactions with humans who had technology to live eternal life.
What I'm saying is humans have had technology to live eternal life since thousands of years earlier than now.

Videos below are proofs of technology to live eternal life:
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holy shit yesterday i was talking to one of my friends about paranormal and weird shit an i mentioned having seen a korean NEET who literally just stayed home with her laptop & noodles but i couldn't recall her name

thanks anon


File: 1490198156294.png (16.68 KB, 128x128, image.png)

U goys ever get so high u place yourself into other people's memetic consciousnesses through their social media presence?


You're thinking what I'm thinking? Eternal Ever Souldierr? AWEEE YEA!!!!!!!!







Moved to >>>/ot/17258.

File: 1332925056212.jpg (81.25 KB, 400x600, 1269961269639.jpg)


could someone be kind as to post the .gif where there is this monster girl spider like in appearance and anatomy being video taped in the dark sucking cock. She has many eyes and going a bit bald.

the video looks real not animated.
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Is that Chin-Chin?


Get out


Get out


get out


Get out

File: 1442617681874.jpg (61.11 KB, 1280x800, rider-in-the-spooky-forest….jpg)


oin us and lets talk spooky

We're on rizon


To join either get hexchat or mIRC

or click the kawaiiirc link below!

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Is that 4chan's /x/? They used to be cool like 2 or 3 years ago but the board went to shit, I never checked their irc though


well when this place was created over the summer it was empty and unregistered.

So far its pretty chill conv so feel free to join.


Just found this and the community is pretty neat


McBoots is gay xD


File: 1489194330042.jpg (209.88 KB, 2048x2048, zKWIJ9D.jpg)

you wish

but we back up boys come join us for spooky chit chat

File: 1319062064121.jpg (106.32 KB, 598x840, zxcvasdrfqwer.jpg)

 No.87[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

images that scare you thread go
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Damn. Got me.


damn got me too


What's up. I'm feeling like shit, and there's nothing else important to do, so I guess I'm just looking to make a friend or something.

Also, fuck sugar.


Now this, social demanding situations, are really the scariest image ever.


Ey, don't talk about sugar that way! What the fuck's your problem with sugar, huh?! I love sugar man. Sugar's my homie. Disrespect. Disrespect.

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