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Only the madman is absolutely sure.
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In case it wasn't apparent, this is a board for at least somewhat serious discussion of paranormal and occult topics. It is not another /ot/. It is not a joke board. Let's not be 4chan guys. Lame attempts at trolling will be treated as derailment. Derailment will also be treated as derailment.

Don't be a douche, don't be the guy who chimes in with how there's no such thing as ghosts and magic and the board topic is bullshit (unless that debate is relevant in that thread), and please, enjoy yourselves and have a good conversation free of the constant shut-downs to actual paranormal discussion we see on every other /x/.

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This is literally my first time on this board. I came here because I've been doing some pretty in-depth research into what might be a secret occult society. But I know that if I saw some really obvious clue I wouldn't see it. Does anyone have large images of research on secret societies, satanism, magic, or other spiritual related things, please drop them, Thanks. image is an example
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File: 1535309020226.gif (5.16 MB, 400x266, trainpost.gif)

Please keep religious debates primarily in the realm of analysis. In the first place, religion is off-topic here except in some narrow contexts, such as religious mysticism practices. Back on track please, reply to the opening post.

Also less shitposting, this is not /ot/.


File: 1535351178058.png (118.22 KB, 512x512, Illuminati.png)

Not exactly cultism or spirituality, but it's a theory about a secret society. I'm sure most of you have seen this one.


>udaism in its more proper form did not even come to be until around the 6th century BC(E) and was a polytheistic religion before instead.
>Judaism in its more proper form did not even come to be until around the 6th century BC(E) and was a polytheistic religion before instead.
Really? Source?


Ritual abuse is probably real. It's mind control via torture and forcing the victim to commit torture, mixed or interspersed with sex, drugs, and/or periods of extreme reassurance and ego building - for various reasons, this makes a person scared to leave the torturer or cult that does it, and allows the creation of programmed split personalities.


The manner in which Jerico, Ai, and other whole cities were treated. Full on genocide that would make Papa Addy proud, not calling it a 'sacrifice' is a small gesture. The entire abrahamic morality is a perverse mess of placing weakness, passive aggression, deceit, and mass killing of entire opposing cultures on a pedestal, while projecting their own vile nature onto the very culture they destroy. Additionally, if you have put any effort into reading to the talmudic literature you might realize that what the pagans are accused of is Amateur hour in terms of depravity.


Mind over matter can most simply be defined as the use of willpower or thought to overcome physical problems. Some examples would be Tibetan Monks, who can dry soaked, ice cold rags placed on them by heating up their body temperature during meditation. They can also drastically decrease their heart rate and slow their metabolism down as well. One man learned to stop the flow of blood to certain areas to keep from bleeding while in a concentration camp. Another man played imaginary golf games for nearly a decade while in a Vietnamese prison cell during the war. He just paced around with a stick, acting out games and even having pretend conversations with people he knew. When he got back home, his golf game was better than before. That last one isn't quite the same as the others, but there's no point in being too specific.

With massive dedication, or under extreme circumstances, any person can seemingly develop these powers. Even without those, the placebo effect can have remarkably positive and negative effects on people. It's not what people usually think of as paranormal, but scientists aren't fully capable of explaining it yet.

Post any personal experiences you've had with this or anything interesting you've read.


just because i rarely ever see someone appreciating this topic i will share a little experience i had.
i was able to concentrate on my left and right cheeks one night and produced a very acute feeling of pain/itch on both and maintained it till i got bored. i never read or looked into any techniques about this, all i do currently is meditation.

by the way, i think even more impressive than what you mentioned is how swami rama(yogi) was able to maintain a difference of 10C in two adjacent tissues of his hand, they can control arteries/veins individually. he could also stop his heart and lungs for 17 seconds. i read somewhere about another yogi doing it for a solid 3 minutes.
this seems all but a scratch on the surface of what we can do.


Might not be the "superpowers" you're looking for but if anyone's interested in practical and mundane yet transformative meditations here's a good place to start:



>mundane meditations
meditation is the basis of what i mentioned earlier
far far far more important is what is done mentally than just possessing some impressive trick.

File: 1316957001255.jpg (586.27 KB, 950x719, 031aka.jpg)


If there are such things as ghosts how come there are no dinosaur ghosts around?
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There are


One theory that's popular: there are various bodies that make up a being. Physical, astral, mental, etc. There's disagreement on the particulars and I'm certainly no expert, it seems to be that the astral body (one 'layer' up from the physical) is gradually discarded after death; it wears out like the physical body after a while, and drifts around, an empty husk.

Without a 'soul' to animate the astral body–and especially if someone died a horrible death, or had unresolved emotions that were very strong, or something of the sort–the astral husk gets stuck in a kind of loop, like muscle memory, repeating itself over and over. Ever heard of those ghost stories of hitch hikers, always doing the same thing and disappearing spookily by the end? Over time the brain and body grow accustomed to doing things a certain way, like digging a rut in the soil over time as you walk the same path: the grass becomes dirt, becomes a trail, becomes a path, becomes a road, until it's used so much that people decide to lay down bricks and make it a proper thoroughfare. I imagine this is how the mind works, especially when energized by strong emotion. Heavy guilt, unrequited love, especially over years, has potential to animate these astral bodies, whether or not the 'soul' is still inhabiting them.

This is just one theory, of course.

Dinosaur ghosts aren't around because, just like physical bodies, astral bodies decay too.


There are some legends of dinosaur cryptids (that might be ghosts) on the Amazonic jungle and the Australian desert, but it's just that, legends.


…they are. If you're psychically sensitive, then old battlefields, prisons, hospitals etc. are haunted as shit.


More like about a millennia as the karmic energies making up its existence slowly fades while they wait and wait for an appropriate (for their karma) womb to find rebirth until they cease to exist as a human spirit, only to be reborn– perhaps as another human, or an animal, or in one of the heavens or the many hells.

File: 1386607046550.jpg (253.25 KB, 948x843, image.jpg)


So after hanging around the Internet and Creepypasta, I came across Snuff Films. I watched a few and found them rather entertaining. I watched multiple documentaries about them too. Any of you enjoy Snuff films?

>pic not related
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>Watching people die isn't perverse or depraved. Perversion is the sexual attraction to abnormal things.
By that logic, dead/dying people are indeed a sexual thing since necrophiliacs and gurofags exist though.


Getting aroused by death is perverse, but it isn't harmful if in moderation. As long as you don't go crazy and start killing people yourself or start spending hours jacking off to it, it's fine.


Post it, anon.


Ever play manhunt?


Postal 2 with the Fudge Pack mod is also a fun oldie.

File: 1570874473312.png (127.06 KB, 721x303, Joy Of Satan.PNG)


We are all aware of some of the bullshit JoyOfSatan says, but what do you think about their Reverse Torah Rituals ?

Is it bullshit or is actually something useful and works ?

And why so many people or other types of Satanists hate Joy of Satan so much and what is the story behind it?

Im myself a Satanist-Demonolotorist but i dont understand the hate towards joy of satan
Evem V K Jehunnam did a video on them

File: 1557915713771.jpg (234.59 KB, 699x738, grug.jpg)


(pic not related)

What are some good occult books to start with?

Entry level type of stuff.
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File: 1566129335420.pdf (616.31 KB, [Ramsey_Dukes]_Ssotbme_Rev….pdf)

I'd definently recommend 'Ssotbme Revised - An Essay on Magic'

Discussions around Science, Religion and Art break down unless the fourth factor, Magic, is recognised.

Magical thought is described and contrasted with Science, Art and Religion. The dynamic relationship between them is explained. Modern magic and its role in the 21st century is outlined with respect to practices ranging from ritual magic, through alchemy to New Age therapies.


File: 1566303575483-0.jpg (1 MB, 839x1199, 1402078939563.jpg)

File: 1566303575483-1.jpg (510.64 KB, 1900x1280, 1400387668420.jpg)

Prometheus Rising is a great starting point if you suffer from the inability to the believe in anything.

The truth is out there!


This is a good source for non-Hermetic Qabalah. It gave me a wider perspective.



My recommendations for starting out in Chaos Magick, in no particular order:
* Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine
* Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman
* Liber Null by Peter Carroll
* The Psychonaut Field Guide by Bluefluke
* Principia Discordia by Malaclypse the Younger

For Qabalah:
* The Chicken Qabalah by Lon Milo DuQuette (beginner)
Followed by…
* A Garden of Pomegranates by Isreal Regardie (intermediate)


Chaos magick is cool but it seems like all the books on it are really basic?

File: 1549956208170.jpg (20.01 KB, 1224x917, local-58.jpg)


Hey guys, let's turn the channel to Local 58 and see what's on tonight.



For maximum effect, sit in the dark after midnight and watch on a TV.

All of their videos are great, I personally find Real Sleep the most unsettling.


The scare factor wears off when you realize its all fake.


life is fake you fucking dork

File: 1498127461052-0.jpeg (97.08 KB, 743x999, image.jpeg)

File: 1498127461052-1.jpeg (80.89 KB, 750x971, image.jpeg)

File: 1498127461052-2.jpeg (219.69 KB, 750x715, image.jpeg)


I knew about the photo for a while, thought i'd post it here because why not.

A random picture i took of a tree in front of a house, but after looking at it noticed a figure in the window. ( you can draw your own conclusion)

Basiclly creeped me out for a day or two then left it alone for a while.
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That is a 90% match to the possessed horse from Berserk. Not convinced with this one.


File: 1543410944989.jpeg (242.86 KB, 750x923, image.jpeg)

The horse in question. Image didn't post properly the first time.


Congrats, you're being haunted by the rape horse


File: 1562892082618.jpg (60.76 KB, 500x690, 1562820811869.jpg)

Roy would like to know its location (bronnen).


File: 1565080971611.png (705.5 KB, 750x971, atticvirgin.png)

you were probably looking at his waifu t-shirt

File: 1555572218851.jpg (148.91 KB, 800x1066, IMG_0014.JPG)


What are you supposed to do after someone bricks a portion of your mind and you are then tormented by alternate versions of reality where the alternate versions of the people you see make fun of you with cliché bullying tactics?
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If you ask a super vague and confusing question without any supporting information, you aren't going to get serious answers. Based on what little you've told us, I would suggest a banishing ritual, like the LBRP. If you had posted more information I might have better suggestions.


You might be nuts. What are cliché bullying tactics anyways? Are they stabbing you with pencils, putting yoghurt in your bags and tacks in your shoes?


I could write exactly the same question about me to a point where everyday that passes I ask myself whether I'm schizophrenic or some other shit.
Context, my situation has degraded a lot recently. It's not much compared to a lot of people but I've dropped out of a decent school because of procrastination plus inability to deal with both the amount of work piled up and the ensuing amount of stress. Haven't been doing anything for almost a year now.
People that were friend seem friendly at times but I keep interpreting things they say in a bad way, as if they were making fun of me or insinuating bad things.
When too far away to actually hear anything my brain will be able to just make shit up and be half convinced the muffled discussion were one word barely sounded like my name was about me.

>after someone bricks a portion of your mind

For me, it started gradually after I dropped out of school, at some point I was staying with them so often (since I had nothing better to do) that I realized "wtf am I doing here doing nothing smoking weed when I should be trying to figure out what to do with my fucking life", it was the tipping point where I started having anxiety
>smoking weed
>being with my friends
and I basically distanced myself from them more and more as time went by.
The paranoia peaked when smoking pretty dank shit with the closest friend later. That was the bricking part. I wondered if at some point earlier in life I hadn't smoked myself retarded, wondered if that may be related to me dropping out, wondered if I was made fun of much more than I thought and that I was just too stupid to notice. I realized that forever up until now I was "that kid" that just was lucky to never be bullied and whose weirdness went unnoticed because I was just normal enough to be on good terms with people. That lead to me wondering whether this friend of mine realized I was weird and actually way stupider than people made me out to be, and started subtly poking fun at my weirdness.
And this conclusion didn't go away when sobering up. It slowly went away, but it comes and goes, when I go see them and everything goes well, it's good and it fades even more, but if they say something that may be interpreted in favour of that conclusion it comes back atPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The /x/ part is that I seem to be being trolled as if I am a Sim where the person above me playing believes I am an unfeeling game character, and a game objective is to torture me.

Let me out if you can or turn the game off. If you knew what this felt like you would not have done this.


Has anyone here ever had their brain shut down remotely by a hive-mind psychic attack causing temporary mental retardation and genetic mutations with lasting physical damage?

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