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/x/ - Paranormal / Occult

Only the madman is absolutely sure.
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We have a pretty unique gimmick if you haven't seen it yet. :)

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This board is for the discussion of paranormal and occult topics. Please treat the discussions at least a bit seriously and don't derail threads. Otherwise, the scope is pretty broad, so have at it and don't be a dick.

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The wires of the beast of our creation run far and deep. Through endless miles of pulsing lights and oscillating copper, a network is born.
The weakest of spirits, trapped in concrete/ferrite spires. For the strongest into every home a gateway, into every city a railway system to easy targets for subjugation.
The truth is it was never intended to form a prison for the dead. It was simply met to connect the living.

Yet, if you anger the dark spirits with even an internet comment, you awaken a path into your home. In seconds, a wight across the world awakens to the indignation, and through this endless web of light and heat a pulse is sent… Inevitable, unstoppable. Through the wires we built, through the towers we arise, a path opens.

The pharoahs of old in their tombs below the Monoliths, the Ziggurats, the stepped temples could not have imagined such an easy tool for dispersal, for subjugation.

It was not until the nazi occult programmes that the true power was realised. Until in those dark halls of ceramic tile below the concentration camps gave rise to a new type necromantic power, that it was truly realised.

To simply speak is to invite into your walls that which does not lay dead.

To simply share the horror we have lived under is to have your mind invaded, catalogued, by the shades of SS, Stasi, mafia…..

Every tweet, every comment, every email, every text a perfect traceable path to the one who sent it.
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That's why I post fucked up porn. I'M not trapped in here with THEM.


take your meds


Its okay anons, I talked mad shit in his 4chan thread while it was still up. I think I got the point across

File: 1557915713771.jpg (234.59 KB, 699x738, grug.jpg)


(pic not related)

What are some good occult books to start with?

Entry level type of stuff.
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Chaos magick is cool but it seems like all the books on it are really basic?


Actually just read religious texts instead of conspiracy theorist bullshit for the love of god(s)



My recommendation is always actually to stay away from any resource to begin with, and ask yourself, how would you define the magic that you want to produce or wield?
Because once you've read an opinion of how it should work, and you've accepted that as your framework of mind whenever discussing magical items with yourself, you cease to have the chance to explore the magic of you instead of the magic of someone else. That's why Crowley got so pissed at Israel, because he wrote down every tidbit he could try to wry out of Crow and then released them as books, producing the cult family tree line of the Golden Dawn.

Or as written from the same idea but a more scientific perspective, you are priming yourself as to what it could and will be if you read somebody elses take on what it should mean to do such and such, or what it should mean to procure such effect from such an action / intent.


Liber Null and Psychonaut was my introduction and I think its perfect for that

File: 1485552657186.gif (606.91 KB, 500x388, tumblr_m6qvriarrk1qj2g8ko1….gif)


I don't like fourchin even though that would be probably a more appropriate place to post these as uboa is usually very slow, but I like this place much more.

The CIA just released a massive amount of documents these days and some are related to /x/ you should browse this section: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/collection/stargate

I'll also link here a few ones I already found:

Please help me dig through them and find the more interesting ones.


It is suspcious that I get 404'd when I click the bottom link, and none of the PDFs exist anymore, seemingly.


You can find them at the internet archive. Just copy the pdf links



is this a joke

File: 1399083054493.jpg (22.3 KB, 500x667, aewff.jpg)






File: 1577285525181.png (33.68 KB, 1534x1032, wojak.png)


please show it to us
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I am more than convinced it is fake based on the name alone.


Man what happened. I used to be able to recognize "youtubers" when I see them, but now there's seemingly a million new tubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers every day. The population must've gotten way bigger.


Isn't that just The Exterminating Angel but in a bathroom?

The thing about that is that you don't recognize them because no one talks about them. Why no one talks about them is because they're not organic things people care about, they're algo meat. They have things like "400k subscribers" (if you think the numbers aren't juiced), but those people didn't subscribe because they wanted to know what J. Random Tuber's opinions are, they subscribed because they wanted relatively pleasant noise. It's only barely a step above Zergnet.


Searched some archives & this was from April 2000. make sure to remove the extra .bak extension, leave as .mp4

i warn you tho… it won't let you delete it… :o if u see hyper realistic blood come out of ur screen smash it or you won't make it out alive, final warning bro!



It isn't real obviously (but I wish it was, and all the "recreations" are cheasy trash) and you have to be 18 to post here, reditard.

File: 1319062064121.jpg (106.32 KB, 598x840, zxcvasdrfqwer.jpg)

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images that scare you thread go
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What's up. I'm feeling like shit, and there's nothing else important to do, so I guess I'm just looking to make a friend or something.

Also, fuck sugar.


Now this, social demanding situations, are really the scariest image ever.


Ey, don't talk about sugar that way! What the fuck's your problem with sugar, huh?! I love sugar man. Sugar's my homie. Disrespect. Disrespect.




File: 1629349722913-0.png (653.96 KB, 568x544, peak_humanity.png)

File: 1629349722929-1.jpg (48.49 KB, 209x241, unknown (17).jpg)

File: 1629349722929-2.jpg (340.58 KB, 714x474, others.jpg)

Any of whatever this is.

File: 1452177242890.jpg (89.71 KB, 1280x720, 1447103851004.jpg)


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Glad I didn't download it, then.
I hate that gore = /x for some people.


Whatever floats your boat I guess.


post occult pdfs instead


The links seem to be dead now.
Anyone have what was there?


Yeah, I hate gore. Gore isn't even scary or creepy, it's just disturbing in its own way. And it makes me pretty squeamish so there's that.

File: 1349117412136.png (166.42 KB, 450x340, Conspicuous broad-brimmed ….png)


Post real experiences (if possible, personal stories; Though "Friend-of-a-friend" creepy stories would be fine if they are pretty good). Everything is allowed:

-Bad dream experiences (Such as Night terrors, Sleep paralysis or OBEs),
-Haunted Places
-Other creepy stuff.


So, let me start with something that have happened to me last night.
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File: 1599681081476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.49 KB, 1120x570, oie_Dm44dg69ztYG.jpg)

He was probably on the leaf, they have good camo index's so they blend in well. Assuming that the Caterpillar was paranormal and tp'd out of there is kind of a stretch.


Ok so while I was working at home since covid I chose to sit with my laptop in my brother's room, room vacant since he moved.
It might have been my brain making shit up since the utter boredom of my job but I saw a shadow figure cross the room very fast, it was very tall but I also saw its refection in the window, so that makes me think it was real. Never had any paranormal occurnaces in the house before.
Also that job was call center and I had some weird morse code kind of calls that day, also just incoherent static that sat there for like 30 minutes since I didn't want to do my job.


My lifetime wish/dream is that someone stalks you and stabs you repeatedly in the skull with a knife and rapes ur corpse in front of your mother's grave lol



Not really sure if I understand what happened, anon. You ended up having sleep paralysis?

File: 1621952428636.png (Spoiler Image, 2.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)



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