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Only the madman is absolutely sure.
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This board is for the discussion of paranormal and occult topics. Please treat the discussions at least a bit seriously and don't derail threads. Otherwise, the scope is pretty broad, so have at it and don't be a dick.

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Back in 2015 (i think) there was an anon posting on /b/ who said he enjoyed killing women and would reveal the identity of one if someone could guess the name of a victim correctly. subsequently he posted what appeared to be developed pics of different women, alive and dead. One of the pics was a graduation photo of a girl that was IDd by anons as Shauna Maynard. News articles stated she had been shot/dumped outside Las Vegas in 1998. Another pics showed a girl, known as "smiley girl" sitting on a bed–she was never IDd. Other pics showed a dead girl in a moving box (possibly with the writing "Jeffs Clothes"). Another pic showed a dead girl called "pager girl." There was some speculation that pager girl was Shauna but all evidence indicated this was not the case. It was thought the girl in the box may have been smiley girl based on similar clothing, build, skin tone. A barely visible pic showed a decomposed face that similar structure and hair to smiley girl. There was also a pic of a girl, "chopsticks," that OP said he had "played with."

The OP went silent for a while. He later posted pictures of a man, lying in bed, covered in blood. In one pic ("dying, dying") he appeared to be alive. In the next pic ("dead") he looked dead. There was also a pic of pager girl with her shirt pulled up exposing her bra. There was alot of speculation that this was a hoax, the main hypothesis being that someone had gotten ahold of some crime scene photos. The fact that the pictures appeared to show the man alive, then dead, did not support this however. The picture of pager girl, fully clothed initially, and then shirt pulled up to show her breasts in a sexually suggestive manner were not consistent with crime scence photos either. There was alot of discussion/investigation on /x/ but, other than IDing Shauna no other progress was made. Recently some new information came up. I dont know if it is legit or not.

The new info involves Smiley girl. I came upon this website

If you scroll down to the bottom there is an image of a newspaper article with the same photo of smiley girl. It says she was a prostitute (from minnesota originally) working in Las Vegas. Her body was found in the mountains east of LV. Her name was Margaret Hicks. If you look up the original article it does not have a pic (maybe because itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1708989224217.png (2.35 MB, 1280x1748, ClipboardImage.png)

weird, i was reading about this the other day.
did a youtuber make a video about it or something?
do you think this one is related?


File: 1709001324996.png (476.45 KB, 1349x4950, 1440216820656.png)

That was a seperate incident back in 2007. I think that guy turned himself in. The larper or killer who made picrel was back in 2015. Nobody every figured out who was behind it or if it was a hoax. But some anons pointed out the photos of the dead girls weren't crime scene photography. Csi use sim cards and digital cameras not developed film and there's always a date and time stamp with a serial number. Nobody could find these pictures online or in the papers before they were posted to /b/ except for the newspaper image which was discovered recently.

This could mean the original poster had law enforcement connections and these are the real killer's photos taken from evidence. The problem with that is the victim anons ID'd (Shauna Maynard) was found 4 months after her death and in the photo the OP provided her body is way too fresh to be 4 months post-mortem (no blackening, no decomposition). So how did he get these photos? Something doesn't add up.

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1. open Google Earth
2. go to Great Lake, Tasmania, Australia
3. head to the east side
4. zoom in
5. shit brix
swarm 1000s of tiny "censor bar" rectangles.
Pic related isn't doing it justice, there are A LOT OF THEM
Each have the same size/shape/direction, but some bars overlap others.

Wouldn't be random or a glitch as:
> most are concentrated on the eastern side of the lake
> all of the censors are in water
> no other lakes have this
> for a few of the censors, there are visible trails on the water leading up to them

So far there is nothing about this online, uboachan you now have the curse of knowledge..and some activity on this board lel
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Black squares are added to google earth images to cover up sensitive information. Allegedly, this is because they don't want "terrorists" from using google earth to scout and collect intel. Israel used to have a ton of these black spots to stop Hamas and Hezbollah using them. It turned out to be a dumb idea because a black spot was a sure fire way of knowing there was something to hide there so the whole thing doesn't really work.


Yeah there's nothing spooky about it. Here's a public list of censored sites: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_satellite_map_images_with_missing_or_unclear_data

Usually military stuff.


Update from OP: thanks for the replies <3
Half of the rectangles got covered over recently by some newer (normal-looking) images.
It's probably a bug, but what kinda program does these pix go thru that would cause this? Again, it seems to recognise terrain as none of them touch land.


File: 1705798787291.png (2.88 MB, 2026x2865, thinkinghat.png)


Which area exactly where you searching? What were you looking for? It would help to know where on the map you found these black squares.

File: 1689980682701-0.jpg (582.37 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20230720-223352….jpg)

File: 1689980682701-1.jpg (72.41 KB, 318x273, 20230720_223718.jpg)


Yesterday I was watching videos and I saw this in a thumbnail. Doesn't it look like FACE?

The video is about the strangest books, but the image never appears. Any ideas?


File: 1690124631138-0.jpg (617.6 KB, 2056x1407, BYS4a6412_codex_gigas.jpg)

File: 1690124631138-1.jpg (1.22 MB, 1924x3012, Codex-Gigas-Devil-enhanced.jpg)

I found it by reverse search on yandex. It's called the codeg gigas, the wiki page is sort of interesting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codex_Gigas

It looks more like FACE in the compressed thumbnail version due to the negative space between the arms and the head looking like part of the head, but I wouldn't completely disqualify a connection.


er diablo


la abominación de los americanos manchada
la creatura…

File: 1321897579351.png (545.14 KB, 1280x528, vlcsnap-2010-06-27-16h10m0….png)


This is the most horrifying thing that has ever happened to me. /x/ you have to help. please.

i was laying in bed one night and trying to go to sleep. nothing unusual right. except tonight…
tonight was different.

It was really dark. even the moon wasn't making light. I was feeling really uncomfortable sitting alone in my room, my part of the house was always creepy (then again… all of it has always made me so uncomfortable.), so i went downstairs, decided to grab some cereal. When i went downstairs, i waived away the notion of seeing moving shadows, as i usually do… it's all in my head right?… they're not actually there. except then I thought I heard something behind me at the top of the stairs.
I hurried my pace into the kitchen, with its safe haven of a glowing hallogen light. "okay, nothing's there. i'm just psyching myself out." and i'm pretty sure i was. the stairs creak all the time when i go down them. my house is 100 years old right? right.

so i poured my cereal into a bowl. it was the last of it so i threw out the box. i put it on the tabletop and got the milk from the fridge.
… i was really feeling paranoid so i looked behind me. nothing there.
but when i turned around…
i saw it
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File: 1689169016569.jpg (131.12 KB, 1152x1152, 1683457756230756.jpg)

Thanks for that valuable bump king




Not funny.


you dont need a king, king

File: 1702353126273.jpg (83.48 KB, 1024x686, book.jpg)


I'm hoping to talk to others about what they'd put in their own grimoire. I'm gonna be starting mine very soon and I want to hear the kind of stuff you'd lock in a magic book


I gave this guy good information about how to make magic books and mods deleted it. All you have to do to make a magic book is put a pentagram on the cover of the book. Any mod that deletes this post is hereby sentenced to death by hanging.



By pentagram I mean inverted pentagram


That's my bad, I confused that post with your other le random XD shitposting, you may post your hocus pocus tutorial freely.



File: 1703441077768.jpg (469.01 KB, 800x1422, HD-wallpaper-wicca-nature-….jpg)


Gaia is the goddess of wicca…
Any questions?

File: 1570874473312.png (127.06 KB, 721x303, Joy Of Satan.PNG)


We are all aware of some of the bullshit JoyOfSatan says, but what do you think about their Reverse Torah Rituals ?

Is it bullshit or is actually something useful and works ?

And why so many people or other types of Satanists hate Joy of Satan so much and what is the story behind it?

Im myself a Satanist-Demonolotorist but i dont understand the hate towards joy of satan
Evem V K Jehunnam did a video on them


Much of their material is plagarized.

I asked a spirit I trust if the RTR is of any use. She told me it may slightly annoy some Jews, otherwise it does nothing. I did it anyway, and nothing happened, nothing felt changed.


There is better content out there, are you an initiate?


I am a spiritual dabbler. My spirits are the only source I really trust.


Joy of Satan is good. All real. Very cool and not Nazis…

File: 1332925056212.jpg (81.25 KB, 400x600, 1269961269639.jpg)


could someone be kind as to post the .gif where there is this monster girl spider like in appearance and anatomy being video taped in the dark sucking cock. She has many eyes and going a bit bald.

the video looks real not animated.
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What is the story behind the spooder girl in the gif?

Also does it have an OnlyFans account?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's Metal Gear



File: 1700327703086.jpg (391.41 KB, 1600x1067, 1413844497164.jpg)


OHMAIGAAAAA where is it??

File: 1692286226980.png (26.25 KB, 248x255, 1546888291347.png)


I've been trying to search this tulpa cult that I've met around the time of 2014-2016 era around skype that I wanna reconnect.
as for the members, I hope you're doing well and I'm sorry for the regretful comments I've made towards you as I will feel the burden of my sins of my younger self weight upon me as I die one day but for this moment, this burning guilt, I miss you so much that I feel this regret that's rearing it's ugly head as my tulpa speaks to me about wanting to find them.
pic unrelated


I do hope you reconnect, anon. Though I'm unsure about the moral and spiritual health of cultivating a tulpa.

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