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So it turns out that 0.096d… and wait what 0.096e have been released, but I don't see any threads about them. So here I go. I hope this thread might be able to help people download things from the new servers as well, since loda.jp is about to die. ;_;

Official site (has links to some uploaders, with raw materials and such, but isn't that important):
Official wiki (seems to be updated pretty often, check here to know when new versions come out):
Main uploader (if you hate the above link):

How to download the game: (in next post)


1. Go to that getuploader link (it's pretty slow, but it should work eventually if you're patient)
2. Scroll down past all those ads and click the "ダウンロード" button
3. If the download window doesn't pop up automatically, click the "Download now" link in the following page and enjoy waiting forever oh god it is so slow


File: 1332384700927.png (353 KB, 349x600, 25086421_m.png)

I've been waiting forever! This is so cool! You're so cool! That picture w/ madotsuki's underwear is fucking cool!


What's new?



According to the changelog, the most significant change is that the ↑V↑ minigame is no longer playable. Apart from this, some minor collision bugs have been fixed, and the flashing background has been removed from the graveyard world.


Why was that removed? :/



The minigame, or the wallpaper?

The minigame is under heavy development right now (it got a nice new main menu already), and I believe they couldn't make it playable at the time when 0.096e was released.

As for the background, I believe it has been removed because it caused the game to lag.


096d reverted the way the Boy effect is received.
Also, I got tired with 2kki. Tell me when something interesting happened.


>got tired with 2kki

Then play YN or LCDDem. They are sooo interesting and actively developed, after all.


>096d reverted the way the Boy effect is received.

Thank you, I've updated the wiki.





Lcd Dem:



That's not LcdDem at all

On the /fg/ board there is a sticky with a list of game links on it, you can find LcdDem through there.



Sorry, didn't realize post numbers were separate between boards. Here's the full link, which should work.



>0.096f is out.


fuckin hell i was almost done with —e.


i don't get these uploaders, part 1 always works, but i always get a 503 error when trying to download everything else?


So what's new in 0.096f?


wait a minute or so between downloads


The sindame wiki seems to have evolved into the other wiki too, which is a problem because things were easier to find in the previous design. Oh well.


0.096g is out and the sindame wiki went back to its old design. I don't even.


I'm pretty sure I downloaded g correctly, buttt I don't have an effects option. Hugs and kisses for the one that gives me an answer.



They're doing this to fuck with us aren't they? D':

So many new updates, is anything really being changed?



According to the changelog, it's -again- mainly a bugfix release, although there's a new map (simply called "waterway") in this release. I guess now you can ride the eye-boat to a different area, I haven't tried it yet. There is also a new minigame (Gimmick Runner).


Can't get the latest version to work, tried two three times now

ゆめ2っき_Ver0.096g\music\yumeorugo_arr2.wav の CRC が一致しません



The archive you've downloaded seems corrupt. Download and unpack everything again.


Also, a few things I've noticed in the latest verson:

-The eyeball bomb has been relocated to the day/night tower part of the maze, and is now quite easy to find

-For some reason, the chasers had been removed from the Onyx tile world.


…That's what comes up when I try to unrar it. I use AppLocale. I've replaced all of the rars twice.



You didn't try to unpack it with winrar, did you? Use the self-extracting executable that comes with it.


File: 1333753360214.png (19.93 KB, 640x480, Waterway.png)

And here is the new "waterway" map. It looks like a clean version of the sewage treatment plant in YN, and there's nothing to do here yet. Under the plant, there is a pipe with a ladder going up, but it's roadblocked.


>more effect location changes
I'm very disappointed. The maze was changed too much in the last 10 versions. Along with other things.



The eye-bomb is now easier to find, so I don't know why are you disappointed. The same with the boy effect, it has been relocated to the place were it used to be before, so you no longer need to solve any puzzle or get through any maze to get it.


You stated the exact reason I'm frustrated right there!
They ruined a perfectly good puzzle x 2


Nope, I used applocale, since if you do it with just the executable it doesn't like the yen symbol replacing slash. And I don't want to change my locale/language just for one application. I gave up and got 96g, which works.


File: 1333901320724.png (23.37 KB, 633x477, ihu.png)

Is there a map for this place? I can't even seem to find it on the wiki. I can't even remember how I keep ending up here, but I hate this place.



Regarding the chasers, I was wrong. They are still around the Onyx tile world, but it seems that they are triggered by something, so that's why they are not there in the beginning of the game.


There's no map for that area yet, but it's pretty easy to get through when you use the fairy or the spacesuit effect to fly over the small gaps. And you most likely got there from either the chocolate world, or Urotsuki's dream house.


0.096h is out as well. Boy, they're on a roll.
I wish I had my fast Internet connection back. ;_;



This is most likely another bugfix release, since there's a weird bug in the progress indicator system of 0.096g.


I do believe that isn't new. It has to do with the strange blue wiggly thing turning pink or vice versa.


why the hell Uro have so big boobs? She's 15-18, not older


Either you live in pettankoland or you just haven't been outside your room much. I've seen some nice racks on girls my age.
That aside, you don't know she's 15-18. For all you care she can be 30.


She IS 15-18, just look at Stretch effect and Baby room


This is definitely juicy Crackpot /t/heories material, however you have not convinced me.
To me the stretch effect signifies her being short (1 look at the amusement park backdoor area shows all the monsters looking at her from above etc) and as for the baby room, it doesn't say much other then "HEY GUYS THIS IS SYMBOLIC OKAY" lol


wha the hell dude (dude?) I'm just like it, and kinda surprized


(yes, I'm a d00d)
What are you surprised by? o.o
And like what?
I don't understand anything @_@


I'm like to watch Uro being busty, because usually she is drawn with DFC or else! Just amased to see OP-pic


0.097 is out for Yume 2kki




Damn. I only looked at .096i, and .097 is out!


File: 1336264552051.png (227.09 KB, 408x306, tumblr_m2ym34J1P31qzg1ve.png)

>mfw 2kki update and I now only have my dinosaur XP computer that can't change Unicode settings

Damn. Should I bother downloading this once I get my new laptop? Or did they just post yet another bugfix/LOL WE CHANGED DA EFFECT LOCAYSHUNS update?


Sure you should download it when you get your new laptop I could just inform you guys if a new version comes out


ahem, well it looks like they released 0.097a. Have a nice day.


Do note…
Cough. You're late.


ver0.097b is out


I just downloaded 97a last night!

…I haven't even gotten the chance to play it yet!

Is there just fixes in 97b? Nothing too noteworthy? Or should I download it?


It seems I can't get past the guarding robot on the Highway, so I can't catch the Fairy Effect. Does someone know how to outwit him?


Get the Invisible effect first and then you can outwit him.


there is a patch for .097c available. Splendid times for everyone.


why is this website so slow, goddamn


Sooo… how do you access the purple maze… the cones are in the way and I thought this patch would fix that. Also highway is blocked. Each patch doesnt seem to do much.


Welcome to 2kki.


Patches usually only fix some bugs that would otherwise make the game more frustrating to run than it already is. Only when they release a new version in 4 or 5-part files do you actually have any hope of previously blocked off areas being opened up.
As previously said, welcome to Yume 2kki, enjoy your stay and pointless bugfix updates.


Here's a single-file download of 0.097c with the most recent patch applied:

If all of the Japanese characters in the filenames turn into garbage characters whenever you try to extract the game, try running 7-Zip under a Japanese locale and using that to extract the game.

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