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Hey there, I've been a fan of this site for a while; I'm also a big fan of LSD, Yume Nikki and Yume 2kki. I just got an article published that explains a little bit about what I really love about these games:


I hope you enjoy it.


Interesting article, also there are other fan games out there that are almost like Yume 2kki but yet they have their own unique story line. Basically in my opinion I would say that Yume Nikki and Yume 2kki are my favortie games of all time.


So the article starts and ends with discussion about WoW and MMOs in general, has a screen from Uncharted and… whatever that is, along with this one event from 2kki, and it mentions Yume Nikki and 2kki by name once each and they're basically discussed in that one line alone.
As for the article itself, you seem to be shooting in all directions and I don't personally think you hit any target with this article. One sentence, "procedural content generation implies reuse of content", strikes me as being completely untrue. You may want to think about what games are actually trying to do, rather than what they do or do not have.
Use of words like "thaumaturgy" or "dramaturgy" seems to be tacked on, as if to show you know them.
I have never seen Yume Nikki referred to as "awful", nor have I seen anyone refer to it as "not a game".
MMOs are going through a phase these days. It's the reason for the death of plenty of them and it is a time of innovation, where the usual point-and-click grindfests are making room for more interactive, action game-like experiences. WoW is, by today's standards, an old game. Its graphics and battle systems are nearly archaic, if well done, and it has been imitated with a varied level of success many times. It seems to be reaching its twilight, as the genre shifts to a different type of gameplay.
The writing itself feels sloppy and not thought out. It's more like rambling than anything else, with no real main point that gets across. The final paragraph doesn't seem to, well, finalize the whole article, but only draw from some of it, and uses a point that is very debatable and doesn't feel like it has been proven in the article, at least not enough.

Now that this is out of the way, I don't think this belongs here. I would move it to /ot/ but I have no idea if it belongs there, either. It just doesn't feel very justified to post it here only because you shoehorned Yume Nikki, Yume 2kki and LSD into just one line of it.

Best of luck with your future articles.


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Am I the only one waiting for version 1.00 to come out and have a proper ending with connections everywhere and plenty of new places.
It's been a few months and we haven't heard anything I'm starting to lose faith


Why are you posting it on this thread, anyway?

Also, everyone is waiting for that. The endings are already there, but yeah.
It's coming along, albeit slowly, but I think it's the summer break in Japan along with the rest of the world now/soon, so it should hopefully be around soon enough. Just don't wait anxiously for it because we'll never know how long it takes until it's actually here.


Not just the endings, many things have been finished, just not accessible/visible yet.


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What a shame


File: 1339529176388.jpg (132.08 KB, 450x281, Well....jpg)

I never asked for this
Pic is me waiting for Yume 2kki 1.0


Everyone knows the final version of a YN-like (what's the name of this genre?) is always version .10


Fuck me, that's what I get for posting at midnight.

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