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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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Does anyone else feel restless/unable to relax/constantly stressed out since getting a job? It comes and goes but for the past few months it's noticeably worse. I find myself not being able to enjoy or "lose myself" in things very much. I'm always walking around just pacing, thinking - hard to focus on one thing at a time. I feel like I just can't relax even on my days off, the only exception being when I take a few days or a week off right after a weekend or something. I can only really relax when there's like 4-5 solid days between now and when I have to work next.

My job is fairly physical (I walk about 15k steps per day, lift 20-50lbs stuff occasionally, etc) and there's a lot of social interaction with coworkers so at the end of a workday I just crash and lay down in bed for an hour and a half or so after I get home, pace around and mindlessly scroll and think for a couple hours, then off to bed. Then on my days off I do much of the same and stress about having to go to work tomorrow or whenever I have to go next. I want to be able to sit down and watch something or play video games but I just can't relax and sit down. Anyone have any tips?

Fwiw, I would not say my job is particularly stressful. I am quite good at it and am one of the few people that regularly meet expectations and given quite a bit of slack whenever I make a mistake or anything. But when something does happen it does stress me out disproportionately.


File: 1680474178253.png (233.86 KB, 680x453, FrAs52AXoAARYdq.png)

I think what you're feeling is pretty standard for those with jobs, especially if you're just entering the workforce or if its one of your first jobs.
When you're jobless, such as when you're growing up or when you neet, 'work' is seen as a break from free time. Now that you have a job, you're feeling the fact that that's no longer the case, now free time is a break from work. Your holidays, weekends, etc are now just countdowns, opposed to much of what you're used to. Not even school or university is comparable because you still have ample free time in those environments.
If there's any advice to give it's to attempt to appreciate free time for what it is, that is to say, enjoy being in the moment, rather than letting the inevitability of the future work ruin that. How and how well you do that is part of growing up.
Sorry if this doesn't help, have a tortoise :-)


File: 1680500375836.gif (2.49 MB, 640x360, 1627360198423.gif)

yeah, I'm the same way. it's why I get kind of terrified whenever the time comes to get a job again. it's just anxiety or something but it's one thing to know you're pretty much just more stressed than you're used to being, and another thing to actually be able to chill out.
as said before it's honestly best to just try to live in the moment and to remember to enjoy the little things around you. you do get used to the newly raised stress level over time, at least in my experience. I tend to watch more comfy anime or replay games I've already beaten if I can't actually pull myself together enough to get into anything new and exciting- do anything you can to entertain your restlessness as long as it's fun or feels like more than just kind of killing time until it's back to work. it helps having stuff within reach like a hobby thing or a handheld console so you aren't just doomscrolling on your phone after work. your phone is probably your biggest enemy right now if it's maybe unintentionally making you feel like you're losing time to it or something. maybe read some manga or pirate a bunch of books if you find yourself stuck to it? manga tends to turn into a work break thing if I'm not talking to coworkers which also helps blend things together in a way.

TLDR; afterwork restlessness sucks but try hopping into any remotely fun or interesting thing so you aren't just scrolling, it doesn't have to be deep. it'll keep you from getting burned out over time.
also, remember to get actual sleep and try not to do the whole "revenge insomnia" thing or whatever, it'll make you feel worse over time if you do. rooting for you anon


When I got my last job I was literally having hallucinations, falling in and out of consciousness in the office, just became extremely paranoid and stressed to the point I couldn't actually relax. I stopped eating properly and lost interest in stuff I enjoy. Haven't watched an anime or read any manga in nearly 6 months. I couldn't even sleep. Getting fired was the best thing that happened to me. I dunno what the hell is wrong with me exactly? Is this what everyone with a job goes through? Because Jesus it's even worse than I thought…


I never actually recommend this but unironically microdose weed with like gummies or something if it's legal where you are and you'll feel better

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How do you even get a boyfriend or companionship?
How will I deal with the regret of never having a gf or bf.
I want to get one, but I know I'm too messed up from psychosis, BPD, autism, PTSD, and social withdrawal.
I've been NEET for 10 years and it's impossible I'll ever get a gf/bf now, I'm too fucked up and literally, everyone else is "normal".
Some guy I was talking to told me he wished he never met me and that I was sick.
How is this even fair? I only lived once and I was born in a family that fucked me up mentally.
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I enjoy reading stuff posted by anons, no matter how personal or attentionwhoring it is. All stories posted here are pretty relevant and interesting to read.


this is why I avoid looking for a gf now. It's too much drama, too messy, too stressful, too much responsibility. I enjoy living comfy. But I won't lie, it took a lot of effort to get here.


File: 1675734076108.png (2.65 KB, 172x96, ReInFaceset3.png)

i acknowledge that this is a unavoidable biological necessity of us human beings but still. how can i say it…

a disclaimer, is my first time actually answering someone so i must say that i'm kinda too logical minded to say anything but tips that might help ya in your journey(of wich i really think you can end up in a happy ending, we have the power to make decisions, this alone is enough) so, sorry if it bothers you

point 1 - as an ASD myself i now have an SO, it was kinda natural i would say, we met, we became friends and after around a year we started dating. ur problems do not make you unable to date, me and my So had problems when we met
one thing that i observed is that we both were kinda in the "same level", that's one real bottleneck. we're both kids with problems but we were trying to be better no matter what and we ended up dating partially because of that
finding people in different 'levels' is not a good idea since you'll not be compatible in the long run, even if you have lots of fun in a first moment(a chunk of online friends i had ended broken up because of that)

you'll get what you got yourself, it's a similar thing to the phrase "we are what we eat", indeed you're born in a bad place and condition but remember, we're human beings and we can do anything we want, as long as we have the hability to decide for ourselves.
That's kinda the message of No Game No Life even that it oversexualize children i fucking love this anime, because of this message and setting.

one tip that i give you is that people are essential for your journey, really. Specially when they share their side of life with you, i struggled greatly trying to live all alone but i failed, i'm not intelligent enough to do so(you must be a hardworking genius to acomplish that)
people are essential because we're people, we want to defeat our monsters to live in a society made with people for people so just like a war general we must eat the most information we can about the human condition and like a mad scientist test our hypotesis even if it means we must do "unthinkable" things for ourselves at this point in time.

even if you can't react online try getting some new friends out there, create an amino/discord/bereal/blablabla account and try socializing, one of my best social moments of my teens was trying up amino and discord, those places have very different ways to socialize
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i'm so tired of this lonely life. every single time i think someone might actually have feelings for me, i'm proven wrong again. a girl i work with has been acting really weird towards me lately - namely, she comes up to me and gropes me randomly. it just makes me feel miserable because i know she's probably just messing around with me and creating material for her to share with her friends and laugh at later. as weird as it is, i wouldn't even mind if it was at least genuine. i just hate being nothing but someone for people to laugh at. i work 5 days a week and come home to an uncared-for house because my family is too lazy to do anything. i have to clean the rooms, do laundry, dishes, clean litter boxes, feed the cats, whatever. most of the time i can ignore it and just power through and look forward to playing a new game or something. ever since this girl has started touching me i've just felt empty and lonelier than ever. i wish she would either stop or just tell me she likes me. i don't know how to explain this better. i don't want to give too much away. sorry. i just want someone to care about me


File: 1676348582174.gif (5.75 MB, 531x400, 9dc23bd5e98c98a484528c31f0….gif)

You explained yourself well enough, so don't worry about revealing too much.

Ultimately it might be best to "let the ship sink". There's only so much you can do here, especially regarding the situation with your family. It'll be hard, but you need to say something to everyone involved. Let your coworker know that her behavior bothers you. If it doesn't stop, report it to HR- what she's doing sounds like sexual harassment. Regarding your family members, sit down with them and have a conversation about cleaning. This shouldn't be your responsibility alone; everyone needs to contribute equally, and if they refuse to help then stop picking up after them.

There's always the option to switch jobs or move, but if you don't have those resources (and a lot of people don't) then there are other options you can try.

I guess I'm responding because I'm living with my parents and they don't make an effort to clean the house often, so I'm often left picking up the slack. They both work full time, and our home got flooded so they have an excuse not to. But it still frustrates me that it's become my responsibility. Reading this actually helped a lot:


I found that fic after playing Omori, and while it didn't solve the fact that our house is in the state it's in, it captured a lot of the frustration and misery I was feeling at the time, about my situation. So reading it was sort of cathartic in a way, if that makes sense.

Maybe I'm not the person you were hoping to get a response from, but my point is, people do care, and they are willing to help. It just depends on who you reach out to. I'm sorry you're forced to put up with all this mess, anon. Hopefully things will get better.

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I remembered that on one of my posts about getting into uni, I was directed towards this board when the post wasn't really about recovery. funnily enough, I do actually have something to say here now

I wasn't ever a complete NEET, I would still go to school and occasionally see friends, see my dad, et cetera. I was more in a weird grey area where while I was doing stuff, the second I got the chance, I'd recede back to where I would be most comfortable

At home, it'd be my room. at school, it would be the backwater classrooms where no actual classes were held (it was where my friends at the time hung out between classes), when visiting my dad it would be the side room with the strongest wifi. id always scurry back to hide once all the mandatory socialising was done. My family used to forget about me during the summer because I'd hide in my room all day long.

I always used to tell my miserable self that 'once I got out of school, things would change' or that 'once I could legally drink, I could see people more and talk to them without tearing my hair out'.

For the most part, that has been true. I've been out drinking with my classmates, I've been out with my family more, I'm booking my own doctors appointments instead of hiding behind my mum. It does feel great.

However, there's been a weird emptiness gnawing at me ever since I reached this point. I know I should be happy, I know I should be enjoying life, but I kind of miss being as sad as I was back when I was a teenager.

my loneliness was a sort of blanket made up of self pity and tragic backstory that I could use and wallow in. Being sad is weirdly comforting, being alone is that sad, messy blanket. I was in that messy situation for most of my teenage years, so it might be a form of nostalgia? I don't know, but I hate how much I miss it.

It's kind of hit a bad point as well. I've started listening to a lot more grim songs in order to channel my feelings somewhere, plus my writing is getting a little darker again. I used to write some dark stuff when I was at my worst, to put my feelings somewhere, but now that I'm trying to take my writing professional it might hinder me a fair bit.
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File: 1672678932938.png (162.47 KB, 478x480, kin.png)

One often finds themselves confronted with a feeling of guilt when feeling nostalgic or attached to ones own past. Feelings of emptiness and a longing for a return to how things were are all very standard procedure for what is essentially just growing as a person. You should not hate this or yourself, or feel any form of guilt, as to shy away from these feelings is to deny a part of yourself that is evidently very real. Part of maturing as a person is realizing you still have feelings for your youth and accepting that, but not allowing it to control you.
I too have recently undergone a big change in my life, and like you I find myself frequently thinking of the past and how, despite myself being miserable during those times, I really wish I could go back. Unlike you however, I had the brief chance to return to my old life, although only temporarily; And a funny thing happened during that: I quickly realized that I had left such a life for a reason, and that when I looked back on these times I romanticized and embellished them to be or have felt better than they actually were. I looked back on these awful times fondly because the life I live now is foreign and difficult, and so, in order to cope with the difficulty of adapting, I looked back on when my life was admittedly easier with rose-tinted glasses.
And so my advice to you, if you are even still checking this thread; Is to recognize your feelings, to accept them as part of you, as you as fluid as you may be are still resistant to change like all humans are, and for you to not relish in the past you clearly remember wishing to leave, nor for you to attach emotions to memories which had no emotions to begin with. To accept the burden of your currents life's difficulty and to surpass it, as that is what it means to mature as a person.

Hope this helps.


Anon here. I’ve been trying to come up with a reply to this for several days now but with no luck because you put it all so well that I don’t think words could be used again. the best word combination has been made. Everyone go home.

I’ll instead just say that this reply made me bawl in the middle of the night. thank you anon.

>I had the brief chance to return to my old life, although only temporarily; And a funny thing happened during that: I quickly realized that I had left such a life for a reason, and that when I looked back on these times I romanticized and embellished them to be or have felt better than they actually were

no joke, that’s what happened to me too when I was writing the first post. Uni’s out right now and I only left the house once or twice during christmas. I’m going out drinking with friends again soon though, and I couldn’t be more excited.

>Hope this helps

It did

File: 1587059781412.jpg (194.32 KB, 800x1178, BodhidharmaYoshitoshi1887.jpg)


For me, it was a mental breakdown which struck right at the cusp of becoming an adult, when I was 14 and on holiday with my parents. I had just left secondary school and so was approaching adulthood, and I broke down on holiday and fell so quickly ill that I felt like I was going to die. I cried holding the hands of my family as I felt the darkness was coming in, I felt certain I was dying.

But I survived, and fell into a vicious cycle of anguish and torment which has taught me the meaning of suffering. I now feel like I can only relate to people who have suffered.

So the question I want to start this thread with is: what made you withdraw? What circumstances in your life led to you shutting the blinds on society and taking to your bed? If you want to recover from being withdrawn, then what made you ill in the first place?
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I thought that once I turn 18 it would be my chance to become a normie and I tried but it didn't work, so I realized it would never happen. Plus I don't like being around people who don't like me (normies).


First I wasn't able to adapt to the new social environment in high school and I was humiliated and isolated. The first two years were really painful but gave me a lot of knowledge about myself, and my curiosity and lack of stimulation made me start to read books and learn music. But I had already acquired many bad habits (terrible sleep, excessive masturbation with disgusting porn, junk food, withdraw, etc.) and started taking antidepressants, which I'm pretty sure did me more harm than good, and all the physical and mental damage left me unable to apply what I learned to overcome my social anxiety and start getting things done (plus I still had many shitty ideas). Now I'm 20 and still in a bad situation, but things are slowly getting better.


Yeah, same here. It seems us gifted kids usually end up very successful or complete failures with nothing in between. This is why there's no mediocrity for us and self improvement is a pain in the ass.


I feel like I was naturally born to withdraw but struggled with the notion having been brought up having been told that good social skills are required for life. After a long time of forcing myself to be something I'm not and hating it, I had a breakdown over it as well as all the misfortunes in my life and just kind of shut down everything


I'm not sure. The most obvious change in me happened when I went to a new school at age 13. I was a lively kid, but couldn't make friends and got into arguments easily. I just wanted to play video games, but didn't know how to find anyone else who was interested. I felt like I was in a hositle environment. I became self-conscious of my quirks. I didn't get really bullied for them, just lightly picked on from time to time. I could't deal with my emotions and was impulsive, petty, and kinda antisocial. I didn't really have anyone I could talk to about that, not even in my family. I realised the best way to avoid humiliation was to become plain and quiet, which made me withdraw hard into online communities and defined who I am today.

On the first day of university, spending the night alone in my dormitory room, I had a breakdown, realising I was way in over my head. The lack of real life skills learned over the previous six years combined with inability to socialise ensured my three years in uni were just a protracted period of failure which ended with my dropping out.

In some ways I still feel mentally stuck around the age of 15 even though I'm a grown-ass man now. I'm learning to capture and recognise my emotions, as well as learning social skills that most people my age acquired many years ago. I'm coming back to that inner child I sealed away. I'm going beyond the embarrassment and reconnecting with who I really am, so that I can stop with my self-hate.

I got a job and moved out at 26. That forced me to talk to people and learn some social skills through trial and error. I could say that around 30 I became somewhat sociable.

File: 1614226957392.png (113.83 KB, 320x400, 51ec118a44a58abd03c6aa76f4….png)


i have been a NEET for most of the last decade, apart from a seasonal part-time job some years ago which i quit after a few months. i recently was hired full-time for a mostly WFH office job. how can i cope with suddenly having to work for eight hours a day? i can't relax because i know i'm just going to have to do it again tomorrow. i feel like i have no free time any more. what are some strategies i can use to avoid suicide? i miss those carefree days already…
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You still there and doing alright? I'm in the same position. I truly feel having part time hours while monetizing a hobby you have to make up for the unworked days feels the best emotionally.


Unfortunately this is the way almost all of us are doomed to live. There is no pause button, no meaning, no end in sight. Nearly all of your remaining waking hours on this planet will be spent toiling away as you are, in service of an entity the means nothing to you other than serving as a means of keeping you off the streets.

You will get used to it though, that's the worst part. The only card we have to play is using those fleeting hours after we clock out and the weekends to keep ourselves sane. Maybe try to meet somebody. Develop a hobby of some kind with a real skill floor and ceiling, something that'll yield long term fulfillment rather than short lived dopamine hits that leave you numb and dead inside. If you don't wanna rope, ya gotta cope. There's just no other way.


You'll get used to it.

Fucking depressing reading this but it's true.


Completely true. Our parents were baited into reproducing like all of them are. And here we are, having to live a mediocre life of wageslaving. We need to stay strong bros and never give up, we need to cope with this. Working IS NOT FUN. We are all aware of this. We need to find ways to tolerate it while looking for something better.


I love stealing paper and shit like that.
You're a student, you're not useless at all.
And why do you have to be useful? For whom? Women and employers? Enjoy your life anon. Stop thinking like that.
I admire your strength, anon. This advice is good.

File: 1665404891374.jpg (63.86 KB, 736x443, 1644748851214.jpg)


Does anyone else feel like they've lost a part of themselves after ceasing their neetdom? I don't even work a particularly strenuous job. I don't work that many hours. But when I was a NEET, even though many other people told me it was impossible, I was at least content - if not happy. I would frequently just hang out in my comfy blanket or outside on the patio and watch a series I liked or play a game I wanted to me but ever since I started wageslaving I just can't do that anymore. I'm restless. I just can't get comfortable.

I've been at this job for a couple years and honestly it's not bad. I'm one of the few non tards so I have actually gained a lot of respect and (justified) responsibility as well as basically a blank check to do whatever as long as I get my work done. Unlimited unpaid time off too. But for whatever reason even on my days off I just can't relax. I'm meandering a bit. But tl;dr, my job isn't bad and has allowed me to save up quite a bit.

Honestly, I miss being able to daydream a few hours away with fantastical stories in my head like I used to. I miss the comfy lifestyle I used to have. I miss watching videos and anime and playing videogames. I miss being able to relax without worrying about waking up early on 4-6 hour sleep for work in 48 hours.

I've thought this out and rewritten it and rewritten it for weeks. I just can't articulate it properly. I feel like I've lost a big part of myself and cannot enjoy the things that used to bring me happiness due to newfound obligations. I just can't get comfortable anymore


File: 1665429032100.jpg (280.63 KB, 1120x840, R.jpg)

i lost "it" 3 years ago after a family crisis happened and my neet life was turned upside down. then the pandemic happens and what was kinda bad got really bad. i started working again and i can't really tell, it's better in some ways than my brief still-a-neet-but-hate-my-life phase 3 years ago, and worse in other ways. i started working voluntarily because i couldn't enjoy being a neet anymore.

one thing that changed specifically because of work is "sundays." or technically thursday for me, since i work weekends. i feel a crushing weight every thursday, i start to worry about the work week ahead of me, all the way until i get there. when i'm at work it's not that bad, but the day before is a nightmare every time, i can't rest.


I understand. I miss when time was one river instead of a thousand puddles.


I get it OP, I’ve been an on and off NEET for a couple years. Before my current job I’ve only worked about 5 months in two years. I now have two months at this temp job and I’ve found what you’ve said to be true every single time I’ve worked. I think it’s that, when you’re NEET, you KNOW you have time. I don’t know about you but every time I’ve had a job the workday usually drags on (my current job feels like it goes by a lot faster than my other ones) and time spent at home goes by way faster than it should to the point it actually stresses me. I know that’s just how it is but it’s worse than I feel it is for most.
Maybe being NEET at all just screws you over with things like this. When you try and relax like you did as a NEET it can’t ever be the same because now you know whether in the back of your mind or if it’s all you can think about that work is right around the corner. I don’t think work is a necessarily bad thing either, it’s just way more difficult with mental illness. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, you name it that shit makes life in general significantly harder. Atleast as a NEET you have the time and you can take how ever much you need which can make the healing process of mental illness easier but while working the tiredness and dread only takes a lot of you out of you.
I’m not the best to put it into words either especially cause I’ve only been working a fraction of what you have OP. I don’t know if it gets better even with all the meds and self help a person can get.

File: 1632910157496.jpg (19.64 KB, 399x399, h--8BbSZ_400x400.jpg)


once i muster up the strength to refill my adderall, id like to start school again at a community college for programming or computer science

is it unrealistic to want to have a job that i can work from home, that is the only way i see myself being happy in the future

is this just wishful thinking or do you think its obtainable
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File: 1632924027585.jpg (349.92 KB, 1920x777, MMORPG.jpg)

>programming or computer science
Oh God there's so many of us in the same field.
I'm a com sci guy and I work from home, it's not unrealistic for that career, the best piece of advice I can give you is that it's a trap.

It sucks exactly as much as your regular job, the general situation varies depending on your employeer, but the second you procrascinate you're DEAD, because you WILL give excuses for your delayed work, it WILL pile up and the day will come when you will realize you're surrounded by your own bullshit excuses, the only real benefit is that you can stop caring about clothes as much.

In other words, you will have to work just as hard, while also avoiding the temptation of jumping into your favourite MMORPG to help your sinking shithole of a guild because everyone there is a fucking noob that can't do anything on their own and keeps trying to cause drama and okay I'll stop projecting.


File: 1633064480252.png (108.72 KB, 263x248, image_2021-10-01_005858.png)

op here

saw psychiatrist today and got dose raised to max and getting refill soon, feels good to make that first step after ive been putting it off for months and months

honestly wouldnt have done it if it wasnt for my friends being obnoxious assholes and pushing me but it feels good right now, im not gonna get my hopes up too quickly because feelings can drop so quickly but today was a good day, thank you for your responses


File: 1642788253959.jpg (35.85 KB, 373x521, D9q6Qwkdq9i.jpg)

OP, I'd be very careful about working from home. While it is very flexible, you'll likely find that your very own home becomes more of a workplace in your mind. This could make you feel less relaxed overall, because it's now associated with 8+ hours of work five days a week. It's no longer "home sweet home", so to speak.


File: 1649875854227-0.png (42.91 KB, 1834x888, cs-majors-usa.png)

File: 1649875854227-1.png (45.91 KB, 602x298, software-jobs-us.png)

File: 1649875854227-2.png (11.14 KB, 580x363, employment-computer.png)

2006-2015: 375% increase in CS majors
2006-2015: 20% increase in number of software-related jobs


Almost every other major is far worse when it comes to job prospects. That's the sad part. The exceptions would be nursing, accounting, and a few other fields that absolutely suck.

File: 1663328945821.jpg (53.15 KB, 720x450, 1590887511901.jpg)


I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I don't know where else to say this and I want to vent somewhere. I'm not a NEET so I don't really feel it appropriate to post on /hikki/.

Well, I say I want to vent, but I had a whole blogpost typed up and deleted it out of embarrassment. The truth of the matter is my life is not really that bad. It could be better, but I feel silly complaining about it when so many others out there have it so much worse. I'm just lonely. I feel like I have nobody to turn to. I don't feel close to my family and I haven't since I was a kid. I don't have very many friends and I don't feel close to them either. It's hard for me to connect to others. Small problems just pile up and weigh down on me and I have no one to help alleviate it. I just want somebody to see the good I try to do. I want someone to want to see me happy. I want someone I can go to at the end of the day and be held and kissed by and told that I tried my best and that things will be okay. I don't need constant sex or a high-paying job or anything like that. I'm just tired of constantly playing therapist for others. For almost every adult friendship and the one relationship I've been in, all I have been is a blank slate and a shoulder to cry on. I'm tired of being the caregiver. I'm tired of being the only one who's there for me. I have bad days often and no one to make them okay. I'm really tired of it and I don't know what to do. I know I'm likely the problem. I just want to be accepted and loved and comforted. Sorry for complaining.


I was feeling exactly like that a while ago, especially with the constant loneliness and co-dependency on me by others. Understandable.

I can't tell you how to fix your friendships, that's up to you. Albeit I can tell you what I did on my own. The biggest thing to creating healthy friendships for me is to find something you can do and talk about with them together regularly. It doesn't have to be as big as a shared hobby, a shared routine activity is enough. This allows you to open interactions on a tone that doesn't touch your or their emotions.

It might be obvious, but don't go around telling your friends about your worries if you do not want them to do the same to you. They might be fed up with your self-deprecating talk and will pour their emotions on you instead.

TL;DR: Find topics you can circle your conversations around, write down some conversation starters to use and try to derail any self-deprecating rants while respecting their needs (aka do not be that guy who is mean to sensitive people for no reason.)

File: 1660696738645.jpg (609.86 KB, 1693x1984, FZofvOtacAcHlEn.jpg)


I got a job after 8 years of NEET-dom. I'm tired of the NEET life.

I'm working part time at the front end of Walmart. Still in orientation, but it looks like they're desperate for new guys. I want to use this to develop my soft skills. It's scary, but it's time for change.

I don't know why I'm making this post. But I'll use this thread as an ongoing diary of sorts, like i see some others have done. I plan on going back to school either in the Winter or Spring, I want to acclimate to people again first.

I won't ramble on right now, but I don't know how much I relate to the other NEETs out there, I'm not nearly as cynical about everything I guess.. I'm just an idiot, and have undiagnosed mental health problems that have been around since childhood (I suspect OCD). Which I will be seeking treatment now after I sort out some paperwork with my insurance.

I just want an outlet to talk about my progress, nobody around me seems to care lol.

Cheer me on! I'm cheering you on!
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File: 1661003773768.jpg (758 KB, 2026x3000, FaAKeOmVQAA3MgF.jpg)

OP here. Thanks for the encouragement. I worked my first real day at the new job yesterday.

I think I'm at least a little bit lucky, cuz it seems like I have a good team, and even the manager is pretty chill. Still disorganized as fuck though, it's Walmart. From what I read on r/walmart others aren't so lucky in that way.

The downside is this is a busy store, I'm working on the busiest days, and the evening shift which brings in all the weirdos. I already had a few, one guy paid for a car battery in ones. But at the same time, it's nice not to wake up to an alarm every morning. I also live in a place with a lot of immigration from literally everywhere, which wouldn't be a problem, except sometimes it's hard to communicate with customers if there's a problem. I don't even recognize half of the languages I heard.


>Everything about working at walmart sounds scary as fuck

Yeah, black friday and the holidays are gonna be here before I know it. We'll see how I really do come then.

>It's doubly impressive that you're sorting out insurance stuff in hopes of finding treatment

In my state we're legally required to have insurance, so I have to sign up for medicaid. I've been on it more or less since the beginning. They want me to renew this year I think because my old ID expired. One of my biggest fears is neglecting or messing up legal paperwork and having it fester for years only to get some big fine or jail time way later or some bullshit. maybe that's just my monkey brain scaring me though, lol.
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How did you pass the interview OP? I've had a couple interviews for retail positions in the pass but always spilled the spaghetti and didn't get them.


don't feel bad about the languages thing, a lot of people don't know more than their first unless they cared in school, especially americans. the key during those times is to be patient and speak slowly, not necessarily loudly. you can also try to complete sentences for foreigners in english and they'll usually nod excitedly at you if you get it right. obviously you could run into an impatient asshole, but no matter what corporate tells you you're still the one who's there to help in that moment or not, and that customer is practically indebted to you. don't be afraid to pass them along to someone else if you just aren't feeling it.



I think body language makes a difference. For a lot of NEETs with mental health issues they might accidentally give off "school shooter" vibes. I have issues, but it's not autism which can affect body language, it's probably OCD. My body language communicates more like an awkward nervous idiot, i'm constantly checking and trying to reassure myself and overthinking every little shift in tone and expression in the person i'm talking to. I also have facial tics which I don't see people mention or react too much thankfully. But, I maintain good eye contact, I have a sense of when to nod, agree, interject, etc. You don't need to be a savant of social intuition, i'm sure as hell not, but getting the basics down can go a long way. If you creep the interviewer out that's probably going to be a deal breaker, but being awkward isn't, it's an entry level job. be a little more aware of your body language is the best advice i can offer you.


Yeah, thanks. I grew up here so I'm familiar with talking to people who don't have the best english. I already had to abort one guy's order cuz I couldn't understand what he wanted, his card wasn't working and he just stared at me confused when I said anything.

*hands me item and two receipts* "Are you returning?" "yesyesyesyesyes"

"Okay, you gotta go to customer service for that, I can't help you." *stares blankly* "Customer service?" "nononono" *hands me a gift card and points to receipt saying it has $50*

"Okay, you're buying then?" "yesyesyesyesyes"

I scan the items and put the gift card in, register says card is invalid "This card is invalid, you can go to customer service to sort it out if you want" *stares blankly for a solid minute*
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File: 1663222484282.jpg (55.1 KB, 564x564, beautiful-views-from-the-b….jpg)

Congratulations, op. 8-year neet year as well, I'm not exactly looking or a job but I'm a hiki as well for 7 years who's planning to move out and possibly readjust myself for the real world.

That's good you're seeking treatment for your undiagnosed problems, I have a feeling I too have thing undiagnosed but still am a little wary of going to get them diagnosed. Maybe I'm a bit afraid of what I'll find out about myself.

sharpening up my communication skills is also a future goal of mine and would like to be able to small talk like everybody else face-to-face. Best of luck

File: 1598405831117.png (361.69 KB, 1440x900, 068 - PqBzCnJ.png)


Did anyone else escape NEET life and now just finds it even more lonely and isolating? I honestly haven't posted here or on any other chans in years. After nearly decade of being a NEET from 16 to 24, I did manage to get my life together. I have a job and am in a good university working towards my PHD, I'm what people would consider a "success" in that regards but its just lonely.

I can't relate to normal people, they don't have the same shared experience of growing up a NEET and being fucked in the head for so long. I can't make any connection with these people that has any meaning beyond the superficial. Meanwhile internet culture has completely left me behind and is weird and foreign to me, and honestly not interested in getting involved in most of whatever people are angry about.

I miss those days of feeling connected to others through the screen. At least I had others who understood back then.
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File: 1610841489291.jpeg (2.33 MB, 3535x1988, beach_city.jpeg)

some of the fedverse sites (as in federated network, not glowing people) are kinda good. IRC can still be good if you know where to go, but its quite cliquey and people are very protective of their own little patches, wary of new ppl. i really think that the higher the barrier to entry (as in; technical knowledge) the better the community tends to be, for me personally anyway. i use discord to talk to friends from the realworld but its absolute trash, i hate the design and and the stupid little noises it makes.
People always complain that the internet that we all know is dead, but obviously it is. the wild west was never going to last forever, its just gone more self-hosted. there isn't a company on the face of this earth that would host the shit we all used to talk about circa 2005.
Seek and ye shall find dudes !


I have been seeking for years and found nothing, but thank you.


>I can't make any connection with these people that has any meaning beyond the superficial.
Do you try to fit in with society or are you actually trying to bond with people? If the former, then it's no wonder lol. Unironically be yourself and keep an open mind, but have a resolve of steel and be prepared to be treated like a weirdo by oversocialized people. You'll eventually find at least someone similar to yourself.

I dunno man, I'd love to not *have* to work, but wage society demands so. Being a NEET doesn't necessarily imply being a hikki, you know?


Yes and no. Sound like we walked fairly similar paths (also working towards my PhD and people have completely 180'd their opinions on me as a result). I don't think I'll ever be able to relate to normies but I think that works to your advantage.

What kind of PhD you working on? Something you find yourself quiet passionate about? I'm doing spider ecology with a blend of taxonomy (it's been my passion since childhood) and being super passionate about something normies don't get or understand is like crack for normies. They keep inviting me to do educational and social things (on bad days I feel like they want me to dance for them like some kind of clown, but the more and more I do it, the more and more fun I'm having) and it's building my confidence up nicely. If you feel like you have the spare energy, talk to some local volunteer groups related (even loosely) to your PhD topic and throw some educational volunteer work under your belt. It's true that we may never be able to relate to normies, but when you swim in the same waters as them enough, you'll notice that relating to them isn't the only way to interface with them. Some of them truly appreciate us oddities for what we are and want to hear what we have to say.

Don't sell yourself short eh? You made it to the PhD phase, normie or not, you've got the skills, now you just have to show them off a little!


this post inspired me to apply for a job at the NSA and join the fedverse

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