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/psy/ - Psychology

How does that make you feel?
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Instead of becoming a psychology discussion board, this trial board became a worse /soc/ than /n/. It will be annexed shortly. Please direct all further advice / social / shitposting to /n/.

File: 1346432423333.png (303.21 KB, 640x360, 44.png)


>That feel when you consciously know you're fucking up at life and when you try to do something about it, you get bored/frustrated/mentally exhausted.

I'm tired of that feel.


This is because, even if you don't want to end up like this, your mind likes what its doing for now, because it's easy and nice.

>become too used to comfort zone

>predict you need to do something to keep this comfort zone running, but you don't really like doing it (working, studying, etc)
>start doing it
>your subconscious mind communicates with you: It tells you to stop doing that by causing you feel bored, tired and exhausted. This is because it prefers you to skip the task and go back to the comfort zone, even if this dooms you in the future.

Basically subconscious prefers easy present, hard future to hard present, easy future.

So it will make you run away and avoid the problem until nothing can be done about it, then just endure it or do something else.



tl;dr: You don't really enjoy doing that activity, you just do it because you need to do it, or because you are forced to.

Subconscious knows about it and it tells you the truth.


I'm completely mind blown.
You've summed up a problem which I could never solve in just a few lines.

File: 1339318340525.jpg (99.56 KB, 1000x750, 132590677973.jpg)


It is strange, when people try to call themselves crazy or not all there in a serious sense. People call them emo or overly indulgent self obsessive feelings, or depressive, or negative, or whatever. And that nothing is wrong with them, so stop it. People get mad at people for having worried and curiosities related to their mental health, status, and so forth. And people call them angsty and negative, just for possibly attempting to come to terms with a truth.

When people imply that they are crazy is a playful and less serious fashion, as if they're trying to reclaim a term they've been called in a negative light, like they're not going to let it be an insult towards them and instead own the word proudly. People call them attention whores and all sorts of other things.

But when people act like they are normal, and don't let out any sense of curiosity over their mental well being or anything like that. People are quick to tell people they're crazy and disgusting.

It's strange, it's as if people are only allowed to use the idea of having issues, as a way of demeaning others. You know, I might be less scared of social interaction, and I might actually think I have a problem if anything, if I weren't so scared of thinking I have problem and feeling uncomfortable about giving it any thought. People only imply there's something wrong with me for it to get me down for like an hour or two and then move on with my life as if they never said anything.
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It always seems like psychologists are taking pot-shots at other disciplines.

Passionate about math? Autism!

Passionate about medical science? Obsessive compulsive!

Passionate about the military? Antisocial personality disorder!

Passionate about psychology? Totally normal well-adjusted person!



i <3 this post



To add to your list my fiend.

Passionate about art? ADD/ADHD!



*friend. Whoops typo.


I think Psychologists are upset that their field isn't a firm science like Math, Physics, Chemistry…

File: 1346984706569.jpg (23.12 KB, 306x288, Phobias.jpg)


I have realized that I have Chiraptophobia.

I have a friend who is really huggy and is always wrapped around my arm. How do I tell her to stop touching me without hurting her feelings and thinking its her fault? (Its not)

Pic kinda related I guess
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>people thinking that they don't like something means they have a phobia



Odd, isn't it?

The dark scared the shit out of me since I can remember, and some lights just disgust my eyes as hell (But, just me, other people say that they don't feel something with that kind of lights).

The panic attacks in dark are the worst feeling you can ever have. Particulary, I feel like I won't be able to scape, and I will be trapped in darkness forever, without a single person to help me, and with thousand of the most horrible monsters. I feel I have to run, as fast as I can, to nowhere (and it doesn't matter). Sometimes, I feel like I cannot breathe, and I'm gonna die because of that.


I am afraid of open spaces, which I may not be able to see or are dark.

For instance, the space behind my back, and hallways.
An uncurtained window at night.

Not deathly afraid, but enough to make me run around being a little stupid to avoid them.


I'm very similar in this regard. Empty classrooms are enough to make me panic. I can't stand the thought of being in wide, open plains either.

I'm also irrationally terrified of creatures with small or narrow pupils. Same goes for things that have eyes where they shouldn't (basically, anywhere but the face.)


Aichmophobia, Autophobia and Tyranophobia

Aichmophobia - I just don't like kitchen knives at best. They're sharp and menacing-looking. My hands start shaking the instant if I hold one. But I'm totally fine with pocket knives though…

Autophobia - Though I preferr being alone, just… th fact that eventually I have to live on my own… I feel vulnerable, lost, not even sure where I would go once I leave my home and no longer in my parent's care. It's unsettling.

Tyranophobia - It's a common fear for children, but eventually you grow out of it. No. Not me. I still have this fear of needles to this day, and it is NOT leaving anytime soon. It's either from a dream involving needles or the fact my skin is super sensitive…

File: 1346562466914.jpg (63.1 KB, 704x400, nhk01-01.jpg)


Hello /psy/. I have some pretty bad problems.

1 - I have no friends around and I feel alone and shitty. But I have no way of meeting people with the same or similar interests as me, as far as I can tell.

2 - I suppose I need to get out dating, but women I have seen just put me off like hell, I can't even say. I wonder what the point is. My parents want me to get married and all that shit, but I don't see any of this ever happening. I am a neurotic piece of shit who spends all his time working because he wants an excuse to not have to deal with other people and so have human contact.

I hope some of you can relate to these problems, or at least that you can give some advice. I'm just about ready to lose my mind over all this.
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Yeah, I'm not doing this.

But I don't know how to do this either.

I'm thinking of joining a political effort this fall, since things are heating up. Not with the Reps or Dems, though, because fuck them. Maybe I'll meet a strange third party type of girl out there.

My only other idea is a sports club of some kind. I really can't think of anything else. I'm not in school right now, so that's out, and I don't have any friends I maintain contact with enough for that to be a factor.


Is that even relevant?


sports - the solution for everything!

good luck op


Okay, I give up. Where the hell do you meet people? I have no idea what I'm doing.


What are your interests?

File: 1347251802492.gif (68.66 KB, 127x118, Angrydome2.gif)


I'm depressed
I've got a bad case of the Mondaze
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>mods delete too much shit!
>mods don't delete enough shit!


If the thread is /b/-level or otherwise worthless/retarded it should be deleted


File: 1347497414770.jpg (10.86 KB, 400x295, no.jpg)


define /b/ level, pls.

The last time I deleted a /b/ level thread, I got lectured about the difference between "good shitposting" and "bad shitposting".

Just don't shitpost. ^____^


The lock option exists so shitty threads can be taken down without being hidden from people who might want to see it.

Deleting anything that isn't illegal, a bot, or a simple thread move feels like damage control; makes the mod look worse than the guy who started the shitty thread. Don't do it.

File: 1346890917169.png (62.8 KB, 578x547, 1332658133207.png)


Hey, /psy/.

I have a strong desire to be alone, if I never had to leave my room I would love that.
Whenever I'm out with people I feel like the spare part, everyone else will chat awat with each-other with no problem, myself always getting left

out, the only way I'm able to take part in a conversation is if I force myself to be a part of it and even then that only lasts a few moments before

everyone else gets back to chatting among themselves.
If it's one on one I'm able to talk away fine but that's only because there is no-one else other than myself and and the other person.

I am constantly worried about what other people think of me, I'm certain that my "friends" are talking about me behind my back, barely tolerate me or

are only friendly just to be polite, like I said, whenever I'm in a group of more than two people I feel like the extra part.

Even though I would like to be alone the idea of lonileness still gets to me, I want to feel like I'm apart of some group, I want to be with people
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To elaborate, it feels like I'm the friend of the person who's friends with everyone else in the group which I suppose is good way of putting it since I usually only hang out with everyone else through my closest friend.
The reason for that being my aforementioned paranoia.

I wasn't always like this, I used to be the one who actively went out and called for others before all the things that led to my mistrust of others built up.

So, yeah, I'm likely the one who alienated myself from everyone else and now I'm trying to be friends with people who are not really my friends any more which is likely why I feel like the spare part.



That's pretty much how it happened to me too. I just couldn't find anyone I really had anything in common with. You just gotta look for new friends I suppose. For example, I met a lot of cool people when I joined my university's eSports society. I still don't really have any close friends yet, but I still have some people that I hang out with from time to time and enjoy spending time with.


Maybe college/university will bring about a change, it would give me the opportunity to socially branch out I guess.

My fears and insecurities might still end up fucking that up though but I guess I'll just have to see.



College/uni won't change anything other than your surroundings if you don't change your attitude, too. It's not like you'll magically be gifted with social skills and a better outlook on life just because you went from one place to another.


To elaborate on my post, I was referring to the opportunity to meet people who might share my interests which would make it easier for me to feel comfortable in social situations and be able to identify better with the people around me.

I never said that my personality and mental state would magically change.

File: 1346362579110.png (36.16 KB, 1164x512, troll 1.png)


Guys, I need help getting over my excessive fear of men.

>ITT Advice
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File: 1346900223313.jpg (380.23 KB, 625x400, niqab.jpg)

Ether find some guy who is blind, or you could just dress like this.


Do you have any reason why you are afraid of men?


Well first off, I would start by breaking down any gender-specific rules you might have stuck in your head. You can do this BEFORE going out and trying to conquer your fear, and it'll prep you in a more important way then you can imagine.

Now, I'm not saying that you're some terrible stereotyper, but psychologically speaking, (and anthropologically speaking) everyone has traits that they attribute to certain people; things that they unknowing, naturally assume about, say, men.

Some are true, many are not, but the key for YOU here is that you're trying to overcome a fear of them. So, I suggest taking some time to sit and think about your idea of a man. What do men DO? What do you think they THINK ABOUT? What do they wear, were do they hang out, etc.

For this sort of problem, it doesn't really matter if your answers are stereotyped, because eventually as you become less afraid of men, you'll start hanging out with them more. *But stay with me here, I know it's a long text.*

Your answers might be, for a very stereotyped example, men play video games, drink beer, watch porn, and play football. They like to wear really comfy clothes, like athletic shorts and tanktops/beaters. They hang out at arcades, bars, and their buddy's houses.

OK, now, based on your answers, ask yourself what parts are scary or uncomfortable for you. Then, even MORE important, ask yourself if any of it seems like something you do.

"Well, I really like video games, and comfy clothes, and I spend 76% of my time on the internet looking up hentai." (Jk, just an example~)

This may help you see men as more just plain people, as opposed to this foreign concept that frightens you. You might feel better knowing there's a little bit of "man" in your own personality, making it easier to then go out and say, make one male friend. (:


you say you don't like being stared at, and you say it HAPPENS. yet you're thinking this is something that is within you that you need to fix.
its not you, its the assholes who were told from birth that its perfectly okay to stare, cat call, and flirt with a lady they don't know.
you're not paranoid, your fears are well founded.
unless the fear of men is actually making living difficult for you, i wouldnt worry about getting over your fear at all.


Well, it kind of is a problem unless OP wants to avoid half of the world's population for the rest of her life.

All you can do is use your judgment to determine who's who. Even then, almost all men who catcall and stare are otherwise harmless; typically they just want to look cool in front of their friends. The really dangerous guys probably won't be so overt. I get that that's not the source of the anxiety here, but it's something to keep in mind.

But of course, not all men are like this. For example, me. I'm not like this. Some of us are raised well.

File: 1346932481532.jpg (9.9 KB, 250x250, 1346445724107.jpg)


Could anyone please help me with this?

I frequently get mad at people just for little things, like silly arguments and all that. I really don't know why it happens, but after a while I just feel really angry and just want them to leave me alone. This usually ends up with me insulting or hitting them. After a while I just calm down again and just forget what happened.

I just wish there was a way to prevent these sudden mood swings I'm having. Even my closest friends are getting tired of it, no matter how many times I try to apologize for my attitude.


You got the autisms

File: 1341483458573.jpg (232.04 KB, 450x675, 1341228281775.jpg)


How do I deal with social anxiety. How do I make friends at college and get a job
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File: 1346549856000.jpg (424.32 KB, 900x900, 1344305849394.jpg)

twitching, speech impediment, generally wanting to not be near people.

I try not to pay attention to it


File: 1346557984551.jpg (30.69 KB, 650x460, 0Y2tq.jpg)

also, palpitations


Well, that's several times more over than whatever I have, I think.

I usually just look a little nervous and uncomfortable for an hour or two until I break down crying.


>several times more overt*

I could have sworn I typed that t.


File: 1346904602559.jpg (634.1 KB, 2592x1936, U9hFA.jpg)

it helps to take it in small chunks as it comes.

I used to feel like bawling at the end of days.

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