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How does that make you feel?
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File: 1346984706569.jpg (23.12 KB, 306x288, Phobias.jpg)


I have realized that I have Chiraptophobia.

I have a friend who is really huggy and is always wrapped around my arm. How do I tell her to stop touching me without hurting her feelings and thinking its her fault? (Its not)

Pic kinda related I guess


"Please don't touch me it makes me uncomfortable."

I don't think you have chiratophobia. Being uncomfortable when someone touches you, and disliking people breaking your personal bubble is not a phobia.

If it offends her stick your dick in her mouth.



I have a gigantic fear of being hated/rejected by other people so I tend to be really quiet and refuse to get to know people/make friends. As well as worrying about being a disappointment in the eyes of people, even certain strangers (but mostly those close to me)

As a consequence I only have two friends (of whom I'm even not in much contact with) outside of my fiance and I tend to not want to talk about my problems with anyone.

I'm also pretty Claustrophobic


Ive got an actual, real, irrational phobia. Its a fear of text on a black tv screen, often about not pirating the show or some kind of warning about the content. Shit just give sme panic attacks, although it very slowly becomes less freaky. I acquired it so early in my childhood I don't even clearly remember what triggered it.


I used to be like that with weather warnings. That abrasive siren and the all-important text scrolling at the bottom of the screen, interrupting all of your regularly-scheduled networking to impart the knowledge of a very real threat to your immediate locale. I'd literally run from the TV and hide in my closet.


File: 1347080812860.jpg (53.4 KB, 380x278, im done.jpg)

Shit those weather warnings are terrifying.

One time they apparently really fucked up their warning system, because this particular test that they put out started off relatively routine but then the noises an sirens started layering over each other at different pitches and speeds and the text started to become illegible. It got to the point where somehow the text scrolling across the screen wasn't even made up of real characters and there was this robotic voice that was probably supposed to sound normal but it was so low pitched that I couldn't make out a word it was saying, and there was this eerie high pitched whine in the background. It lasted for like 10 minutes. I was really little and just starting to get over my fear of sirens/loud noises and warning messages.

To this day I can still picture it clearly in my head and start shivering uncontrollably whenever I hear their monthly test and then I have to go lay down and listen to music. Fuck that emergency alert system.


Oh, fuck no. That sounds god damn horrifying.


File: 1347090202167.jpg (22.75 KB, 284x253, 1345907488979.jpg)

this, i have a severe case of. the wikipedia article fits me to a T. whats worse is that something triggered it a few months ago and i'm STILL trying to recover. thinking about it makes my palms sweat and face flush cherry red. fuck EVERYTHING

that sounds… really unnerving. terrifying even. we used to have this radio at my uncles house that told us about the weather in a male robotic voice and it was really static-y and old, and for some damn reason they had it turned on so loud you could probably hear it from the basement if it were on the topmost floor. i just remember ignoring it but upon retrospect it was pretty unsettling. the fact these warnings talk about "oh you could get hurt/die" probably doesn't help. on the other hand it offers advice on how NOT to die and tells you about what could kill/hurt you before hand.


File: 1347098456967.jpg (23 KB, 479x358, G5A2H.jpg)



>with a Wikipedia article


dont trust wikipedia i assume? and arent phobias usually self diagnosed anyway? its not hard to figure out you have an intense irrational fear of something. especially when a description is given to you and it sounds exactly like what you go through on a regular basis.

trying to figure out you have something like, say, schizophrenia or something from wikipedia is pretty whack, ill admit.


Are we self-diagnosing in this thread? I believe I'm fat. The love handles are my evidence.


>People thinking having knowing what you are scared of is self-diagnosing

It does not just make me uncomfortable, it scares the living crap out of me. Its even worse in a crowd. I feel like Im going to fucking to die if I brush against people. Its really bad.


is there a phobia of being in public/eating in public?
ive always wondered.
ive had weight issues my whole life, and i have been beaten for my weight before(rocks thrown at me as well.)
i am still big and i hate to go out in public. i do my grocery shopping at 4 am so there arent as many people.
i also hate eating in public. I went out to eat for a relative's birthday. they were angry with me when i said i rather not go so i went.
when i eat in public my face feels like it swelling. not just that im visualizing it. i can feel it so clearly, my skin stretching uncomfortably. my face swelling, my body ballooning. i have to vomit or else i will begin to cry.
i wish i could be diagnosed with something so i wouldnt have to deal with such experiences again. i could say "im very sorry but i have -this- i cannot go with you"
i have a hope that losing weight will help me be less afraid, but i think it simply makes me more paranoid of eating in general.


>people thinking that they don't like something means they have a phobia



Odd, isn't it?

The dark scared the shit out of me since I can remember, and some lights just disgust my eyes as hell (But, just me, other people say that they don't feel something with that kind of lights).

The panic attacks in dark are the worst feeling you can ever have. Particulary, I feel like I won't be able to scape, and I will be trapped in darkness forever, without a single person to help me, and with thousand of the most horrible monsters. I feel I have to run, as fast as I can, to nowhere (and it doesn't matter). Sometimes, I feel like I cannot breathe, and I'm gonna die because of that.


I am afraid of open spaces, which I may not be able to see or are dark.

For instance, the space behind my back, and hallways.
An uncurtained window at night.

Not deathly afraid, but enough to make me run around being a little stupid to avoid them.


I'm very similar in this regard. Empty classrooms are enough to make me panic. I can't stand the thought of being in wide, open plains either.

I'm also irrationally terrified of creatures with small or narrow pupils. Same goes for things that have eyes where they shouldn't (basically, anywhere but the face.)


Aichmophobia, Autophobia and Tyranophobia

Aichmophobia - I just don't like kitchen knives at best. They're sharp and menacing-looking. My hands start shaking the instant if I hold one. But I'm totally fine with pocket knives though…

Autophobia - Though I preferr being alone, just… th fact that eventually I have to live on my own… I feel vulnerable, lost, not even sure where I would go once I leave my home and no longer in my parent's care. It's unsettling.

Tyranophobia - It's a common fear for children, but eventually you grow out of it. No. Not me. I still have this fear of needles to this day, and it is NOT leaving anytime soon. It's either from a dream involving needles or the fact my skin is super sensitive…

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