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Instead of becoming a psychology discussion board, this trial board became a worse /soc/ than /n/. It will be annexed shortly. Please direct all further advice / social / shitposting to /n/.
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>That feel when you consciously know you're fucking up at life and when you try to do something about it, you get bored/frustrated/mentally exhausted.

I'm tired of that feel.
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It is strange, when people try to call themselves crazy or not all there in a serious sense. People call them emo or overly indulgent self obsessive feelings, or depressive, or negative, or whatever. And that nothing is wrong with them, so stop it. People get mad at people for having worried and curiosities related to their mental health, status, and so forth. And people call them angsty and negative, just for possibly attempting to come to terms with a truth.

When people imply that they are crazy is a playful and less serious fashion, as if they're trying to reclaim a term they've been called in a negative light, like they're not going to let it be an insult towards them and instead own the word proudly. People call them attention whores and all sorts of other things.

But when people act like they are normal, and don't let out any sense of curiosity over their mental well being or anything like that. People are quick to tell people they're crazy and disgusting.

It's strange, it's as if people are only allowed to use the idea of having issues, as a way of demeaning others. You know, I might be less scared of social interaction, and I might actually think I have a problem if anything, if I weren't so scared of thinking I have problem and feeling uncomfortable about giving it any thought. People only imply there's something wrong with me for it to get me down for like an hour or two and then move on with my life as if they never said anything.
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I have realized that I have Chiraptophobia.

I have a friend who is really huggy and is always wrapped around my arm. How do I tell her to stop touching me without hurting her feelings and thinking its her fault? (Its not)

Pic kinda related I guess
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Hello /psy/. I have some pretty bad problems.

1 - I have no friends around and I feel alone and shitty. But I have no way of meeting people with the same or similar interests as me, as far as I can tell.

2 - I suppose I need to get out dating, but women I have seen just put me off like hell, I can't even say. I wonder what the point is. My parents want me to get married and all that shit, but I don't see any of this ever happening. I am a neurotic piece of shit who spends all his time working because he wants an excuse to not have to deal with other people and so have human contact.

I hope some of you can relate to these problems, or at least that you can give some advice. I'm just about ready to lose my mind over all this.
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I'm depressed
I've got a bad case of the Mondaze
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Hey, /psy/.

I have a strong desire to be alone, if I never had to leave my room I would love that.
Whenever I'm out with people I feel like the spare part, everyone else will chat awat with each-other with no problem, myself always getting left

out, the only way I'm able to take part in a conversation is if I force myself to be a part of it and even then that only lasts a few moments before

everyone else gets back to chatting among themselves.
If it's one on one I'm able to talk away fine but that's only because there is no-one else other than myself and and the other person.

I am constantly worried about what other people think of me, I'm certain that my "friends" are talking about me behind my back, barely tolerate me or

are only friendly just to be polite, like I said, whenever I'm in a group of more than two people I feel like the extra part.

Even though I would like to be alone the idea of lonileness still gets to me, I want to feel like I'm apart of some group, I want to be with people

who like me, want to hear what I have to say, who respect me.
The paranoia always gets to me though, I never feel comfortable around any group, even with the only one person I feel comfortable around I still

feel like he secretly hates me.

That one person is the only person who ever calls for me, asks me if I want to hang out or whatever but the only times that actually happens, which

is a rarity in of itself, are when he's around with no-one else, I feel like I'm being used in a sense which just further feeds the idea that he

secretly hates me.

I don't want to work or go back to school because I feel I would not be able to handle to responsibility, I've become too used to my comfort zone I

guess, being in my room alone. I've applied for a college course a few months back, did the interviews and all. I'm scared of the reply that I should

recieve in the next day or two, not just of recieiving a negative reply, I'm also scared of being accepted. I dropped out of a college course before,

I was lazy, didn't pay enough attention, etc. I got sick of wasting my time, the class' time and my teacher's time so I dropped out.
Now I'm scared that I might end up doing the same thing.

I don't really know exactly why I made this thread, I like to think I'm looking for advice but I could as easily just want to vent, I honestly don't know.
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Guys, I need help getting over my excessive fear of men.

>ITT Advice
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Could anyone please help me with this?

I frequently get mad at people just for little things, like silly arguments and all that. I really don't know why it happens, but after a while I just feel really angry and just want them to leave me alone. This usually ends up with me insulting or hitting them. After a while I just calm down again and just forget what happened.

I just wish there was a way to prevent these sudden mood swings I'm having. Even my closest friends are getting tired of it, no matter how many times I try to apologize for my attitude.
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How do I deal with social anxiety. How do I make friends at college and get a job
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Hello /psy/ my mom and her ex have been having the same stupid fights for years and I was hoping you could tell me I've become a vegetable and have been cursed to relive this same fight for eternity

Because it's easier to think that than to believe they've been having the same fights all this time.
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Hey there guys, let's have an introduction thread for anyone who plans to frequent this board.

I'm a Clinical Psychology major in college, so I'm pretty excited to see /psy/ on Uboachan~
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Welcome to feels, the board.

Enjoy your stay.

Also hi. :3