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How does that make you feel?
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It is strange, when people try to call themselves crazy or not all there in a serious sense. People call them emo or overly indulgent self obsessive feelings, or depressive, or negative, or whatever. And that nothing is wrong with them, so stop it. People get mad at people for having worried and curiosities related to their mental health, status, and so forth. And people call them angsty and negative, just for possibly attempting to come to terms with a truth.

When people imply that they are crazy is a playful and less serious fashion, as if they're trying to reclaim a term they've been called in a negative light, like they're not going to let it be an insult towards them and instead own the word proudly. People call them attention whores and all sorts of other things.

But when people act like they are normal, and don't let out any sense of curiosity over their mental well being or anything like that. People are quick to tell people they're crazy and disgusting.

It's strange, it's as if people are only allowed to use the idea of having issues, as a way of demeaning others. You know, I might be less scared of social interaction, and I might actually think I have a problem if anything, if I weren't so scared of thinking I have problem and feeling uncomfortable about giving it any thought. People only imply there's something wrong with me for it to get me down for like an hour or two and then move on with my life as if they never said anything.


i've lived long enough to learn success is a moving target

idk how you can acknowledge that and 'come to terms with a truth'


File: 1339382942049.jpg (59.77 KB, 648x484, textbook-fail-psych.jpg)

If only we lived in a world where you could "judge a book by its cover" we could see the true nature of people without assumptions based on preconceived labels.


Haven't you noticed by know that people, you, me, everybody, are completely fucking stupid?

Your observations correlate to my conclusions.


I totally agree with this thread.
My friends are aware of how I act and express my curiosity and feelings. I'm thankful for that, I can't relate to people who have people in their life who don't understand but I can imagine…



When you accept being put down by the majority, it leads you to nowhere. After a few years of people telling me I'm mental/retarded/whatever, I had a moment when I finally found it in me to say into their ugly face that they're not Lord Perfect themselves.

And guess what? They had nothing to reply with.


Yes I understand that problem.

Trying to act normal and constantly having anxiety over fucking up and revealing my aspergers has caused considerably greater hardship, suffering and problems than just the aspergers itself.



I was tempted to make a thread for this site/tumblr/whatever but I think this one has particular relevance here.

People ostracize the mentally ill because they're afraid that the rest of us may be right. I'm talking from a viewpoint of someone who is depressed, I call the world shit because it looks like shit. This makes me a "downer", I say the first step to fixing the problems with society is to admit that there is a problem, I get called unpatriotic, "our country is awesome shut up". What really worries them about the depressed is depressive realism. The depressed's analysis of events is closer to reality than the neurotypical's. Turns out it's normal to engage in positive self deception and I am terrible for speaking the truth haha.


oh, is baconface!


File: 1345527730436.png (62.97 KB, 368x352, eh.PNG)

>The depressed's analysis of events is closer to reality than the neurotypical's. Turns out it's normal to engage in positive self deception and I am terrible for speaking the truth haha.

I remember reading this somewhere but the full impact of it only hit me just now.



>Total Perspective Vortex
That's from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy



I think that, sincerely, most people are kind of deluded and childish about their lives, and the world in general. I call this the "Disney mentality" as in, everything is like a Disney movie for them.

In my opinion, the reason depressed people are more realist is not really because the world is shit, but because something happened in their lives that shattered this childish mentality.

This caused in them a depressed state, but also allows them to have a clearer vision of the world.


Disney deluded mentality, fake, fragile happiness

Free of those delusions, but depressed because of losing them.
(so still attached to them)

Free of the "disney delusions" and able to take the world for what it is and still be happy.
Completely abandoned those delusions.


Are we gonna see some hawt incest b/w the mother and the daughter?


Your only problem is you care what other people think.
Just move on and do what you like.


I'm sorry but you cannot develop your way out of a dopamine deficiency caused by absolutely nothing.

Your logic works for the type of person that calls themself depressed after their cat dies, that's simply sadness and it's a watering down of the word that OP was talking about, the playfully calling yourself crazy type. I'm talking about the "I cannot find the will to move so I'm not eating today" depressed.



I read it somewhere else actually, but I'll be damned if I can find a link.


A few years after I was told I was bipolar, it really fucking sucked for a while. But really, life is not at all fucking bad if you just do what you want. If something makes you happy, then do it. Even if it seems childish or strange.

What was that saying? It was something like "When you grow, you must get rid of your fears. Including the fear of childishness"


You're not supposed to have too much emotion when it can negatively affect your slave productivity. It disturbs others due to the fact that it breaks the wheels off of the winged wagon, this transparent thing called life.

Some emotional events can be like a religion conversion, for example if you spend some time near someone dying; it really brings out the assholeness in everything else. Part of it is disillusionment…and most of what you'll be fighting in life are people who have a deathgrip on their illusions. Emotion must be fenced off or these same people run the risk of being crushed or cracking up themselves.


>winged wagon
Did you have the "winged troika" in mind when you wrote this?


File: 1346275603158.png (180.73 KB, 400x300, suspicious d.png)



Actually no, I was visualizing a Western-style Wagon, like what you might see on Bonanza. Though I do have a boxed Arcanum game for the PC on my shelf. Connections!


File: 1346355681759.gif (122.39 KB, 500x469, gotta ghost fast.gif)

…nobody would happen to have any links further discussing the topics in this thread, would they?


I recently brought up that extreme cases of bullying results in psychological damage on another chan. There was much victim blaming and people trying to shift responsibility for their shitty behaviour.

I think we've found something more taboo than suggesting you have a mental illness, suggesting that others may have had a hand in it.



>suggesting that others may have had a hand in it.



It always seems like psychologists are taking pot-shots at other disciplines.

Passionate about math? Autism!

Passionate about medical science? Obsessive compulsive!

Passionate about the military? Antisocial personality disorder!

Passionate about psychology? Totally normal well-adjusted person!



i <3 this post



To add to your list my fiend.

Passionate about art? ADD/ADHD!



*friend. Whoops typo.


I think Psychologists are upset that their field isn't a firm science like Math, Physics, Chemistry…

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