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File: 1321959386856.jpg (853.59 KB, 900x1200, ae89086eb60f11c3fdf3acd1fb….jpg)


So like, I've got a question guys.
I'd like to start making music, into the direction of Chiptune/HArdcore/industrial, basically electronic stuff.

Now my question is, where the hell does one start? Which programs should I try out? Where are useful tutorials for that to be found?
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File: 1322098069652.gif (253.73 KB, 800x600, 129522858373.gif)

asdf since when did I become the first name people think of when it comes to ubuu producers. It's cool but asdasfdfsdaf.

I get asked a lot what program I use to make music and I don't really get the point behind the question personally. I use FL Studio, and it isn't free but it's the only thing I can speak to. I know that most DAW's are practically the same outside of the interface and workflow though, so it doesn't really matter what you go with as long as you learn how to use it and it feels comfortable.

I think it comes down to what sounds you use and how you shape everything by using/learning the right VST's, oscillators, samples and effects etc. Every DAW has oscillators and standard effects, and you can always download more if you aren't happy with what it gives you. (idk about reason though)

For chiptunes you really just want something that can emulate chip sounds. There's a lot of ways to get that sound, but off the top of my head you can use normal waveshapes and downsampling. And industrial stuff you just want to have distorted drum samples or something similar.

The way I learned how to make music was watching misc tutorials on youtube and experimenting with FL. I didn't even know music theory, it taught me that as I went along. But I'd definitely reccomend you know at least some basic theory before getting into this. It'll help you a lot with composition.

tl;dr use whatever looks best and learn it. Take it slow and learn only what you want to, you don't need to fill your brain with a bunch of information all at once. You'll teach yourself as you go anyway. And don't expect to be Mozart right away, no one ever is. Ever.

I'm in the irc most of my days, relaxin and actin all cool, so if you want to pitch questions and tracks to me I'm always up for it.

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File: 1322098803559.jpg (105.82 KB, 1280x720, kyouma.jpg)

PXTone is a simple and easy-to-learn program for making chiptunes. It's nice and I used to use it. The con to it is that it feels limited.

This is the website I used to download and learn about is, it's worth checking out.

Now I'm sort of learning how to use FL, and the change from how PXTone works and how FL works is kinda harsh. x-x


Allow me to pop in and say that another cool free chipmusic program is Famitracker. I personally have never taken the time to learn it and found it rather unintuitive, but other people have made some pretty cool stuff with it. If you're really invested in the whole chiptune thing, consider buying an actual gameboy and either LSDJ or Nanoloop. Also you might want to try talking to a guy by the name of Aliceffekt, as he makes, well, chiptune/hardcore/industrial. Like this:


File: 1322418296529.jpg (922.62 KB, 1040x1520, 478ea2b1141acda9891d70de6a….jpg)

First, thanks for your suggestions and your advice~

So far I've downloaded FL studio, famitracker and PXTone, and generally feel confused by either atm, and probably gonna experiment around some tomorrow.

That guy. That guy is the very reason I've come to like that style of Music. He's sort of my all-round idol, not just musically, also in terms of art and lifestyle.


In that case we have something in common. I've actually talked to him though, he's pretty friendly. You can either try to find his email address or get lucky and catch him on the Merveilles IRC channel. irc.esper.net # merveilles
You may not have much luck getting in contact with him while his site is down though…

File: 1321562368515.png (124.17 KB, 500x408, uboamac.png)


I came across this the other day. I haven't tried it myself, as I'm away from my Mac at the moment.


Looks like it only works on Intel Macs.

File: 1320722877740.jpg (155.72 KB, 600x600, folder.jpg)


Okay? Okay. So I'm doing this short little 4-5 track Yume Nikki jazz/blues EP. But I don't really want it to be a "heyguysimadeanextendedplay" thing, so I challenged myself. That's the contest part, m'kay? M'kay.
So yeah give me four track names, and I'll pick out the four best names, and then I'll arrange the songs based solely on that name. Yeah. Also people who's names I use will get some kind of prize I don't really know. leave an email or some way I can contact you.
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let's try this thing:

dream radio
empty canvas
unconscious happiness
stern faces

bonus track: madotsuki was raped [feat. serb]


Here's some ideas fer ya:

Inverted Self
Lost in the Pages
Fill the Static
I Call It Flying




Port Plate Haze
OFF the Cuff
Grieve Green
Rooftop Cues


File: 1321049996898.png (471.97 KB, 852x480, listening_to_lolicore.png)

Yay. Winners are Snow, Anon, and Writer.
Pocket Lips
The E-Man
I Call It Flying.

File: 1317507424291.jpg (36.91 KB, 300x300, yume24effects.jpg)


Does anyone have a higher res file? I want my iTouch to look pretty when it plays this album.


File: 1317568763764.jpg (128.15 KB, 500x500, tumblr_lowiagE3mW1qcx63ko1_…)

will this do?


File: 1317569725142.jpg (1.03 MB, 2765x2765, cover.jpg)

is this enough?


File: 1317570412527.jpg (16.08 KB, 640x480, mfw21.jpg)


good album

File: 1317798613352.jpg (25.81 KB, 641x502, yume6.jpg)





Test MP3
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12 year old's opinions are completely null and void.

test .rar


holy shit a blue remix


7-zip test


Testing per-board allowed filetypes.


File: 1603500490098.jpg (47.45 KB, 640x426, 20201018.jpg)

Shaman King

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