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Okay Uboachan, are you up to the task!?

I need a track for a project (StarCraft Brood War mapmod) I am working.

Absolute requirements:
-instrumental (vocalists are fine, intelligible English is not)

General qualities necessary:
-very dark
-very depressing
-filled with despair
-makes you want to kill yourself
-needs to have a bit of weight behind it, can't be entirely softly played piano (might except). This is for an action RPG like Demon's Souls or Dark Souls. ← very important

-extremely freaky, in the sense that something is going wrong
-to elaborate, I need something that can be played over you watching your own father kill your mother. Or, something that can be played over you watching yourself kill your girlfriend/boyfriend while blinded by anger/rage.
-harsh sounding

I don't really care too much about genre this time, as long as it fits the bill. Speed isn't too much of an issue - it can be fast or slow paced. Fast paced /might/ be preferable.


(Close, but no cigar. It's dark, but a bit too epic and large in scale. It's not sadistic-father-raping-screaming-daughter enough.)

(This is /basically/ perfect. If I can't find anything, this is my failsafe. (The thing is, I need two tracks like this. This can serve as one of them, but I need a second in a similar vein to this one.))

(This is very close to what I'm looking for. Sounds a bit too cheery though. I might use this as a backup.)

I don't really have any other examples, because I know next to nothing that satisfies my needs.


This is for a last and/or second-last boss.

A bit more context: The boss(es) that might use this track are named Violence (6th boss, penultimate) and Murder (7th boss, ultimate).




Probably not much help, but these are the first two things that came to mind.



1st was cool, although I can't use it.

2nd is just "wut"


If anyone can provide such a track that could fit "seriously amoral and grim," that would be so good of them.



If you're looking for hectic try Merzbow.


Try the Meduka soundtrack as well. You may or may not find what you're looking for but you wouldn't have wasted time because the songs are all very good.


Here's some sad ones:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLZIdpvF0TA&feature=related (try to find variations of this one. There are many. The piano and violin versions sound very depressing)


I would most definitely give the Higurashi soundtrack a listen. Most of the songs don't have the crazy thing you're going for, but they manage to set a very dark atmosphere. There are some depressing songs in it as well.



Misc sad songs:



I hope this helps!



Sorry guys, I need to alter the track requirements. I kind of noticed this really late, so honestly, it's my fault for not knowing what I really wanted.

Here are some updated track specifications:

-gives a sense of an extremely amoral and violent crime being conducted (rape, murder, etc.)

-fast-paced, hectic, harsh sounding

-not for ambiance.

I noticed that the track suggestions I get are usually very ambient. This is somewhat of a problem since the majority of the game is silent except for sound effects like gunfire, explosions, dying Zerg, etc.

I might use some of those Merzbow tracks.

Here is a list of tracks I am currently using:

Title: Miserere Luminis - Cineris
Fear: Saya no Uta (SnU) - Scare Shadow
Jealousy: BLANKFIELD - Green Jealous
Contempt: SnU - Schizophrenia
Despair: SnU - Sin
Domination: Demon's Souls - Penetrator
Violence: SnU - Scream????
Murder: SnU - Scream????

After looking at this list again, I realize now that I'm actually unhappy with a lot of these tracks (except for the Title's track and SnU - Scream).

Thus, any suggestions for any of these bosses would be nice too.


You could try looking for some nasty speedcore or darkcore or whatever.




First two are Ophidian, the last is DJ Technorch.

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