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People often talk about how the Yume Nikki manga was horrible but no one seems to talk about the light novel. Is it any good?


In my opinion, no. Its tone is so monotone it gets annoying after 3 lines.


Isn't Poniko like Madotsuki's mother here?


I was planning on ordering it soon but I haven't been able to find scans of it anywhere. Is it still worth buying?


It's basically a novel written in first person, with a very repetitive tone.
"I opened my eyes. I walked towards the door. I couldn't open it. I turned my gaze over the TV. I decided not to turn it. I walked back towards my bed. I sleep. Now I am in my dream. Now I try opening the dream door. Now I take a pee. Now I watch this. Now I do that. Now I. And then I. I. I."
I honestly got sick before finishing the 6 page.


Is the art good? That's the main reason I'm buying it


Sounds like a book that didn't go through editors, or…anything that ameliorated it from the draft stages…



>Now I am in my dream.

>Now I take a pee.



File: 1552825984064-0.jpg (383.08 KB, 1313x2110, 04.jpg)

File: 1552825984064-1.jpg (374.44 KB, 1264x2110, 05.jpg)

File: 1552825984064-2.jpg (391.13 KB, 1292x2110, 06.jpg)


At least the pictures are nice. i can ignore the words in between


anyone have an epub of it? its nowhere to be found on libgen


Why the fuck did Kikiyama approve this shit?


Crazy that haters refuse to recognize it's obvious brilliance!


File: 1583118717347.jpg (43.19 KB, 576x641, a1w5L9Y4_700w_0.jpg)

>Yeah I love this manga!
>Crazy that haters refuse to recognize it's obvious brilliance!
Lazies troll I've read in weeks.


Can anybody give a PDF file of this book.


File: 1637847728358.png (577.82 KB, 800x1234, Yume_Nikki_237.png)

>Poniko is the main protagonist of the novel adaptation of Yume Nikki. At first, she acts solely as the narrator to Madotsuki's progress through the dream world, but soon after she meets up with her, the focus shifts to her quest to discover the reason behind her presence in Madotsuki's dream, as well as how to escape it and to help Madotsuki get over whatever trauma is causing those dreams.

>However, it is revealed later on that Madotsuki isn't the dreamer, but just another dream character in Poniko's own dreams. She takes the central stage in her dreams as she is Poniko's shadow, but the only true being is Poniko. Specifically, Madotsuki is the representation of Poniko's expected child. The true nature of the real world is never seen, but it is implied that Poniko's worry over her child's safety created the dream world she is trapped in.



File: 1638064739597.pdf (8.48 MB, Yume Nikki_ I Am Not in Yo….pdf)


Untranslated version? I do wonder how much of the criticism in this thread is merely as a result of a poor translation or not…


You forget, little exiles of four, that the original video game is also very monotonous and repetitive if you only play it for a couple of minutes, so I see no reason to reject this novel.

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