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M-my hands are w-writing on their own~!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

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As I had mentioned before I will be adding something to /lit/ in regards to a hypothetical Apocalypse scenario in which everyone is changed into a form more fitting to their soul.

People would generally be able to tell their friends and enemies apart simply by their appearance, it would be world in which you could “read a book by its cover” , where people would be divided into factions that could be categorized more or less like species, each with their own niche in the environment.

The idea was inspired by a dream, but everything written here is entirely unrelated.
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>a hypothetical Apocalypse scenario
Here I stopped to read.
Ok, ok, I read OP and I think that's too rought and childish to make monsters of humans (at least of EVERY human), but idea was ok in general.
I think ability of seeng some aura, or mindflows will be better.
And I really don't read this shit-tier fantasy that goes in further.


Your post is an error.
Your logic is invalid.
It would not be nearly apocalyptic enough if only some people became monsters. It will be fun for everyone, except the ones who get eaten who find themselves on the bottom of the food chain. Even so it would be the ultimate self actualization.


Aristocrats are type of creature that live in small communities with a rigid and highly organized social structure. Lords and Ladies are at the top, followed by Servants, and then Laborers, who are sometimes called Scarecrows.
Aristocrats are very tall and thin but otherwise and have a generally human appearance. What makes an Aristocrat most recognizable is their clothing; it is always very fancy, elaborate, and of the highest quality possible. This goes for the jewelry worn by the Ladies as well. Servants are always dressed in specific uniforms determined by their particular occupation. Although their clothes are clean and nice they are also plain and lacking in jewelry. Laborers typically have little more than tattered rags, and bits of twine holding their bodies together.
The entire aristocracy relies on Laborers for the raw materials that they harvest and refine. Things such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, food, gemstones, precious metals, and every manner of material used in the construction and renovation of their manors. Laborers also serve as cannon fodder, defending the land from any attacking creatures. They're usually armed with little more than rakes and plows, but their numbers can be overwhelming. Laborers are actually constructed out of sticks and mud, held together by bits of string and fabric. They are brought to life simply by being commanded to live by the Lords and Ladies. Because of the simplicity of their construction and the intensity of their work Laborers often fall apart and constantly need to be replaced. The longer a Laborer lives the more likely it is to begin to think and gain self-awareness. As a Laborer does this it's body changes, becoming more and more lifelike. Eventually it may become intelligent enough to be assigned to more complex tasks, and even ascend to the rank of Servant when it looks fully human.
On rare occasions a servant may even become an Aristocrat. This is usually a close personal servant. Because there is always a set number of Lords and Ladies, one must die first. For every one Lord there is one Lady that they consider to be their spouse. In order for a female servant to become a Lady she must seduce her master and convince them to behead his wife. For a male servant to become a Lord he must defeat a Lord in a duel, killing him, and then taking his wife. This usually takes some amount of encouragement on behalf of the Lady, although it's not uncommon for a LordPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A Wrath Wraith would be classified a demon if it were not for the fact that their physical form is more often ethereal than physical. They manifest themselves before those who are consumed by feelings of hatred and vengeance. Although they feed off of those emotions they are not entirely parasitic they will aid their host in seeking vengeance, ultimately destroying the host. Wrath Wraiths are also known as Spirits of Vengeance, Avengers, and Hate Hounds.
Once manifested they will only be visible to their host. They have the appearance of a tangled mess of tree roots that have been soaked in blood, the roots also seem to squirm and twist themselves about like worms. The whole mess is roughly torso shaped with the human skull embedded where one might expect to see it. Some reports suggest that Wrath Wraiths are capable of creating arm like structures out of their own twisted roots, but this is, by nature, difficult to verify.
Wrath Wraiths will only appear before hosts that are willing to allow their own destruction in order to obliterate their enemies. Not as an act of selfless duty, as a Puritite might, but as an act of blind rage. It is this rage that the Wrath Wraiths feed on. They are also very good at propagating those feelings within their host by means of conversation and inquiry. Wrath Wraiths also have the ability to prevent the feelings of hatred from dying down; the feelings will only build until the host is overwhelmed with emotion, foaming at the mouth and thrashing about. Only then will the Wrath Wraith begin to fuse with its host sinking its roots into its host’s back, wrapping them around vital organs and embedding them into muscles. At this point the Wrath Wraith will become partially visible, especially towards the entry point of the roots, which may also protrude from the host body, especially around the mouth, eyes, nose, and fingertips. The host's body will slowly be deformed and twisted into the likeness of a demon, while still maintaining recognizable traits of their former self. A fully transformed host literally cannot die until it has completed its revenge quest. Once its revenge is complete the Wrath Wraith will become fully visible and will tear it roots out of its host body, killing it instantly, before fading out of detectable existence. Occasionally the host will simply explode, simultaneously destroying itself and its target, this is more often the case of a host that seeks revenge on multiplePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Why do you not correct all the mistakes your speech recognition program makes? That's just lazy, and I do NOT approve of this practice.

Anyway, I read your work about a week ago (cringing every 30 seconds or so at the spelling), so my memory is kinda hazy, but I remember I wanted to write something here.

This work feels like an oversimplification of the world, where every person has one less dimension compared to real life. I don't like it when things are so simple. I kinda made up my own names for your castes/factions as I read your posts based just on your names and maybe the first couple of words in the posts, and for the most part I was amused by how accurate my names were. It went something like this:

Herdsmen - normalfags
Hunters - furries
Titans - Übermenschen
Tormenters - Dormilia: Act I
Collectors - OCD people
Hellfires - Dormilia: Act II
Archivers - wizards
Wanderers - otherkin
Purities - Space Marines
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File: 1365262948766.jpg (93.9 KB, 1920x1080, yume-nikki-madotsuki-1920x….jpg)


Okay, so I'm becoming downright fascinated with hikikomori. I myself am not a shut-in, though I am a part-time writer and working endlessly on projects has me locked in my small apartment frequently, where I get cabin fever. A story I wrote ended up using that as part of the theme (though the character was an old retired lady and not a young NEET).

After recently discovering Yume Nikki and being struck at how… droll and sad everything feels in those first moments in her apartment, and then looking up the hikikomori phenomena, I've been kinda inspired to go back to one of my older stories that I'm unhappy with and imbue it with some of these elements (it's about a sheltered "good Christian gal" who has an uncomfortable encounter and some dark memories from the past).

In looking stuff up, I learned about the book "Shutting Out the Sun" by Michael Zielenzinger:

None of my local libraries or bookstores have it and I'm really considering buying it. When I saw the description I was like "I have to read this." But it's Amazon reviews seem split between "this guy hits it on the nose" and "this guy is bullshit." I can kind of tell the latter camp is unjustly accusing the author of agendas and what-not.

Either way, has anybody on this board read this book? What are your thoughts?
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The whole book can be downloaded from somewhere.


File: 1365915883479.jpg (560.13 KB, 804x790, reading.jpg)

Well, I said "fuggit" and did an inter-library loan, haha. I got, like, at least three library memberships and found one that would do it for free, and would provide a decent amount of time to borrow it. So soon I shall be reading it.

Oh, well no, don't misunderstand me. I have no intention or interest in *pursuing* the lifestyle of a hikikomori. I'm just utterly fascinated by the phenomena. No, no. Though when I shut myself away to work on writing and freelance work, I sometimes feel like a hermit, I never let that drag on. I have friends. I go out. I fool around. I carouse and drink. I very much am a connoisseur of life's experiences. It's why I like writing. To illuminate the different dusty corners of life. That is why people on the edges of normal social structure fascinate me.

Well to his credit, at least, he has a long career with Asia (Korea and Japan chiefly), so he's not completely ignorant. A grain of salt will for sure be taken, though.

Sure, I'd love to hear your thoughts. At this point I will be reading it soon anyway, but I'd love to have some discussion about it regardless.

Fuck that, I'd rather curl up in my chair and read it. I don't do that Kindle buwellsheet and I stare at a computer enough as it is already, haha.


Yeah I know that feel. I'd often rather just not read a book if I have to do it online. manga is a different story though.


File: 1366436103993.gif (467.71 KB, 170x197, tumblr_md5lymAm4Z1qzxkzb.gif)

Well, I checked my holds at one of my local libraries and it's in! Probably gonna go pick it up sometime this weekend and will probably jump right in to reading it. In the past couple of days I hit on a hikikomori-inspired story idea that finally stuck, so this shall be my research/inspiration. I shall report back.

How's it coming along with you?


File: 1370078391982.jpg (28.58 KB, 400x334, VaCLASKpK0WDhHwBem31HQ2.jpg)

OP back. I just finished "Shutting Out the Sun" today, right before I had to return it. It was honestly a little bit of a chore to read, as it focused on the economic causes of hikikomori and went really deep into Japan's political history. I was kind of hoping to delve into the psychology of it all to inspire my story, but nevertheless it was really interesting. And it makes one take a look at the self-proclaimed shut-ins and NEETs in America, who don't actually share the same traits of hikikomori and are in fact quite different. Certainly we aren't that much better off than Japan, and America and the rest of the modern world have a problem of losing a sense of community. That's kind of what I'm gonna be digging into the next couple months as I plan my story.

Either way, interesting read with unexpected focus. Anyone else actually read it?

File: 1369190851010.jpg (163.88 KB, 1280x720, 1368190062077.jpg)


Truth be told, I'm shit at writing. I don't mean I'm just bad at it, I mean I'm fucking shit. I had a very poor education thanks to living in amurrican hick town, so I'm extremely bad at writing, period, as well as critically thinking and dictating my thoughts.

How do I improve? I'm poor as shit and college isn't really an option. What are some good resources on learning how to write effectively and shit?


File: 1369196499643.gif (165.83 KB, 267x199, 1363046873367.gif)

well it depends on what you'd find educational. a friend of mine got a 95% on their english midterm most likely because of our roleplaying, while reading fics and some original stories also tend to teach a thing or two.

try writing something every day, like a tidbit about your life or writing about a fictional character. be it your own character or headcanons about your favorite character from a show or book you like.

reading and writing are the two key ways to get better at writing yourself.

ya just gotta believe


Being a storyteller is something you discover on your own, not something that can be taught from handbooks and tutorials…
The easiest, simplest way to is to write, write, write every day and keep at it. Whether it's journal entries, letters, or just forum/imageboard posts. In time, you will get a feel of what feels natural to you - that is, the flow of words, the way you string them together, your preference in explaining or describing, and so on.

I'd also recommend just picking up random novels and studying the writing styles of these people. Note their use of language, their approach on telling a story. If you like a style, try emulating it and see how it feels.

Annddd, as >>339 mentioned, roleplaying is a *really* good way to improve your writing. Since it is essentially nothing more but an extended form of storytelling, you will become more and more fluid at getting across what you mean, having your imagination run wild and, at the same time, develop your style.

Just keep at it, OP


Read all sorts of different stuff. Obviously any sort of fiction or non-fiction, but also things like newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries, product manuals, etc. Hell, even food packages will sometimes have short blurbs about the product or the company that made them. Reading stuff from a wide variety of sources will give you an idea of the many different ways words can come together, whether to describe a vacation spot, explain what the gear settings on your car are for, tell the story of a British spy, and so on.

I Googled "writing ideas" and found this site with a lot of writing prompts: http://thewritesource.com/writing_topics/
Yeah, you're obviously past first grade, but if your writing skills are in need of some work then it might help to pick some of the easier prompts. Do some searches of your own for more writing ideas or tips for good writing.

Buy a composition notebook (the ones with the marbled, thick-ish covers and the pages that aren't perforated for tearing out) and use it to write in; they're fairly durable and can be written on your lap if there isn't a table nearby. Write in your living room, write while you're taking a shit, go to a park or a library or a restaurant or anywhere you can sit, and write there. Maybe jot down some writing prompts to write about while you're out, or make up a story about the place you're in or some people you see. You could even just describe your surroundings.

Say you're at a restaurant. Describe the various sounds and smells. Look at the people at other tables; what are they wearing? Do they look happy, frustrated, bored, etc.? If you've been there before, do you have any memories of previous visits? Write down what you order and describe it when you get it: how it looks, how it smells, what it tastes like, what you do/don't like about it. What kind of mood is your server in? If they're upset, trying writing out some ideas why they're upset; they don't have to be right, just whatever you think of.

Most imortantly, do not get discouraged if you don't like what you're writing. I would consider myself a pretty good writer, and I write stuff that I look at later and just go "that was fucking terrible" all the time. It takes practice and a lot of trial-and-error, but if you keep at it then you'll slowly but surely improve.

If you write something you don't like, thiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


One of the best ways to improve your proficiency would be to attend any sort of creative writing workshop, over a period of years. I used to despise grammar and mechanics, but once I got heavy into writing my own short stories and poetry–all that junk came back to become useful in a lot of little ways.

Even if you cannot attend real world workshops, there's always online creative writing boards. Get yourself exposed to enough criticism and writing resources and you WILL eventually get better.

File: 1348281371581.png (35.96 KB, 255x229, monokerz.png)


Lit, I want to start getting serious about writing, but I really can't write. Not well, anyway, and I know that I won't improve without getting any feedback. But when I know that I'm writing, and that I'm going to let somebody else read it my self-consciousness ruins everything. And when I write for myself, everything becomes too personal to show anybody. I feel like other people would only get to see my work at its worse.

And I say 'would' because I've never shown my writing to anybody aside from teachers. Their feedback has been mostly positive, but I have to remember that they're teachers. They can't be too honest without some parent complaining about it. I'm rambling—what I mean to say is that I feel like I've never received any real criticism before.


Practice your writing as you would an instrument. You cannot play unless you listen, and you cannot write unless you read. An ability is not born of empty inspirations.



also ask your teachers for constructive criticism, talk to them on a more one-on-one basis.
join a writing club.

also, write every day. for ever.


To build on my response:

Find a starting point. What kind of writing do you like? even better, what forms of writing are you aware of?
Start exploring the different forms of writing there are. Then explore different favorite authors / "classic"/famous pieces. see what other people are doing. Find a more populated literature/writing board (and make sure to cross-post here so we can get more activity too. or redirect us there.) Start messing around.

But most importantly, write every day.

The best thing you can do right now is customize a space/program in your computer for writing, or going out and buying yourself a sexy journal.


just because they're teachers doesn't mean you can't gauge their criticism. Its actually rather true that teachers are dealing with students who try hard to pass their assignment or whatever, and for that reason, write a good paper. By that nature, the teacher will tell many people the did a "great job!" So if you were told you did well, you probably did.

File: 1365760378847.jpg (569.92 KB, 1920x1080, yuno.jpg)


I personally read more Graphic Novels than Books, for reasons I won't really get into, lest we start a debate about whether or not Graphic Novels are legitimate literature.

To get to the point, my problem is that I know very little about books, which ones are for me, and how to find them. Does anyone else have this problem?

If anyone is familiar with it, I did thoroughly enjoy "John Dies At The End", and I also liked the basic sci-fi I was exposed to, such as "The Martian Chronicles" and works by Kurt Vonnegut. I feel like asking /lit/ if they identify with me and might have some good suggestions for books I can find entertainment in.

File: 1335839124716.jpg (24.15 KB, 500x334, game.jpg)


Would you like to play a game?

It's a little literary exercise I had fun with on IRC a few days ago. I thought I might bring it here.

Here's how it works. I post four random letters, and the person below me has to come up with the name of an awesome finishing attack move those letters could be an acronym of. Then they finish their post with four random letters for the next guy.

For example, if the guy above me posts the letters "TAGE", I answer:

Torrential Aurora Grasping Edges

Optionally, I can describe the move. It's like thousands of sharp, glowing ribbons flailing around.

Then I finish my post with four letters for the next poster to work with. So let's get started, shall we?

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File: 1354963388050.jpg (52.4 KB, 470x298, 1345006964551.jpg)


Active Ether Tornado Rifle

holy shit wind magic bulletswarm



far atmosphere reaching teleportation




Guardian Tyrannosaurus Rex Dive




Gay King of Yore's Dicking



"World Gravitational Flux Weapon"

Don't pull the trigger while you're still on the planet.


File: 1353552071313.jpg (49.23 KB, 500x517, 022-Bunnywoman.jpg)


Hi lit; I was looking for a notebook, when I found my old yume nikki and some things I wrote at my pre-teens years. I readed them and… god. I didn't remember that dream and the things I have written… how I have written them.
Anyway, wanted to share (They are interesting and I hope someone will like them).
(Also, sorry: They were written in spanish, and I've translated them- so, is probably some things are bad translated, or don't have the same impression than in spanish).

These I'll show are the best; others aren't so good or impressive. And I'm sure I have more wandering around here, but I am too lazy to search tem. So, enjoy.
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Have you ever wondered why I inhabit in the dark light? I always wondered the why of this kind of hate to most of things around me. I'm not smart; but I am better than the overall average. They make me sick!
Sincerely, I feel sick for the form they can be manipulated, tricked and threatened. Is like their brain is bathed with eggs and the Media irradiate with ligh the semen to fertilize them with frightening ease, creating a smorgasbord mass of cancer cells.
If I had the oportunity to eliminate them all, I wouldn't; Thanks to them I am what I expect to be. But still, I would send them so goddam far…

I'm scared of the miscellaneous and squared mass; I piss in horror before the possibility of their existence in this world which I do not understand.

In the left side I am too scared to die that I'd rather be dead.


PEOPLE SEE ONLY WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE. The blinds are lucky because they see more clear than thousand of persons which use their anus as their corneas and their infected and twisted bloodshot eyes with pus and constipated phlegm infernally melted in 32th mutually different dimensions.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Súbelas en español, coño.



Bueno, no quería hacerlo, ya que como todos acá hablan inglés (Y dudaba que alguien me pida que lo subiera en español), no me pareció necesario.
Pero, acá están. (PD: gracias por hacerme acordar de ésto; ahora veo si encuentro algún que otro de esos papeles forros que no sé dónde mierda están).

Post #1

Últimamente estuve recapacitando, y me di cuenta de que estoy aterrado. Siento como todo este proyecto de, digamos, "Sueño estúpido de adolescente" se derrumba como un himen roto.
No me siento como si tuviera esta edad, y me siento terriblemente hipócrita al tener dos caras en la vida. Dos caras inconscientes que se dividen en mente y cuerpo.
Por un lado, tengo una sonrisa afilada que nunca falta, cortando el ambiente con chistes estúpidos; una sobredosis de terror me cubre cuando llego a mi casa. ¡Dios!, es tan extraño… es como si fuera esquizofrénico, un primate esquizofrénico al cual pinchan y estudian como si fuera un experimento descartable. Y esas son nis pesadillas últimamente… me despierto de noche, traspirando, y raramente las recuerdo como vagas figuras de miedo. Estoy rodeado de miedo.
Me siento frente a una violación a conciencia cada vez que descubro que mi vida termina a los 18. Por más que me esfuerce, no puedo ni imaginar ni suponer qué mierda me va a pasar cuando llegue. Estoy tan nervioso, y tan cansado, como si llevara una cadena que yo mismo forjé… y de la cual dependo.

Nota: Tenía 12 cuando lo escribí. Es cuando empecé a tener ataques de pánico. En esa edad estaba muy asustado de mi vida, porque no sabía que me iba a pasar cuando cumpliera 18, y pensaba que lo mejor que podía hacer era suicidarme.


Post #2

Las raíces de la libertad están clavadas profundamente, como nervios intactos, en la punta más filosa de cada filamento luminoso y electrizante de lo que llamamos «cerebro».

Mi mierda es dulce ante mis ojos y negra ante mi lengua; llameante y delicada, la cual se encarga de transportarme libremente a cualquier parte de mi cuerpo, mostrándome la roja negrura de luminosidad que tiene mi piel. Y mis huesos, ¡Son terriblemente duros ante mi oído! ¿Podés escucharlos? La vibración penetra cada parte líquida de mis células, moviéndolas y masturbándolas con delicados movimientos circulares e iluminándolas con fuertes e hirientes luces rojas como sangre.

Las células comienzan a moverse a través de un líquido transparente y espeso, que contiene gérmenes violetas y rosados, como pequeños osos mutantes y genéticamente trastornados, que se encargan de lastimar y purificar el sub-ambiente con feromonas de alto calibre.
Yo estoy ahí, observando y anotando, mientras cada uno de mis extraños movimientos al estilo de un barco me arrastran hasta un torrente gigantesco de nueva información que no soy capaz de manejar. Son ondas largas y curvadas en semicírculos que dirigen las cargas masculinas y hacen que observe al enorme círculo frente a mí. Y todos los filamentos, que alzan sus inexistentes caras con expresiones terroríficas, uniéndose en un banquete ante la imagen que nos hace frente. Sí.

El cuero duro comienza a comprimirse en todos los puntos; la presión comienza a disparar gigantescas luces plateadas y pulidas que nos ciegan. El ojo está siendo masticado y digerido; y la córnea nos apuñala con su enorme presión
-¿Sabés lo que se siente ser amado? – pregunto a cada uno de mis compañeros. Pero ellos sólo me miran con odio, mientras mi piel comienza derretirse y mis ojos a llorar mi semen mezclado con mi cerebro.


Post #3

¿Alguna vez te preguntaste por qué habito en la obscura luz? Yo siempre me pregunte el porqué de esta clase de odio a la mayoría de las cosas a mi alrededor. No soy inteligente; pero supero y por mucho al promedio general. ¡Me dan asco!

Sinceramente, me enferma la forma y la facilidad con la que pueden ser manipulados y engañados. Es como si su cerebro estuviera bañado en óvulos y los medios los irradian con luz y semen para fecundarlos con espantosa facilidad, creando una masa uniforme de células cancerígenas. Si tuviera la oportunidad de eliminarlos, no lo haría; gracias a ellos soy lo que espero ser. Pero aun así los alejaría lo más que pueda.

Me aterra la masa miscelánea y cuadrada; me meo de terror ante la posibilidad de su existencia en este mundo que no entiendo

A un costado Tengo tanto miedo de morir que preferiría estar muerto.


Los ciegos tienen suerte de poder ver más claro que miles de personas que usan sus anos como las córneas y pupilas giratorias de sus infectos y retorcidos ojos inyectados en pus y flema constipada infernalmente en 32 dimensiones diferentes entre sí. Si la gente viera lo que realmente hay, la gente se suicidaría felizmente en un espantoso ritual de clamor. Tourette se sentiría orgulloso de ser anoréxico. Dios vendida a los fanáticos que no pueden ver en su ataque de eyaculador precoz epiléptico con al-zeimer.

File: 1348284484964.jpg (8.96 KB, 178x191, i-hate-stoplights.jpg)


Do you put a lot of thought into what you're writing, or does it flow out naturally?


Kind of both at the same time. I "feel" what I'm writing. It's like thinking but with feelings. and then I just let it flow.


It depends what I'm writing. Random thoughts I scribble down in journals or notebooks I don't always put much thought into. When I'm actually trying to write a philosophical piece I'll usually put more time into considering what I want to explain or question.


Hmmm, is something hard to explain. For example, it depends in what I am writting at the moment. I mean, if I have something in mind, generally, I do 50% and 50%. I know what I should write, and, more or less thanks what I have in head, I write it as I let it flow. And, if I feel something doesn't fits, I take it out.

On the other hand, sometimes, I don't know what I am going to write, and I totally let it flow. Mostly, I like what I write in this way. I feel that it is the deep shit I have inside, and that expresses what I want to and what I feel in the moment.

File: 1319582080794.png (195.25 KB, 700x700, 1270953834949.png)


What do you all like to write on most?

I like writing in blank hardcovered books with ink marker-pens. I just love the way the pen feels on the paper, and just, turning the page, and, just, hard, covered, book. I … love books so god damned much. so much.
Typing has a nice feel too but I definitely definitely prefer writing.
Leaflets of paper used to be a favorite of mine. I have stacks inches high of leaflets. I would write on small scrap leaflets of paper. like hall passes, late slips, etc. (hahah highschool.)
It gave it such character. such an in-the-moment feel. and the moments oftentimes were linked with the scrap it was written on. haha.
it just, felt right.

I want to write with a calligraphy pen but I'll have to learn how to write top-to-bottom or something, since I'm a lefty…
clay sounds cool to write on.
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I can never focus when I type so I have a drawer full of moleskins and hardback notebooks


ohhhhhhhhhhh i am so jelly. so so jelly.

so good.

i have two hardcover "sketchbooks" but the pages are too intimidatingly large…
im gonna stick to 6"x8" and smaller ):


OP may have hypergraphia, but yeah. Scraps give me an unfinished feel, I like composition books…being able to write sideways and upside down between the already crafted lines. Fill it UP! Fill it UP! Fill it UP!


hm *googles*

i don't feel a compulsion to write but i do have a strong affinity to writing materials.

i definitely understand the completeness feel. i get that with scraps. filling the entire paper to its edges "completes" the scrap, and challenges me to make something concise enough to "complete" the scrap paper.
I miss my writing journal, though. I have a ~6x8in that i'm filling up, i'm almost halfway, on top of that 5x8in that i filled up two years ago. I have a larger book and a much larger sketchbook… but >>142
i'm trying to tackle it, though. i've made a bit of progress.


File: 1349672619935.gif (426.14 KB, 500x371, tumblr_lzexbxsWz91qzqnxxo1….gif)

>felt tip pen
>thick pile of loose-leaf college-ruled paper

File: 1316744934149.gif (186.83 KB, 126x252, house.gif)


Ahem, don't mind me, just the founder of the /lit/ board.

I finished reading Isaac Asimov's Foundation and it was pretty awesome. Also, I'll format a sticky or something later because I like being a modfag.
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Fuck you all for not taking the hint and discussing Asimov's brilliant stories.

Writer - as a hardened sci-fi enthusiast and fanatical devotee of the man, I very much appreciate your tastes and your most recent literary endeavor.

Also, fuck you all for not having read War and Peace. Smile, fuck you for reading pop-sci. boja, fuck you for not enjoying The Bonfire of The Vanities. It's a marvelous tale of the underprivileged versus the all-too-privileged classes, not to mention an exuberant and almost disturbing depiction of life amid the financial elite. You fucking sicken me.



The next book I'm reading is Darkness at Noon. Has anyone else ever read it?


I'm reading The Martial Arts reader, and it is delightfully delightful.


read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. It's a very good book about Bruce Lee's martial arts philosophy.



Oh! Will do, I'll read that after this, for sure.

If you haven't, you should check out Karate-do, My Way of Life, by Ginchin Funikoshi. I just finished it, and it was great. It's about and by the guy who made "Karate" a household term.

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