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/yndd/ - Yume Nikki - Dream Diary

New board for the 2018 game.

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any video footage of it?


Wait, so, I'm confused.

That's FACE, so what in the hell is that giant red creature in the sky in that one promotional image? Is that FACE, as well?


No clue. The only cliff is the Sky Garden one, and that looks exactly like the trailer


not to mention, that the giant blood hill grasping monster is in promotional art too, as well as graffiti world.



I don't ever remember seeing those in promotional images.

Unless they're hidden in promotional images, I genuinely don't remember seeing them.



using concept art to promote a game is not the same as false advertising



Ok, I'm having the case of the stupid. I can't see them.


Graffiti world is in the game too… kinda. You can see it in the reflection of one of the bathrooms in the school sometimes. I think it was the second floor one.


The monster is on the top right, vomiting red onto the street. Graffiti world is on the wall on the top left.


That flash is the Aztec Rave Monkey



Ah, I see.

They were a bit hard to see, but see them, now.

Now, my only question is why did they include those in the promotional image, when, from what I can tell, they don't make a single appearance in the game?

My best guess is that they were planned to be in the game, but the game was rushed, and the devs didn't have the time to add them in.


The mouth monster now is aggressive and he doesn't give Madotsuki hair related effects.


Even if this is a broken bug, this is actually closer to what you would have done in the original, other than jumping from box to box baiting it to the trap, which even though it made me think of about how to solve it, I didn't really like, Yume Nikki isn't really about that kind of chase and run from monsters, that's where it starts taking to much from just generic horror game elements for my liking.


He's in the town after you lock the mouth monster away


It's actually completely unnecessary to get the Kalimba, you can just play the song to the monster that spits up the Glyph without it.


The last piece of concept art I'm missing is the Tokuto one, anyone know where to get it?
Assume it's in the mall but can't find it anywhere.


I don't know if it's Tokuto's or not, but there's a piece of concept art hidden behind one of the plants on the third floor


Not him, but you are right, that is Tokuto. I was missing that one too.


Does anyone know how to get the Fisherman concept art?


on the docks by the train use the hand again.


File: 1519534096462.png (248.13 KB, 262x224, 1492338342310.png)

Thanks! 100% everything now


has someone used the umbrella to try to jump in there before touching the jellyfish?


The answer to 99% of the "Can I jump to X with the umbrella" is Invisible Walls


seeing there's few different scenarios when you revisit a world, like Monoko in dark street world and Face in the school world.

Has anyone tried going to Poniko's place a second time? the mall world didn't seem to have a alternative ending to it though.


Wait, you 100% it? How do you get the second item in the vending machine? I've been trying the "murder villager people" route, but they've only dropped concept art.


I never did and I'm not sure there is a way. The game just granted me 100% in everything.


I heard there is a really neat easter egg in the new game , where there is a chance that you wake up on the old yume nikki room (aka the original room)


Yes! It happened to me once.


Went everywhere twice, to try and see what was new. There's nothing different in Poniko's room.


Hello! A Russian newblood here.

I would like to know the EXACT minimum requirements for YNDD: yet to decide whether I should buy/pirate/ignore it.


Check the steam page



That, or rutracker. It's definitely not worth your money though, better save up for that better pc.


So is there a safe .iso/.exe released yet? A few files posted in this thread but nothing confirmed really



Link in post 1987 is working. Played it already. Got stuck at the scene with Kyuukyuu-kun and Monoe. Deleted.

Oh well. Gotta use my voodoo magic to run Y2K on my toaster.



Fuck, I meant 1922. Still new to imageboard format.


I just beat the game
The Masada ending is cute but sorta boring but at least it keeps with the dreams stuff
Has anyone found out what the 120 yen item is yet?



120 yen item is a lie.


It's there just for show?


Yes, only 10 coins exist. I dont know what's the point of having it there, it only confuses people


It would have been a great opportunity to make the chasers drop coins.
*cue retarded hack n slash Yume Nikki game*
Hey it's stupid but it could have been fun.



Has anyone tried hacking 120 yen to see what happens if you try to buy the item?

I'd imagine that the game would crash because it wouldn't know what to do in that situation.


rev up that Cheat Engine bois


What about that Masada pic?
Why does it turn into an item?
I went and visited everyone i could think of but no one accepts it


I have a feeling that won't work, since it's marked as a Red item, which means it's sold out anyway. The 100 yen drink becomes red after buying it, too. (unless it's red unless you have enough to pay for it, I suppose)


I can think of three reasons why the Masada picture is in the game. Obviously, it's anyone's guess as to why it's in the game, but this is just what I think.

1. It's there to tease some kind of upcoming DLC.

2. It was originally meant to be used for something, but the developers didn't have enough time to add what they wanted to add.

3. It's there for bragging rights.

I mean there wont be any harm in trying, right? I'd say it's at least worth a quick investigation.


It was red until I had enough. I was unlucky enough to have to hunt for the last coin.


Sounds legit.

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