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Like the other 60% who seems to like it, I don't care that Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- is mediocre. Overpriced? Yes. Unfaithful? Kinda. Playable? Pretty much. It's interesting to see another's take on the universe. Like the light novel and manga, it isn't a carbon copy, but another take. They never claimed it to be a faithful copy of the original. Those who like it will keep playing, and those who dislike it will eventually get bored crying over it and go away.


I suppose if you like shit, you'll like more shit.


File: 1519617060732.jpg (85.84 KB, 850x478, __original_drawn_by_yoshid….jpg)

By another take do you mean filtering it through horror cliches and generic visuals? It's not some super creative artist's take, it the culminated take of every single generic horror game from the last fifteen years. You even admit that it is mediocre. Have fun patting things on the back for existing instead of expecting and pushing for quality and something above, "well at least it's not as bad as it could have been".


Some people are easier to please, I guess. I happen to like the genre it is trying to be.


People aren't complaining it isn't "faithful", they're complaining it's mediocre, and they have their right, the game is mediocre and overpriced for such a short game that wasn't probably debugged.
Don't get me wrong, I don't blame the team nor the artists (I actually think it isn't a bad "first try" game), but kadokawa who chose that team to make this commercial product. Had they given more time to the team to work in the game and expand it and actually add things from YN instead of generic horror bullshit, and it'd have been much better. But no.


I could try to analyze all day why some people like to lick assholes, but I won't. My point is, some people might like it even if you don't. I think we've already discussed how mediocre it is in other threads. You're beating a dead horse, here.


I was addressing OP
>They never claimed it to be a faithful copy of the original.
No, they didn't, but that's not the point and nobody is complaining for that.


I AM OP. Are you trying to use the "I wasn't talking to you" fallacy? Seriously?


File: 1519619909038.jpg (58 KB, 429x411, 1332298465250.jpg)

I was addressing the OP (Original Post).
You wrote that point. I addressed your point.
Do you realize I'm not even arguing against you "some people like it and some dont" point? Why are you so defensive? Calm the fuck down and stop overreacting like an autistic kid, for fuck's sake.


The funny thing is that it has almost everything borrowed from YM. Actually, if you think about it I think the only 100% original things were the mannequins, the shadow man and the school. You can see the severe lack of imagination of the dev team, and it shows everywhere.
Even as a horror fan, seeing stuff like the fucking mannequins cutscene with the orchestra jumpscare is just embarassing at best.


File: 1519624596321.jpg (86.11 KB, 686x686, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….jpg)

I can't imagine why anybody would want to defend this game so badly. Is it because of their insecurity? It's okay to like bad things, but don't get mad when people point out that's it's bad, especially when it's tied to something much better. Only newfags don't know op can mean a person or the actual first post.



It isn't. The game has dogshit optimization for an Unity game and you get cockblocked by puzzles and chasers every 3 minutes. If the game just lets me relax for a bit, instead of making me wake up every 3 minutes for that item for that puzzle, then sure i would like it, because the atmosphere is great (even though it doesn't resemble YN in any way) but the gameplay isn't even fun. It's just average.


File: 1519666128344.png (161.94 KB, 633x468, 1433295709523.png)

>insecurity argument
fucks like you have been flooding Ubuu recently and my biggest hope is that time will pass and you'll head on over back to /v/ to engage in your petty arguments, because this site is usually chill as fuck


>Like the light novel and manga
I think the one thing everyone can pretty well unite over is that at least DD isn't as insulting as the manga. I'm not familiar with the LN though.


I've literally never been on v and I have used ubuu for years. How exactly did I lose the argument? Just saying that somebody lost the argument is a retarded tactic. Tell me, why do people feel the need to constantly defend this. game?


I actually think the manga was pretty cash until Masada happened.

>saying that somebody lost the argument is a retarded tactic
Not him, but…"tactics"?


I disagree.
With the manga I can say "oh, this is just a person's interpretation, at least the art's okay"
but DD is just a steaming pile of garbage with no redeeming factors


>Just saying that somebody lost the argument is a retarded tactic.
Where did they say you lost the argument? Wait, do you not know how greentext works?


Where did this 60% shit come from? Just because the Discord likes it doesn't mean the rest of Uboachan does.


Steam reviews most likely


I never said that the other person lost the argument, but
green texted that. Green text can be used in more ways than just quoting somebody.

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