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Anybody got an updated effects guide? The wiki is ooooooooooold. The hand hub has been completely changed, and I can't get the invisible effect, among other.


I'd be willing to write up a new effect guide, but I'm not sure if the Glasses and Spacesuit effects can be obtained in the most recent version, due to changes to the Museum and the removal of the door to Concrete World from the Highway tunnel.


They can be, I just did it yesterday, using the very same Wikia. It isnt old at all. (I have 95h


Thanks for letting me know; I managed to find both of them. I suspect that Concrete World has been entirely phased out at this point.


OK, I updated the directions for all of the effects for the most recent version of 2kki (0.095h). Let me know if I made any mistake or was unclear anywhere.


Marry me.


<3 I'm already taken, I'm afraid. But I'm always happy to help fellow YN fangame fans!


so, does this mean there's no way to get the glasses or spacesuit? I used the wiki, but the only block with a door in geometry world leads me to the yellow geometry maze, not the dark museum… it's driving me crazy


Try heading west-southwest from the entry point of Geometry World from the Nexus (that is, enter Geometry World from the Nexus, then walk in a pattern such as 6-8 steps west, 4 steps south). You should encounter a row of teal-and-clear blocks. The westernmost block on that row should have a transparent doorframe in it that leads to the Dark Museum.


I'm having trouble getting the eyeball bomb effect. It's my first time playing the game and I have the latest version.
When I enter Toy World I can't walk on the purple tiles at all, even with the fairy effect.


I just checked on the most recent version (0.096a + patch) of Yume 2kki and I have no difficulty moving freely over the purple-floored areas of Toy World with both the Fairy effect and the Spacesuit effect.

I don't know EXACTLY how to reach the Eyeball Bomb effect, but I *think* you have to go north-ish, then all the way to the eastern end of the maze, then south-ish, then all the way back west.


the door with the blue thing in the geometry world has been removed. does anyone know how to get the boy effect in the new 0.096 version? maybe i shouldn't have jumped on that update right away…


in the new 0.096 version i found the door to the dark museum. the last 0.095 ver didn't have it, but this one does.


Also having issues getting the Boy effect.


Does anyone know how to get the lantern effect? I can't get into the pit in the Forest World, no matter what I do.
For the record, I've got 0.096c.


you can only enter the pit from the bottom. there's a small gap between the traffic cones and the trees, if i remember correctly.


File: 1339095916688.jpg (114.11 KB, 640x960, 1048257820315.jpg)

Hey, I'm playing 0.96 ver of Yume 2kki and it was difficult to find the boy effect here. But I finally found it, so here are some directions:

Enter the geometry world and find a turquoise, rather big rectangle with a door. This place will lead you to the yellow maze. You should take care to the white oval monster here (it takes you back to the geometry world). Find somewhere within the maze (which's first section is not that big as it seems to be) a black door with yellow frame. Enter it and go ahead - you'll be taken to the second section. And here you should find a place which looks exactly as in the 2nd screen. Enter here and interact with a thing in the end (1st screen). Then you should leave that place, enter again and repeat that action a few times. The circle on that thing will brighten every time. After five try, returning to the maze, you'll encounter a character as in the 2nd screen. Interact with it and - voila, you got it! I wish you good luck, because it's not very easy.

If you want to help other gamers too and publish the boy effect's new location on the YN2 Wiki, feel free use my description! (I hope it's understandable.)


First, note that the effect's location was changed a couple times in the last few versions so there's no knowing how temporary this is atm (since they reverted changes).
Second, "find" as in "find the big rectangle" is too laconic to actually act as a guide. A guide should have a direction, a waypoint, and some more directions.

Also the wiki, as every wiki on this planet, should be editable by everyone. If you really, REALLY want to make it the description, you can do it yourself.
Also, at the part with the strange light(bulb+blob=blub) you do not have to "repeat the action", as in leaving and coming back in, you just have to mash the button until it turns bright yellow and the sound effect of it changes.
I can also nitpick the grammar but there's no point to that. This isn't a real, important wiki after all.


File: 1340140007550.png (4.04 KB, 192x192, syujinkou2.png)

Does anyone know the directions to get the Invisible effect for the newest verison? The wiki confuses me a bit. And any YouTube videos I could find were outdated. I need this effect to get past that stupid Robot Gaurd to get the fairy effect so I can go into that hole in Atlantis to see the Octopus guy as well as anything else that may be in there.


I just downloaded 0.97g, the wiki worked just fine when it came to finding the invisible effect.

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