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I've been wondering for a while…
… what exactly is a Marginal Vivid Worker? the wiki says it has to do with one of the books in the library, and that it's a meme on Pivix. Anyone care to enlighten me?


It must have originated in 2ch, most likely years ago, so unless there's a regular 2channer among us, it would be impossible to find out…


I haven't played the newer versions yet but I remember an old thread that explained it. UC is pretty slow its hould still be here. There's a book in the library with art of the monster that Urotsuki transforms into with that effect. I think i twas a meme on 2chan


Marginal vivid workers is strangler eyes.



"Strangler eyes" is just the western nickname of the Marginal Vivid Worker.


That's pretty much what Rusch just said.



I think he meant exactly the opposite, that "Marginal Vivid Worker" is the nickname for the Strangler Eyes.


I've seen both names used in Western sites.


Unfortunately, I can't figure out either. Whenever I Google it, I just get Yume 2kki results.


All I know is that it was a meme on 2ch.


Perhaps that's all there really is to it, unless of course it leads to some kind of treasure trove left by the 2channers.



You most likely will find something more if you google マージナルビビットワーカー instead.


I still only found Yume 2kki.
On top of that, I wouldn't really be able to understand anything I did find.


I actually tried researching about this the other day when I had time being sick and all, and I found nothing. If it was a meme, I'll assume it was rather minor.
Is there an accessible source for it being a meme on Pixiv/2ch? I'm just wondering if it's true (and am very interested in its origin if it is)
Marginal Vivid Worker is the official name for him, btw. Considering the effect name is just that, it shouldn't even be a debate.
Therefore "Srangler Eyes" is the nickname.
Hoping to get an answer sometime soon



As said before, if you don't know Japanese (and I mean practical Japanese, not what you learn from textbooks), you have no chance to find out anything on 2chan.


I'm pretty sure It was created from hallucigenia (I think). Or whatever fg it originally appeared in.


>>857 Nowadays you only need to know bits and pieces of a language to understand if an article is relevant. If this was indeed a 2ch meme, it should have either grown famous by now or died down completely. So it might as well be something so obscure that maybe even Japanese people would have a hard time finding it.
I personally think, like >>859 said, that it originated in Hallucigenia. It's shown pretty clearly with no visible intent of it being a reference to anything, it's just there. The tree area after the black and white boy bridge also has something originally from there, with the trees having a nearly identical look. (both screenshots appear in the Hallucigenia site, here: http://genia.shime-saba.com/Genia.html)


I just wanna know why her eyes are bleeding and why her legs are spread like that.


She used the wrong kind of tampon and the the period blood came out the wrong way.


File: 1355353620761.jpg (26.38 KB, 300x300, 1354680293649.jpg)

inb4 the tampon is the rapist


Ran-sama "Chen, we need talk."


File: 1355446756047.png (141.01 KB, 800x600, mvw.png)

Then again, sabamiso worked in 2kki, so…
Also have a sketch of an humanized MVW.

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