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File: 1513446065856.jpg (133.29 KB, 700x525, 006-moses-plagues-1.jpg)


I think we have all noticed the recent influx of edgy pepe faggots. While I don't think think this warrants any rule changes, I do think a state of emergency is required. I basically want whoever posted these three things to be banned, so as to preserve the sanctity of this board.


The user was warning banned a while ago, but I'm more concerned that it's not just them. From whence are these strange keks appearing as of late? I am seeing newer depths to the low-key rage which roils under the surface of Uboachan, especially malicious posts that look like they're coming from users we didn't have before. Where are we getting users from right now?


File: 1513996417712.jpg (178.01 KB, 850x850, __benedict_cumberbatch_joh….jpg)

Hmm, yes, it's very disturbing. My theory is that it's not a problem specific to ubuu. What we're noticing now might just be a small part of the general displacement and disillusionment being experienced on image boards as a whole. As enough people get tossed into the wilderness, a few are bound to wind up here.


File: 1514023163063.jpg (38.3 KB, 465x640, 1511555297784.jpg)

I thought it was bad early this year.
I was wrong. I've been looking stuff up and i've found that /qa/ frequently has threads on other imageboards, and that MIGHT be the cause, because about 50% of the userbase there mentions imageboards that people that browse uboa are probably into.


Sei, is this the same guy? If yes, I think a permban might be in order.


Sei, please get this frog out of here. Either they're a troll, or a malignant tumor.


I'm getting a similar sort of vibe from these posts. Are they the same person by any chance?


File: 1520129398607.jpg (48.05 KB, 345x450, lesser-ury-25.jpg)

Are these the same person? Ubuu seems plagued right now with this type of cancer.


No, they're not. /hikki/ user was warned. I don't think there's any hope of moderating /yndd/ right now because I'd have to ban half the users. I'm waiting for people to calm down a little so that exceptionally shitty posts have a more reasonable baseline to stand out from. If that doesn't happen I might have to make more specific rules to judge /yndd/'s low-key ragehate against, or just treat it like another /ot/.


Sei, there's another frog. They've already contaminated multiple threads. Please exterminate.


Came across another one of these assholes in /o/.




All crabs must be exterminated.


File: 1528589199938.jpg (436.51 KB, 1165x1500, 1513288873095.jpg)

Reminder to everyone that the report button exists, you dont need to post about every rude mister you see.

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