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Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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I thought it would be good to have a general thread about this. People who have diagnoses, how did you get them and how has it helped/hurt you? People who are undiagnosed and want to be (assuming you are fucked in the head), why and what's stopping you?


I want whatever I have to be diagnosed so I can get drugs to fix it, I'm beyond thinking I can get better without them, but speaking to a psychiatrist sounds really terrible. More than that, I wouldn't know how to do it without telling my family. That's what's been stopping me so far.


File: 1677413462056.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 1672117659878834.jpg)

Had a nervous breakdown due to what I think was HPPD, started hearing and seeing things. After about 2 months of this I went to a psychiatrist. He told me he suspected I had schizoaffective disorder and schizoid personality disorder. I stopped going before it was confirmed on paper as a diagnosis, so technically I'm not diagnosed with anything. I stopped having hallucinations so I'm not sure if I agree with the schizoaffective but I think the schizoid is spot on. I stopped going because I didn't want to keep spending money but more importantly because I was scared of it being on file that I'm a schizo.
It hurt; having to come to terms with the fact that your reality is not only not entirely real, but also contained entirely in yourself is hard. I cried about it, almost jumped off a building because of it. After a while it stopped really mattering much and now I don't even think it was a correct diagnosis so there you go. Didn't really help me all that much but being able to call myself a schizoid is comforting in a sort of depressive way.


File: 1677459466074.jpg (138.21 KB, 669x1050, 1556965741849-3.jpg)

Weird, I had a dream about this exact thing being asked on some imageboard. Well, now I'm going to savor it and answer.

I would like to get a 'tism diagonis, but last time it failed because there's an sort of an mandatory interview of your caretaker that has to take place, apparently to confirm childhood things because you can't remember them. Well, it was also an awful experience because it highlighted that there really was no one who gave a fuck about you when you were a child. I never had anyone that close in my life, so of course I couldn't get the diagnosis and they didn't accept my own memories, even though the other one tried to do so, but apparently it wasn't ok with the other one. I think for people like me who have it this hard should be some other ways, because it's pretty unfair otherwise, because not everyone has that someone who looks after you.

I don't think it ultimately matters that much to me, though. It would be just nice to have something concrete, instead of having to rely on some vague interpretations about what I consist of.


good thread. personally i used to want to get a diagnosis to prove to some specific people that my struggles are real and hopefully convince them to accept and treat me better, until i realized if they dont respect me they probably won't respect my diagnosis either, they don't care either way


File: 1677574632782.jpeg (74.88 KB, 500x500, B1E75D78-B279-40D6-A753-6….jpeg)

I was diagnosed SUPER early with autism so while I never needed to mask or cover myself up to fit in, I was however such an easy target. Like, I was a comically easy target. That made things pretty hard in school. Plus, I went undiagnosed with adhd (still am) and ‘fucked up organ syndrome’ (diagnosed as a teenager) for YEARS so I was either flying in classes to the point where I was being yelled at for finishing the work and starting up other work or having to be escorted out of class because I was so ill. I wouldn’t say the ‘fucked up organ’ diagnosis was too helpful though, all I got was a blood test then a phone call saying ‘yeah you got fucked up organs. Don’t ask us, you could try meds to stave it off?’ yeah those meds never worked I’m off them now.

Diagnosis is such a mixed bag, I’m glad I have them since I can inform people of what’s up with me early on and get the necessary accommodations, plus extra time on my assignments is always appreciated. But multiple of my issues have no proper treatment and most of what I tried just failed, plus I can’t enter some countries so that’s cute.

get diagnosed if you want solid confirmation and access to meds that might work, that’s my view


>plus I can’t enter some countries
Seriously? Which countries block autists?


File: 1677596700914.jpeg (66.9 KB, 519x510, B647B894-05D5-4D9A-9EF8-9….jpeg)

Australia can block your visa if you try to migrate there if you have an autism diagnosis lol. I think Canada had something similar but they stopped it only in 2018 if memory serves


Madness. At least it's not cool countries, unless you like spiders.


The UK and New Zealand are like this too sadly. Oceania is my ideal place too, I'd have to fake it I guess if somehow my life ever got into a place where I could move anyways.


File: 1677667841402.jpeg (22.76 KB, 236x236, C61EAF0C-E5CA-48B4-90B5-8….jpeg)

good luck. when I was fact checking this I found a story of an autistic kid born in Australia who was at risk of being deported because his parents migrated there about ten years before. They have the reason that he would be a monetary burden or some other hateful garbage. You’d have to fake it for a LONG time. Nightmare world


if were just talking about mental health: schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type), PTSD, and ADHD. honestly though i dont have a lot of faith in these diagnosis because the psychologist who did my neuropsych didnt think i have autism even though my behaviour is extremely autism/savant coded. said i had adhd and while the meds have helped a bit its still very clear i am severely autistic. my therapist also agrees i have autism (she has been seeing me for a few years.) though some of the stuff im reading in this thread makes me think it might be good after all that i dont have an autism diagnosis.

its hard to say how these disorders affect me cuz the interplay is really what gets you, especially since i have some serious physical health problems. my autism and psychosis together have created an incredibly intense internal world in my mind that is really hard to penentrate or to even work within to do normal people tasks. hence being a neet. i am still a neet currently so excuse me for posting on recovery..


File: 1677833382739.gif (6.48 MB, 606x407, maxwell the cat.gif)

Autism (ass burgers I don't like the real name it feels too medical,) PTSD, General anxiety disorder, depression, brain damage from blunt force trauma.
I'm not actually autistic in my opinion. I can look people in the eye (though it can be challenging if I don't know them) and am really empathetic and can understand people's emotions even when they themselves are not always self-aware. I do have trouble with sarcasm though.
My weird sensory symptoms like burning water in the shower at any temperature and social troubles I think come from my brain injury and being socialized as autistic in the American special education system more than from real autism. The end result is still what a lot of autistic people go through and I get along with high-functioning autistic people really well because I spent so much time in the same institutions they were shoved into. I'm a neet and introverted, but when I like someone and they break through my barrier I'm a good friend I think.


File: 1678017410828.png (573.64 KB, 640x390, 1355B63E-6EB1-475C-A8E4-A5….png)

anon I mean this in the most respectful and positive way possible, but you do indeed sound very autistic. I also don’t struggle with eye contact much and I’m actually extremely empathetic to the point where shows become hard to watch for me because I’m feeling all the things the characters are feeling. I think the more autistic trait is having an extremity either way (so low empathy or super fuckoff high empathy). The sensory stuff all sounds pretty textbook though. Autism is a fuckfest mishmash of extreme traits so someone like me, a highly empathetic extroverted chatterbox is just as autistic as the guy next to me that has to speak with an iPad. The brain damage may definitely contribute, but from what I’ve seen, non autistic people could surround themselves with autism all their lives and still be as non autistic as they come. the fucking nightmare that is the spectrum.

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