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Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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Just got a job today. I'm probably going to quit or get fired again, but, let's see how this goes

I will try to keep this thread up as a "journal" in hopes of helping or motivation another anon to do as I did today


Great idea, good luck, anon.
Still struggle with holding on to a job too.


Hope it doesn't suck too hard.


OP here
First day was hard and long. I work at a textile plant and I spent the entire day cutting fabric with a laser machine thing. A lot of depressing thoughts found its way to me again, so it was hard to move around in a workplace that needs you to move around frequently, but I managed to pull it off when I thought of the instant noodles I could get when I get my paycheck. Although my boss is a really scary man. I don't want to get shouted at by him. My self esteem is already really bad. However so far I'm going good. This was the update of my first day, I will be paid every week so from now on I will update you guys every Saturday.
Do I regret getting this job? No, I don't think so right now. This might be a clean slate for me

Best of luck to you all, and see you on Saturday


have a good week anon. looking forward to hearing your updates going forward.


best of luck to you. we don't have textiles near where I live but it sounds more reasonable than working something like an amazon warehouse.


Just home from work!

I got my first paycheck in forever! I'm so very proud of myself. It's been only a week and I think I'm confident now(?) Obviously I'm not out of the shithole that is my life right now, but I sure am out of how my life was a week ago.

I wanted to quit on spot a lot of times, but I pulled through!! And with a bright face for the first time in months, I walked in my local supermarket and bought myself vegetable instant noodles. Enough to last me a week til I get paid again.

I'm very proud of myself for getting this job, I'm even more proud of myself for not quitting on the first week.

Am I going to make it Ubuu?


Proud of you anon, keep going!


>Am I going to make it Ubuu?

i have total faith in you, anon. congrats on making it through the first week!


Thats great anon, keep going!


File: 1630606044738.jpg (91.21 KB, 1080x1046, 1617955324942.jpg)

>Am i going to make it?
You're doing way better than i am. Great job, anon. I'm pretty proud of you tbh

Ubuu looking at anon in pic



I was about to quit until I read this. Thank you so much :)


Hi all. Very sorry I missed a day to update

I got paid again, and I was feeling really good about myself while I was going home, so I thought I could celebrate by ordering a small pizza from Dominos. (which was awesome)

I don't have work on Sunday, so I just spent the day online, but I'm even more motivated to work more

Changing the optimistic tone of this post, bad stuff also happened this week. I had a panic attack while at work, so I was allowed to take a breather outside for a while. But I also had another panic attack outside. I'm still hoping my boss doesn't think I faked it to slack off, but I also think he's understanding to some extent.

Here's to another week. Feeling good without suicidal thoughts for once in a long time.


anon im so happy for you! looking forward to your updates.


File: 1630892644898.jpg (114.29 KB, 1920x1080, murder eyes.jpg)


hang in there. keeping that positive energy after the pitfalls in a week is pretty top tier, anon.

what pizza?


File: 1631034014239.jpg (34.42 KB, 721x720, 1617486651865.jpg)

i'm glad it helped you keep going. It really warms my heart.

I like to think that bosses, nowadays, (especially of this generation) are getting really good at understanding stuff like panic attacks and the likes. You know, "being human beans".

If you feel like it, you can try talking about it to your boss. He's just another coworker if you disregard the role hierarchy.

I'm rooting for you, anon =w=


Back from work again, this week was boring but I got paid! :D

I can't believe it's nearly been a month since I started working. I did have it in me after all…
Speaking of, I didn't have another panic attack this week. Some male coworkers told me if I got anxious again I could just go outside for a while and they would try to do without me (they're using irons to "stick" these paper-y things to fabric. I don't know the name) basically I cut those paper-y things for them when my boss tells me to.

I had some depressive thoughts again, but they weren't as frequent as they were on my first 2 weeks, so I pulled through easier. I'm still sort of scared I will slip up.
Anyway I actually do have some money now! I guess it wouldn't be considered much by other people but for me it's a lot. I bought myself a can of beer with it. Tastes so much better when you buy it with money you worked for :-)

You people all prevented me from quitting thank you all so much!!!!!
(and yes the pizza was good)

Here's to another week!



pour one out for TextilesAnon, boys. looking forward to hearing from you in a week. keep at it!


File: 1631714925713.png (1.49 MB, 1080x783, 1621874552845-0.png)

That's some great news, anon. Sounds like you have some great co-workers!
Inspiring me to get up and try my hands at working. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Makes me happy to come here and see what you're up to.

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