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/rec/ - Ex-NEET / Recovery

Board for recovering NEETs and Ex-NEETs who are trying to reintegrate.
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The only true motivation for a NEET regarding his condition is to make him aware of the NEET-Homeless pipeline, if you are a NEET, have a NEET friend and make him aware of the extremely real possibility of him ending up in some walkway begging for scraps of food once his enablers (parents) die off or once he stops receiving money from the government, then you will end up with someone that will either kill himself or try everything in his power to change his situation in order to not end that way, sadly defeating the NEET ways is harder than you think, so even if you manage to leave NEET vices like anime or tranny porn behind you will still be rejected from a lot of places due to certain social quirks that you retain from your NEET days.


I come from this specific situation, So i will share my experiences with you.
A little background on me: I am a guy that was in a comma for some years, after returning to the world I found myself at odds with it, first and foremost I realized that most of my online communities have gone down the gutter or flat out dissipated, second I awoke to my parents being elderly and going through poverty due to medical bills, third and probably most redpilling experience out of them all: my friends have all moved on with their lives, once i tried reaching to them I was blocked by all of them except one dude which i eventually had a falling off due to my poverty, You kiddos better believe that when you go down hard, you go down alone, and if the people out there think that you are the bearer of the stone then they will gladly throw you down the lake with it.
Being a NEET serves no one and it will ultimately end up with your downfall into the most vicious trap of them all: Poverty.
Get this through your heads, if you are easily depressed then bear the weight of these words but don't look away from them:
You are a liability for them all, the only ones that refuse to think like that are your main enablers. But this blind refusal to acknowledging what we became is the perfect excuse for us to continue being worthless parasites, we literally have reasons to leech if we are allowed to, but once the host dies we die too, we are living off as literal parasites for the only people that refuse to give up hope on us, but at the same time they have so little trust in our capabilities that they accept our leeching ways.
For the ones outside our circle we are vermin to get rid off, for the ones inside we are little more than pet dogs; what a way to live, we lost our humanity in the eyes of everyone, and if we aren't made aware of our dehumanization then we will eventually come to accept our subhuman lives.
I refuse this, to go along with the plans of others means that we will all eventually end up being discarded, no matter our abilities, our intellect, our strength or our moral pathway, once we get branded as useless by our own society then all that follows is the progressive removal of each of our rights.
That's how they truly look at us, this is what they have done to me, if this is a question of rights then we must too fight for them, and we must fight against everyone that tries to take them away from us, we are divergent, but that doesn't mean that we have to settle for a treatment fit for something lesser than beasts.
If you manage to climb out the NEEThole then be aware that you will grow claws due to not being in society, don't ever let others than won't stay to deal with you trim the weapons that your special circumstances gave you in order to survive in a world that hates you.
Don't betray yourself for them Anon, your freedom is far too valuable for you to let them demoralize you into becoming the lowest cog of the machine, only join the machine if you find ways to keep climbing up, otherwise seek manners to become self sufficient just so others don't end up using you as slave in exchange for dwellings and food.
Nobody will believe in you, and once you manage to do something great by yourself, the jealous normoids will seek ways to either downplay your part on it or flat out steal your achievements, the result? you get kicked out and people you hate end up climbing the machine in your stead.
Be aware of this and know that the only trust and approval you need belong to you only.


Had that realisation a few days ag and the fear and sadness is getting to unreal levels. But I think it's good for me. I'm barely 25, been working part time since I was 23 and e half (not every month, but most months), wasted 2 years on degrees I gave up on (it's free here so I didn't take it seriously, I took the second one seriously but had incredibly bad luck and just gave up after that experience a few months in). I'm taking it seriously again, turning that part time job into a full time one (I had full time and even overtime weeks with it, but most of the weeks were part time) and studying in advance to become an engineer. To me, it's more than just fear of homelessness. It's about redemption really. Turning things around from a situation that seems to be so brutally fucked it would be better to just give up on it completely. Something beautiful in it. I have very simple goals, to work and study, to take care of my health, get fit, then go go to college, crush it and possibly get a good or at least decent job. I don't even care about women, or anything anymore. Feel too broken for any of that. Maybe with time it will heal. But yes, you're right, the realization is what makes you wake up. Once you wake up you have a road, a very hard, but beautiful one. It's very hard to take so most people give up or sadly, an hero, but a few managed to turn it around. I just talked to a guy recently who managed to turn things around after 10 years of NEETdom, which is insane to me. Car, house, no debt, girlfriend, stable career, good pay, great physique, etc… Another case is a real life hermit named Dr. Gregory P Smith who basically experienced what you described but in a different way, and turning things around at 45 after a lifetime of just being a bum or in institutions. I'm scared but not hopeful. Sorry for the blogpost, you guys are the only people I relate to.

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