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Oekaki is back!!!
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File: 1485269369258.png (20.2 KB, 653x483, HenkeiArt.png)


<smokes> yeah man that's some <cough> deep art man

File: 1471705922853-0.png (9.13 KB, 600x300, yn.png)

File: 1471705922853-1.png (9.98 KB, 540x300, yyh.png)


New art thread. Maybe this'll last almost 4 years like the last one?
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File: 1483071915777-0.png (234.83 KB, 772x516, small.png)

File: 1483071915777-1.png (217.05 KB, 600x700, merrymado.png)

happy holidays ubuu


Bon Bon? In *my* Ubuu?


File: 1483524261560-0.jpg (1.75 MB, 2290x3054, spoopy.jpg)

File: 1483524261560-1.png (1.84 MB, 2876x3607, madotsuki kimono.png)

File: 1483524261560-2.jpg (1.03 MB, 1675x2293, madotsuki.jpg)


This thread makes me very happy to have found uboachan.


File: 1485243899403-0.png (1.44 MB, 1411x1191, replace.png)

File: 1485243899403-1.png (248.96 KB, 723x870, [twt_replace].png)

Studies and WIP (I'm gonna draw mado somewhere soon). Salsa for the studies: https://ghostbin.com/paste/bmzbm

gen art is here >>2215

Thank you!


File: 1473377911501.png (614.5 KB, 1280x1837, tumblr_nyt30qgFjC1ux3qlmo1….png)


i figured i would make a thread for my art since i draw a lot of yume nikki. sorry if i don't post things properly, i'm new to this site format
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IMO you capture the spirit of the game really well in your art. Good work!


File: 1474849068640.png (445.88 KB, 2000x2000, monoe.png)

monoe monoe


thank you!!


File: 1484866687285.png (1.43 MB, 1620x1180, sabi.png)

forgot to upload this here. rust from .flow



File: 1353688264648.jpg (478.65 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00296-20121121-1553.jpg)

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i decided to post some of my yn/2kki/.flow art
whats up
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From my understanding, pomegranates were always associated with fertility, not the underworld. Where are you getting this from? Not being a dick or anything, genuinely curious.



The King James Version–at least my Norton critical study edition–only refers to it as a fruit. Doesn't describe it in any detail or hint that it's an apple.

Interested in knowing which translations describe it as such. Especially since it always seemed pretty clear that the snake + fruit was more a reference/plagiarized from Gilgamesh (in particular the serpant who steals the fruit of eternal l ife)


File: 1484368879703.jpg (52.51 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

The text only describes it as a fruit. Specifically, the fruit of the tree of knowledge (עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע in Hebrew)

Which fruit exactly it was… imo, it's metaphorical and thusly does not exist. Most Western branches of Christianity portray it as an apple, again most likely stemming from the "evil - apple" coincidence in Latin (the Latin word from apple was actually a Greek loanword). Catholicism further entrenches that notion, as their canon bible is the Vulgate, a Latin translation originating back in the 300s AD or so. Genesis 2:17 - "de ligno autem scientiae boni et mali ne comedas in quocumque enim die comederis ex eo morte morieris" "mali" in this case could be "bad" or "apple". Or maybe.. bad apple? ;3

Hades introduced Persephone to pomegranate in Greek mythology. This brought knowledge of pomegranates to the mortal realm, but because she had knowledge of fruit from the underworld, she was forced to spend time every year there as such knowledge was forbidden.



All that stuff about pomegranates as a symbol of female fertility as well as death/the underworld are things I've already found and am exploring in my work. I the same with the Biblical ambiguities as to what the "fruit" actually is; it is something borne from a tree, rather than a vine, a bush, or within the earth…..

Anyway, could you stop debating theology on my art thread lmao….I'm just keeping it as a place where I can chronicle all of my art work for the time being…Thanks for the renewed interest, I guess?


File: 1484434054513.png (234.18 KB, 700x900, bad seed.png)

Stand OC from the bd/daily JJBA ocswap event over on tumblr.

File: 1322626186940.jpg (73.44 KB, 640x480, Photo 21.jpg)


I doodled Monoko, but got too lazy to finish it lol. You can't see it that well.

crit please, im not really happy with it


File: 1322626385328.png (25.53 KB, 565x598, Picture 10.png)

oh and i tried drawing monoe digitally but you should ignore it because i cant into digital art LOL

just thought i should share it


but… I like this a lot ):
please post more.

these are both great.


but…THNX ):

EHEHEHE, Glad You Like'em m'dear!! ;;u;; You're very sweet, I'll be sure to post more sometime! :)

None of the words we've said are facetious!! They're legit!


So what happened to posting more sometime?

File: 1460420578847.png (844.41 KB, 1280x863, tumblr_o5hub869QI1r9xltgo1….png)


I just thought i'd add some of my art here as well.
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I completely understand. Life loves to get in the way.
I love itch.io but I don't feel like it's a good platform for a yume nikki fangame. (I will however use it for the other game I'm going to make!) And I found out you get 10GB for free on mediafire so that's what I'm going with!


File: 1481775203930.png (2.36 KB, 300x200, New canvas.png)

Big brother & lil' sister! (Also I'm trying to figure out tilesets but it's so confusing)


File: 1482817841596.png (1.48 KB, 185x102, New canvas.png)

I'm taking a pause from Virus to work on a short game for the Finally Finish Something Jam on itch.io! This way I will be forced to learn RPG Maker as fast as I can.


When it comes to fangames how do versions work? I mean like I know there's ver.0.0 and whatnot, but how do you decide the numbers? When you update a game how do you know what number to put the update at?


In general, this is how modern versioning works: http://semver.org/

File: 1480377641712.jpg (89.64 KB, 600x600, the fuck.jpg)


makes more sense if you watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6WmfurFWBM
inspired by ^ and my first time playing yume nikki


Swearing is funny.

File: 1316785960800.png (8.45 KB, 770x147, headlesspregnatmonsters.png)


derp a derp, going to make the pregnant headless monsters into figures and you are going to watch me take pictures of the several steps i do to get there and hopefully not fuck up.
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The clay hardens when oven baked.
It's Fimo, i got a good deal on ebay but the 56g blocks i used to create these are about £1.50-2.00 for the blocks, there are smaller starter sets as well.
they also to have a microwaveable/air dry set, but I'm more experienced with the oven brand


File: 1317164011855.jpg (9.53 KB, 198x240, IMG000298.jpg)

I'm so glad to see these guys being loved
I made this one of them before but haven't gotten around to any others


finally baking it now!
let's hope they don't explode or something…


That's still probably a better job at sculpting than I could do XD


They've been in the oven a pretty long time now, dude.
I think they might actually have exploded.

File: 1461244951643.png (7.19 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


ITT dicks.


File: 1461275565300.png (6.08 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1466631827137.png (6.21 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Different Perspectives is the story of Chris Young, a guy in high school who finds out he has the power to transform into people by wearing their clothes. Weirdly, it only works on girls’ clothes. Chris frequently uses his power to help out the people he knows or for his own personal gain, but his plans always seem to backfire on him while he’s transformed. He has a number of girls to choice from including his girlfriend, sister, mother, teacher, and his female self.

From SapphireFoxx, (who is a dick.)



File: 1483130521101.png (16.87 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

File: 1419672045675.png (46.91 KB, 1032x880, 1419661847279.png)


ITT: Draw yourself.

Bonus Points if you use psychedelic/abstract colors like yume nikki
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File: 1425257676921.png (125.87 KB, 438x900, toon.png)

"doodled" in Adobe Illustrator between projects in computer graphics class.

I have become a cheap children's flash cartoon


File: 1425260356865.png (25.62 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I suck at this.
Any likeness with punpun is pure coincidence.


File: 1467223099063.png (115.13 KB, 1280x1024, cas.png)

I'm not sure if I have improved but leave Castlevania to me


File: 1476114936566.jpg (267.25 KB, 950x1500, DSC_0002 441.jpg)

I'm back, like some sort of hideous self-portrait drawing cryptid.


No you do not, it looks great.

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